Glam Nation- San Francisco, Ca 07/23/2010**UPDATED VIDEOS**

I have to admit, I haven’t been able to watch all of these video’s, but from the snippets I did see, WooHoooo. It sure looks like San Francisco got their money’s worth AND MORE!!
I am having withdrawals because I was out of town and without computer access, and now I have to go to the REAL job and I cannot even watch these…bummer. I am putting faith into the fact that they are all from the same person, and she always has good one’s, and then later tonite I can search for other one’s!! For now,


**Sandy Interviews ADAM LAMBERT! ***TOTALLY CUTE***
video via: SandyStecShow

Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/Ring of Fire
video via: suz526

**Must see for those that LIKE Adam/Tommy messing around**

**and via: TeamAims


Whataya Want From Me


Music Again

Band and Dancer Intro and the STMNBN

**and via: scary2468


Band Interlude Sure Fire Winners


Mad World

**WLL~ Rock Version
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  1. Princessshakeitup says:

    SO GLAD TOMMY IS BACK!!! [obviously, so is Adam!]

  2. Sandy B says:

    I only had a chance to watch a few videos. He sang a little different version of If I Had You. He is just so creative and his voice is extra lovely in that new section.

    I also was glad to see Tommy back.

    Can’t wait, four weeks from tomorrow is my turn to see the one show we can get to this year. My daughter, our friend and myself are counting the days.

  3. I was there. Adam Rocked. It was great. Even if you had never seen Adam before (several around me had not), everyone was way over the top mesmerized, enthralled, thrilled, happy +++++++++++++. The local media just sucks for covering Adam. The SF Chronicle never mentioned him. Friday morning they has an article about Orianthi and the only mention of Adam was that she was playing WITH him (wtf). They don’t play Adam on the radio very much here. I have never heard IIHY on the radio. Most of our media is owned by Clear Channel, with their agenda (to protect us I guess). Which is weird as can be because San Francisco and the Bay Area have to be in the top 2 gayest places on earth. I’m waiting for tomorrows Chron. to see if there is even a mention.

    If there was anything negative about last night it would be the sound system. You couldn’t hear a word for Orianthi but her guitar rocked and Adam sounded a bit like he was sucking helium. Everyone noticed the sound but we didn’t care. He put 150% into it and was giving and getting a great time.

    One of the locals (Eric) organized a pre-party and handed out 1500 blue glosticks with instructions to take them out and follow a theatre wide pattern during WWFM. Then before the show, Eric told Monte to tell Adam that we had a present for him and to watch for it. One of the fans in front said that Adam had tears rolling down his cheeks when he saw us. It was beautiful.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      WOW, I am so surprised by what you said about the San Fran media possibly having an anti gay agenda. I just assumed it would be just the opposite based on what you said; that it must be one of the top 2 gayest places on earth. That makes no sense and I am disappointed. BUT, I am very heartened to hear that you were able to make Adam feel the love with your blue glow salute. He makes us feel the love so very often. It’s nice to know we can give it back. Thank you for that visual!

      • It’s not just San Francisco, but most of Northern California. You never see anything in newspapers about him–makes me angry. Have to go on line to get any news. I cannot really explain this double standard practice. Although I did hear WWFM in a popular restaurant the other day. It could all kind of stream down from the Capital, where everyone has a stick, etc. People always confuse So. and No. Calif. Not the same!!! But those of us who are Adams fan are the heartiest!!!!

    • I am also so pleased you made Adam feel how much we love him!!!! I do hope he knows!!!! We love him for so many reasons! GLAMB 640 AdamsLady Forever

    • Wow Medley that so interesting to hear im in Riverside So Cal and get the Los Angeles stations it is the same story here i have only heard WWFM a hand full of times and all on the same station even our KIIS FM the station that Ryan Seacrest DJs on doesnt play Adam!!! So much for liberal California !!!

      • Just a thought, California has gotten a bad rap for years about how liberal and over the top we are–proably a backlash to all the negative publicity over the years. Everything recycles, so possibly California will go in the opposite direction on it’s next cycle.

  4. I was there in the upper balcony. It was insane! I’ve watched all the videos, and I don’t remember seeing an audience that just kept screaming and screaming for him. Like when he pauses in the middle of Soaked…it’s usually for a few seconds, but this crowd kept screaming and he stood there for like a minute before he continued. At one point he put his hand over his heart and smiled, like he was so touched at this reception of him.

    I will agre the sound was not great, and he did sound like he was on helium, but again it didn’t matter. I was so glad I went cuz he did WLL at the end and I swear it was an unreal rendition. I went to Thunder Valley the next night and he only did Mad World…I was sad.

    After seeing him twice, I will never be the same. His spirit just invades you!!!!!

