Glam Nation-Royal Oak, Michigan 06/18/2010

This is the first concert where I have heard that noone was allowed to even take PICTURES!! The security was harsh, to say the least! I was able to find some videos though, way to go Adam fans!!!
They may not be complete songs, but it was better than nothing.


DownThe Rabbit Hole
video via:xxSeanRulzd00dxx

video via:Paul6987

Mad World
video via:ilovejoshg09

Whole Lotta Love, Part 1

Whole Lotta Love, Part 2



  1. ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

    Oi / Hello
    Sue, you are so attentive person.
    I’m nobody without you and people of this site.
    Just now (here is 15:25 hour and it’s just start world cup with Brasil and Cote D’Ivoire, But I can’t stop to reading hour by hour your informations.
    I ‘support USA team too and they won last game.
    Good luck for us
    Thanks / kisses

    • Elaine i love reading your messages !! You are so cute !! It makes me so happy that people all ovr the world love our Adam!!! Keep writing to us we love hearing from you, your english is fine and will get better with the practice!!! Kisses to you !!

  2. wll pure perfection!!!… dayum adam u sex beast!!!!….

  3. Sharon Shelby says:

    Sue,…I read that the Denver show location won’t allow cameras inside also!

  4. I was there and he sat down at one point right in front of me and pointed and looked me in the eye. I have so idea why my heart didn’t stop. Also, before Allison performed I heard someone say “Excuse me” and I thought it was someone sneaking up to the front. There was a lot of pushing that night. Zi turned around and it was Longenieu (sp.)! I said “What are you doing here!” ( Can’t believe I said that but it was the first thing that came outta my mouth, I swear!!!) He said he wanted to see Allison and be on the other side of the stage for a change. So he partied with us for her whole set!!! Anyway, if you haven’t yet seen Adam live, just go … Your life will be changed forever. He is EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for that, Eileen. I was near front and center and saw him in the crowd to my right and wondered what he was doing out there! Before the show I saw him standing at the corner of Fourth and Lafayette, then he walked down Lafayette and tposed for pictures with fans (me included!).Didn’t see him after the show, but hung out awhile with Monte, Tommy, Allison and Neil. They were all mingling with fans, talking, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Was a lot of fun!!

  5. (rock) friend love you

  6. I can’t seem to pull myself away from here…! I could watch this over and over again. I definitely have the ‘fever’. Thanks for posting and bringing back the memory. I was there and was just amazed by his voice, the band and his dancers…I just can’t get enough!!!

  7. Ohh… Neil is a lot of fun, according to what I’d read in his website. Hope he keeps Adam happy as they also go ‘bonding” to the max while on the road. Neil even jokingly said to that effect, “Knowing Adam for who he is, girls if you can’t do it with him, you can do it with me.” LOL But I don’t know if the offer still holds since I’ve read his website months back. LOL

  8. kat23morg says:

    Let’s talk the WLL version here…OMG ….Every single time he does is always a new version…with outstanding vocals…and on this one…the pauses where he stares at the audience with the OMG sexiest look…is just … hot…so amazing…he has the gift of bringing the audience in on an amazing ride…Can not wait…My daughter and her friend and I go to his concert in less than two weeks….It should be fantastic.

  9. I was at this concert. I’m surprised there were any videos taken. I saw one women get escorted out for taking a picture of Orianthi. Adam was amazing. I was standing three rows back with my two daughters. When Adam looks you in the eye, it is true “once I’m in I own your heart.” I get to see Adam three more times this summer. It’s such a wonderful experience.