Glam Nation- Seattle, Washington 07/20/2010**UPDATED VIDEOS**

As things are starting to pop up on youtube, I have posted what I have found. You get some radio interviews, and some pictures, and just a few videos with more on the way!!
Was anybody there last night?? Was it as hot as it looked to be?? We need to know!!!!!! For now,


Photo’s from ADAM LAMBERT’s interview yesterday with Curt and Corine at STAR 101.5 Radio before his Seattle Washington Glam Nation Tour Concert at the Showbox SoDo, July 20, 2010.

Adam Lambert STAR 101.5 Seattle interview (Part 1 of 2)
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Adam Lambert STAR 101.5 Seattle interview (Part 2 of 2)
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Adam Lambert KISSFM Seattle interview
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**Must see Adam when watching Tommy Joe AND Brooke teaching Adam the Nutcracker Suite**
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Music Again
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video via: seagals4adam

Snippet of Strut
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Sure Fire Winners
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**Make sure and watch to the very end**
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Mad World and WLL
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  1. KO's smiling says:

    Thanks again Sue! I love it when you give us little tips on **what to watch**. I don’t have time to watch everything, but this lets me know I’m not missing anything!

    • lovemyadam says:

      KO~ Just added more **MUST SEE** with IIHY!! Check it out, sooo cute!!


      • Sue, re your question about the heat, and anyone else going to a hot venue, like Vegs, please be sure to read my post below! Aloha, Holly

  2. retrogrrrl says:


    • lovemyadam says:


      Have a GREAT time, and we will be waiting to hear your review!!



  3. retrogrrrl says:

    oopS i meant GLAM LOVE!!! xxx

    • It was great meeting you Retrogirl! Glad you were standing behind me and had my back!!

  4. Thanks for the videos of these two interviews. Love to hear Adam live. He is so not a Diva. He keeps it real, Also, will try to find time to listen to music vids. Can’t always, but love that they are there when I have extra time. Will see his show this weekend CAN’T WAIT!!!

  5. How does he continue to top himself? And more importantly, why the hell isn’t his management team filming this stuff? They could probably unload millions of copies of a “live DVD”. He’s a frigging goldmine of talent!

    A couple of years from now, all of us who were lucky enough to see him in these smaller venues will be saying “I knew / saw him when”…. Next thing, he’ll be in big stadiums and the tickets will cost much more. So happy he’s realizing his dream!

    I’ll be at the Warfield (balcony) on Friday and then 5th row, center at Thunder Valley on Saturday. I’m praying that the video police will not be out in force so I can grab us all some good footage. Just bought an extra battery and a 16gig disk so I can film as much as I can.

    For those of you going to Friday’s show, I’ve heard there’s a pre-party event at The Palomino restaurant (from 2-6). It’s on Folsom & Embarcadero. Supposed to be 60+ glams there, and maybe a local radio station doing a live spot. I’m driving in from 4 hours away, and not sure I’ll make it there, but I’m gonna try.

    Dear god I hope I’m still breathing on Sunday!

    • AdamFetish says:

      I agree about the small venue thing! We are SO lucky to get to experience the closeness. When I got his autograph in Denver I kept saying that it may never happen again! Enjoy your shows!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Great show last night. I couldn’t believe that it was all menopausal women! Man, those chicks get vicious! Its like they didn’t know they were at a club show. I have to feel a little sorry for Adam, though. I wonder if this is what he expected of being a rock star? Everyone’s surly grandma screeching at eachother to stay out of their space?

    Adam, you’re a treasure. For the sake of the grandmas of Seattle, please keep it up!

    • Jennifer, there were plenty of teens, 20’s etc. , not just menopausal women! And I didn’;t experience the surliness that you did. sorry it happened around you. Don’t think it affected Adam! Aloha, Holly

    • Hey Jennifer i totally agree with you i couldn’t believe the amount of “older” woman in their and they sure were CRANKY! it kinda made me laugh i was screaming and cheering for Adam and had some older woman in front of me plugging her ears and asking me to stop screaming ummmmm hello?!?!!? its ADAM! i tried being nice but their were A LOT of rude people in the crowd i was just having fun minding my own business and trying to be respectful i was not to far back couldn’t really see to much but it was still amazing! can’t wait till the puyallup show!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Just thought I’d mention that in addition to all of the Seattle grandmas there, if you check out the KISS Seattle website, go to the pictures of the concert and look at the many fan pics that were taken, you’ll see that there are many younger fans as well…and in fact there are some pics which include some of us from this website, in that case, mostly in the lounge…..for instance picture # 120 includes 3 of us plus a couple of friends……all with big happy smiles on our faces….and I agree, Adam is a treasure!!!

