Glam Nation-Providence, RI 08/17/2010

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island, OOOOK you win for outdoing Concord’s crowd!!!! Holy crowd interaction Glam fans!!
Before the show, the biggest news was that Tommy was wearing fishnets on both hands and he had new shoes… boy did that news get lost quick!!
I am just going to report that this was a highly entertaining show, which includes douche-bag glasses filled with “water”, haha, amazing dance moves, plenty of tongue action for those that are interested, awesome guitar playing by both of the boys, crowd surfing, tongue action again, and some floor writhing from Adam to Monte’s solo in 20th Century Boy. N.I.C.E…. and I KNOW I am forgetting some things so take a look for yourselves, did I forget anything important???

Yep, Adam’s tweet after the show…
~@adamlambert~TongueDiving is the new StageDiving. Get Into It


Opening Medley
video via: suz526

*Just a lick at the beginning, but the dancing is outstanding*
video via: suz526

video via: suz526

video via: suz526

video via: suz526

video via: suz526

Sure Fire Winners
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video via: suz526

Music Again
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*Starts with the introduction of the “douche-bag” cups filled with “water”, CHEERS!*
*This has a NEW intro for Tommy, and if you like the interaction with Adam, you will LOVE this…if you don’t prefer to watch that, you may want to skip over that part…but it is cute!*
video via: suz526

Mad World/20th Century Boy
*WELL, in 20th Century Boy, Adam goes INTO the crowd and plants one on one lucky guy who then is the recipient of a SECOND kiss, waves, and blown kisses at the end!!*
video via: suz526



  1. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    OH MY GOOD LORD ABOVE what is this man doing to my LIFE??????? Holy cow — I won’t be able to concentrate for the next four days — I see Adam tomorrow night and then again on Saturday — I can’t even STAND IT!! I want him to do that SAME show one of the nights I go!!! Whew!! Ok, now, be still my little racing heart . . . . .

    • Boy DellaD you are not kidding!!!! No matter what im doing all i can think about is getting back to my computer to see what Adam has come up with!!! He has brought more happiness to my life than i thought possible!!!! Dont think it will ever happen but i would love to tell him how much he has meant to me. and how he helped me through a hard time and continues to do so every day!!! I LOVE HIM LIKE CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I totally understand all of your feelings!!!!! I thought my love for Adam was out of control before I saw him in concert and now, my heart is blown open more than I ever thought possible and He just keeps on getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every moment you can be in the same “air” that he breathes, because it’s magical, beautiful, and only can be created by OUR ADAM!!! Glambert # 640 AdamsLady Forever

    • carmen #395 says:

      I saw Adam at the Kirby Center and again at Musikfest. Both shows were awesome, but this show rocked. Love seeing the videos.If I could afford to go to every one of his shows….I would. Love Adam and Tommy and yes….those people were so lucky to have Adam kissthem.

  2. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    How could I forget TOMMY????? I think my heart is opening wider and wider to allow a fancrush on Tommy as well —- he’s too, too adorable!!!! The two of them together is more than the eyes can stand . . . .

    • lovemyadam says:

      I KNOW, RIGHT?? I can’t even focus at this point!!
      YOU LUCKY GIRL…TWO DAYS, WOWZA!! Look out, you never know what will happen!!!
      Tommy is UNFORGETTABLE!! IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE, GET UP CLOSE BY THE BUSSES AND TALK TO HIM!!! He is a doll! You’ll just want to wrap him up and take him home with you…hahahah.


  3. Peggy glamb#345 says:

    I bet that Ericka that Adam kissed is still flying….Can’t say I would not blame her. and the guy also…Hope he does this at desmoines, rockford and peoria….Elvis used to kiss the girls….but Adam has the best of both worlds……..Go Adam……..

    • What?! You mean Adam actually kissed someone in the audience? It looked like he was just allowing them to touch his hair! OMG! I hope he does that in New Orleans and the lucky person is ME!!!!

