Glam Nation-St. Jean, Qc 08/14/2010

Here it is, the concert in Montreal Quebec Canada at the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-Sure-Richelieu last night, August 14, 2010.

First, some tweets from Adam…
~@adamlambert (8-14-2010) said via Twitlonger: “Ummm St John (Montreal) one of our best crowds yet!!!!! Beautiful faces. 🙂 so diverse!! Thank u skater- lookin boys for smiling so pretty at me’. Lol another shot of Tequila!!!”
~ @adamlambert Tweet (8-15-10): “Correction from last night: St Jean :)”

and some pics via: Hollywood PQ Photos
Backstage before the show…
Opening Medley
And… the smooch in Fever

SOOOOOO…. After reading those tweets, I am taking this as a C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E to the rest of the Glam Nation venues!! Who thinks they can OUTDO this crowd????? I am saying that ROCKFORD, IL WILL REPRESENT!!! WHO IS WITH ME??? Sorry, I got a little crazy there, hahaha.
Just so you get an idea of where they were performing last night, the first video is of the actual balloon launch which is gorgeous to see!! The remainder of the video’s are… you know…HOT, HOT, HOT!!!


Hot air balloon flight in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, August 14, 2010
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Opening Medley
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ring of fire
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Whataya Want From Me
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*Lots of other people singing in the beginning, but then OH MY GOSH THAT VOICE**

Sure Fire Winners
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Music Again
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Band intro
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Mad World
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20th Century Boy
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Tweet from AFTER THE SHOW:
At da gay club



  1. Amazing as usual!!! Loving the Kiss 😉 🙂

  2. Beautiful, his voice just gets sweeter, he sounded superb here. We are sweating on getting to Australia, and still hoping for NZ which would be much easier for we kiwis, no passports, and only short flights depending on where he goes maybe no flights. If anyone hears anything can you let us kiwi fans know via this site.
    Thanks Sue and all our other cool posters. Jan.

  3. KO's smiling says:

    Concord tomorrow! This will be my first (and only) chance to see Adam this tour. I am so excited! It’s a tiny venue so I’m sure it will be amazing!!!!

  4. Anybody going to New Orleans for the 12 September concert? The French Quarter is Adam’s kind of place. Should be a smoking hot show!

    • i’ll be there!! i’m working on my diamond encrusted bustier right now. the thing about new orleans is==we know how to party and we know how to costume and adam’s concert is a good excuse for both. can’t wait!!! smoking’ hot is just the beginning. i’ll be going to check out the Parade in the french quarter after the show. i’m sure there’ll be an adam sighting some time during the night!!!

      • Me too – can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans and now I have the perfect excuse – besides, I really wanted to see the show before it comes to the UK, because it might be slightly different here, and also, LP won’t be in the band anymore! Loving the diamond encrusted bustier already! And there’s a Parade afterwards?! Cool! I’ll be staying at a hotel in the French Quarter – soooo excited!

        • If there’s a party in the French Quarter after Adam’s concert it will be something else to remember always! An Adam sighting would be fantastic and you can bet I’ll be looking.

      • Love to party and dress up just like our guy Adam. Sounds like you’re a NO or LA native. My husband (from Alexandria) and I love the French Quarter and visit often. Add in Adam Lambert…you got one fine gumbo, cher. Laissez le Bon temp rouler!

    • Ana, I’m not able to see Adam in N.O. – been to KC, OKC, and have tickets to Winstar Casino in Sept. But I think the N.O. show will be really special, since it’s sort of the inspiration of the whole show! And crone 60’s right – partying and costuming is on a whole other level in N.O. I just hope Adam can keep up 🙂 So excited to hear there’s a parade in the french quarter that night – I hope Adam gets to go. Hope you guys have a BLAST!

  5. Oh Lord – Adam’s GlamNation Tour just keeps getting hotter and HOTTER! Soooooo beautiful!

    Is anyone going to Covington, Kentucky on Aug 30? I am SO looking forward to it – and I want to meet up with others.

    Please let me know!

  6. Where is that guys head in the first pic in this post??? That is so weird! Someone clue me in please. It’s making me nutts!

