Glam Nation-Singapore Day 2, 09/26/2010

Hey everyone, here are a few tidbits of Adam for those in withdrawal, like me!! There are some video’s from Day Two of Singapore, which is during the daytime… kinda weird looking!! Also some cute pics of our pretty boy…


Cute Arrival Video At Singapore Airport

The following video’s are from Singapore Part 2-09/26/2010:

Fever/ GlambertHikari


Sure Fire Winners/ sevenup0078

If I Had You/ phyllisahoe

If I Had You/ sevenup0078

This is Adam and the gang leaving after the first nights show/ tglelf

Nice twitter picture from:
@Boythunder913~Just off the official singapore press conference

@Boythunder913~Adam receiving his platinum record for Singapore –



  1. Adamisamazing says:

    I was hoping to see some more videos of the second concert in Singapore, and you provided it, so thank you! Interesting seeing a day concert because it gives us a new look. I am so glad he’s had this week off to relax. Hope he was left alone by over zealous fans and paparazzi though. His concerts internationally are doing as well as they did here in the states. Monte and Tommy are flying to Japan today to meet up with Adam. Hope the rest of the concert tour goes as wonderfully!

  2. Glamourclamor says:

    Golly gee, I’m the first one to watch this post. Well got a real bang out of the people waiting for him to leave in the van. Think they whisked him in without anyone seeing. Lots of speculating where he was sitting. Love the love they show. Anyone know how big this crowd was. Can’t tell by listening. Looks like they were performing in a sauna. Adam did not change clothing like he usually does. The humidity must have been killer. He mentioned his fan. These vids not great, but when in Rome, do as the…whatever that saying is. Have voted more this week, as had a little more free time, so hopefully IIHY moved up some. Can only speak for myself, but will be very happy when getting regular feeds. However, that is only going to last about 2 months. Nothing else for it but to go into rehab.

    • I read that over 20,000 attended Glamnation Concert. Wish I could have been with them !!!

    • Well, here I am to share a few notes with you on the Saturday night show in Singapore. I had thought I’d miss the Glam Nation Tour altogether because my work travel schedule just wasn’t in sync. I got lucky and got to see him in Washington, D.C. when I had to go their suddenly for a meeting, and San Francisco when my work travel got delayed a week. (Both tickets cost me a fortune as the shows were sold out and I had to get them from scalpers.) Then I was assigned to a project in Jakarta and took the weekend off to fly to Singapore to see the show when I learned my work and his show overlapped. WOW, imagine 22K + fans packing in the huge outdoor stage area to see him at 11:30 at night. He was wonderful and even with this huge space to fill his presence is bigger than life. Although the advance publicity said he was adding some new songs….like “Time for Miracles,” he kept to the format of the U.S. shows. His opener was thrilling, even for me. Somehow, the lighting made him just glow and all those around me were sooo excited. It set us up for all that was to follow. And, of course all the songs were wonderful. I had been warned by work colleagues at the Jakarta office that Singapore crowds are very much more subdued. So, I was ready for it. There were about 22 thousand plus in the audience but all their clapping and cheering seemed “polite” but not what we are used to in the U.S. (And, I am sure, what he will experience in Tokyo, Austrialia, New Zealand on beyond.) What I noticed as I stood at the first security railing front-side center by getting there 5 hours early) was that the reserved stage-side VIP crowed was filled with very very young people. The first 3 or 4 rows of “VIP” ticket holders let in to stand immediately surrounding the stage were young teens about 12-13 years old. Can you imagine Adam getting his first view of that audience? That stage-side group is the audience he usually plays to. He read the crowd perfectly and anyone who has seen the show before would have recognized his higher level of discretion. For those of us who love the “free and freewheeling” side of Adam we may have missed it a little, but for the Singapore crowd he was perfect. Nothing was lost of his talent and vibrancy. Although there were a few moments when he and the band seemed to stop between numbers with a little interruption of the momentum, he was a controlling force to be sure. He may not have felt the vibrations of love and excitement from this more reserved audience, but being in the middle of a crowd, I could sure feel it. And if it is any evidence of his popularity, all the fans around me knew ALL the lyrics of ALL his songs…even Rabbit Hole. Their favorites that they got the most excited about when they realized from the first notes what was coming seemed to be Rabbit Hole, Sleepwalker, Aftermath and IIHY. Imagine 22K people jumping with Adam for that one. They were ready for it and he had them in the palm of his hand. As I watched, I hoped that he would be able to feel the adoration, excitement and thrilled sense of expectation that I could feel being among them. He has said that his encores usually stem from the vibe of the audience. For this show he chose Mad World (the more upbeat version.) Maybe that is a sign that he felt the reserve of the audience and couldn’t feel the level of excitement that he usually feels. There is no question in my mind that he is loved in Singapore, too. I was so glad to see him with such a large crowd. He is a force….his warmth and generosity of spirit were not lost, and combined with his amazing showmanship and talent make him the star he was born to be. As you know, there were lots of performers slated for the event. Daughtry preceded Adam in an earlier show on the same stage. Before leaving early the next morning back to work in Jakarta I picked up the Singapore Sunday Times to see what they might have reported about Adam’s performance. The headline said it all. “Flamboyant Glam Rocker Steals Show!” Lovya, Adam.

