Glam Nation-Springfield, Mo 08/07/2010

Welcome to the Glam Nation tour where LOVE overcomes hate. I am not one to promote the hatred, and with these video clips I don’t have to. The overpowering signs of love far outweighed the hatred that was trying to be spewed…ROCK ON GLAM NATION!!


Adam Lambert outside before his show. Springfield, Mo
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Adam Lambert Springfield, Mo. Demonstration of love.
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Adam Lambert Springfield – Merchandise and Anti-Anti Gay protest across street
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The intro to adam coming out on stage
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Ring of Fire
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Suck On That, Wesboro!
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Sure Fire Winners
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IIHY/Band Intro
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IIHY/Dancer Intro
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Mad World / Whole Lotta Love
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  1. Glamorclamor says:

    If you get the chance to go to you can see a video of the young college people who spearheaded this anti-protest on behalf of Adam. They were there to protest the Westboro Baptist Church that hates gays and has protested at another Adam Concert. I applaud these young people for their courage, and their convictions. I know Adam doesn’t have a political agenda, nor should he, he’s here to entertain us, but his appearance in support of these young people was inspired. I, along with thousands of mothers who have/had gay children can only applaud him. A small step sometimes leaves a big inprint.

  2. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    I got to go to this concert and I cannot tell you how awesome it was! From the anti protesters to the actual hall, the crowd, the band, the dancers, and OMG…Adam! I now realize he is not of this planet! There are no words that can describe his stage presence, his beauty and his voice!! One of the best times in my life, and I’ve had many!

    • Boy, you absolutely nailed this one, Judysdancin. The energy and love at this concert was so high I’ve had trouble with withdrawal. There are no words to describe it, but you did well. The excitement from the counter protest combined with Adam’s extremely high energy just took me and everyone there somewhere we’ve never been! I will never forget the love and joy I felt in that arena–all being orchestrated by our incredible glittery alien! Oh, what a night!!

      • Hey you guys! You’ve got it right on! I saw Adam (the hottest man on planet Earth!) in Tempe AZ, and I was in the front row! Ohhhhhhhhhh man oh man, what a night! I’ll never forget it, never. The girls, mostly women in the audience, even very old ones, went CRAZY over him! He is loved, very much so. This very, very old little old lady, she must have have been only about 4 foot 5 or so, said to me, over and over again: “NEAT, NEAT!” I laughed with her and said: “Yes, he IS NEAT, isn’t he?” It was so sweet…

  3. You will NEVER be the same again! Adam changes everything and in the best sort of way. Having a bad day? Just think about a song Adam sang or the way he struts or just his sexy self or the sound of his voice…the list goes on and on and on. Having a good day? You’ve probably got an Adam tune in your head. What this world needs is more of Adam and his love.

    • Adam videos are my escape from real life. :). I’ve been to 3 concerts already, and can never get enough of his performances.

      I would have loved to have been in Springfield and joined in the anti protest with all of those lovely people!!

      And might I add, this man is absolutely brilliant. What an incredible showman. He knows exactly what to do with every limb he has, now doesn’t he. Footing, hand movement, gestures, stance, you name it. Brilliant!!! He makes me smile out loud!!!

  4. I have followed Adam , from day 1 on idol. love his music ,beautiful voice…but I do wish he wasn’t gay, but he is …so he thinks ???? I love God first so I must say ” love the sinner & hate the sin “….and I do love Adam & his band, but some of the stuff he does I don’t like….

    • REDSTAR040665 says:

      ditto for me as well.

      • Diane Cardenas says:

        Well I’m sure there are things you do that Adam doesn’t like, either.

      • So he thinks?
        I think it is fabulous that you can love and appreciate Adam for his talent eventhough you don’t agree with his lifestyle. This is more than a lot people are capable of doing.
        But I do think the whole discussion that flares up sometime here and there about whether Adam is really gay or doesn’t know yet that he is not because he hasn’t had sex with a woman etc is redundant.
        I believe Adam is completely gay and I think it adds a thousand volts to who he is as a person and as a performer. Adam has been through shame and has freed himself of this burden, this is what makes him the unique person he is today. If Adam wasn’t gay there would be no GlamNation Tour as we know it. Yes he has an incredible voice but there are more people with incredible voices. It is his pain and his joy, the journey of his intense life that he shares with us through his voice. That’s what makes his voice like NO OTHER as no other performer bears his soul like Adam.