  7. kat23morg says:

    Just a heads up to all my buds…the Glamberts….this is a post on Adam’s Official website…Our Adam is Platinum worldwide…Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Over 1 Million Customers Entertained Worldwide
    It gives us great pleasure to announce that over 1 million copies of Adam Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, have now been sold worldwide. Congrats to Adam for his incredible success, and let Adam Official be the first to thank all of you fans on his behalf.

    • Not surprised at all–expected it sooner, truth be told. CONGRATULATIONS ADAM!!! Other Countries so get Adam, and, I imagine, can’t wait until he comes to their part of the World. I personally can’t wait to buy his European Album–play the Japanese version in my car. Have given FYE album to many of my friends, who didn’t have a clue about his talent. It’s my part in making the World a better place. See some of you Saturday Night.

  8. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    The acoustics in Seattle were AMAZING!! On WLL seemed like Adam was playing with the acoustics!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

  9. Sally,Glamb #607 says:

    Does anyone have the password for the Honolulu concert in Oct.? I got password for others this morning, but not for that concert and the tickets are now on sale.

  10. I was there . It was so frickn hot it was unbearable. I waited 8 hrs in the venue til the concert started. You could not move at all. Someone fainted, people were fighting. For the people who came at last minute and aggressively shoved yourself to the front stage of the people who waited hours to get there shame on u!And to the lady in front of me who apparantly thought she was the only one there , thanks for shoving me and blocking my view as much as u could. I felt sorry for the short ones and the young ones. I do not know how they could see anything. This venue was to small for Adam.
    On a positive note, Adam was and is the most gifted singer , entertainer in this generation. He is a born Superstar, he gives it his all and he is worth the wait. And so handsome to boot. He loves his fans and it shows. He needed a bigger stage and deserves it. His band mates are the nicest guys. Tommy was out side before the venue and after. He was so patient with all the starstruck girls. Singing, talking, hugging pictures. And Very handsome too. Monte came out after the show and was very nice and accomodating too. Adams brother Neil was out too but does not really mingle or sign autographs at all. I waited and hour in a half for Adam to come out but had to leave. Wondered if he ever did come out.. To Sherry the lady we met in line and hung out with the whole time, your so nice, hope to see u at the Puyallup. Actually contact me if u want to go together to it.
    And to the mom and her daughter from Lake Stevens, it was so fun to chat. You guys are bigger fans then me and here i thought i was his most biggest fan.. lol Have fun in Oregon and Cali.

    • I WAS THERE!. Here’s my experience and some tips for those who haven’t gone yet! I’m especially concerned for those going to Vegas since it is outside in sun and temps about 110. Please read the tips below if you are going to a venue outside or that may be really hot inside.

      Retrogirrl and I camped out from 0830 and were about 20th in line. Left our chairs in line and stood at the barricades by the buses for about 2 1/2 hours. During that time, Longineau, Monty, Tommy and Allison all came out for pictures and autographs. Each of them was super, super nice, and acted like they had all the time in the world for us! It was cold in the morning and got hot in the afternoon.

      For anyone else going to a general admission, standing only venue, be prepared! They might not all be as bad, but I believe it got to about 110 degrees inside. Between 2 1/2 hours sleep the night before, standing by the buses, sitting in the sun all afternoon, then standing another hour or so after they made us pack up our lawn chair before they let the first 250 or so people in line into the bar/lounge for about 4 hours – then standing inside the concert area for over 1/2 hour waiting for Allison, through her set, another wait while they set up for Adam, by the time I made it through the first 4 songs, I knew I was about to be the next one to pass out. I had the security guard help me out, because a girl had passed out close to me and they carried her out – I knew I didn’t want to break the guard’s back trying to get my large self out, and in that sardine crush, I literally was afraid I would fall over and get suffocated. So they took me outside for a few minutes then into the lounge, where I could (barely) see Adam but could hear just fine. It was so disapointing to have to leave after being center stage, third person back!

      So if you are older, have any health problems, or heat intolerance, be VERY, VERY careful about going to a venue like this. Everyone else, be careful! If you’re camping out, be sure to take a cooler with not just water, but at least one drink like ‘Gatorade for the salt replacement, and stay hydrated! There’s always a place close by and the people in line are almost always gracious about watching your stuff while you find a place to pee. One thing I thought of but didn’t do, that might have saved me was to get one of those headbands you can freeze then tie around your head or neck – although it/they might have melted quickly in that heat anyway! As a nurse, I recognized that I was experiencing heat stroke and knew I had to get out and get cooled off or else. Heres; some information about how to be aware of heatstroke, which can be FATAL if not treated quickly!