  7. Oh I wish I had been there!
    I saw him in Toronto, but it seems to me that it gets better and better.
    I feel he was more himself and not holding back as much.
    To think that I am going to Quebec soon. If I had only known.
    i would had make it sooner.
    i keep dreaming that someday he will sing a song in French.
    Thank you again beautiful, wonderful Adam

    • I was lucky enough to see Adam in Toronto and St. Jean, and while there were technical difficulties in St. Jean that meant he could not use his projections or screen (which did take away some of the spectacle), Adam was so inspired by the enthusiastic crowd that he actually sang better, if that can be believed! Instead of saving his voice on the high notes, he was flat out FANTASTIC, reaching heights that sent shivers to my toes! I was about 6 to 10 people from the front in stage middle, and the crowd (composed of beautiful young people of any and all genders, families holding little children on their shoulders (?) and grandmothers and grandfathers(?) rocking out!) was whipped into an absolute frenzy! The whole event was even more surreal – with the balloons, blankets, bottles of wine, cotton candy, rainbow beach umbrellas, glitzy faced audience, and the most beautiful looking crowd I have ever seen, etc.- and I likened it to a 1960’s style love-fest! I could not help thinking that Adam would approve!

  8. I was at the show in St-Jean, Adam is the “BEST”

  9. Lori Carmone says:

    OK..the first picture is WIERD…it looks like the guy next to Adam has no head? Is it just me or does anyone else see that??????

    • Yeah I see it too!!! I pointed it out to my gruesome friend who suggested someone should warn him that he’s about to be decapitated! Charming….

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    I WANNA BE TOMMY FOR JUST ONE KISS……………………………………:)))))))

    Love-Peace-Light-Joy-Truth-Fun-Happiness …..for Adam and his life……………..I love Adam:)))))))

    • I’ve been wondering about Tommy; are they ‘doin’ it? And did you guys know Adam has the hots for Billy Kaulitz, the smokin’ hot front man from TOKIO HOTEL??? Now there is ‘one’ hot little number, yikes! No wonder Adam’s litlle heart is *racing* for him. Yummy…..

      • I think the rumor of Adam and Tommy having a thing going should be retired. Adam has repeatedly stated that Tommy is straight, I see no reason not believing him as what I know of Adam is that he speaks the truth.
        Adam was also galavanting around in a gay club last week in Philly. Why would he be making out with guys he doesn’t really know if he has something with Tommy.
        I normally don’t like getting into this kind of stuff but since it is part the GlamNation tour I will say this, the Adam and Tommy Fling Thing is a stage act and obviously they’re darn good at it!

        • Agree, it’s all part of the performance. Adam has stated as much many times. Not to change the subject, but…do check out 24/7 some amazing shots. Also story on Adam being paid $10K for showing up at the Unity Club. About time, his worth be given it’s due. I understand Paris Hilton and Kim Kardasim get more for showing up at parties. The net is alive with buzz today about Adam’s 20th Century Boy encore at St Jeans. The boy let it all hang out, so to speak. Besides causing a sensation with this sexy number, I’m sure there were a lot of straight guys who got lucky after this performance. Even a look on U-tube worth it. Got so caught up in Adamgazing this a.m. forgot to vote. He’s moving up on the charts again. So must do my Adamduty and Adamgander over to Vh1, even tho I’m p*****d at MTV.

          • Everything is moving……wink, wink! Those nightly adventures have loosened some things up it seems like. People are just gasping after watching the 20CB videos.
            I am so happy for Adam that this change in encore has brought on change on so many levels. This is what happens when you take risks, stir the pot and shake things up.
            And now he is getting paid to show up at clubs and parties, how fabulous! It makes me so happy to know that he is making good money, finally after years of singing his heart out for drinks.
            Please all remember to purchase the remix of IIHY starting tomorrow!

            • Mary at the Lake says:

              (aka glitzylady)

              You know, its been really hot in all of those venues…so gotta get the ventilation where he can….the little patch of shaved head wasn’t working (apparently) so maybe he thought he’d try less layers….here and there…wonder if it worked???? Worked me me anyway…. Sure didn’t make ME feel any cooler!!!! Still sweating….