        I also would like to share an exchange I had with a friend of mine. She is a woman who was once married to a man and who is now married to a woman. I had just been to two concerts and I shared with her the diversity of the audience and how there are women who think they can convert Adam by dressing sexy. My friend then said even if he would sleep with a woman and actually enjoy it he would never become straight because as a Gay man he needs to be with another man EMOTIONALLY. To be honest this was the first time I truly got the depth of the whole thing. Men just don’t make Adam horny they make him happy, they make him feel save, they make him feel that he belongs and with them he can find a level of love that he will not find with a woman.
        This is what his soul needs.

        • Thank you Irena that was beautiful!!!!

          • Funny, I’ve been telling people around me for the longest time that gayness isn’t about sex, it’s an Emotion. This is the first I’ve seen someone on one of these blogs use that reference. That makes me smile, that you get it. 🙂 Oh, I’m not gay, but I am passionate about love and compassion in all shapes, forms, sizes, people and life itself.

        • it is ” so he think’s “, Adam said himself that he” might try a girlfriend some time”, so what does that say about him ?and then he’s with a gay guy??, next he’s kissing Tommy ( who Adam said” was straight “?? ) now wonder why the ? flares up all the time ?? and above your right , I know there are thing’s I do that Adam would not like, but he’s not paying me for anything. I ‘am paying him for good music not a sex class. I do love Adam, but it’s like anything goes… and I didn’t sign up for that….a little fun is one thing but some of this stuff is nothing but trash…so I will be signing out.. and I do wish Adam the best …p.s. what his soul really needs is GOD !!!!!! love to all

          • Maryann-
            I hope that in the future you will have a more open mind and evolved understanding
            about these things. Adam already has GOD whether you can grasp that or not..
            Irena – beautiful post

          • God=Love=Adam

          • Maryann this is a respecful Adam fansite and of course everyone who is involved on this site love Adam and everything he represents. If you are not comfortable with Adam on stage and who he is as a person, there is not a soul on earth who is forcing you to watch him. He is who he is, and his fans love him for who he is. If he’s not your bag then you should be attending other performers concerts and not Adams. There are plenty of videos online for you to see prior to attending his concert for you to know prior to going what will be presented on stage and obviously you attended of your own free will so I don’t see a need for you to complain on this site. You knew what you were getting into prior to attending his concert. I suggest you find another performer to love and follow. I am a straight married (for 30 years) woman and have seen Adam perform live 5 times and accept him for who he is and what he does. Its my choice to attend his performances; if it offended me I wouldn’t go nor would I complain about it because he is who he is and he does what he does just as you have the right to believe and act any way you like according to your beliefs. Peace-out!

          • kat23mogan says:

            Pretty sad when you base your love of a singer on his sexual orientation….I love Adam and his amazing gift, I do not care who he sleeps with or kisses or loves…after all it is about love…If you can not see beyond your bigot notions then you are not needed on his train to love and peace…You need to look deeper into yourself…it is not about what he does on stage that bothers you…I wager if he kissed a girl on stage you would not care…it is that he kissed a guy…which basically says you have issues with gays in general. Look deep inside yourself and be honest…as the song and Adam say in Aftermath…you have to do that first…Our world is way to heartless, and life is way to short to be caught up in trivial matters such as sexual gender.

    • the only sin /sinner is the one who thinks that others have a problem. please release the idea that “god” cares about this stuff. the only one who is having a problem with this is you. feel free to look away or not. adam is not here to please everyone, but he is here to please himself. he is the most unapologetic person around when it comes to HIS lifestyle, HIS way of living,HIS creative genius, HIS friends, HIS performances, well hopefully you get the picture. your thoughts are just that, YOURS, and kind of shallow at that. and, ps, loving “god” doesn’t make you a better person,(reread your comment), it just makes you think you are better than others who don’t share your point of view.