      • No Baby he was tongueing them!!!! They ripped his vest open and now some people are concerned for his safety. Oh what the Heck….. really. Yes he might have to start wearing his cod piece but nobody would intentionally hurt him.
        For me this is what Adam is all about, Passion from the Gut, Primal sexual energy and this is why it doesn’t matter that Adam is Gay because this kind of energy is Universal. Look at the changes in the whole band, Monte killing the guitar and cheering on the audience, Tommy changing his outfits and vamping up his female energy, LP letting his dreadlocks fly. this is why this is the TOUR OF LOVE.

      • Those fans are so lucky. Why can’t that be me or I could be tommy. And Tommy is vote I would kiss him too. But Adam first. They are so cute and the show amazing. Why does my mom have to be a hater

    • Wait a sec, He kissed a GIRL too??? I thought it was the same guy twice??? ….hard to tell on the video?? Damn this is getting better & better… Got one concert left this Sat. at Hampton Beach…. can’t wait, any more fun antics??? Damn Adam, count me in!!!

  4. WOOOAAHHH! He just gets better and better! πŸ˜€ I laughed so much when I kissed that guy in the crowd… I wonder who he was? …. lucky boy! The Adommy moments just kill me they are both so hott! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see him live!


  6. Viki Glamb #673 says:

    I thought Upper Darby was going to be my last concert but I just have to see him again. I am going to drive from my vacation in West Virginia to Harrisburg, PA, take a train to NYC, and with my sister-in-law take the ferry to Staten Island. We are in the nosebleed seats but at least I will be there. I agree with Glamb #39, what is this man doing to my life? Oh yeah, he makes this 60 year old want to listen to music again!

    • I said above it was rock and roll, but I think my meaning too cliche. If you are like me and can remember, the 60’s, 70’s 80’s this was ROCK & ROLL–Bowie, Jagger Tyler, Elvis–what the girls do today is POP. The rappers rap, the rocker bands play music–Adam Lambert pesonifies Rock & Roll because he dares to put himself out there. For those of you too young to remember those great times, trust me and watch AL become the contempary King of Rock and Roll. The further he puts Idol in the rear view mirror the better. The tongue diving just such a thing for R&R. You gotta have personality,nerve, the courage to become a rock legend. Go for it Adam Lambert!

      • I’m with you all the way back to the 60’s. Adam will be the next KING OF ROCK AND ROLL!!!

        And I get to see it , WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Glambert # 640 AdamsLady Forever

        • In the MIdnight Hour we cried ” More, More, More”!!!!!
          From Blli Idol’s “Rebel Yell”
          Now that would be a song for them to play during the intermission……

          • Princessshakeitup says:

            I saw Billy Idol in concert back in the 80s and I keep thinking that it would be great if Adam would do Billy…one of his songs,anyway.
            All I know is, if Adam is going to start sticking his tongue into people’s mouths, the fight for the front row is going to ESCALATE! I will brush my teeth constantly [and PRAY] till the show in Rockford!

        • I am 61 and i remember Elvis but he didn’t have Adam’s voice. I have never heard a voice like Adam’s. I will see him/hear him on stage next week in Roanoke. The show looks fab on u tube but i’m not watching because I want it to be fresh and I expect to be entertained!.

      • Hope some day Adam will “line us up”. the ultimate meet and greet.

    • Hahaha, I have the same problem(if you can even call it that). Im 16 I just got my license in June and Adam has me and my friends driving up and down the east coast! We’ve been to 6 concerts so far, and with the approaching school year it seems like the last one will be in VA next week! Adam has got me 200 dollars in debt to my parents and I just cant stop going to see him. He’s amazing, he’s got me listening to music again! πŸ™‚

  7. HOLY SHIT is all I can say. I’ve seen 2 shows so far and trying to get tix for a 3rd. Can anyone say roadtrip. F it…it’s so worth it. Anything for Adam. His band is rockin it out. I love this. Thanks for the vids Suz526.

