Glam Nation- Singapore Grand Prix

I am telling you what, I cannot believe the craziness of this little jaunt to Singapore!! Lost passports (Tommy), grocery store rants (Neil), twitter rants of sleeplessness (ALL OF THEM), and yet they manage to pull off a fantastic concert!!! Talk about professionals… check these out,


Adam Lambert G1 Singapore Grand Prix
Opening Medley/ violetglitz

Fever/ violetglitz

Sleepwalker/ violetglitz

Soaked/ violetglitz

WWFM/ violetglitz

Aftermath/ violetglitz

Sure Fire Winners/ violetglitz

Strut/ violetglitz

Music Again/ violetglitz

IIHY/ violetglitz

Encore/ violetglitz
Mad World



  1. Kathleen Bernhardt says:

    He Stands Alone in Beauty, Charm and Most of all Talent!!!! You Are A True Icon.

  2. Kathleen Bernhardt says:

    Adam! You Stand Alone In Beauty Inside And Out. In my Eyes no one can come up to your Talent.

  3. Adamisamazing says:

    I completely agree. He is the total package and no one comes close to his level of talent, showmanship, charisma, looks and personality. Our International Superstar has everything it takes, and it is so exciting to be a part of his journey. Great to see videos from outside the states so we can still keep in touch with everything he is experiencing. Glad Adam happened in my lifetime! Feel really lucky!

  4. No matter where Adam sings he gives his complete “all”!! He’s a real SUPERSTAR! Elly AdamsLady

  5. I’m so happy for those on the other side of the globe. They now get to experience, first hand, all the wonderful things we have seen, felt and heard over here. Enjoy, it’s an amazing opportunity! And take care of him for us. Also, thank you for sharing these videos with us………..

  6. I was in the Philippines in April. It’s hot, humid and that time difference is wicked! Adam and the gang are true professionals. What a performance! It makes me so happy that Adam has people that love him from all over the world.

  7. Glamourclamor says:

    These videos are great. Not so good ones elsewhere. Should have known to come here first. Could be over emphasizing things here, but Adam makes me think back a few years to the older rock bands, and how they rose to fame. Not so sure it was this fast, but Monte and Tommy Joe are as well known now as Adam and almost as popular. They are becoming Super Stars in their own rights. Especially Tommy, anyone who doesn’t recognize those blond locks are six feet under. This crowd wonderful, all the chanting Adam, Adam. He left them with a great memory. Is it true he needed police escort from the venue? Also,what’s the scoop on Neil and the Grocery Store. Only read about the race cars.

  8. carmen #395 says:

    Thank you so much for the videos. It’s wonderful to see that people, anywhere love Adam as much as we do. They were all great in these vids.

  9. Holly Glamb #676 says:

    Okay folks, here’s a MUST SEE! If you mazimize the opening medly, when it’s over on youtube, there are a bunch of other videos. Click on Al Gore blames Adam lambert fot global warming. Hysterical – especially the “comment” by prez. Obama!

  10. Holly Glamb #676 says:

    sorry, I was still laughing so hard, my fingers were slipping. maximize, and for Global….. LOL Holly

  11. great great!!!! concert. I NOTICED when adam was saying after math his voice cracked he seemed a little emotional in the last show in u.s.a. I am making NEIL an official member of the PISS AND MOAN ABOUT EVERYTHING CLUB His card is waiting for him when he returns HE MAY BE PRESIDENT OF THE CLUB BY THEN.

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Guess there has to be a sour note now and again, and Neil is the go to guy. Adam said on an interview that Neil keeps it real for him, and is also the bad guy. Nice that these brothers play off of one another so well. But you are right Kathy bags, he does his share of piss and moaning.

    • I think Neil is so hilarious….he could be stand up comedian…one day!

  12. I want to hear about Neil….what happened???

  13. Thanks for the great videos. Adam and the boys are superstars.

  14. No matter where Adam goes he’s embraced by love from his fans. I’ve been in Singapore and the heat and humidity can take your breath away. In spite of that and the jet lag, Adam, band and dancers rocked it at F1. Thanks for posting these videos. It’s exciting to see the reaction of the crowd.

  15. Singapore is an awesome place and they love ADAM! There is a misconception that ADAM is ‘new’ to the world…but not so, he already is loved and adored by fans throughout the world! Tickets were sold out as they went on sale, venues changed to larger locations and people are flying from countries all over over our vast area of the Southern Hemisphere …just for ADAM! The glitter is already pouring!

  16. I really like what Kathleen said:
    Adam stands alone in Beauty, Charm and Talent.

    I just don’t want him to be lonely, great loyal friends are awesome but there is nothing like having a partner.

    • Kathleen Bernhardt says:

      I agree with you . I feel like his mother I want him to be happy and safe. But have some fun to.

  17. Leilani aloha says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Adam in my home town, Singapore!
    I will see him soon in Honolulu!!!!

  18. Love love love Adam even though schedule is sooo grueling – not only the performances , interviews , rehersals, etc he never disappoints , always gives 100% I’ve never seen anyone like him .And look at the whole glamily supporting him by giving their all for him they’re all so close !! Also , so cute -during dtrh – right after Tommy’s solo – how he and Adam sort of stride together down to front of stage for the lean . Tommy looking so confident Hope they keep this in the routine . Tommy’s expression !! WOW

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Tommy knows a good thing. He’s now world famous. And so damn cute!!! I’m sure both he and Adam will keep quiet about any relationships they have. The Adommy thing is a BFD!!! Why ruin a good thing. Maybe next tour something different.

