Glam Nation-Raleigh, NC 08/28/2010

For those of you that have not had the opportunity to attend any of the Glam Nation concerts, Raleigh, NC has a great video to show what it is like before the REAL show even gets started!! That is the first video on the list here, it’ll make you want to get up and dance to the rest of them…


Crowd dancing:
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Opening Medley
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Sure Fire Winners
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Music Again
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Mad World
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  1. Jane Parker says:

    Well I live in Raleigh and this was my first GLAMNATION concert, and I can tell you it was one exciting experience!! My sister in ADAM, Irena, and I attended together and we met a group of ADAM lovers for a great dinner at BUKU in downtown Raleigh. When we got inside the venue, it was amazing to see how everyone was dressed up, dressed out, and dressed DOWN!! It was such a positive atmoshere, like nothing I had ever seen at a concert before. When it was about 15-20 minutes before showtime, all of us seemed to stand and start singing whatever song they were playing. I was so moved with emotion at the way we ALL seemed to sing and move, in unison, AS ONE. I realized at that moment, how powerful this concert was going to be!! As I think about it now, I am getting chills and I have tears in my eyes, thinking that this symbolizes how we are all one in Adam Lambert. The most moving entertainment that I have ever been a part of!!!

    • Yes the crowd dancing was phenomenal, still don’t understand that not everybody gets up who has an able body, really how can you resist this joyful energy, even during Adam’s concert people stay in their seats. I know a being judgemental but it just baffles me….
      I was feeling the best I have felt in a long time. I have been dealing with some physical issues that make me tired but I felt so full of healthy energy the whole evening it was wonderful. This actually has made me really look at my life, what blocks the flow of loving healthy energy and what let’s it in.
      Well I know now know for an absolute fact. It is a litlle scary also at the same time…..
      It was wonderful to share this evening with Jane who I met on this site and with another group which I connected with through the new fansite.
      When I came home however on Saturday I had a kind of unsettled feeling and didn’t understand it till I realized this was my last concert for now and that the three concerts have been a major thread through my summer. Of course I am tempted to look into more traveling and more money spending but really does that make any sense? The fact it is at one point it will be the end of the GlamNation tour here in the US and Adam will go abroad and bring Joy and Happiness over there. Then after that there will be a new beginning of something different, a new album and another fabulous Tour which he will pull out of his creative mind and his curious spirit. And he will share again and again and again. Like we didn’t know when we came under his spell during AI what all he had in store for us, we don’t know what the next step will be but I am sure it will be just as mesmerizing and captivating.

      And Jane what a beautiful post you wrote, your most personal so far I believe! Big Hugs to you!

      • Glamourclamor says:

        Both of you above capture the essence of an Adam Concert, Adam love, and why we look forward to Adam’s future. I am also sure his next album and tour will be as wonderful as this. It is impossible to listen to his songs and not tap your feet, move your head. My legs were sore for days after seeing him in concert and dancing the entire time. I am really getting a little long in the tooth for such antics, but that didn’t stop me. I sat next to a middle age couple at a GNT who did not stand during the show, but they enjoyed themselves. I could tell they were conservative types. I think they missed much of the performance, as we all know, most people are standing and dancing and singing throughout the entire concert, and if you sit you miss out.

      • Jane Parker says:

        Thanks babe!!

  2. Love the beginning of the concert! What a way to start up a Good night!

  3. How can you sit in a seat and listen to ADAM? ……….. That means when ADAM tells you to
    ‘jump’ when it comes to IIHY you missed out on the opportunity of wonderment!……Plus everything
    else!!! Standing in the pool, at Vegas, in the heat was unreal! I also found a huge lack of GLITTER
    at the US Glam Nation shows I went too….wonderful people…..but little GLITTER!

    • REPLY!! You sit in the seat to show courtesy and appreciation for the performance. You sit in a seat to show courtesy and consideration for those seated behind you!
      A concert is a performance by those on the stage and that is the show. Those of you who stand, yell, jump up and down, sway back and forth as you stand are not meant to be the show!
      Show some thought for others in attendance and for the performers!!!!
      A concert is not a place for you to DANCE (if this is what you call your rude behavior at the Raleigh Concert)—The show is The Glam Nation Tour with Adam and others.

      Hopefully, your behavior will improve as you attend other concerts. Allow all who came to the concert to enjoy by seeing and hearing Adam!!!!