      So, I’m really looking forward to the Puyallup concert, where we won’t have to wait outside all day and have assigned seats! Everyone who is going anywhere else, have a blast, and be SAFE! Aloha, Holly

      Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia, an abnormally elevated body temperature with accompanying physical and neurological symptoms. Unlike heat cramps and heat exhaustion, two other forms of hyperthermia that are less severe, heat stroke is a true medical emergency that can be fatal if not properly and promptly treated. Heat stroke is also sometimes referred to as heatstroke.

      The body normally generates heat as a result of metabolism, and is usually able to dissipate the heat by either radiation of heat through the skin or by evaporation of sweat. However, in extreme heat, high humidity, or vigorous physical exertion under the sun, the body may not be able to dissipate the heat and the body temperature rises, sometimes up to 106 F (41.1 C) or higher. Another cause of heat stroke is dehydration. A dehydrated person may not be able to sweat fast enough to dissipate heat, which causes the body temperature to rise.

      What are heat stroke symptoms and signs? Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion include:
      nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness,headache, muscle cramps and aches, dizziness.

      • Mary at the Lake says:

        Oh my gosh Holly, didn’t know that happened to you!!!! So sorry…..We’ll be in touch about that ticket for the Puyallup that we talked about…..My friend Britt had to get out of the crush before the end of the show as well, just too hot and she had an anxiety attack….Was just a couple of rows behind you…..Its a miracle that they didn’t have to carry more people out, that venue just isn’t the right place for Adam’s concerts, he generates all that extra heat by just being there!!!

      • Hey HOLLY! i’m soooo sorry to hear about that! yah the sodo does get VERY Hot have to make sure you are well hydrated and drink alot alot of water before the show, i’ve almost passed out numerous times in that crowded ga place its horrible in their! usually the security guards spray people with water though and it helps. I hope you enjoyed the show though wish i could have met all you guys =)

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      I am one of those shorties, and even though I was quite close to the stage, (got there early, early) I had three tall people in front of me and couldn’t move at all….the two men (very cute young men who had driven all the way from Spokane to see Adam and drove home right after the show-a long way) were sweet enough to sort of let me peak around them, was often looking out of one eye, but better than nothing…really hate General Admission shows for that reason. Totally agree that the venue was too small for Adam’s show and people did get a little grumpy with the very tight proximity…At the beginning of the Adam set couldn’t see at all,and really wondered what I was going to do….I’m glad he is tall at least!!! And I have to say I was ready to leave right about the time Adam came out to the buses, had almost given up, but just so glad I stayed…..Really thought he wouldn’t stop to sign autographs because it was SO late…. and Keep your eyes open for some meet and greet promotions on radio stations before the Puyallup too….

    • so mishelle how did u stay cool cause when i go that is what im afraid of a pretty small venue—how did u keep the heat from overcoming you?

      • I was there (read my posting below about my experience of meet and greet with Adam) and it was HOT HOT HOT!! At least 110 degrees in the theatre, Allison was drenched while she was performing to the extent that her false eyelash was literally melting off her face and hanging down in front of her eye. Adam was dripping sweat right from the beginning of his performances and within the first few rows, there were 5 people who fainted or almost fainted and had to be carried or escorted out from the heat. Not sure how many there were in the back cause I couldn’t see back there. What to do? Drink LOTS throughout the day, eat during the day as well as before the show and dont’ drink a lot of alchol before the show. Take a water bottle or two in with you and use them for drinking, wetting down your arms and neck. I actually poured water down the front of my tank top all throughout the performance to cool down. It really helped alot. I also patted down with water a few of the people standing around me as well. STEAMING HOT BUT WORTH EVERY SECOND OF DISCOMFORT!! Just come prepared and enjoy the show!!

  11. Mary at the Lake says:

    Well, yikes, where to begin….I would imagine those who were there could write a book.(I’ll try not to.) . In a nutshell, about 10 of us from this website met up the night before for dinner and Adam-talk, was so much fun, pictures were taken and at some point will be posted here….Was great to put faces to names….

    Day of show, we all arrived pretty early, some VERY early (no doubt everyone will speak to their own experiences)…..All expected to spend the entire day and into the evening on the hot sidewalk, in line, waiting for the doors to open and we had our chairs, snacks, sunscreen (the sun DOES come out in Seattle), etc…. As luck would have it, the first 200 in line over 21 were allowed into the lounge to hang out until just before the main doors opened, and would get into the showroom first, were given group numbers so that we would more or less retain our place in line. All of us got into the first few rows ( I was a couple of rows directly behind Retrogrrrl, dead center…), which became our permanent places from 8:20 pm until close to 11:00p., all the while standing in extremely close and hot proximity for the entire time. I think it was less “dense” further back, but not sure…. You didn’t dare leave….Some folks met band members beforehand……I missed out, but just barely….

