Glam Nation-Puyallup, Wa 09/21/2010

On September 21, 2010, the end of the Glam Nation Tour arrived at the Puyallup Fair and Events Center in Puyallup, Washington.
Now, we can all agree that although this is a sad ending to a fabulous summer, it is also just a mere chapter in this Glam Nation scrapbook. Adam took over these United States of America, and we ALL were able to be a part of that, whether you were at a concert or just watching videos at home!!
Now, he is about to take over the world!! I cannot wait to see what adventures he will be taking us on. I hope you all enjoy the videos from last night…
Adam, be safe and come home soon!!!


Opening Medley/ suz526

Fever/ suz526
*No kissing, but…*

Sleepwalker/ suz526

Soaked/ suz526

WWFM/ suz526

Aftermath/ suz526

Sure Fire Winners/ suz526

Strut/ suz526

Music Again/ suz526

IIHY/ suz526

Encore/ suz526

Good bye to Allison/ boys3girls0inSD



  1. I wish Adam a safe, successful and enjoyable time overseas! He gave us the best concert tour ever, and I’m forever grateful to him for an incredible Summer. He said the last one here was “bittersweet” but I know he is anxious to go to Paris and Milan since he has never been there. A nice send-off to Allison as well. These videos are the last of the Glam Nation USA, so they are very special. What a huge crowd for a huge star! So glad he’ll be getting some much deserved R&R in December. He said he may do one last concert in Los Angeles in December, but looks like he’ll be able to relax and have the holidays at home. Love you, Adam! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To everyone that worked so hard to make this a summer we will never forget!!!!!!!!!!!! A huge glittery hug to all !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya Rema

  3. My overall favorite videos of the GNT are from the Knoxville concert: Soaked, Sleepwalker, Aftermath. Awesome vocals. Adam also looked awesome — very trim and with great hair. I play them over and over gain. My favorite rendering of 20th Century Boy is the first one in Erie. My favorite IIHY is in Norfolk where he laughs really hard after introducing his dancers. Many thanks to all the videographers!

  4. Thanks to all who brought Adam, his band and dancers, into our hearts every night – most nights.
    I do appreciate all the time and effort put in by everyone. Again, thanks!!!!!


    • I agree. Thank you to all that made it possible for us to enjoy Adam and his band every night in our homes. I loved every second of it.

      I truly appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Thanks Suz for all your hard work on this side with the videos. I hope we get some information from his international tour. Keep up the good work and thanks again. I hope he conquers the world!

  6. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Wow, what a great end to the tour. I’m sorry to see Allison go. She was a great addition. Looking forward to the international tour. My guess is Adam will come back the major star we already see but even more established in the role and best guess FYE goes platinum by them!

  7. I went to 2 concerts.I am sad that this is the end of the US tour.But Paula Abdul spoke the truth when she said Adam was going to be a ”A world wide star and he was going to be iconic”Indeed he is.Suz thankyou for the wonderful videos.I am looking forward to seeing the the videos from overseas.I sure hope there will be videos.I am hoping there is another tour next summer after the new cd.I wouldn’t miss it for the world! What an entertainer.Someone like Adam comes along once in a lifetime and I’m sure glad it was my lifetime.I am one of the older glambs but not even Elvis or the Beatles had the effect on me that Adam has.I can’t wait to get on the computer daily to see whats going on with him.I want to thank every one connected with this website for giving us the chance to get on here to voice our opinions.This is still the site I go to first.It’s a great site.Thanks again everyone.

  8. Don’t forget Hawaii, its still one of the 50 states. I hope someone can record and post it.
    I’ll be at the first show, hopefully the second as well !!!

    • bee bee: YOU ARE RIGHT, I DID FORGET HAWAII!! I don’t have anything after this date on my calendar, which I guess I had better do!!! I guess I didn’t realize how quickly they were heading out!! Thank you for the reminder!!!


    • OMG you lucky duck!!!! We are all dreaming to be there too!!!

  9. Excuse me, but, Adam will be performing in Hawaii in October. Last I heard, Hawaii was part of these United States!

    • Yes Kathy, my mistake… I don’t have my calendar updated for ANY of the next round of shows! My apologies…


      • Adamisamazing says:

        Pretty easy mistake to make especially since it is smack in the middle of the International Tour. Respectful and kind wording goes a long way, peeps. Thank you, Sue, for everything you do for us!

