Glam Nation-Richmond, Va 08/27/2010

I have given you the video’s from the Glam Nation show last night at The National, in Richmond, Va. It was an exceptionally glittery evening, as you will see, Adam is covered in body glitter!! He also seems to be dancing like there is no tomorrow!! I won’t tell you where, but there are some ridiculous dance moves in some of these vid’s. Now, GO FIND THEM…


No Opening Medley yet…

*sweet sensual kiss*
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Sure Fire Winners


Music Again

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20th Century Boy
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  1. Glamitright says:

    I just love Adam ! He is on his way to Superstar status. And I love Adam and Tommy together.

  2. If it weren’t for this website I’d be going crazy by now. It’s so great being able to watch videos from his concerts around the country. It’s my daily Adam “fix”… along with his music. It’s been a l-o-n-g wait since seeing Adam in June in DC and I cannot wait until I see him in New Orleans on 12 Sep. Gotta feeling this one’s going to be something special. Adam and voo doo … GLAMWOW!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Envy you!!! WOW is right. That should be some show. Ana, please give us all the details of the New Orleans Show. Wonder what next year’s Tour will be like. Have to wait until next year as I’m in California. He was in my part of the world only three days, so have to get a fix from the videos. Looked like he was enjoying himself in Virginia.

    • GLAMWOW…….LOL!!!!!!! First time I’ve heard that! Need “Vince” to do an infomercial for that! Haha!!

  3. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    There for the show last night; SO MUCH FUN! The crowd was pumped (these folks were singing Adam songs while waiting in line and doing the wave to all the oldie music that was playing while we waited for the show to start). Adam responded to the enthusiasm of the crowd; he was bright and happy and as you can tell from the videos wonderful with his voice and dancing! He also signed autographs by the buses afterwards and was smiling the whole time. If I could use just one word to describe this particular concert it was JOYFUL! I believe everyone left that building happier- I smile everytime I think of our Adam!

    • Thanks for sharing that great great night with us!! I took my husband one night and my mom the next to see Adam in San Francisco – he was electric and glittering with excitement, I talked to many people both nights, Adam has the sweetest kindest fans in the world, everyone I spoke with had already or had tickets to see him at least twice on the tour. I love him and wish him all the happiness that he has given us!

  4. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Looks like there was a great show in Richmond, VA. I’m beginning to find that “Aftermath” is growing on me since I keep listening to it on this website and on my CD. Plus Sleepwalker is just amazing. I am hoping that Adam decides to do a video with it. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

  5. wow.i love adam and tommy together.

  6. I was very disappointed with these videos. They were all jerky & couldn’t understand anything he sang. Since I’ve been able to watch other ones, I don’t believe it is my computer. It was like watching an old silent movie except with noise. Very bad quality.

    • Holly Glamb #676 says:

      Barb, instead of complaining about the quality of the videos, be thankful that someone cared enough about others to take them and take the time to post them.!
      To everyone who thinks of those of us who are not there, and posts videos for us, a huge MAHALO! (Hawaiian for thank you). Holly

  7. Is it my imagination or doesn’t sound like Adam got his tongue pierced or he has something in his mouth. He’s having a small lisp. I love him and watch all of his shows but I really noticed it today in these videos.

    • Marianne Sonntag says:

      Yeah, I heard the lisp too. You know, maybe he injured it somehow… on pizza cheese, …or bit it, or had it bitten? But, you know how he is…the show must go on, and there are pain killers too that aren’t sedative.

      Well, whatever…..just hope he stays safe.

    • KO's smiling says:

      I’ve heard it before… I think he works hard to hide it. He wouldn’t pierce his tongue after all that diction training for the theater! (i hope…)

  8. Shirley Dodson says:

    I went to the National and Adam sounded great and the crowd was super!

  9. carmen #395 says:

    It just makes my day when I can watch Adam in all his glory. So glittery in this show. WOW!!! I can’t get enough. Thank you so much for posting the videos from his shows.

  10. Tina Glamb #654 says:

    I will have to check out these video’s at the library, but I will FINALLY get to see Adam LIVE this Tuesday at the INDY show!!! I can’t wait!! It’s finally here!!!

    Tina..aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT 🙂

  11. Adam and the whole band and dancers just keep getting BETTER and BETTER!! Monte and Tommy are becoming real rockers! I love you Adam, more and more all the time! Iconic Megastar who loves his fans! It doesn’t get any better than this, but it keeps getting better!

  12. Dear,

    Would you please post some phtots of Adam? I am in China, I can’t view any videos. Help!!!!