    The show was indeed fabulous, Adam was inspired by the crowd which was wildly enthusiastic (just watch the videos-Whole Lotta Love-OMG amazing), it was really, really HOT (as Adam said F-ing hot) in there, there was a lot of sweat and glitter, and we know what happens when Adam gets hot (temp wise), great things happen…The thing with Adam and Brooke was so funny…and everything else was perfect. Vocals were spot one and just almost made you cry during the “emotional” songs. That beautiful voice…..And it seemed as though he didn’t hold much back….. During WLL he actually stopped , smiled, and said thank-you because everyone was just so vocal in their response to this version….He is still that sweet Idol guy….

    After the show at the buses, had lots of glimpses of band members Tommy , Monte, and Cam (didn’t see Longineau other than during the show tho), dancers, Neil many times, and YAY!!!!!! …..ADAM!!! (Saw Adam briefly before the show, walking from the bus to the door, and he waved and smiled….) Tommy came out to sign autographs, then a big lull when the others came out to the buses….I think they were all loaded (the buses…..) and ready to go, when Adam came out, looking just fabulous and happy…don’t know how he does that after his extremely busy day, or days….He started at one end of the barricade and made his way all of the way around , signing autographs, and luckily I remembered to bring my Rolling Stone magazine, “just in case” and even tho I was behind some people, got it to him and he signed it…….Got a nice smile too….By the time I left, it was almost 1:00 a.m., and very, very happy!!!! I think the especially cool thing was , that he really could have just left without stopping, they were very late leaving, so a security guard had said earlier, and I’m sure Adam had to be exhausted but he made time to meet fans anyway….So absolutely gracious and supportive of his fans…..Just one of the many reasons I am such a big fan of his…..

  12. cheryl 334 says:

    INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!! PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEXUAL GRATIFICATION, VISUAL GRATIFICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MORE…MORE…AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!:))


  13. JEANENE says:


  14. JulieSeattle says:

    I was there too and had a fantastic, memorable time. Although, I don’t think I’ll ever go to a standing-only, general admission event again (well, maybe for Adam…) It’s awfully hard to stand up for 6+ hours — my feet are still talking to me 24 hrs later.
    I actually took a small dose of a tranquilizer to fight off a panic attack in the sardine-can crowd. I managed to stay a little bit cool by firmly holding my ground and keeping about a foot of clear space in front of me. There was cool air blowing by sometimes and I could get a hit of it.
    I’m going to the Puyallup show too and look forward to sitting and watching from above. But, I bet it won’t match the intense energy generated by a couple thousand fans squished together and screaming. Amazing.
    Oh, yeah, Adam was beyond amazing, Allison too.

  15. Why no video of FEVER? I need that one!!! for those who where there anything with Adam and Tommy ?

    • No kiss just a little flirting!! And Tommy got a pat on the butt at the end of the concert; so cute!!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      No “big” Adommy moments during FEVER but so much fun, as always….Was a little surprised as Seattle is pretty liberal, is very “gay friendly” but it was also an “all ages” venue so perhaps he kept that in mind…..I know that is my usual “go to” video and song….along with WLL….I know there is a version of Fever on 24/7 but not perfect quality.

  16. Well guys last night was the 5th time I have seem Adam peform live; American Idol tour in Vancouver, Fantasy Springs, Jay Leno, River Rock and now Seattle Showbox Sodo but last night was truly the most amazing special day I have ever experienced. Due to the generosity and kindness of one of our special fans, I was given a Meet and Greet ticket to attend with another fan who I had only communicated with my email about the Monday night dinner I planned at PF Changs. She and I and my friend who I came with from Victoria (another great fabulous lady I have met through Adam connections) stood in line, one girl arriving at 6 am and Cheryl and I arriving at 8 am and we were 7th and 8th in line. It was a fun day despite the chill in the air until the afternoon and we had tons of fun walking around to the buses and meeting with Monte, Tommy and Allison outside the buses chatting and getting pictures. We were finally let into the lounge around 4:00 pm and were able to have a few drinks and something to eat while we prepared for our Meet and Greet with Adam. At 7:45 pm about 20 of us were escorted into the theatre and waited for Adam to enter the room. What a presence he has!! One by one, we walked up to him and had the chance to talk to him and then have a picture taken by Neil. My experience went like this:

