Glam Nation-Roanoke, Va 08/26/2010

I will say that we are missing suz’s video’s when she isn’t at the concert!! These are pretty good though, although I cannot find the opening medley OR WWFM… weird huh??
Go ahead and check out what I do have…


Adam Lambert Likes…
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Opening Medley…

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Sure Fire Winners
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Music Again
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20th Century Boy
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  1. OH MY GOD! ! ! ! I was at this concert! First time to see Adam live in concert. I thought my heart was going to stop!
    I got all dressed up with glitter and glam, even the fingerless leather gloves. I got to the parking lot, and I swear I thought I got the wrong date! I didn’t see ANYONE dressed up. I thought I was “under dressed”
    until I got there and saw the crowd. ugh! ! ! I had to strip- off my gold chain belt, take off the gloves. I wasn’t happy. I did end up seeing several people dressed up later, but I was really, really disappointed. What I was NOT disappointed about was that the concert was just shy of being a sold out concert. Ok, alittle disappointed, but I was still happy. People were going crazy over him, ok, maybe they lacked in the dress up dept. but not in the screaming dept.
    I thought that maybe after I saw Adam live in concert, I would be over that “I adore him love him attitude”
    But noooooo I love and adore him even more. He is amazing, his voice is incredible, his stage pressence is out of the roof fantastic! ! ! !
    Soooo before the concert, I called to see if the meet and greet would be after the concert or before. They said there would be NO meet and greet. But, after the show, I walked on over to where the tour buses were, several people were there also, about 50 people ended up there, just standing and waiting for Adam. The security man, some mean old man, kept yelling at us to get off the road, stay on the sidewalk. He also kept saying that Adam isn’t coming out! Your waiting here for nothing he said. Someone yelled out…”well, he has to show up sooner or later” …. so we all stayed. about 45 mins of waiting, Tommy and ….the drummer (sooo sorry, forgot yourname don’t be mad) showed up, I got the drummers autograph, tried to get Tommy’s but counld’t . Tommy was so sweet, he went around the whole crowd, taking pics, etc. He hung out for about 20 mins at least. Then they were both gone, got into the bus. So we waited some more. I was soooooo close to leaving…but then all of a sudden…someone yelled out! ADAM! ! ! And I thought I was going to faint. I was having an out of body experience! I swear I thought that! It was a feeling like I’ve never felt …. there was Adam! In the flesh, close enough for me to reach out and touch him! wow wo w wowowowowo I felt like I was in a dream! ! ! I got his autograph…..and took as many pics as I could. So anyway…if they say Adam isnot coming out? Keep waiting, he has to come out sooner or later….LOL
    I will NEVER EVER forget this day. No one has ever moved me like this since Elvis….
    I can hear it now…one of these days, after Adam finishes his concert….this will be announced….LADIES AND GENTLEMEN….ADAM HAS LEFT THE BUILDING……
    so…. I will try to send over the pics I got.

    • Sparklerox says:

      That is so cool! That happened to us here in San Diego after the show,same scenario. He signed my shirt and it was like a dream!!! Can’t wait to see him in Hawaii. I saw his first ever show in Indio and will make it to the last show! I can see his show nightly!! He is amazing!!!

      • Sparklerox
        You are soooo lucky to see him more than one time….I hope I get to see him again.

    • I was there with glitter and jewelry and dressed up, with spiked hair and platform shoes. Loved getting ready for the concert. Haven’t worn so much makeup for 20 yrs. The concert was amazing. He sounds and looks great on U-tube but it can’t compare with how his voice and range sound in person. Elvis did not have his range or the warmth to his voice that Adam has. I have never heard a voice like his anywhere or any time..I was kind of surprised also in the parking lot when ppl in jeans and tees looked at me like I was from another planet with my clothes and glitter but I figured the lights would go down and no one would notice after that. I loved the way I dressed and I loved to feel glittery, so what. They could have dressed a little more appropriate anyway. Next tour will pay for a seat up front. He may never play small venues like the theater again. Hope 19 productions knows we have arenas that pack 7,000 or more. So I can see him without traveling next year also. Can’t wait to hear new stuff from him….sm

      • but then again, traveling can be fun

      • revnurse2
        Are you from Roanoke?
        You are one of the few that did dress up, congrats to you! I enjoyed getting dressed up too. I would have LOVED to be in front….OMG!!!
        Where did you sit?