  10. JulieSeattle says:

    The Puyallup concert was a blast, with beautiful weather, a gorgeous moon and sky, an enthusiastic crowd, and (of course) a stellar performance from our star. Allison was great, too, and I hope she felt how much she was loved.
    It was such a contrast to the previous Seattle GlamNation appearance, which was fantastic in entirely different ways: waiting in line for hours, standing to watch for hours, 90-deg. heat, a smaller venue, and smaller audience squished like sardines for an intimate (in many ways) experience.
    Adam and crew handled the different settings like the pros they are, and I feel blessed to have seen them twice.

    • I’m so jealous. I used to live in Federal Way and have seen many concerts at the Puyallup Fair. The venue is so amazing that I knew it would be incredible when Adam’s Glamnation was there.
      I did get to see the show 3 times so I am fortunate. I’m glad the moon was nice, should have added an awesome touch. I hope Adam saw it as well as the beautiful Mt Ranier!!!
      What a beautiful end to an amazing summer for him and us as well.
      Wish him all the best on the international tour. ADAM4EVER!!!

  11. I have always thought America is the most beautiful place on earth after flying over the
    Grand Canyon on a tour many years ago. But now it is beaten to second place by a completely different icon , Adam Lambert !! And what do you know, this icon is coming to sing in my country this Saturday !! OMG !!

  12. The pronoun ‘ it ‘ in my first comment refers to Grand Canyon not America . He couldn’t beat America to second place , could he ? America cultured him .
    This Aftermath version is the best from Adam . The Wilkes Barre version was my Aftermath best before this one came along . With Adam one can never tell which is his best because he keeps pushing the limit !

  13. lois mullin says:

    I was able to go to the Des Moines concert on the bridge, I am 70 years old and am an avid Adam follower. He has entertained me since Satisfaction on Idol and thank you to all that have put information on the internet so we all could follow this fantastic entertainer. The best of luck to you Adam, you have worked so hard for this, and you are a very kind person.

  14. delibel (Nederland) says:

    First he was going not to the Nederland,so I bought 2 ticket for Cologne in Germany.

    NOW he is COMING to Holland………………..the next day,so I bought again 2 tickets.

    2day after each other I HOPE TO SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feel the happiest woman on the planet.cannot belief I go see to hem.

    LOVE and HUG from Holland to all of you fans

  15. carmen #395 says:

    So sad to see it all end here. Thank you SUZ for your videos. Adam is an angel sent from Heaven. He will always be in my heart and my number 1 man. Hopefully Adam will come back to PA. and I can see him again soon. All my love to Adam and good luck on your next tour..

  16. Thank you Suz for all the great videos. I went to two concerts but I watched all the videos. Actually, I would have loved to have been YOU because of all the AdamFabulous experiences you must have had on the GNT. Great work from a dedicated fan! Peace and love.

  17. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    I’ve been sad knowing Adam is moving on to his next leg of his tour.It’s hard not having more concerts to look forward to.I am grateful to have gone to 5 concerts and met Adam but i do feel like I lost my best friend.I am very proud of Adam and love the picture of his private jet-he so deserves it!! I hope we have fans who will do videos as good as Suz over seas.Thanks to all who help us keep up on Adams every move.Happy traveling Adam we’ll all miss you!!

  18. I have enjoyed every one of these shows, either in person or on this site. Thank you all SO much for posting all the shows. Adam is absolutely AMAZING and I cannot wait until his next tour!!!

  19. for super up close, dead center vids watch: anthrogeekPF YT vids they are AMAZING!!

  20. Whoever you are Suz # 526 the video’s are wonderful. Keep me busy for the winter and hoping to get some from Hawaii…Seems like a dream that I went to 8 concerts and the american Idol one…He is fantastic for sure……Be safe Adam…….waiting on next year……

  21. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    The concert was AMAZING, it was so totally fun. It sucked when secreity made the guy dancing during intermission stop though.