  8. I was at this show!!! he totally french kissed this really cute, tall, blond boy in the front!! It was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. Then, after the show, when I went to go met Adam and have him sign my ticket, the guy was there too. and Adam went right over too him. they were totally flirting!! plus, I saw them exchange number. swear to god. it was sooooo cute. <3

    • he was signing after the show?! is he doing that more now?! i’m gonna be in Rockford & Peoria labor day weekend…and like everyone else – want to be “the one” for the kiss…my heart is still racing…need a cold shower!! LOL!! as to the next commenter below ~ where on Facebook?! πŸ™‚ want to see the lucky recipients of Adam’s Luscious Lips ~ hmmmmm…….and yes so cool adam flirting with someone…good for him – that is utterly adorable!!

  9. Deborah Chism says:

    they have pics of both the lucky people that got kissed on facebook, they were Eric & Erica n a pic of Erica after the show sitting there dazed…i can only imagine….hmmmm

    • How do we find that facebook page to see the pics? I’d like to see but don’t know where to look lol.

    • Hi My Deb Friend, It’s your Adam Lover from Ebay-Loretta!!!! So glad your here too!!!! I love this special place for Adam and Adamholics!!! Glambert #640 AdamsLady

  10. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! many, many thanks for posting these; I think I smell my computer screen burning! 2 more concerts to go for me; whatever will we do when winter comes and no more tour in the States? Please keep posting the videos!


  12. Lambertini #520 says:

    I chatted with the boy Adam kissed on Facebook today! I will keep his anonymity- but boy is he lucky! He also got to go on Adam’s bus after the show!! I chatted with the girl, as well and Adam told her he liked her make up when she met him at the meet and greet and then- bam- he’s kissing her in the audience!!! I would have DIED- as I’m sure we ALL would have!!! Those two people are sooo lucky to say the least!!

    • I think some more boys have been getting lucky with Adam the past week and this is why his shows are now so incredibly hot.
      You can’t be playing the Sexy Beast months and weeks in a row and not getting the real deal at one point…..

      • Cris R Glamb #659 says:

        I agree Irena….seems like since Philly and his “outing” with the boys, he’s brought a new energy to and more sexual inuendo to his shows. LOVE IT!! We can take it Adam; keep it coming!! He’s got a tough schedule and needs to get out once in awhile to get in touch with his muse, whatever form that takes.

  13. marymary770 says:

    Actually the first kiss he gave was to Erica, a girl, I was there. πŸ˜‰

  14. MuchAdamLove54 says:

    Ho Boy! Was at the concert last Friday night in Bethlehem PA. He was sooo stinkin hot but we did not get Mad World nor did he get into anything with the audience (we were in the front rows). Feeling a little bit left out of the love…….

    • Cris R Glamb #659 says:

      I was in Bethlehem too — back about halfway (too far!!) and I thought he was smokin’ that night. But, watching the Providence show here, I’m thinking….”I want a piece of that!!”. How hot and beautiful can this man get? He just keeps getting better and better. Yeah….we were hoping for Mad World and WWL (’cause it’s so long) but we got 20th Century Boy instead. I still have Albany on Monday night but that will be it for this tour. πŸ™ He better bring it on Monday…the more the better!!!

  15. What a preformance WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW he just keeps getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw him in Loiusville and he was great but this show was smokin HOT.I’m still reeling from that proformance.I’ve got to watch it again.Tommy and Montie and Longenue are teriffic.and the dancers just GREAT.I am going to see him Aug 31st in Indianapolis.Can,t wait..And then that will be it.And then what.I guess I have to wait until next year.Unless I take a plane to Asia or Europe.LOL.

  16. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I was at the concert but I couldn’t see all that was going on up front. I was way way in the back trying not to collapse. It was standing room only most of the time. Adam was absolutely fantastic. His voice sounded just great and I loved the laser beams and the graphics on the screen. People were absolutely wild for Adam every time he came out on stage. It was very exciting to see everyone so positive and so much in love with Adam.

  17. Am I the only one who thinks Adam is using poor judgement to go out into the crowd a nd kiss people. Sure its hot but what about security and health issues? Is he trying to compete with Gaga who just threw herself into the crowd with very little clothing on. I think she is using very bad judgement. Id like to see Adam around for a long time .