  5. Courtney says:

    Glad Tommy is back. And so was Adam and you have to admit Tommy kinda like being back and ‘messing’ with Adam. Anyone who objects please let me know

    • AdamFetish says:

      I don’t object at all! I enjoy Adam and Tommy “messing around”! They didn’t kiss in Denver and I was bummed. I’m seeing the concert again on Saturday, in Vegas, and I hope I get little more of it! :o)

      • Courtney says:

        You are so lucky. I was going to go and then my grandparents r here. I was so bummbed. Plus I can’t drive. It sucked. But I do enjoy Tommy and adam. If I was Tommy I would grab Adam and not let go and you get the point. He gets more action than me. Haha jk

      • We should meet up!!! I will be in vegas too!! Staying at the mandalay

        • Courtney says:

          Sorry. Shoulda put this. I’m all the way put in Dallas. Anyone going to any texas concerts let me know

  6. PeggyGlamb 345 says:

    I have seen Adam 5 times and still have tickets for 4 more shows and all I can say is I never once think about (gay)….the show is the most inspiring concert that I have seen in years, and I am so glad that I got to see him as much as I did….
    They loved his show all over the midwest, and they screamed and screamed for him……They (Adam and Tommy) are putting on a show…whatever turns on your bippy…….

    • You go girl! My daughter wasn’t a big fan until Lincoln last night. She goes to Vegas a lot and sees a ton of concerts. Said Adam was one of the best entertainers she has ever seen. YAY!!!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Bippy?! haven’t heard that since “Laugh In”! Thanks for the smile…Sock It To Me!

  7. I was at the Warfield, too. Having seen the show a few times now (this is my last I’m afraid as I am headed to Indonesia on a work assignment this week) I think that something magical happened in San Francisco. For me the entire show elevated itself to a new level. It was tight, it was classy and it was quality all the way. the pace was perfect, everyone in the cast seemed to be on the top of their game. This show was perfect. Our Star….and the audience. I also was surrounded by some people who had never seen Adam before. They were dazzled. And the audience was very diverse. I was surrounded by a group of girls in their late teens, a couple with their 3 kids, a Chinese lady who was thrilled to be seeing someone she thought “was the most exciting singer” she’d ever seen, a couple in their late 40s celebrating their anniversary with Adam, and people of all races. If, as Adam says, performing for him is like a mirror with him and the audience reflecting on each other, then this performance seemed to radiate absolute respect. I think it is reflected that unlike every other show I’ve been to, we got through the acoustic set without a single over-zealous fan screaming, “I love you, Adam,” in the middle of a sensitive, emotional moment. Applause was loud and long and in all the right places. In the break in Soaked, it lasted a long time as he stood there so still. But as soon as his voice came back in, it settled to quiet for the rest of the song. He was wonderful. The magic of that night was palpable. We felt it and it was easy to see that Adam felt it, too. There were several moments where he just smiled at the audience and seemed to be touched. It only made us love him more. He earned everyone’s respect that night. It was really something special. With regard to the Chronicle, the review’s headline said it all. He “dazzled” San Francisco. Then it became a mix of praise and criticism especially about the song list. It was as though he was acknowledging that the audience was enthralled and got a good show, but then it almost implied that we really just didn’t know any better. How anyone could observe the audience response and the energized performance of a great talent with a voice that “can sing anything” and give it such a mediocre review is a real puzzle. Well, this fan knows what she saw and knows that what she saw soared to new heights. Loved it!!!! Loved him!!! Loved seeing Adam in a theater setting!!! Can’t imagine how much longer that will last. Is it true he is slated for the Philippines in late September in a venue with a plan for 50,000 tickets and a reserve for 30,000 more if he sells out the first set? What a thrill for all of us who know just what a phenomenon he is.

    • Thanks for a beautiful review !!!!

    • glamasia says:

      Yes its true. Been trying to call if tickets are available. So far, organizers have no schedule yet. Oh, and Usher performed at the same venue 2 weeks ago. His concert drew around 35,000 fans. Not bad at all. Considering the organizers were kinda late in promoting the concert.

  8. I am so amazed and crying with his beautiful song Soaked. What a message of love he gives to all of us not just gays. I’m so proud of Adam. He makes my heart hurt sometimes with all the love I feel for him. Glamb 640 AdamsLady Forever

  9. OK, I need help here. I have only been to one show so far, at the Borgata in Atlantic City and he did not sing WLL. My seond and last show is in Upper Darby. When he sings WLL does he go off stage after Mad World and then come back on if everyone keeps screaming? Is there anything I/the audience can do to get him to sing WLL? This is my last chance!!!!!

    • AquarianGlitz says:

      Viki, I was at The Borgata too, my second show. Was also at Sayreville, where he did not sing WLL but it really wasn’t added to the repertoire at that point. I personally thought we were a great audience in AC, enthusiastic, loving, everything we could have been. I too was disappointed that he didn’t sing it. Remember, we kept on screaming but he didn’t come back onstage. But don’t get upset over this. The concert is beyond belief, keep that thought first & foremost! I don’t think there is anything an audience can or can’t do to encourage him to sing the second encore. He says it’s how he feels at the moment. He’s been singing it at almost every show, but not all. I too have tickets for Upper Darby, Musikfest and Staten Island. Of course I want to hear him sing it live and slither around the stage, as does everyone, but I’m very grateful that we have the opportunity to see him live so many times, so I keep that in perspective. Adam’s the consummate showman who lives by the credo “always leave them wantin’ more.” You know, Viki, if he doesn’t sing it at Upper Darby, “our souls will be OK!” Just be grateful that he’s in our lives and giving so much joy to his fans!