  22. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I loved all the concerts I attended for different reasons – and for Adam of course! The same with the wonderful variety of videos we have had- what a feast! Thanks so much to all who shared their video talents – and thanks to all who will share the international concerts with us! (hint,hint).
    I would also like to mention that Pennyroyal silver has a new Adam Lambert sterling pendant coming out on 9/25 that was inspired by Adam’s infinity pendant. Proceeds will benefit Donors Check it out at

  23. Sue, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your efforts and hard work to bring Adam’s magic to us every day. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this site, either by posting or showing clips, pictures, etc. You are all fantastic!

    I have one question…we have seen videos and comments for each of his concert venues except the Melbourne, Florida one…does anyone know why? I was there and I met some lovely fans…ADAMANT, if you read this, I would like to keep in touch with you.

    Hugs to all and thanks again!!

    Nana#1 (glam #488)

  24. adamlover51 says:

    agree with all of the above adam is the super star we all knew he would be and a great band and dancers love all the playfulness between friends and the amazing vocals not many artist sound so great live a many thans to you suz for all your hard work putting these videos and the web sight for all of us to enjoyand to delibel in holland please tell every one who takes videos to post or we’ll all go into adam withdrawl adam and company have a great tour and be safe

  25. Glamourclamor says:

    I would have never thought this summer would have been filled with such love or that it would go so quickly. I only have one show , but know it will not be my last. As Adam said this is bittersweet. I want him to be that International Super Star, but I already feel low as the daily feeds slow down. Hopefully, we will get videos, interviews, etc. fed out way. I wish him only the best. Can any of us imagine all the wonderful things that have happened to Adam this year. We wanted them to happen, but didn’t know he would sell out almost every show, become the toast of every town he played in. Well, we knew, deep down, we knew. Sue you have been a marvel!!! Our hats are off to you. and the others who also contributed to these feeds. Your are our own rock stars. I think Adam is keeping a little secret, but it is his secret and won’t tell anyone what I think. Keep your eyes open and you will see it also. LOL

  26. what do I love about Adam? He is a beacon of cosmic light and love. It is not only his amazing voice or his stage presence… it is his message. We are One, We are Love we feel our interconnecidness through what he has created for us.. We feel the love. Not just for Adam but for all of us and for all of humankind. Suz you have recorded a cosmic event, do u realize that? Adam has flipped the switch for world peace. Mankind cannot know peace until we know justice. we cannot know justice until we know equality , we cannot know equality until we know unconditional love. We must love one another unconditionally and through Adam’s massage we begin to understand….LOVE ONE ANOTHER. regardless of race color, creed or sexual orientation WE ARE ALL ONE. Love one another….LOVE!!!!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Your enthusiasm is wonderful! So is your message. I also believe Adam is making a difference. This is a slow process as everyone knows, but small steps lead to larger steps. I am so glad he visited the Military base and saw the love for him there. Lets hope DADT will be repealed soon. Peace and Love to all of you.

      • DADT did not go through, It was blocked by the republican party even though 78% of America has spoken out to pass it. This is a very important time in history. We need to speak up as a ppl who want equality for everyone. The message of unconditional love needs to resound from all of us. “Open your mouth/open it wide” and let them know how you feel! Black/white/rich/poor/male/female/gay/straight. Race,creed and sexuality should be a non issue in an evolving society. Speak up for Adam follow his light. VOTE IN NOVEMBER. Do not let the republican theocracy take over congress…….WP

        WAGEPEACE with your voice, your vote, and your heart……let Washington know that we demand a free,open and just society. We cannot have peace until we have justice, we cannot have justice until we have equality, we will not have equality until we learn to love unconditionally . Adam, GaGa and Cindy Lauper have shined their light into some of the dark places of mankind. Let’s get it done. VOTE!!!!…..WP

  27. Keli Green Eyes says:

    Adam sang his face off at this concert! Jeezip. He is always impressive as is all his crew, but it’s evident they all put it all out there for the last show before going overseas.

    Suz526~thank you so much love for making this past summer unforgettable. Kudos to you girlfriend.

    Carol and Sue~you guys rock keeping us informed. Even thought I belong to Twitter and the ALF I continue to log on here daily to get updates. xoxo


  28. beaglewoman (Glamb #611) says:

    I will definitely be going through withdrawal. Thank you Adam and entourage for a wonderful, wonderful 2010 summer. Thank you also to all the wonderful Adamaniacs that I met – Toni, Amy, Sue, Deb – how amazing that music has brought us together when we were complete strangers just a few months ago.