        • I was in row T which was right behind the orchestra section. I could see well but the pictures i took did not come out so well. I only took a few because I really wanted to see the whole performance and not spend time fooling with a camera. Yes, I did dress up and I was surprised that most ppl did not. I told my sons that i had on more glitter than a 61year old should have but it was terriffic! I will go to see him again and the next time I will buy tickets from stub hub because they buy via computer and get the best seats before anyone else has a chance..Yes I live within 30 minutes of Roanoke in the village of Elliston, 4 miles up a dirt road. I don’t have a television. I see everything on computer and found Adam by accident 1/10 when someone sent an article to my political web page by someone called negative neil who is Adams brother. By reading the article and following a hyperlink I went to Neil’s web page and became his fan first and as i went through his stuff one day i found Adam and went to U tube and the first thing I heard was Mad World from AI. I just loved what I heard and I have been his loyal fan since. Neil is not writing now but I look forward to reading him again.I am a true fan of both the Lambert boys!

    • Irene, I know the feeling exactly!!! I saw Adam last September after he and Kris Allen performed at the Ford Day event in Dearborn, Mich. (You can youtube it.) I didn’t have a ticket to that, just drove there and waited at the back door for him to come out. I had my copy of Rolling Stone with me, hoping to get it autographed, but I couldn’t seem to get a pen out of my purse fast enough. He said they were running late for the airport and apologized and said no more autographs. So I just leaned right into the van and asked if I could have a handshake and he said sure. Then I thanked him and wished him luck with his album and right after they drove off, I found myself shaking and all beside myself and dropping stuff. It was so weird!!! I’m 55 yrs old and my reaction was so unexpected! I was wondering what was wrong with me??? Like you said, it felt like some out of body experience!! Crazy what this young man is doing to us!!!! And we LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

      • AL1877
        I had to laugh when you said you were 55, I’m 56, 57 in Sept. I felt like a teenager. Thats ok wth me that Adam makes me feel this way. I have his poster on my wall….so what! LOL LOLL
        I love him!

        • Marianne Sonntag says:

          Yeah, well…I’m 64 and he makes me want to listen to music again, and MORE!!!!! I dressed up too for the SF show, great fun. Checked out the tickets/shows and it seems he’s do a lot in the South, was hoping he would come back thru Calif., like maybe Sac. or better yet Concord Pavillion. I wanna see him again, but better seats or down front , not second from the last row! It looks like he gets a 3 week break, then to Hawaii, and I guess off to Asia. He’s gonna be one tired boy when he’s done. Hope he’s takin’ his vitamins!

      • AL1877
        What state do you live in?

        • I’m in Michigan, near Detroit. (I grew up there.) I also got a bit “glammed up” for the concert here! We’re never too old, right? LOL

          • Your right! we are never too old. We should never think of our “age”, but how we feel. And especially howAdam makes us feel….LOL

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      I dressed up for both of my shows — If you felt good and had fun then Adam would approve!! That’s what he’s all about — do what makes YOU happy and feel good about yourself!!!

      • I know, I agree, I should of kept my fingerless gloves on, and my gold chain belt.
        But I least I stuck with my guns and hung around for an hour just to see Adam…I’m sooooo glad I did!

  2. i was at this concert it wa my first concert ever and im so glad it was one of his. i wore so muck glitter i still have some on me. i love you adam dissapointed he didnt sing broken open though

  3. yeah he did not sing wwm or broken open or time for miracles, or broken open,or pick u up but he did also sing ring of fire and thats not on here.

    • Adam has not performed Broken Open, Pick U Up, or Time For Miracles at any of the shows. As it is, he only sings for an hour and manages to pack most of the songs in. That said, I still would love to hear him do Pick U Up! That’s one of my favorites and he’s never sung it anywhere, except on the album. 🙁

  4. american boy is a new tune for tour and has always been one of my favorite rock songs and his voice renders so well to it.

  5. Is anyone going to the Covington show on Monday? Is there going to be any kind of gathering? Either Before or After the show? I’m driving down from Michigan for it and would love to meet up.