  5. Did anyone find out who the man is in the photo in Sleepwalker? It amazes me that with everything going on in the world, these people have the time and the money to protest Adam, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber and the San Diego Comic Convention. Though the fact that both the Glamberts and the comic nerds did out number the protester.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Funny, I saw that picture behind Adam in Sleepwalker again and thought, who IS that guy!? I had commented previously about that and got all kinds of great guesses and ideas but checked them all and could not find a match. So, I decided it’s just a ‘stock’ photo of Early Glam Man; discovered just after Homo Erectus!
      I was so very proud of the folks who came out against those crazy Westboro people. I can NOT imagine what it is like to see people holding signs that say God hates you. But, even worse, imagine how sad you’d have to be to be the ones carrying the signs. They must have a dark hole where there hearts should be.
      We just keep celebrating the LOVE and loving the FEVER and the STRUT!
      Nobody does it like Adam

      • My husband and I were at Berkeley in the 60’s. Oh what a time that was. Make love not war , was our mantra, with a little free love thrown in. Those young people protesting anti-gay message made my heart sing. They, like us, will make a difference. Adam’s constant stance of love is a message we so desperately need right now. Go to his concert, buy his album, listen to his songs of life and celebration! His message is loud and clear–love not hate is what we need.

    • Marianne Sonntag says:

      Hi all,

      …about the tintype photo….yeah, must mean something, huh? My immediate impression was John Wilkes Boothe, the fella who shot Lincoln. He was an actor, but what was his beef with Lincoln? Gonna go look him up in Wikipedia.

      later, Marianne

  6. adamlover51 says:

    waited months to see adam in concert went last night to pagent in st. louis wish I had went to springfield pagent was terrible I can’t believe his managment booked him in such a terrible theater we left after 3 songs I went with my daughter who is 2 months shy of 21 so she couldn’t be in the areas where you could see so we had to go down in the mosh pit like herd of cattle so couldn’t see and the sound was like a tin can! What a waste of such a beautifull voice adam and his wonderfull band and dancers deserve better he is the first artist I’ve thought is worth anything in 25 years I saw a lot of the greats in the 70’s including led zepplen and adam is better so sad to see so many people leave in middle of concert NO REFLECTION ON ADAM he just deserves better concert theaters they should close the pagent just a big rip off at 185.00 we want to see and hear this wonderfull young man

    • Hopefulglam says:

      Sorry for your bad experience. the concert I went to was awesome. I’m sure when Adam, and his crew show up and see some of these venues, their thoughts can’t be good. However, Adam is a trooper and tries to make the best of every venue. This being his first year out, he will probably have more say and knowledge in where he will perform.

    • I read that the Pageant oversold his concert by 200. If that’s true, that could be why there were so many people, and a mosh pit.

      I’ve been to 2 and they were both unforgettable.

      Sorry for your negative experience.

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I love mosh pits!

  7. I love him just the way he is. I except the fact that he is gay. I like him because he is a great person, a wonderful entertainer, has a fantastic voice and is most exciting to watch. Kissing Tommy is just fine with me, too.
    There are other gay entertainers — not sure why Adam is getting all of this controversy. I wish we could just concentrate on him and his performance and not whether he likes guys or girls!!

  8. genagirl says:

    Man! Next time Adam comes to Kansas City I am so getting a WBC protest going. We should have done that in July when they showed up with their stupid signs and their hated.

  9. carmen #395 says:

    I get soooo excited when I watch Adam perform in these videos. Guess what???!!! I found out today that I won a catered lunch from the Black Forest Deli in Bethlehem, PA with a photo shoot and autograph session with our boy this Friday before I go see him at the Musikfest. Thanks to B104…..I’m in heaven. Can’t wait.

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      Oh you lucky dog!!! Get a good picture!

      • carmen #395 says:

        Oh yeah! I plan to get lots of pictures. This is my dream come true. I am obsessed with Adam. You know, if I get to hug him…..I’ll never wash whatever I’m wearing cause it touched his Greatness. I Love Adam!!!

    • OH good for you! I met him at a meet and greet in Seattle and he is just so charming and sweet. Plan ahead what you want to talk to him about so you are organized and calm; thats what I did and I ended up getting to spend more time with him that most others. Niel takes the photos and he only takes 1 shot so make sure its a good one. Adam looks totally amazing in mine as he always does, and I look horrible (my opinion anyway) so make sure its a good one or try to get Niel to take more than one shot just in case! Have fun and enjoy!!!! My first impression was how tall he was! (and gorgeous!!)

      • i would simply die & go to heaven if I had that opp!! don’t all glambs dream of it!! so how did you guys win your meet & greets? I only have 2 concerts left in Rockford & Peoria IL on 9/4-5 so hoping I still get a chance!! I’m literally suffering withdrawal as I haven’t seen him since the beginning of the tour in MN & Milwaukee…please please please if anyone has any “magic” idea of how to win – I’m guessing it’s via radio stations or so I understand, but gosh I’m a single mom just selling stuff on craig’s list just to pay for concert tix so I can get my adam “fix”! 🙂 you all know what I mean…we’d do anything to get as close to adam as possible…just to THANK him personally for how he’s so positively impacted our lives!!! congrats to both of you for having that opp…and the “advice” to be prepared & potentially get more time with him – smart girl!! yay!