    Looking forward to next year and hopefully some rockin’ parties on Jan 28, 2011 when Adam B-day parties are being organized in many major cities across the U.S. Keep watching for info and I’ll post anything I find regarding a glittery shindig in the IN/KY/OH/IL/MI area.


  29. Still don’t know who Suz526 is but if you ever come to the site, much gratitude to you. Amazing work and dedication!

  30. Mary at the Lake says:

    Finally have the time to mention that I had a FABULOUS time at this concert…Met lots of the peeps from this website ( we have our own little NW group that parties together these days), also some others from another site, as well as my whole extended family and other friends. We met Monte, Tommy, and Isaac who were just hanging out in the middle of the fairgrounds after the soundcheck (which could be heard far and wide all over the fairgrounds, just amazing…), meeting and greeting fans and taking pics..They are all as nice as can be and so generous with their time…Had a chance to talk to Issac for a little while, along with my husband, who just thought he was the best, and I have to say he fits right in with the band. He is a Washington guy, (along with Taylor, who was actually “home” here in the Puyallup area.) He talked about how excited he is to be playing with Adam’s band and the very talented and nice-guy Adam and how he was so looking forward to the International tour…We told him we’d see him in Hawaii next month (YAY!!!) I was also fortunate to have a front row seat, which was unbelievable…Suz526 was there of course and turned out to be just behind and to the left of me so I am in the vids..Hilarious!!! I think I also talked to Libracats or Anthrogeek but didn’t realize it until later..They are all so dedicated to Adam and I am so grateful for what they do.. The Seattle Showbox Sodo was great, but have to say this one was even better, had a seat and wasn’t crushed like a sardine, and could actually see everything…And the huge crowd of people: WOW!!! Such a party atmosphere..A friend who was there said she goes to a concert every year at the fair, they get a lot of “big” names, but she had never seen anything like the party atmosphere and feelings of joy and love that she felt that night…Loved Allison as well..She cried when talking about her “big brother Adam” and how much she loved being with Adam’s tour…So sweet…Just a great day and night….And thanks to Sue and Carol and Dreamsound for keeping us up to date…

    • I’m new to sites like this, found it when I googled Adam!
      I’m SO thankful I was able to be at the Puyallup concert!! I was one of those people in the grandstand So envious of you in the front row – not a common characteristic for me, but I would have given anything to trade seats, might have even considered the airplane! not a problem tho,the love certainly made it to the grandstands. My sister and I reminisced about the last times we were in the grandstands together – Donny and Marie and the Jackson 5. W
      I saw in your post that there is a NW group of ADAM fans that have connected.
      I have FYE and Take One in my car, have played them exclusively since getting them – sadly it annoys my friends when on road trips…… just proves I need some new friends!!!
      Adam stood out from the moment we first saw him on Idol, awesome that my 18yo son and 55yo myself both loved him! It was great at the concert, an enthusiastic teen, her mother and 2 grandparents sat in front of us!
      I stayed at my aunt’s near the fairgrounds. the next day I wore my Adam t-shirt to the local grocery. a young girl working there said “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but my friends grandparents went to see Adam”!

      • Mary at the Lake says:

        Hi flygirl…Welcome…I felt so fortunate to be in the front row…probably the one and only time, and I have to say, someone would have had to pay me A LOT to give up that seat…it was sort of priceless in my mind!!! Hope you will get your chance sometime…But I agree, just to be in the same breathing space with Adam is fabulous, and what an amazing concert!!! The whole day was pretty much perfect..I forgot to mention (how could I possibly forget!!!) that he reached down to the people in the front row and touched our hands one at a time…yes, I did have to wash it, but only very begrudgingly!!!