    It was my turn to walk up to him and I had prepared ahead of time what I wanted to talk to him about. As I walked towards him, he told me that the necklace I was wearing was fantastic!! I walked towards him and extended my hand to shake his hand and thanked him for the compliment and said Adam, its great to meet you. I was wearing a mens bracelet on my wrist (which was way too large for me) that I had bought to give to him as a gift and after I thanked him for the compliment on my necklace, I told him that I had something for him. I showed him that the bracelet was too large for me and that I had bought it for him. He said “you didn’t have to do that” and I told him “I know I didn’t have to but I wanted to and that I had seem it and it reminded me of him” He thanked me for the gift and I told him that I hoped it fit him but if it was too small he could give it to Tommy. He told me that it is a myth that Tommy is smaller than him so I said even better, then you keep it yourself. I had brought along my Rolling Stones Magazine which already had Monte, Lingeneau and Tommys autographs on the back cover which I got when I met them at the River Rock and I had saved the front cover for Adams autograph. As I showed him all the autographs on the back cover I told him that we partied with the guys at the River Rock until 4 am!! He put his hand on his hip and said “I heard about that!!” I told him that I got into a lot of trouble that night and that my husband was upset that I was out partying until 4 am and he laughed. I also brought along a belt that I have owned for about 30 years which is EXACTLY the same as the belt he is wearing on the cover of the Rolling Stones Magazine and he was amazed that I had one exactly the same. We discussed how long I owned my and where I got it, as well as where his belt came from. Adam autographed my magazine cover and he also autographed the inside of my belt for me as well with a silver sharpie. I said to him that I had one more very important question to ask him on behalf of the Adam Lambert Unofficial website regarding the Scarlet A on his tophat and the Glittery blue A on the back of his jacket. I had printed off a copy of the “A is for Adam” story from the website and took it with me to give to him. I told him that there was a bit of a controvery as to whether his “A” represents “Adam” or whether there is a hidden meaning in it inspired by the novel the Scarlet Letter. He told me that the A was definately inspired by the novel the Scarlet Letter and that I could clear up with with no confusion with everyone on the website so ladies….the A stands for more than just Adam!! I told him that I printed off a story off the website that I thought that he would find very interesting regarding the Scarlet Letter and he seemed genuinely excited to read it and thanked me for doing that and told me that he was looking forward to reading it over after the show. Then it was time for us to take his picture and I told him that we had to stand sideways cause it makes us look thinner in the picture (like he needs to look thinner!!) and he said “oh ok, and shuffled his feet around so we were facing each other for the picture while we were both laughing. He put his arm around me and I put my arm around his stomach aand as we hugged, Neil snapped our picture. I noted that he was very firm, and in very good shape under his tshirt and that he is very muscular from working out and all the dancing he is doing. I shook his hand again, told him that it was a pleasure to meet him and he gave me a hug before our meeting ended. He is gracious, respectful, a true gentleman and an absolute pleasure to talk to. He made me feel very comfortable talking to him and I enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss with him things that I had thought of over the past year. You know those moments when you think to yourself, if I ever get the chance to meet Adam I’d like to ask him…..or tell him ……..and I consider myself so lucky that I actually had the opportunity to do this. It was a very special encounter that I will remember for a long time and I am certain a “once in a lifetime experience” because as his popularity grows and the venues grow larger, these meetings will become few and far between. We are so lucky to experience him as he is growing his career and help him to expand his fanbase and help him achieve the true stardom that he deserves. Adam is the consumate entertainer and he deserves all the accolades that he is receiving now. Now I have one thing I can actually cross off “my bucket list”!!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Well, Mo-Ski, as you can see we are both still up, I WAS going to bed but now I am WIDE AWAKE with your story!!!! I am definitely and infinitely jealous on the one hand and so thrilled for you on the other hand!!!! So glad you decided to come down here after all!!!

      As to the Scarlet Letter story, thanks so much, that was the perfect question for Adam and fabulous to get the answer directly from him….It made sense to me that he would have that inspiration, his sense of humor and irony would certainly point to his use of that. but one doesn’t want to assume anything until the person directly confirms or denies ….I find it absolutely hilarious that he used that as another “double entendre” for the meaning of the “A”., and very fitting, not because he IS that, but because he was branded by many along those same lines..And I still think my thought of a possible third hidden meaning “Alien” as in “fierce sparkly Alien from Planet Fierce”, his “other” name could fit in there as well…..Guess if I get to talk to him (hoping, hoping,…) I’ll add a P. your conversation…As if I would actually remember it…..Got my Rolling Stone signed but no conversation….still on MY Bucket List

      So great that you mentioned Adam Official Unofficial…and one more question for you…was it just the article about the Scarlett Letter or the whole thread as well….assuming just the article….Just curious…..

      So thats’s where he was going when I saw him get out of the bus and go into the venue…

      Bet you were “Sleepless in Seattle” Tues. night (excuse the pun, but it would definitely fit the situation….)

      • Mary at the Lake says:

        Actually meant to say “Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce” still a little muddled from Tues…..

      • I only printed off the story not the whole thread and he seemed truly looking forward to reading through it. I knew he would find it interesting!! Still on cloud 9 and trying to get back to normal life; easier said than done I’m afraid!!