  19. no tcb and wll.he could rocked out on this song

  20. why are you guys dissing neil…omg…..his video is so funny and yes that was the room from hell….so friggin loud…can you imagine flying to singapore…having jet lag…trying to rest and then this!!! he has every right to whine…..i would…

  21. plus encore short probably due to adam being exhausted from flight and noisy hotel…

  22. So sad that I couldn’t make it. Mugging for exams ;( LOVE YOU ADAM !

  23. OH, THANKS so much for these VIDS, I couldn’t be happier for Adam then if he was my own son!

  24. Jane Parker says:

    ADAM LOVE all around the world!!!

  25. love adam lambert-hope he sing tcb and whll and also soaked love that song.
    hell be in phils oct.10=a catholic and concervative country-maybe no kiss for tommy over there.

  26. Nothing more can say. Adam just —– perfect in every way.

  27. Hope we get to see Singapore Part II – it was in the daylight, and looks different from these night concerts. I am thankful for these videos – believe you me! 😉 Neil and Adam are opposites like brothers can be. Adam said that it is humid which is hard on his makeup, but it is good for his voice. PostiveAdam and NegativeNeil are a hoot all right. Also, I am so glad that Adam gets six days off before heading to Japan. Seems everyone wants him in their country. That is good for his career, but makes for a very tired boy. Wow…the demand for all things Adam is overwhelming and wonderful! I know he can handle it because he is a professional, but still…can’t wait for him to have the holidays at home and some R&R. Even when he doesn’t have a concert, he’s usually doing promos, interviews, photoshoots…After his international tour, he’ll can get re-energized then for the next thing… his sophomore CD. I guess when you have someone that brings so much joy, happiness and fun in your life…you just want the best for them, too! Adam IS the hardest working man in showbiz, and going home after such a successful run has to be very rewarding for him.

  28. There’s glitter in the air every time Adam performs…and you probably thought those were stars! Our “super star” shines so very bright. Peace and love Adam. We miss you but our eyes are to the heavens each night while you are away from us.

  29. Neil was not whining and moaning…..He was making a FUNNY video

  30. Adamisamazing says:

    Everyone has an opinion. Isn’t it grand? I think he was whining and moaning AND making a funny video.

  31. Scootersmom says:

    Adam is such a wonderful person. He is mesmerizing, both when he sings for us and when he speaks. I do not have a son, but if I did, I’d be so happy if he was just exactly like Adam. He wouldn’t even have to sing, just be a hard working, honest, humble, intelligent and lovable person like Adam.
    Adam, you are in my prayers, that your life will be fullfilling, happy, healthy and long, and your love complete.

  32. I am so happy that we get to see him him perform in Sinapore. Thanks for sharing these videos with us. This made my day.

  33. hey i would like to know if you guys now or have an idea if adam is going to mexico to do a tour sometime

  34. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    So very proud of our worldwide ROCKSTAR,SUPERSTAR!!! Adam’s voice is so much more than anything in this world!! I dream of seeing him perform on the the biggest stage, in the biggest venue, & with the biggest orchestra/band. But then Adam is a man that needs none of that because his voice is the max!!! So very proud of you ADAM!!!! Looking forward to the next show & most of all Malaysia!!! & Hong Kong & Japan & Australia & New Zealand & etc!!!

  35. awe poor GlitterBaby :(! that sucks!

  36. adam lover51 says:

    poor babies no sleep but great show don’t know how they do it glad they’re getting a break hope they have a great week off don’t know where to post this but comments on vh1 said they are pulling iihy vid off oct 5 he’s only about 12.000 views away from one million so when you get a chance watch see if we can get it there before it gets pulled adam & band deserve to hit the million mark and thankyou for everyone posting videos across the world politics could take a lesson from all you glambs

  37. Havent been to your site in so long simply because I have OCD and get sucked onto the computer enough as is…but thank you for posting and keeping this site up. I am so tickled to see how the rest of the world is also embracing him. I feel like a proud mom. God How I love this man!!!!

  38. Yeah, Philippines is a conservative country. His kissing Tommy would be EEEEWWWWW. But this would also be a celebration/liberation for the gays and lesbians here. I don’t know, this would be a suspense, but could also be an IMPLOSION, like what he did in the AMA.
    I did suggest to Glamberts here that we should have rainbow colored metallic papers as sparkling confetti in the finale of the show, but they have no sway over the production and it was difficult to have this in the MOA area. Well, Adam is all the “sparkles” we will get, like a firefly in the darkness of the night.

  39. I still can’t believe I saw Adam in concert…sigh! I can’t wait until I get my new computer. I cannot view YouTube videos on my antiquated computer. I went to the Houston concert, but I would like to review the videos again. I was in a daze…ha!

    Peace and love,

  40. Peggyt#345Glamb says:

    I dearly love Adam as an entertainer….to me saying Tommy and Monte is as famous as Adam is really overboard…Neither one is as gifted as Adam or as good looking….Adam is the star and will always be…..