        We do have a contingent of NW Glambs who started forming as an informal group before the River Rock concert in Vancouver and then expanded before the Seattle Sodo concert…It includes people from WA, OR, BC, and a special CA friend…We get together, chat, email, and meet at the concerts, and share our joys and sorrows, and just talk about the latest Adam news..I also have some friends from another site, Adam Lambert 24/7, and am also blessed to have family members and friends who are fans of Adam as well..Are you a member of the new “adamlambertfans” Fan Club that formed recently and is the new official fan club..?? If so, you can find me under “glitzylady” there and message me..and I will give you my email address…you would be very welcome to contact our group of slightly crazy but seriously devoted to Adam fans…If you are not a member of that, leave me a message here…

        And to counter your experience with the young girl at the grocery store and her “grandparent” remark, I was getting the concert pics processed the other day, wore my Adam t-shirt, and the young girl there said, oh did you go to Puyallup, because I did too…and of course we chatted at great length about the concert and Adam, much to the amusement of the other customers….There are Adam fans out there, where you least expect it, all ages, which is just so much fun…

        • of course I did see that Adam touched the hands of those in the front row! That’s when my sister had to restrain me! I do recognize those seats were priceless – I also consider my airplane priceless, a gorgeous prize-winning antique, so the thought of trading the plane was with the idea the seats were also priceless!
          no, I have not looked at any other fan sites (yet) . it’s all new to me, a music lover all my life, no other singer has inspired me to look for fan sites! I’ll go check them out!

          • Mary at the Lake says:

            i know what you mean…the last fan club I was in was when I was about 10…so funny that at my “age” I would be doing this…and it is indeed funny to imagine you having the fleeting thought of trading your airplane for my seat and and me turning it down…We are both beyond all hope !!!! LOL!!! If Adam only knew!! Probably a good thing he doesn’t or he would avoid us both like the plague!!! I also have to say that I almost got M&G tickets for one of the Hawaii shows today, but due to some computer glitch (arrrgghh!) lost them…My fairly new laptop is lucky it isn’t at the bottom of the lake that is mentioned in my screen name…Oh well..As I said, come and look for me on “adamlambertfans” which is Adam’s Fan Club these days..It doesn’t take the place of Adam Unofficial but has its uses and I have been enjoying meeting new people and chatting with “old friends” including some from here..There is a small charge to join however. For instance, Sue from here is on there …along with many others, and Adam of course!!! Happy flying!!


  31. Doryan Jarrell says:

    Got some great pix which are going into my special “ADAM” album (in addition to my SEA and PDX show pix)–
    Met Monte, Tommy and Isaac and took photos with each of them. It was so much fun–they are sweethearts!

  32. I would never want to misuse Adam’s fan site. I am a Adam Lambert fan also. I saw him in Roanoke and have posted about my experience several times. I love him and have a tremendous amount of respect for what he has done as I am sure u all feel this also. Sometimes I feel that Adam speaks my words. It is uncanny. His message is close to my heart. When I was 25 I took a class in ancient Egypt and its mystic beliefs. I have had they eye of horus and the symbol for infinity tattoo on my leg since I was 27, I am now 61. I feel a spiritual connection with him, as many of u do also, because after all , spiritually, we are all one and we are all connected. I am concerned about the political rhetoric and hate mongering that i hear form some aspects of congress. Last year I started a facebook page. I describe it as a political/spiritual page. We have about 70 members across America. We all strive for a more open, just and free society. Now with an extremely important election coming up I feel the need to expand the base. From going to Adam’s and GaGa’s concerts and meeting many ppl there I find them intelligent and awakened. I would like to invite those of you who might like to become politically active for causes that are increasingly more important today like equality for all ppl regardless of race, creed or sexuality to visit my site and join our net community if u feel you might like to be more politically active for issues like DADT/EQUALITY/GOV CORRUPTION and working for a more peaceful world. We are a serious political page. U need to understand that Adam Lambert is not a part of my fb page and does not indorse,know about it or have any intrest in it and it will never be meant to be a fan page, however I do think that our mission is in alignment with his.message. Would u like to join our net community fb We don’t want much, just to save the world. Join us to Wagepeace…….WP

  33. WOW !!!! I miss this site for months. I’ve really been busy, what with our Dengue eipidemic and documentations for our Best Health Practices.
    Adam is so much more than just his singing. My GOSH, he is a paragon of PERSISTENCE, PERSEVERANCE and WORK ETHIC. I am put to shame. He is a mogul, an empire in the making. Like ALEXANDER THE GREAT, he’ll conquer far and wide.
    He is now the established CONCERT KING in the US. Next stop, is the world tour, and he’ll conquer the world.
    Miss you all Glamb sisters. Thanks a lot Sue.