      • Thank you for the lovely and detailed first hand account of the first Singapore show. You must have a very interesting job!

        I loved how you acknowledged Adam’s awareness of his audience and restraint. I hope even tho they were so polite that he felt the love. I know it was there – I was following their tweets – they were crazy for him 🙂

        It was great of you to post this. Maybe you’ll get another chance to see him while he’s over there.

        • That was a great post! Really appreciate all the detail and analysis. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and perspective with us!

      • e3fan205

        You sound a lot like someone I met at the 9:30 Club DC performance. My daughter and I were #39 and #40 in line. If I’m correct, you were wearing a red jacket and just in from an overseas flight, I think. There was a mother with her teenage daughter who had just flown in from Sarasota, FL in line with us. They had brought Spicy Cheetos for Alison who came out to thank them for the treat. There was also a tall handsome guy who looked alot like Adam walking around and getting his picture taken with some of the fans. As soon as the doors opened, we all headed up the stairs to the right balcony where we had an AWESOME view of Adam and the entire show. If this is you…what a small world. If not, so glad you’re seeing Adam in many locations. My last concert was in New Orleans. Loved it. Love Adam. Peace.

  3. ohhhh….so funny to see them in daylight. I miss them so much 🙂

  4. peggyt#345 Glamb says:

    Sure thankful to see these videos….He is amazing and love any video that comes our way..
    I have been voting also for IIHY…it came up on vh1 but not far enough to suit me……Know he is having great concert over there….

  5. thanks for bringing Adam back i was having whitdrawal!!! you guys do an excellant job thank you!! again .if ican help in any way ,i am here let me know. i also miss Neil moaning about something where IS he? I bet he is busy taken back some of his shopping to the stores because the color has faded or there is a button missing ha!! ha! i was so pleased to see you tonight!!!!!

  6. Sue Glamb#10 you never fail to deliver, do you ? Adam is treated like a King in Singapore . Did you see the motorcade that escorted him from the Padang Stage? I just watched the Aftermath video , his Voice is clear and strong as ever; Adam remarked at the press conference that the humidity was very good for his voice and he did not have to do so much voice warm-up before the shows. One fan said he was smiling all day and for the first time Neil was also smiling after complaining about the F1 noise from the racing cars initially . Over 20,000 watched his concert each night . At the Meet & Greet when a SingGlambert rep said the fans were slightly disappointed that his concert was part of the Grand Prix gig and not an only Adam and Adam alone concert , he reassuringly said he would give them a full concert the next time he comes around . We will definitely be waiting, Adam Lambert !!
    Adam Lambert, how about making a movie in Singapore ? A teeny-tiny rumour , he was actually asked if he would like to play ” Cinna ” .

  7. Leilani aloha says:

    Adam chose the perfect place for his R & R!!!:) Bali, one of my favourite places to visit
    One of the most beautiful island on earth, very magical & rich in their cultures, dance & music
    So happy for Adam to have a lovely break!!!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I agree and am actually pleased that we are not getting a lot of photos and info from the Bali getaway because that tells me maybe they really are leaving him alone and he is getting a REAL vacation!
      Here’s a funny…I woke up at some wee hour of the morning thinking of Adam [NOT unusual] with the song “So Far Away” by Carole King [or was it Carly Simon?] going through my head. I would have started singing it out loud but that may have annoyed my husband.
      Adam does feel far away right now so THANKS for the videos and pictures to keep us feeling connected!

  8. Linda G Glam #675 says:

    I have been in Singapore. It is close to the equator and the humidity is so high it feels like it is raining, even though it is not. Kudos to Adam and his band if they had to perform outdoors. And they thought summer in the states was bad!

  9. Thank you so much! I needed my Adam-fix! It looks like we have to get use to sharing him with the rest of the world!

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    Thanks so much for these vids!!!

    When one is having a withdrawl, I was just wondering when the XXX dreams begin to cool?!!!:)

    Enjoy yourself, Adam!!!!! The world is at your feet.

    Peace-Love-Light-Truth-Fun……….4 evr….

    • Do you REALLY have XXX dreams?!? I’m so jealous! Me, if I think about someone the whole day, I don’t dream about them at night… The “dirtiest” dream I’ve ever had about Adam, he was kissing and licking my neck (which was good, very good, but not quite enough, if I may say).