  10. I am so excited, only a few more days and I get to finally see Adam live in Bethlehem, PA.’s Musicfest! I love Adam for who he is. He is amazingly talented. That voice is just so many things and they are all good. He is also, cute, sexy, funny and seems to have such a great personality and so grounded. What a great person. I can go on and on and on. I have been a fan since day one and will continue to be his fan. Thank you Adam for bringing us wonderful music and you. 🙂

    • Oh, and one more thing. I just wish I could be a VIP at your concert in Bethlehem, PA. That would be so awesome.

  11. Simply……….EXCELLENT

  12. Irena,

    You write beautifully, thank you for sharing your personal feelings, you say it so well. The story your friend shared with you was spot on, but I really never thought of it quite like that. I know some fans feel that Adam takes it a little too far at times. I think as he matures and grows in the industry, he will find what really works, as well and what doesn’t.

    I personally find Adam even more appealing (if that’s possible) wearing less makeup and less theatrical, and I do mean that in a very positive way. Kind of like, less is more if you know what I mean. I sometimes find that I need to go back to the American Idol videos, to find the Adam that captured my heart.

    I always thought there could never be another Elvis, but Adam in his own special way has touched so many people, just like Elvis did. Adam is an exception, there is no one like him in the industry today. He has so much going for him, his beauty inside and out, his wonderful sense of humor, his ability to converse openly and thoughtfully, his loving and sensitive ways, his sense of style and that magnificent voice. How can one person own so many wonderful traits.

    In my heart I believe God loves all, and he’s watching over Adam, just as his Mom and Dad have done. May the Lambert’s be blessed hundred times over for loving their son unconditionally, and supporting him through the roughest of times.

    God Bless Adam REAL good!

    • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

      Amen to all that! I hate that Westboro gets so much attention and unfortunately people tend to assume that believers all agree with their distorted views. There are a lot of us who adore Adam just the way he is and believe God loves him – just look at the gifts He has given Adam! Whether we agree with everything Adam does is not an issue; he is incredibly special. We are called to love one another and with Adam that is so very easy.

  13. idolholic says:

    I was at the concert last night in St. Louis & Adam was SMOKIN’ HOT !!!! I also saw him in Louisville and have watched many videos online since then. But his “Whole Lotta Love” last night was in a completely different league…it was totally amazing! When he talks about feeling the mood of the audience and how his performance will feed off their energy, this is what he’s talking about :

    I hope more videos from St. Louis are posted soon. He was unbelievably greater than great last night and all you Glambs really need to see what it was like :0)

  14. adamlover51 says:

    I think we all agree we LOVE ADAM just the way he is WONDERFULL, TALANTED, with a beautifull soul To me he is our gift from GOD or the universe he makes me feel alive and am so proud of our young people who understand and defend whats important in life.In these hard times it’s great to have someone who brings such joy to so many,thankyou sue for brining all this together in one place for us to see and enjoy.Hope everyone has a great time at his concerts and thanks for sharing videos

  15. Mary at the Lake says:

    Thanks to Irena, loved your post…I just want to add to this conversation by saying that I am a great admirer of Adam UNCONDITIONALLY, I accept who he is without reservation, and put no restrictions on what he wants to do as a performer, (although I admit I have done a little worrying from time to time)..he has had a few “bumps” along the way, but then haven’t we all, his have just been a little more public..and he is growing and learning constantly, and gives back so much…..I became a fan at the beginning of Idol, followed his journey on this website, and have been to four concerts, including last year’s Idol tour, Fantasy Springs, River Rock, Seattle Sodo, with at least two more to go before the end of October….(yay!!!) and have been thrilled and honored to be at each of them… Adam is the sum of all of his parts, and being gay is part of who he is, that is not going to change. Add that to his rare gift of talent, his sunny disposition, his wonderful personality, his obviously beautiful soul that is in tune with the universe, or perhaps put differently, a “higher power” of some sort, his courage, and his ability to mesmerize us time after time, and you have the complete Adam. We just really can’t subtract some part that doesn’t “measure up” to our notion of who we might want him to be, versus who he IS….because then he is not wholly Adam, the man who he has come to terms with who he is and he is proud to be that man…I’m sure his entertainment style will evolve over time and right now he is having the time of his life. I am so thrilled that he is doing what he loves and is sharing it with us…And a huge thank you to the fabulous folks who came out in such great numbers to support Adam before this concert and to protest the hate group the Westboro Baptist Church, who are not really a church at all, except in name…….They teach nothing but hate for just about everything and everybody…So very sad….