  4. Oh I have a wonderful glitter story!
    When we were at the restaurant in Raleigh I went to the bathroom to re apply some wonderful glitter I had bought. Wet and Wild Mega Shimmer for if you are curious.
    So I am shaking it all over my arms and my black top. Then this woman comes out of the stall and says Oh My Gosh do you see that! There is all this Glitter in the Air!!!! So I laugh and tell her I am going to an Adam Lambert concert and I am Glittering Up! After she leaves another woman comes and OH MY Gosh do you see That! There is is all this Glitter in the Air!!! Their faces were so full of almost childlike delight, it was great.
    Glitter is the way to go and gives us a new perspective!

  5. I wasn’t able to attend any of his concerts so am seeing them thru others eyes. Up until the last two concerts that I watched, the video & sound have been great, but in the last two the video was jerky & the sound was out of sync with his singing. Not having it all work together, took away from his performance for me. Hopefully the next one will come thru loud & clear.

  6. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! Tomorrow is the BIG day!! INDY show @ 8pm…I made my shirt, and I will get one from the concert, but the idiots that package the glittery letters, only put 2 S’ in the pack!! So, my shirt has a wicked pic of Adam, and it says: MIZTRESS LAMBERT! I didn’t even have the letters to put the word GLAM on the back above my Glamb #!!! Oh well, the shirt still looks good. I just can’t wait to see ADAM LIVE!!!! There is NO way to smuggle a camera in..I tried the test at the courthouse and they said it was the battery that keeps making the security system go off. I have a 35 mm with film in it, but they don’t have zoom!! CAN’T WAIT FOR 8 PM!!!

    Tina…aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT!! 🙂

  7. Love Adam. He IS a superstar. Got to meet him a yr. ago on tour. I designed these custom T-Shirts
    That I am selling. I have mens and womens. Email me at and I will send you photos, sizes available and prices. Get yours now. Going fast!!

  8. Thanks for the video of the crowd dancing. We did this when he was in Albany NY last Monday (August 23rd) and it was a blast. My daughter, friend and myself. There were some dancing up and down the aisles. I had never experienced any thing like that. Needless to say, we did not sit down the rest of the night. It is so much fun!

  9. kat23mogan says:

    It was so so so much fun….My daughter and I were there and the audience was super….yeah there were those who did not stand to dance….which I do not get….you are there to have fun….I danced off 3 pounds….and Adam was amazing….wish he had done 20th Century Boy or WLL…but still he was perfect….And he came out afterwards and he signed my daughters drawing of him….He is beautiful up close…beautiful inside and out…

    • Yes, I too was in Raleigh, N.C. to attend the Glam Nation Tour with Adam Lambert and others.To those fans that stood, danced, jumped up and down, swayed back and forth the entire concert—-how rude and selfish you were! No one was able to see the concert or enjoy the performance. The concert was marred with constant screaming and yelling!!!! This is no way to show appreciation for an entertainer or no way to show respect for the performers or others at the concert!
      Thanks to the Security Staff for preventing most of those who rushed the front section and prevented the mobs of “fans” from storming the stage. True fans do not act this was!
      Yes I am a great fan along with many who were so rudely treated by the poor behavior of so many fans!
      I was there in the front of section D and witnessed the rude behavior of some of Adam’s fans!!
      This poor behavior needs to be addressed so that all may enjoy the concerts.
      Did you notice that Adam had no lingering encores or bows to this audience—–Why would he show an extra hello and goodbye and thanks for coming gesture to this audience.
      Fans—sit down during the show—You are not the show!!!! Adam and others on the stage are the show!! This is no time for the fans to dance and sing while Adam performs!!!!!!

      • Wow I am really blown away by your anger.
        I truly can’t imagine people sitting down, we were not there for the Raleigh Symphony. I attended two other concerts which were GA and people yelled and screamed and sang their hearts out. He loves it! Do you believe he has these songs stream in like ” Tonights the Night, Dancing Queen, Billie Jean etc, get us all revved up and then expects us to sit down when he comes on??!!!
        I do agree with not yelling like a banshee during Soaked which some woman did in Raleigh, she screamed “You’re Sexy” Now we are talking about being inappropiate
        I also felt that the ending was abrupt but sometimes things don’t work out as well as they could have. We were not being punished.
        Most concerts were GA some were assigned seating I am sure that when you look at videos of other seated events pople were behaving just like they were in Raleigh.