  13. What’s up with all the gabbing and laughing while Adam is singing Aftermath??!! This is very disheartening!! It’s such a beautiful song and he really sang it especially beautifully here! How can people not be listening to him with rapt attention? I didn’t watch all the videos of this show, so I don’t know if the crowd was like this with all of his songs, but all I can say is …how rude!!! Reminds me of the audiences at his Upright Cabaret shows a few years ago. Adam gives us his all and he deserves better from us!

    • I agree totally. I’ve mentioned this a few times on various websites. Talking and screaming during Adam’s ballods is really disrespectful. He’s up there singing his heart out and people are hollering over him. If you’re really a fan you would sit and enjoy his talent and not drowned him out. Can you imagine how annoying that must be to him while he’s trying to sing, and to those fans trying to hear him? You’re right, he deserves better.

    • What is up with Adam’s fans is: the fans are the most rude, thoughtless, inconsiderate fans that one can describe! The fans who were lucky and fortunate to obtain a seat in a front section or any section were unable to see and enjoy Adam’s performance. The fans stood the entire time, waved, swayed back and forth and jumped up and down. This behavior was selfishly displayed during the Raleigh, N.C. concert. I know–I was there–in Section D. Thanks to the security staff for trying their best to prevent a mad rush of fans as they tried to mob the front of the seating area. Thankfully many of the fans who tried to rush to the front area with no consideration for those who purchased seats, were turned back to their seats by the staff.
      This rude behavior has been repeated over and over at the various concerts. True fans would have more consideration of the performance on stage and a little consideration of the other fans who purchased seats.
      This type behavior needs to be addressed soon so that all may enjoy Adam’s concerts.
      Fans——-please clap in appreciation or stand momentarily to show appreciation——then sit down!!!!! You are not the show! The Glam Nation Tour with Adam Lambert and others is the show!!!!

  14. I can’t believe Tommy did that IIHY 1:38. Naughty boy!..

    • Eve,
      What does Tommy do in IIHY vid at 1:38? I can’t see him at 1:38 other than it appears that he rubs his nose? Anybody know? Anybody have a better vid of this? Really curious now!!! Looked like another great show. I can’t believe that Adam and his band aren’t exhausted yet. They have to be going stir crazy on some kind of level!!!

      • Hey Stephanie,
        He spits into his hand before “jerking” the guitar off. They both seem to be pretty amused.

  15. delibel (Nederland) says:



  16. Beaglewoman (Glamb 611) says:

    I could not imagine Adam getting his tongue pierced – especially while on tour. I know someone who did get a tongue piercing (not me!!!) and their tongue was swollen for days and they could barely speak intelligibly or even eat. I think that sometimes the video sound is a little “mushy” – but thank goodness for these videos and all their mushy wonderfulness.

    Aug 31 is only 2 days away and Clowes Hall will rock!!!! I can hardly wait – who else is going? I’m encouraging a pre-concert party at Aristrocrat Pub on Tuesday – anyone up for that?

  17. First of all – kudos and many, many thanks to those videographers who take the time and effort to share their concert experiences with us…thank you, thank you!!! I know others have said this before but can bear repeating – those youtubes really brighten up my days.

    Adam looked just wonderful – physically fit and just joyful – and sounded in great voice. Can’t wait for my own concert – Atlanta, Sept.14th. Not a great seat, but do not care as long as I’m there. Won’t be doing any videos as I don’t have a good camera and frankly will just not be able to be still enough to take anything viewable. I was at last year’s idol concert in LA and all I could do was squee and flail, did not even have one decent picture (did get his autograph at the buses – and yes, he was gorgeous and charming!).

    Again, thank you to those of you who do take videos and share – YOU ROCK!!!

    And yess – have voted for IIHY at vh1 – thanks for the link.

  18. Hey guys! Anyone out there going to the Covington Ky show tomorrow with me? So excited although the venue says no cameras!!! If I take one and hide it in my purse do you think they will rummage through and find? I think I will take my chances but don’t wanna lose my camera! No VIP for covington but this is a STUPID general admission so we plan on getting there very early. Anyone with any GENERAL admission tips out there? Can’t wait for Adam!

    • Get a small camera bag that has long extend-able strap and wear it around your waist! I did this and it was hidden under long blouse/top. In Nashville they checked purses and I immediately pulled out my binocular case and showed them and said I had them before they looked further in my purse. I lied by omission there. Some venues go by what Adam’s management says and others have their house rules that override Adam! Louisville was awesome and let us video to our heart’s content!

      At other venues I did the same – a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do! Another tip: don’t hold your camera way up in front of you – the led light of the screen is a big beacon for security! Also in Nashville the security worked in teams – one in front of crowd looking for the red recording light of cameras and others behind. The front guys signaled to the guys in back to go get-em! Just know that Suz526 had her camera confiscated and even Monte’s intervention didn’t help. Fortunately, she had a second camera stashed! Yea for Suz!