    • glambertgirl37 says:

      Ah…now I feel like crying after reading this…cause I’ll probably never get the chance to experience something similar…I mean I’m pretty sure he’ll never come to Romania and even if he will one day-still the chances for me to meet him are very very slim-that’s why I feel like crying!So you should consider yourself a very lucky person and I’m sure you’ll keep those memories with you forever!

      • You’re absolutely right that I do feel very priviledged that I got the chance to meet him and have a talk with him. Dont feel bad because Adam is becoming a world wide fan and I believe that he will travel all over the world to satisfy his fans. Keep your fingers crossed and get everyone in Romania to buy his CD; when the sales are high he will will make an appearance! Trust me and have faith in Adam!

  17. kat23morg says:

    I would like to make a suggestion that may not be popular….For those who have been to see Adam a bunch and have been in front a bunch…it would be a nice gesture to let those who have not been much or get to see him only one time…to let them be near the stage. When my daughter and i and her friend went…we got there early…we were 29th in line…but those in front, many who had seen him multiple times got the front rows….As caring fans…it would not be a bad thing to give up your front spot if you have been in the front before…it would be an awesome gesture one I am sure Adam would agree with and appreciate. I am hoping we can see him again in Raleigh, NC but I have to pay my son’s tuition for college in the fall in August and that probably will make seeing him again impossible…so that was my one shot most likely…till next year….maybe it would work out…

    • I have seen him several times but never close up. If you want to be close up you just have to get into line very early and wait. It makes for a fun day actually and everyone is so excited there is lots of energy in the lineup and it gives you the chance to make new friends. Our group got there at 6 am for an 8:30 pm concert; waiting for that many hours deserves a spot in front no matter how many times you have had the opportunity to see Adam live.

    • My daugter & I have seen him multiple times & we along with a couple of other people behind us let 2 teenagers (it was thier 1st concert EVER) move in front of us. They ended up being 2-3 people from the stage!! It was GREAT watching them have a blast!!

  18. kat23morg says:

    My other thought on this is if you are tall….let someone who is short be in front…my daughter was so so so excited to see Adam…but she is five feet tall and had a difficult time seeing over tall people…lets be generous…if you see short people amongst the pit people and you are tall and they are behind you let them in front…you will all see and all be able to enjoy our beautiful Adam.

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      I agree with you since I am one of those very “petite” ones, but I have to say honestly that my experience there (see above) was not too positive at one point….The two tall young men let me go in front of them but when the woman who was standing next to them noticed me she said “Where did you come from?” and then proceeded to go into a loud and angry rant about the fact that she had gotten there really early (me too…I was one of the people who got there early, was allowed into the lounge early and we were allowed into the venue early in groups based on our place in line, we took our places in front of the stage and stayed there for the duration of the concert, couldn’t move if we tried…..) and that people who arrived late shouldn’t force their way to the front” etc., etc. I was so dumbfounded, shocked, and embarrassed that I went back to my spot behind them and watched the rest of the concert as best I could…..The woman behind me asked what that was all about and she said she would set her straight about a few things, but I declined the offer, figured it wasn’t worth it, and not in the spirit of Adam’s message of love and peace…..I think people were so excited to be there that sometimes for a few the spirit of sharing the love goes out the window just a bit…Plus the extreme heat didn’t help either….I am glad that you brought this up as a reminder that we all want to be able to see him as well as hear him. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to be very close to the stage but it was nearly ruined for me for awhile and I still feel the utter frustration of being only a few feet away but not being able to see a thing (felt literally like I was going to burst into tears at one point) and then to be subjected to that level of anger was just unbelievable….Not trying to be negative here, and I loved the concert, but throw this out just as an example of what kat23morg is talking about….not suggesting that all of the short people of the world all get to be in front either (would love that of course!!!!) but just as a reminder….

      • Mary at the Lake says:

        Just wanted to mention that the crabby attitude was the hard part of the whole thing, not being able to see in a crowd is pretty normal for me….if there was only one thing that I could change about myself it would be to be taller….At only 5 ft tall, its a problem sometimes…..Thank goodness for step stools, but I think they are frowned upon in a concert venue…..Think I’ll just avoid those types of venues in the future…(I hope)…

    • lol yah i had a BUNCH of tall people in front of me i’m only 5 4 sooo i could see adam everyone in awhile when someoen would move a tiny bit to the side but not to much i wanted to be up front and center but didn’t get their early enough and well wasen’t going to push my way and be rude! there should be a designated short people spot at shows hahahahahah ;P but all in all i won’t ocmplain the concert was AMAZING and the people there were amazing too.