        • kat23mogan says:

          Adam has said many times that the encore is dependent on what they have to do next…they were in Kentucky for next concert and I am pretty sure he was trying to conserve energy…go out and meet and greet …which he did….I also had a feeling that he and the band may have been planning to go out that night ….Tommy and Longineau both had a girl with them….You know they do deserve some time away from us devoted fans…

      • kat23mogan says:

        Hello……when you go to a concert you go to have fun…Adam has said many many many times….at the beginning of your concert…are you ready to party?!! The crowd in Raleigh was fantastic…they had a blast…my daughter and I had a blast….I do not understand at all anyone who would go to a concert where it is a good time…dance…have fun…sing along…love each other….all the things Adam is about….concert and just sit and expect no one to sing…that is really unrealistic…You need to loosen up and let go…I have been to many concerts but his have been the best…Plus I am sure Adam is used to the audience yelling….throwing things…etc…It is a tribute to how much people love him…I think you probably need to review your history of famous singers and their concerts…Michael Jackson, Prince, Aerosmith, on and on…all the fans act the same….Yes it is a bit annoying but if you just let go and enjoy the happy, party atmosphere…you will have a blast…I would not want fans to be reserved…quiet…boring…and neither would Adam.

        • As I previously explained, Adam’s fans at this concert were rude and misguided about a concert!. This was not a dance but a concert. Rude, poor behavior in no way shows appreciation for a performer.Annoying behavior is never appreciated nor enjoyed.
          It should not be necessary for a fan to try to make the show about herself. Who would enjoy having things thrown at him during a performance—-not a performer as good as Adam—but he has to smile and “humor” his unthoughtful fans. His concert was not boring–It was excellent!—–but you would not know how great he is in concert, you seem to misunderstand what a concert is.

  10. Princessshakeitup says:

    I just wrote a post to pour out my heart to all of you who went to Raleigh AND to ask for you to send up Prayers, Glitter, Love and Positive Energy for me as I am supposed to fly out tomorrow for my ONLY chance to see Adam in Glam Nation in Rockford. My computer has been very sporadic and it didn’t go through so I m going to keep this one a bit shorter in the hopes that it will go through.

    My little island of St Kitts just got hit by Hurricane Earl and we are waiting on possibly Tropical Storm Fiona. I know that in the big scheme of life this is a pretty small issue but getting to see ADAM is big to me and I know you all undertand. So, please help me by sending all your love up to keep the skies safe so that I can fly to Chicago to meet my Sister in Adam and in Life; Sister Mary Mad World, and head to Rockford and to ADAM!

    HOPEFULLY I will be posting here soon to tell you all how wonderful it was!

    • Dear Linda, this is unbelievable, I would go crazy and know at the same time there’s is nothing you can do.
      I know how much you have been looking forward to this, your dedication to Adam and the Heifer project are so beautiful. I do hope you get to go and be with Mary and with a Rocking Crazy Crowd in Rockford and on top of all that get that Heifer Information to Adam.
      Yes please keep us posted, I will be thinking of you!

    • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

      Definitely sending prayers and best wishes; please post again to let us all know you made it safely!

    • If you had been listening and watching Adam you would have seen and heard the hesitation as he waited for some quiet to finish at one point in his performance. You can shake it up while seated or before and after the concert. Or better yet—–buy tickets to General ADMISSION WHERE NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO SIT. I have been to both types—behavior was very rude in Raleigh, N.C.

  11. Great to hear he signed your daughter’s drawing of him. I also wished for 20th CB but I felt they were hurried of the stage which is a shame. There wasn’t even time to give a proper standing ovation to the whole band and the dancers. Fortunately most of us poured our love all over them the whole night!