    • Tagrid, lucky you, managing to squeeze in one more show! Where are you in Michigan? I’m in Farmington. Only got to go to the Royal Oak show. Not much video from that one….they were really strict! I was front and center about 7 people deep from the stage, but only had a regular disposable camera and my pics didn’t turn out very good. Lots of heads and hands in the way. Thank God for all the vids and pics posted here! So appreciate everyone’s efforts!!!!

      • @AL1877 – I’m in Bay City. I had the same problem with heads and hands in the vids I tried to take at the Chesaning Showboat. I hope I can get better ones this time. The show in Covington, KY is a General Admission show and the whole floor of the theater has no seats – so it’s going to be a MOB! LOL There’s a balcony that has fixed seats, which might be a good spot to try to get unobstructed vids. We’ll see. The last time I checked there were still tickets available. I know it’s too late thru ticket master, but maybe they’ll be selling them at the door. If you want to go, call the Madison Theater and ask. It’s the last one anywhere near us – and it’s not far – just across the river from Cincinnati. There are so many hotels in the area that I had no problem booking a room – less than a week ago.

        • Tagrid, thanks for the response and info. I wish I could afford it! I know it’s not that far…been thru there on the way to Florida several times, years ago. I just don’t have a reliable car or anyone to go with or the $$$….or else I surely would try! I would LOVE to see him in concert again. Once was just not enough!!! Hope you get some good video this time. Have a fun and safe trip!!!

          • @AL1877 – dang – wish you’d replied sooner – I drove past Farmington on my way down. I could’ve picked you up – it would’ve only cost you the venue ticket and food. My room has 2 beds and I was going anyway, so no gas and I had lots of room. Would’ve loved the company. No one else has replied – maybe I’ll be alone in the theater – ya think? LOL

            • Oh, Tagrid!!!! That would have been sweet!!! So sorry I missed you! And that would have been veryry kind of you. Adam’s fans are so great!!! Yeah, we would have had lots of fun! Thanks anyway!

  6. BTW – Cookiefan09 has posted WWFM – but no one has posted Voodoo/RabbitHole/ROF at all. Weird.

    Fingers crossed that I get some decent vids this time!

  7. I attended the concert in Raleigh, N. C. This was not the first concert. I saw the one in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Adam’s performance was great as usual! Hey to those of you who are Adam Fans—to those rude fans who were fortunate to obtain seats in the very front and in the front sections—sit down after applause for a set or a special recognition of a job well done.
    I was in Section D–very close to the front–but the fans stood the entire time and were waving and jumping, completely blocking those seated behind. I was able to see only because I did have an aisle seat. Those of you who stood the entire concert and jumped and swayed back and forth did not deserve to be on the front since you completely blocked the view and somewhat ruined an excellent performance on the stage.
    Thanks to the security staff in Raleigh, N. C. who did their best to stop the rushing of so many people who tried to rush to the front to push ahead without regard to common courtesy!!!
    Future concert goers can forget enjoying an Adam Lambert concert unless this behavior changes. The fans I am speaking of were many of those avid fans who go to concert after concert as Adam tours with the Glam Nation Tour!
    Adam Fans–you know who you are who stood, waved, and swayed! True fans are more courteous and think a little about the fans behind them!!!

  8. Does anyone know why Adam is not doing his usual tweets after each show? I have been looking every day for tweet about the Roanoke show. He didn’t tweet about Richmond either. I was just hoping the hear he enjoyed himself here.

  9. I just went to the concert at the Hard Rock in Florida. I am in my early 30s and felt like I was in the wrong place. The average age of the crowd was 65ish and hardly anyone was dressed up. So disappointing. The opening act lasted too long. Then we had to wait another hour before Adam came on. I’m sorry, but I don’t think he shoudl be acting like this much of a diva. I’ve been to 100s of concerts, including Madonna and Cher (multiple time) and have not waited as long for the main performer. Adam was fantastic, but like other people have said, he didn’t sing all the songs I was hoping, and he was only on stage for 55 minutes – including one 5 minute break and 2 other little breaks where he left the stage. Then, there was a break to intorduce the band, and another to introduce the dancers. All of a sudden, the concert was over … never mind, encore. The entire encore was 20th Century Boy – which I happen to know, but no one around me did. Then he left, lights up. What a disappointment. He sounded amazing, and should have given his fans – who put him where he is today – a little bit more. A complete anticlimax.