      • Thanks AquarianGlitz! I totally agree with you, just seeing him live is enough for me. I am so jealous that you get to go to so many of his concerts. But I am thrilled that I am going to my second and am counting down the days until Upper Darby. I convinced my husband to come with me. He is not a big Adam fan but seems to be coming around. I keep telling him if he can’t get into Adam to watch Sasha and to enjoy himself watching me enjoy myself. His concerts we decided instead of driving 3 hours to get home we will stay in a motel overnight. Woo-hoo!

  10. FlamingoLady says:

    Wow!! I finally got to see Adam at the second Warfield show last night (Sunday.) (Hope there will be videos of that show too, although the Friday ones are great!) What e3fan says about the Friday show was true Sunday as well. VERY appreciative audience, sustained applause, but total respect for the “quiet” songs, and the same applause pause during the break in ‘Soaked.’
    The sound was apparently better than on Friday, as Adam sounded fine. Both Allison and Orianthi were hard to understand though, so maybe they set the mix more for Adam’s voice?
    (A note here about the lukewarm S.F. review…I wonder if the reviewer had never listened to the meaningful lyrics of Adam’s songs and just expected a flashy cover singer? If the sound was poor and the lyrics not clear, that may have been a factor.)
    Adam looked absolutely GORGEOUS…his hair was “bigger” looking than in the Friday videos, but that could be because I was watching from the floor instead of the balcony. For someone with his insane show schedule, he was also amazingly energetic and obviously having a great time. Definite tongue play with Tommy, to great audience response, and all of ‘Fever’ was just HOT.
    Again on Sunday, the crowd was diverse and VERY appreciative. I went with my high school friend (we saw the Beatles at the Cow Palace together back in 1964), and we chatted with a lesbian couple, two gay couples, two straight couples, several women our age, some 20-something girls (how did they stand in those 4″ heels for 5 hours?!), all there for love of Adam. It is wonderful that he can bridge so many cultural groups with his talent and inclusive attitude.
    I’ve said before that Adam reminds me of Elvis, who I saw perform dozens of times. In person, that similarity is even stronger. While they are certainly individuals, and I celebrate their individuality, both are/were perfectionists as artists; electrifying performers; physically tall, gorgeous men; and basically humble, loving people. There were some moments last night that gave me flashbacks to seeing Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton. I lost interest in concerts after Elvis died, and I am so grateful to Adam for literally making me want to listen to music again, and to experience the thrill of his live show.
    OK, back to the show comments…I loved the crowd interplay on ‘IIHY’ with the whole theater jumping and singing…total joyful abandon! Finale of ‘Mad World’ and ‘WLL’ was soulful and sexy and the perfect ending. The ovation was endless, and as he smiled out at the audience he just looked so amazed and HAPPY. I’m glad we as fans can give him back some of the joy he gives us.
    After the show I had to drive 4 hours to get home. For the first hour I just reviewed the show in my mind, then I put on his CD and sang along all the way home. (With that and all the cheering I did at show, I don’t have much of a voice today, so it’s good to be writing all this down to let my friends read instead of hear!)
    Of course, now that I’ve seen a live show, I want to SEE MORE!! Gotta work on that…!

    • Thank you FlamingoLady !!! That was beautiful !!! There are so many amazing writters on this site, it makes us feel like we were there !!! I am lucky to be going to Costa Mesa the 28th and San Diego but have really bad seats no chance of seeing his face. Its so nice to hear that you can see how happy he is, like you said to be able to give him back even a fraction of the joy that he has brought us is great.

    • Pepper Mill says:

      I too went with my best friend from High School-(Cupertino HS)-and when we were growing up we went to many, many concerts. But I have never been to a concert like Adam’s, SF Warfield concert on 7-23-10. It is very hard to describe his concert. It was surreal??There really was a diverse group of fans. But there was so much magnificent electricity in the room. We were in the back, 3 rows from holding up the back wall, terrible seats, but we had no problem hearing him. I really want to go back and see him again. It could be an addiction. And, YES the FANS were there for the show. He is so mesmerizing. They clapped and yelled and screamed then, listened. And yes, we need Tommy. Glam #344

  11. renogirl says:

    2:50 to 3:00 In WLL This is one of the reasons why I love Adam. He has such a joy of what he does. And He is so good at all of it. Costa Mesa 28th Here we come. Yessss!

  12. mary serbins says:

    i saw adam at the warfield on 7/23. iam more than addicted! i need to see him again soon! i waited by his bus after the show and was able to meet him in person! itold him i spent 400 dollars on a ticket,which i did! and that i follow him and love him. he was very nice and signed my poster and said thank you very modestly. He also reminds me of elvis but so much better! that was a great concert. people who never saw him on idol just dont get it. there will never be anyone like him. it was such avenue where you really get to know a person so well. he showed week after week what a phenom he would be.i hope to see him soon1