    • Well said, Mary on the Lake. Wonderful post!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      I sort of forgot to mention in my list of his attributes that he is rather nice to look at as well…..but figured that goes without saying…..Beautiful on the inside and the outside…the inner beauty is more important to me but not complaining about the easy on the eyes part either….but that’s a whole other topic……

  16. FlamingoLady says:

    I adored Adam from the first time I saw him on Idol. It didn’t matter then and doesn’t matter now what his sexual orientation is. What’s important, and what so many of us love about him, is his talent, his humor, his kindness, his intelligence…and of course the fact that he’s absolutely gorgeous!
    I love the flamboyance of his performances, which seem to be getting even stronger as the tour goes on. I love the fact that the pro-Adam, tolerance and love demonstrators apparently scared away the anti-gay protesters…talk about love triumphing over hate!
    I love that through it all, Adam remains true to himself and his fans.
    I love how one of his songs is always playing in my thoughts, and how happy it makes me.
    I totally love this wonderful man!

  17. Hi Everyone,

    I missed Adam’s concerts in CA where I live. I was out of the country for my beloved-departed Mom’s Commemorative. I MUST SEE….ADAM’S CONCERT. I’m willing to go anywhere to see him. Does ANYONE have any extra tickets for sale (great seat, I want to see Adam up close)? Kindly send me an e-mail THANKS….!!!

    • If you go to Adam official and go to the link about the concerts it is very likely to find a ticket for one of his concerts. Also fans on this site will not scalp you and almost always sell the tickets for what they pay for. Some even give tickets away!!!!
      Good Luck and sorry to hear about your mom.

      • Irena,

        Thanks for the advice. I’ll check the site. BTW: how do I vote for Adam on the different categories..Haven’t done my share in the past. I’d like to help Adam achieve Top of the Hill….A number 1…Once in a lifetime invasion from Planet Fierce….ADAM LAMBERT….!!! Thanks, volta.

        • Same site, you will find a seperate thread called the VooDoo lounge where you can go and vote for Adam. I have mostly been voting on VH1. Watching his videos will also make him money btw which I didn’t know, so that is a great thing as this is one of my wishes for Adam, for him to make a lot of money. Because he deserves it and also because I know he will do a lot of great things with it for other people.
          Some people on the AO site have done some tremendous work to get this seperate thread going and know all the ins and outs.
          Yes I agree, Adam is a once in a lifetime experience. Aren’t we a lucky bunch!

  18. I love it that most of the time these controversial posts ultimately bring out the best writing in all of us!!!
    We are ablaze with Love for Adam!

    • You’re right Irena; I haven’t written for a while now but sometimes a post really gets my dander up so to speak; we are like mother lions protecting our young!!! Noone should mess with the cougars!! LOL

  19. Maryann this is a respecful Adam fansite and of course everyone who is involved on this site love Adam and everything he represents. If you are not comfortable with Adam on stage and who he is as a person, there is not a soul on earth who is forcing you to watch him. He is who he is, and his fans love him for who he is. If he’s not your bag then you should be attending other performers concerts and not Adams. There are plenty of videos online for you to see prior to attending his concert for you to know prior to going what will be presented on stage and obviously you attended of your own free will so I don’t see a need for you to complain on this site. You knew what you were getting into prior to attending his concert. I suggest you find another performer to love and follow. I am a straight married (for 30 years) woman and have seen Adam perform live 5 times and accept him for who he is and what he does. Its my choice to attend his performances; if it offended me I wouldn’t go nor would I complain about it because he is who he is and he does what he does just as you have the right to believe and act any way you like according to your beliefs. Peace-out!