    • kat23mogan says:

      She was trying to give it to him…but we were like four rows of people from the gate…could see him…but could not hand it to him or talk to him without yelling…someone handed it to him….He did say good job when he saw the drawing…Jas, my daughter was thrilled as I to see him…We know how much of a hurry he is in…and the tour is non-stop so we want him to rest…so happy he came out and I know he was watching the audience go crazy dancing before he started…Again it was so cool…like many I have never seen such a fun, loving partying audience of all ages, sizes and genders….Fantastic experience…

  12. kat23mogan says:

    I figure out a new diet plan…go to Adam concert and shake off the weight while you dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fun fun fun

    • If you would like you can come dance with me in Durham or in Chapel Hill!!! One of the reasons I believe you lost all that weight was because you were dancing and you were happy!
      I never thought of him peeking in to see the crowd dance like crazy but it must make him so happy even if he would just hear all the ruccus from the dressing room. Much better than fans running through hotel corridors screaming his name.
      I don’t think he ever expected women to go over the top nuts for him…. Did you all see the video of last night when someone through her panties on stage,? He twirled them around his finger, sniffed them ( from an appropiate distance ) and tried to throw them back but they were wrapped too many times around his finger and then he made the eewwww face.
      It is during 20th CB in Covington.

    • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

      Best exercise plan I’ve ever heard of!

    • Yes, but do you ever consider the fans seated behind you? Adam and other members of the tour are the show. Not you. Sit down when the concert begins and show appreciation by applause or a standing ovation! Do not stand and dance and clap and make noise at the expense of all the other fans at the concert!!!

      • I can’t imagine a concert of this caliber and people staying in their seats.
        We are dancing to show off?! We are dancing because our hearts and bodies are bursting with JOY!
        Most people are moving and grooving and having the time of their lives, I would say 1100 out of 1200, well you know where I am going with this, we can all do the math.
        Adam has said also that the crazier people go the more it fuels the fire for his perfromance so we are also dancing for him.

        • Too bad you did not pay attention more closely and notice the expression on his face as he tried to finish at one point with so much noise! Did you notice no extra encores!!!! as he does at other concerts!!! Did you notice no extra end of concert bows as he hurriedly left the stage!!

          Just remember –you are not the show–Adam and Company is the show.

          • Yes of course I noticed all that really wasn’t that wrapped up in myself as you say I was. Where do you get this from that we think we are the show?
            You have no right to say this about me, yes there are other people who think they are the cat’s meow and do everything to get his attention.
            You have no idea what this man means in my life, I can’t imagine doing anything that would influence his show in a negative way.
            I just don’t think we will agree on this.

      • I agree, It’s very frustrating when you can’t see the concert when everyone is standing,even when you have to stand. I want to hear Adam, not everyone else. I know that by just having all the fans there lets Adam know we love him with out all the jumping up and down and screaming and dancing and singing. We can clap and let him know we love him at the end of the songs.

        • kat23mogan says:

          that is really boring…not fun and not what adam wants…he wants everyone to have fun and get up and dance…..i do not mind standing for adam…he deserves it…he feeds off an energized crowd…not a sitting quiet crowd…let loose…have fun people…like adam says…quit taking everything so seriously….love each other and have fun…you only live once…even though people sang (including me) I could still hear him…

  13. Of course she threw her panties. Eeeewww, there is no edit button on this site…..

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I have already told SMMW that I would be afraid to toss my panties on stage for fear of putting his eye out!
      [but if I do throw them, I may still be in them!]

      • Glamourclamor says:

        You are too funny!!! Just don’t throw yourself too hard, could end up in the drums.

  14. Tina Glamb #654 says:

    OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I just got home from the INDY show, and I really did almost pass out. The people in front of me was getting aggravated, because I about busted their eardrums. I have one hell of a set of lungs on me. Oh God!! I hope he comes to Dayton Ohio soon, cause that’s even closer to me!! I will keep watch!!


  15. kat23mogan says:

    The only thing that I found annoying at the concert was at the signing afterwards…When Adam came out and was signing…those who got their autographs would not move away…so many of us never got the chance to be at the gate….Please people…be polite and share meeting Adam…Some of the people there had already met him…they had photos of themself with him….That is just not fair…My 15 year old daughter and I were so excited he came out and the best we could do was peek between a sea of heads and pass her drawing up…He did not even get the chance to tell him she did it…which I know she wanted too….She is a fantastic artist….and was dying to see him and hopefully get a pic…So can we please be polite…move away once he signs…if you have met him…let those who have not be in front….

  16. This was my second Glam Nation show (: and I got to get an autograph from Adam afterward! His live show is sooo underrated! It was even better than when I saw him in July in Charlotte!! He goes all out for every show! Anyways it was fabulous and I met Tommy and Monte and Allison and Longineu already at the Charlotte show. I was so happy that this one had reserved seating and for getting tickets the day before the show, we ended up in section D row L(: AMAZING view(: Adam is spectacular! The dance party was sooo fun too!