              And really truly love this song…just unbelievably “rousing” (I used this word on another site to stay out of trouble….and will use it here for the same reason!!!)…We need more of this…he’s in his element….i don’t even mind that he isn’t doing WLL, and I love THAT song too!!!! He is just unbelievable….

              • Mary at the Lake says:

                Oops…obviously it worked for me, it made me stutter (not the first time either…)….meant to say “worked for me” not “worked me me…” My brain is pretty much fried….

                • What I love about this site is that we can use any word we want. Sometimes people get carried away in a moment of extasy and let us know how they REALLY feel but nobody gets poofed. This is what can happen on AO, poof you are gone, banned if you get to explicit.
                  I am not saying I encourage overt sexual language here but we’re talking about Adam here and he is no stranger to that himself…..

    • Me too!!!!

  11. To Ana and Crone 60, my sister and I will be at the New Orleans concert. Know Adam will be hot in New Orleans. We have 2 extra tickets if you know of anyone that needs a couple. We are also going to Houston Sept 8 and have some extra tickets for that concert also. Would go to every concert if could afford it. He just keeps getting better, don’t know how he does it.

    • Hi Sucarole,

      I would love to see Adam in New Orleans. I missed his concert in CA. I had to attend my belated Mom’s Commemoration. I just need one ticket thou. How much is it? I have to consider. I need to book my flight. Do you think it’ll be easy to get hotel reservation at this point? Thanks. More power to ADAM…!!!

      • To Volta, we just made our reservations this past week and didn’t have any problems. Email me at, not looking to make money on the tickets, just want to share the joy of seeing Adam.

    • Saw you are going to Houston, do you know about the pre/post concert party we are having at the Hard Rock Cafe? It’s gonna be great! Starts at 4, is near Hobby Center so you can walk over to the concert, if you want to come e-mail me and follow GNTAKEOVER on twitter for party updates. We are also doing a fundraiser for Adam’s fave

      • Yes, we know about the Hard Rock Cafe. My sister has already emailed you and has something for the auction.

  12. Sue, the stills were very good, could actually make out many details. Love your challenge to the glams to step it up. Wish I could go to New Orleans, it’s on my wish list–refuse to say bucket list as that implies I have one foot already in the bucket. I am sure the crowds overseas will be totally off the hook, especially in Asia as they appear to adore Adam.

  13. paulamaya says:

    S U P E R !!! Quelle performance de Adam samedi au international mongolfieres … Wow, je vu en personne .. Je l.aime encore plus .. Bravo

  14. You guys are soo lucky to go. Thanks everyone for the vids and the pictures.

  15. Truely AMAZING!!! Ah to hear Adam sing a song in French would be WOW!!!!

  16. Ok sexy first of all. And second all y’all who get to go your so lucky. I still have to have my parents approval. My dad doesn’t care but my mom is a hater, for the same dumb reason everyone else is. O anf ps they were playing IIHY at six flags yesterday loud. I wa tapping my feet and for a second did a dance. And Lipping the words like anyone would. Was a good day

  17. linlivalex says:

    Hi Sue!!

    Missed you in Vegas (awesome show tho’!) and I am trying DESPERATELY to get tickets for Rockford!!!!! I can’t be as faithful a fan as you are, but I’m trying! I’m hoping something opens up closer to the date–that’s how i got the tickets for Milwaukee. Hopefully I’m with you on making Rockford ROCK!!!!!!!


    PS Our kids have been talking on facebook. Maybe they can meet in Rockford!

  18. adamlover51 says:

    As always adam is totaly mesmerizing haven’t seen so much talent on 1 stage in 30 years no wonder I can’t stop watching him, Exceptional voice, great band and great dancers what else could anyone want I hadn’t heard lp was leaving whers he going sad to see the band change he’s an exceptional drummer. Thanks to everyone for sharing vids

  19. Hey All…don’t forget to vote for Adam’s IIHY on VH1 Top 20 Countdown. His video is currently at #7. Let’s get the vote out and bring back to #1. Here’s the link below. Thank you.