  20. Well said Mo-Ski – I agree with you 10000%!!! BTW I too am a married, straight woman and I’m flying from the UK especially to see Adam – for the first time in New Orleans – can’t wait! xx

    • Oh wow thats amazing!! I think the New Orleans concert is going to be fantastic because he based the whole idea of the Glamnation tour on a New Orleans Concept so I think hes going to give ‘er in New Orleans. I wish I could go to that one cause I think it will be special. I have been lucky enough to see him on the American Idol tour, Fantasy Springs in Palm Springs, got tickets for the Jay Leno show while I went down to California for the Fantasy Springs show and watched him perform Sleepwalker there, saw him at the River Rock in Vancouver and parties with the band until 4 am (hubby not too happy that night!!??) and then in Seattle, the most special of all, I got to meet him at a meet and greet and spend about 10 minutes with him chatting and got a photo with him then had front row centre for the concert. AMAZING!!!! I really want to go to the Puyallup Fair in Seattle again (I live in VAncouver Canada) but I think after my experience in Seattle nothing will top that. Enjoy your concert; it will be well worth the trip to New Orleans! You couldn’t have picked a better concert to attend in my opinion!!

    • Angelina I just read today that Adam MAY be coming to the UK in the fall so watch out for it as you may get to see him twice!!!

  21. I believe that Adam is who and what he says he is. I remember Simon telling Randy you could easier stop a cow from mooing than Adam being theatrical, or something like that. Adam is theatrical, and he will continue to be. There have been times his career has faltered slightly due to him being true to himself. I personally thought his album cover too camp, and believe it kept some people from buying it. I hope his new album cover more main stream, but it might not be. What we see and love and understand is Adam’s beliefs are number 1 to him. Its unfortunate that most artists can do anything they want without a peep from the public–the turth is Adam can’t…yet!!! Maybe this beautiful, kind guy will change things a little at a time. Until then, I will continue to support him and who he is. My own son was gay, and there was a little of a FU attitute that he didn’t like or really want, but it was there.

  22. I see and measure my life as BA and AA: Before Adam and After Adam.

    Silly as it sounds, this 28 year olds example of how to live caused me to have an epiphany.
    After being a single mother, living only for my son, leaving myself behind, it was Adams example
    that made me realize that I was not living my life, my life was living me.

    I have since done a complete 180 in personality. I live each day to be happy and positive in every way and situation possible. My son (now 21) even noticed “how much happier” I am.

    So whenever I’m faced with a decision or sticky situation I just ask myself “what would Adam do” (WWAD) ? I’ve never been such a positive person in my life.

    This 48 y.o. woman thanks you deeply Adam!

  23. Glamorclamor says:

    Since his first audition of S8, the judges kept saying Adam was too theatrical. Was that double talk for gay? Since he was dressed in t-shirt & jeans, no makeup, and stood there and sang, I never could see what was “theatrical” about his audition. Did Randy mean it was time for a gay artist to be signed to a record label? I cannot imagine the music world without Adam Lambert. Seems to me the music business as a whole needs to stop sterotyping artists. If Adam has taught these people anything, it’s that maybe the best artist may just be that person a little outside the box.

  24. Adamisamazing says:

    On all the positive posts regarding Adam, I am in total agreement. You all write so eloquently. I have seen Adam three times this year, and I can’t wait to see him again…hopefully in the near future. I have seen 99.9% of the videos and interviews he has given. I’m still looking for the .1% I have missed. 😉 But, what I remember from some of the interviews regarding this subject is that he doesn’t want his sexuality to come before his talent when people think of him. On Oprah, he said that he hears “Adam Lambert…the openly gay singer.” He doesn’t understand why there’s an adjective before the noun. He said it doesn’t define him. Oprah said that she didn’t hear that. She just heard “Adam Lambert…the singer.” He liked that, and he hoped that was true. It is just a part of who he is. We don’t go around introducing people as my straight friend, Susan, etc. So, I think he just wants his music, talent, vocals, personality, spirit, etc. to come first. He also said that if people do not like what he does in the bedroom, then they do not have to listen to his music. He said that they would be missing out, but he said it in his usual humble way. I love Adam more than anything, and I hurt when I see narrow minded people like the Westboro Church try to make a statement. When asked why they hate gay people, they said, we don’t…but God does. I loved it when Adam wrote “God doesn’t hate” on Twitter. I was moved to tears when I saw 200+ anti-hate protestors out there supporting gay rights and Adam. Without getting too political, I am also elated when Prop 8 in CA was overturned. Remember…in its origins, “gay” meant and still does mean happy, carefree, excuberant and keenly alive. It has a wonderful positive connotation, and Adam epitomizes everything that is beautiful in a person.

  25. Havent commented for awhile but always keep up with this site, its been a great old discussion again people, you (we) are also passionate about our feelings for Adam and are fiercly protective of him. Love to you all.