      Other Tip: If you are serious about recording the whole thing – be sure you have an extra camera battery and another large memory card. Be sure everything is fully charged before the event. I used both of my batteries and I had 2 (8mgb) video cards!

      Peeps going to Covington be mindful of your personal safety…there have been violent incidences there (1murder)perpetrated by KKK against gays. They are not like the WSB that hold up signs…these guys have special wooden clubs! Would that stop me going to see Adam -Absolutely NO! But I would be cautious to always be with a large group and be aware of your environment outside the venue/car/etc.

      Good luck and enjoy the heck out of it. Let us know how it all went!

      • This kind of shit worries me, I think Adam has been incredibly brave in the face of so much controversy and of course he is not the kind of person to avoid the Lion’s Den.
        I am counting on the fans to do a huge counter protest if necessary and please all be safe!!!

        When we get a Raleigh thread I will post about my experience there last night.

        • Sorry to hear this still happens in places in the deep South. If I were Adam’s people, and this type of thing is prevelant in the area, I would think twice before booking the venue. I realize this is probably a small segment of the population, and Adam’s fans outnumber these people, it is still rather frightening in this day and age.

          BTW sorry to change the subject, but could not join Adam’s new Fan Club, and I tried at least a dozen times. Finally saw the phone numbers of the site when you scroll down. I called and they were great. Everytime I tried to join, it said I was already joined, which I was not. The person who helped me discovered I was crossed with someone in New York; I’m in Calif. Fixed it and now am enjoying the site, which is great!!! So if you are having difficulty joining or any other problems, these people can help.

  19. I Love Adam!! I can’t wait for September 18th when he will be in St. Pete FL!! Thanks to all for the tips on camera’s I will have mine!!

  20. Adam Needs to have very Tight Sucurity that Night for sure! You never know what type of people could be out there Lurking around just waiting! What about that CRAZY CHICK FROM ATL LAST YEAR THAT WAS TRYING TO WAIT BY THE BUSES WITH A GUN!!! ADAM NEEDS TO BE REALLY CAREFUL AND MINDFUL OF HIS SURROUNDINGS EVERY TIME HE STEPS OFF THE BUS!!!

    • Did not read anything about this. Was it while he was on A1 Tour. Usually something like this hits the newspapers–must have missed it. So glad it turned out all right. Is this person locked up good and tight.

  21. suz526………Albany 1 year apart..AI tour and Palace..did you ever get your den finish?

    Albany was my first and I am still speechless……

  22. sun-n-stars says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend both the Norfolk and Richmond concerts. They had their differences. The Richmond audience seemed to talk/laugh/whatever over Adam and it was kind of annoying but it didn’t seem to bother him as he seemed to interact so well with everyone – making lots of eye contact. I was near the front but not as close as in Norfolk. I did thoroughly enjoy the end when he brought everyone out to the front of the stage and they all took a bow (sp?) together. He didn’t do that in Norfolk and I really thought it was great that he gave his band members and dancers such deserved respect. It only made me love him more. I didn’t stay after for the autograph signing – wish I had now but we waited until 2 in the morning to see him leave the Norva in Norfolk and he didn’t stop to speak to anyone. I was devastated but understood – knowing how tired he was. It was another memorable experience that I will cherish for a long, long time. He is such an awesome person.

    • Why would Adam want to stay to greet and meet the fans!!!!! The fans attending ARE SOME OF THE MOST RUDE SELFISH FANS THAT COULD ATTEND HIS CONCERTS!!!.

      During the entire concerts the fans have been standing, swaying from side to side, jumping up and down, and screaming constantly!!!!

      In Raleigh, N.C. fans tried to mob the front area! But thanks to the security staff, most were sent back to their seats.

      Fans who like to disrupt by the above actions need to stop—-you are not the show!! Adam and others in the Glam Nation Tour are the show.

      This behavior needs to stop so ALL FANS may enjoy the concerts.

  23. Love Adam. He IS a superstar. Got to meet him a yr. ago on tour. I designed these custom T-Shirts
    That I am selling. I have mens and womens. Email me at and I will send you photos, sizes available and prices. Get yours now. Going fast!!


  25. Glamourclamor says:

    Read a Review inn the Richmond Dispatch that was great, highlighting “Soaked” as chilling to hear. No Soaked from that show posted. Well, I have heard it hundreds of times as it is one of my favorites, so will not pout or be a bad sport . LOL Thanks for the ones you post.