  11. Glamourclamor says:

    This short hiatus made me realize that in a mere two months, Adam’s travels for the year will probably end and he will be living a much more private life, recording, reconnecting, etc. Which means this past week was a good indication of what his fans can expect. Very little news on a regular basis. I have spent the better part of the year watching, stalking, following Adam’s career, tour on a daily basis. I found myself a little unhappy this week. Big alert. Glad the Holidays are upon us so I can slowly but surely redirect my life from every day Adam to once in awhile Adam. I’m sure this is a much healthier way to live, a little boring, but all good things must end. Then, of course, his new album will be out and I must, as a devoted fan, do everything I can to support that. Hope he releases a new single, now that we have more time to vote. I don’t feel very happy right now. Bah Humbug!

    • MmmHmmm.. chuckles I second those emotions! You gave me an ‘oh rats’ kinda smile… =/
      Yup, Know how ya feel.

  12. Really great to hear the news. Thanks to you who take the time to post it.

  13. It was pretty disturbing to me when I read this from an above comment about Adam at the Singapore F1 concert : ” He may not have felt the vibrations of love and excitement from this more reserved audience .. ” I mean are we talking about Adam Lambert ? So today, I watched a video uploaded from YouTube by a SingGlambert and lo and behold I was mesmerised by the sea of heads bobbing up and down, hands waving blue glow sticks and the screaming at the top of their lungs. How can Adam not feel love and excitement from a 20,000 crowd ?? He is the Master at making connections of love and has said over and over, that is what his show is all about. Watch the videos at SG_Glamberts and make your own conclusion. By the way, the front row seats were sold at S$1000 ($650 US ), legal.
    My two cents worth of input : Adam has already been ‘ subdued ‘ by the unwarranted thrashing he got back home at the AMAs and other factions. Sad, because we will never know the spectaclar acts we have missed from such a natural, uninhibited actor equally endowed with such a superb, heavenly voice.

  14. Typo : ‘ spectacular ‘

  15. kd23morgan says:

    Adam is wise…he knows that when the audience is packed in the front with teens and pre-teens to tone down a bit…plus he is in another country so he is feeling out the to do and not to do’s….Smart man…beautiful and talented man…Have a great vaca Adam…Here’s to more fab from our fav…Also everyone go buy a cd for a friend’s bd or for holidays…lets get adam his platinum in US….I am doing such this week….gift for two friends..

  16. Glad you are having a great time overseas, but WE miss you over here so much. Have ordered your desk and wall calendars and received the desk ones, THEY ARE GREAT, but not as great as you in person, even if it is on different websites. Will be overjoyed when you are back over here and really hope you will be well protected during the current terrorist news. Stay safe, please and we will keep ordering your products and music AND DVD’s when they come out. Love you and be safe, Rita & Donna!!!!!!! Can hardly wait for your new CD, but don’t know how you can top the last one!!!!!!!! But we are expecting you to do it!!!!!!!!

  17. If Adam had thought the Singapore F1 audience was subdued and reserved as suggested in one comment above, he would not have kissed Tommy ( one of the nights ) and the crowd roared, screamed and was elated ! I saw this in one of the F1 videos. Also, Adam sang Mad World not because he didn’t get the vibes from the audience ; the song was more appropriate for the young, adoring SingGlamberts who had planned days in advance to hog the front part of the stage .

  18. tweeterpie says:

    I’m so thrilled to see these International concert videos because I was having serious ADAM WITHDRAWLS. I can’t believe how much I miss my daily ADAM FIX. I guess it just confirms that I’m a true ADAM ADDICT. That’s okay though…I just don’t EVER WANT TO BE CURED!
    BY THE WAY…I thought I could CLEARLY SEE ADAM sitting next to Sasha (on the far right of the screen) and WAVING to the fans from inside the car leaving the concert. Everyone was speculating whether he was even in there or not, but I looked at it repeatedly, and would swear that it’s him.
    AM I CRAZY? Maybe I’m just missing him so much that I’m seeing him everywere.

  19. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one having withdrawals!!!!!! And coming up around 10-26, he won’t be heard from until 11-6. In that time, I am SURE he will be at home in LA and doing his FAVORITE holiday–Halloween!!!!!!!! Hope we get to see how he will look this year as his Goth Vampire!!!! But I also agree that he ABSOLUTELY needed his time off in Bali–was very happy that he was able to just CHILL and RELAX!!!!!! But I know what you mean about when his tour is over. He will be woking on his new album, and probably his new tour. I am SURE he will tweet SOMETHING to us–he KNOWS his fans are out here waiting for him!!!!!

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