  19. I have seen all the videos a hundred times but still cry everytime. Am I the only one of does this. Am I nuts.

  20. someone asked how i handled the heat in the venue. Honestly i was drenched with sweat. I almost got out the front.1) But i wanted to see Adam so bad. 2) it was so packed i could not find a way out. #3 my mom was right next to me and she was such a trooper , i had to stick it out too. And really i was mentally preparing myself before the concert that it could be very crowded. I suggest wear really comfy shoes, light clothes, tank top ,ect. eat something and drink water beforehand. I really think the Puyallup concert will be better cause of seating. But i will never do a standing room only concert again. Ps. i would suggest the” water mist personal little fan to bring” but honestly i could not move my arms past my chest it was so crowded but it would have felt nice. lol..

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Mishelle, what you said about not being able to move your arms reminded me that several times I had to apologize to the guy in front of me because when I tried to move MY hands, get them untrapped from being glued to my sides, I kept accidentally groping his b**t….., he was fine with it tho….we just had to laugh….and we all got to know each other REALLY well…

  21. I was at the show as well and I felt so bad for all the short people. I was next to a poor lady that spent the whole night looking into someones back but she was sure dancing and having a good time anyway. My daughter and I couldn’t get there early so we showed up at about 7:00. We saw a bunch of people standing by the buses so we waited and caught just a glimpse of Adam as he hurried into the venue. After that we walked around and got in the huge line that went down the street and around the corner. We thought for sure we were going to be stuck somewhere near the back but we were very surprised when we got in there and were able to get a decent spot about half way back just in front of the sound equipment. We had a very hard time seeing during Allison’s performance but she was fantastic. Like others have said, it was like a sauna in there and she was just dripping by the end of her performance. We decided to try and move a little to the side so we weren’t right behind the really tall people. I mean, I’m tall, but we somehow found the really tall people to stand behind! My daughter took my hand and just started dragging me sideways and we stopped in front of a couple tall men so they didn’t mind. We thanked them and they were cool so it was all good. We thought, OK, we’re going to be able to see just fine now, until Adam came out and up went the hands and the cameras! I spent half the night looking at someones camera screen! Maybe one of the video’s on this site, who knows. If so, I forgive you. We were further back so we didn’t experience any of the discord that was apparently going on up front. We were totally unaware of any problems. We just danced the night away and sang along. It was so loud that I couldn’t even hear myself so I wasn’t worried about anyone else hearing me. I was just so happy to be in such close proximity to Adam. I knew going in from reading reviews about the Showbox that it was going to be a bit of a zoo so I had made my mind up to just go with whatever happened and be happy that I was there! After the show it was like heaven to walk out into the cool night air! We talked to some friends of my daughter’s that we ran into after the show, one of which was interning at KISS FM and was able to meet Adam earlier in the day! SO JEALOUS! She said he was “amazingly nice and amazingly handsome!” So happy that she had that opportunity, but still SO JEALOUS! We were headed to our car when we came upon everyone standing at the buses again so we decided to stick around for awhile. We went around the side where it wasn’t as crowded but we were told to move from where we were, so we ended up about four people deep. As time when on though, people started to get tired of waiting and leave so my daughter ended up right next to the barricade and I was behind her. It was worth the wait because we were able to get autographs and I got a great, really close up video of him working his way down the line. I’d post it here if I knew how. He was literally sparkling, but I guess we couldn’t expect anything less from our Adam! Can’t wait for Puyallup! We won’t be nearly as close, but at least we’ll be able to sit down, although I find it hard to sit and listen to Adam!
    Oh, did anyone else see the cool puppet of Adam that someone made? I thought he wanted to give it to Adam, but then Adam didn’t get on the bus with it. I was so distracted by Adam and trying to get an autograph while videotaping at the same time that I didn’t see what happened to the puppet. Neil and some of the dancers were playing with it before Adam came out and basically stripped the poor thing. Neil was wearing its hat! It was pretty funny.

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Hi CM, the guy with the “Adam Puppet” posted a little explanation about the puppet on Adam Lambert 24/7 on the Seattle Sodo Concert thread, toward the bottom, and there is also a video that he made about the puppet’s concert experience including the part out at the buses, which was posted there on 24/7 yesterday toward the beginning of the site. Very cute and very funny….He made the puppet for Adam, entertained people in line before the show, was in the front row during, along with his assistant (they were all “glam-ed” up) and intended to give the puppet to Adam afterward. Adam said he loved it, but thought it would be great for him to continue to entertain others with it……You can also see the video on You Tube entitled “Adam Lambert Puppet”…

      I think I commented on another site (24/7) that the whole Seattle concert experience, in spite of a few things like the heat and the sardine-can togetherness was that it felt like one huge Love Fest/Circus/Giant Group Hug all rolled into one amazing day and night…. The thought strikes me that the Sodo venue (and the other hot, sauna-like venues) probably best replicate the steamy New Orleans Voodoo ambiance that matches Adam’s vision for the show, so maybe in a way, it gave us an even better opportunity to be actual participants in the story, not just observers, to “feel” that heat and humidity first hand….I am still thrilled and amazed to have been there and am so proud of Adam for putting this great tour together and looking forward to the next time…

      • Hi Mary, I love your description “One Huge Love Fest/Circus/Giant Group Hug!” That really sums it up. I’m still on a high. Thanks for the heads up about the puppet story. I’ll go check that out. What a night that was! Can’t wait for Puyallup!

        • Mary at the Lake says:

          CM, btw, I’m @glitzylady on 24/7, the whole thread of Seattle SodoVideos is at lot of fun….will take you back there to the concert and the feel of it…read Adam Fix too……she and I were supposed to meet up…and that is a story in itself….and hilarious…We also gave our impressions of the concert…

      • We had so much fun that night at the SODO and at the Puyallup show!

        You may have noticed the Adam Lambert Puppet made an appearance again at the Puyallup and spent some time on the jumbotron!

        What a performer Adam Lambert is!

        Thanks for you lovely comments about the puppet. If you want to learn more or post photos goto:

  22. Hi Mary/glitzlady, I went on 24/7 and found the video about the puppet. Too cute! I can’t find the posts you were talking about though. I guess I’m not sure how to navigate the site. All I can pull up are Recent Posts and the tab off to the left says Jul 24. How do I get back to the older posts?

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      When you get to the bottom of each page , click on where it says Older Posts….and just keep going until you get there…..and the reverse to get to newer posts……The “menu” on the right only covers newer ones…..but you can go back almost forever the other way…Its several pages back…

  23. I was there, but ended up going over to the bar area, and peaking thru the architecture to see just a little bit, but the sound was absolutely awesome and, I could see the stage though every one was a long ways away. Can anyone help me with this one? I have tickets for section E, row 12 in the in-field for Puyallup. Does anyone know if this will be a good place to see. I am as short as a hobbit, so, I’m hoping that being back a little, and the stage raised will help me. Can anyone comment. I haven’t been this rabid since I bought 4 tickets to see Clay Aiken in Spokane, as I wasn’t sure I would see on the floor, so I bought tickets to the raised area, then sat at the best ones. I have spent a LOT for these tickets so I hope they are good.

    • Beverly, section E should be good. I think the seating is all flat, but wow, row 12. Jeanene and I will be behind you in row 28, Vicki in row 30. Melissa to the right if facing the stage, row 10, and Mary has front row seats! See you there, and if you want to send your e-mail, we’ll let you know if there will be a get together before or after the show. Holly –

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Hi Beverly, nothing rabid about that, just taking care of yourself…..actually sort of did the same thing, so sounds perfectly normal to me……Pretty much how I ended up with the good seats for Puyallup…My husband who loves Adam ALMOST as much as I do, said he really wanted to be able to SEE him, so I said okay, sounds good to me…We had mediocre seats at Fantasy Springs and we are both short, so couldn’t see much of anything, I had great seats at River Rock, which was a fabulous venue, and, well, you know the story of Sodo….It sounds to me like you should be able to see pretty well with your seat, according to someone who knows about these things at the Puyallup venue….someone said the stage is fairly high up and should be pretty visible….here’s hoping…

    • Hi Beverly, I was wondering the same thing about section E in the in-field. I’m going to be in row 18. I just looked at a seating chart and to me section E and D look like prime seating to me! I hope we get decent weather. Sept. is usually pretty nice. Check it out. I think this link will take you to the seating chart.

  24. trebmal aka zsuzsi says:


  25. my 2 nieces and myself ( over 21) and my daughter (20) got there at10:30am we took turns standing outside in line with my daughter while 2 sat in the lounge. When the doors opened we were about 5 rows back. I let about 10 people go ahead of me because they had gotten there before me and I wanted to be fair…. Who knew what was about to happen. My daughter was first in line outside and made it almost where I was. ( about 3 rows behind me) she called out mom and I was so excited she was do close . We asked those around us if she could come up with me (usually in concerts they just push there way, that’s the norm but we wanted to be polite) most were very nice and let her make her way to me until …. WHAM!!!! An older woman punched her in the stomach then elbowed her. along with 6 of her friends, They told us there was no way she was getting passed Them I was so apaulled that she did that that after a few ignored sentences about Adam and Love, I was so mad that I called her a B**** . She called Security on me and the next thing I knew I was at the back of the room. I told security what she did but cuz I had a couple drinks in me he didn’t care. I guess swearing out weighs physical violence. Wow! I have a different word I could use but I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble. Lol!!! One thing I can say….. Adam is Amazing no matter where you stand. BTW, I’m 51 yrs old and am embarrassed to be represented by those old cranky women. They need to “grow up” Im doing the Puyallup!!!! Yeehaa! My very own seat to. Right up front. Yay!