    • meehhh…. I seriously doubt anybody is out to kill him :/ At least he isn’t diving right into the crowd…

      • I don’t think people who oppose the tongue diving are not afraid of Adam busting a nut but about swapping saliva with people he doesn’t know.
        This is kind of funny in my opinion, he clearly picked people he had met that afternoon and really all the times in my life I kissed somebody for the first I never asked them to show me a certicate of perfect health beforehand……

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      If *that* is what is considered dangerous now-a-days, then I’m lucky to be alive.

  18. Oh my lord…
    It got a lil outta control – not that that’s bad or anything πŸ˜‰
    I live for those little moments with Tommy but…
    20th Century Boy… dear God, lucky fans!!
    I think I’d be dazed too. In a good way πŸ˜€

  19. All I can say now is ditto, ditto to everything everyone has said + I’m dying here! I stayed up all night waiting for videos to be posted and this was after tracking the twitter updates from the show! No way can we be “normal” after Adam!

    I have a dead serious request to put on the table folks and I am hoping others are feeling the same way!

    Sue, do you have a passport? I would love for you to go to Japan and Manila (at a minimum) to cover his GNT events for all the fans in the US. Can we start a fund to make this possible, ASAP? And additionally, to somehow get a way to video in Japan as they are not even allowing cell phones into the venue, from what I understand. I believe there are so many fans that would joyfully help underwrite this. Everyone always looks for your videos – which keep getting better and better, by the way!

    Is there anyway to make this happen?

    • I don’t think it is our Sue how makes these videos.
      No idea who this person is she seems to go to all the concerts.
      If I had the chance I would be the Dance Groupie, holding warm up Nia dance classes before every concert!!!

      • lovemyadam says:

        Haha, it isn’t me, but if you guys wanna pay for it. I’D GO IN A HEARTBEAT!!! Just let me know when I am outta here…


  20. I read on another site a comment like “glad the girl he chose wasn’t blonde and skinny.”
    (and no offense to anyone blonde and skinny) Ha ha
    Erica is gorgeous, and I must agree that there will be a heightened self-image result for many women now. Way to go Adam!

  21. STOP THE PRESSES!!! Adam Lambert cures tongue cancer! No? Adam Lambert stops a runaway train with his tongue! No? Adam Lambert invents tongue diving! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Adam Lambert has to defend his tongue diving! WHAT??? Would someone please tell me why Adam Lambert and only Adam Lambert has to defend what he does? WT well you know the rest. All you naysayers out there, his fans are fighting back. Leave our guy alone! Anyone offended by a kiss in this day and age, needs a lobotomy. Enough said.

  22. Here’s a funny thought I’ve been replaying in my mind for months:

    If I’m right, the bulk of the posters on this site are older (30, 40+), and that would include the bulk of the “naysayers”.

    Do any of you remember Jim Morrison’s performanaces? Iggy Pop? Ozzy Osbourne? This is just to name a few. Add Elvis to that mix! These men kissed fans, showed genitals, bit the heads off of LIVE bats, etc. Adam merely kisses a couple of people, maybe gyrates around the stage, and it’s a gosh-darn uproar; a blatant slap to society’s face. WTF?

    I firmly believe that is only BECAUSE HE’S GAY that you all are offended. Cuz if you lived through the 60’s and 70’s, this is nothing in comparison, so what else could your reasoning be?

    Enlighten me will you.

    • Reese, Daffyd (me) has her feathers ruffled. I think us women of a certain age (apparently anyone over 40, according to Reviewers who put us (Adam’s older fans) down constantly need to stand and be heard. We are not offended by Adam, nor affronted, nor over the top, or for that matter, over sexed! Well..can’t speak for everyone. We of a certain age, also have a certain sopshistication, if we haven’t seen it all, at least we’ve seen most of it. We have come together to admire a young man with amazing talent, fantastc looks, who makes us feel young and vibrant again. There has not been a new artist in the past three decades to come even close. Only because we saw and cherished the greats in Rock and Roll, can we truly appreciate what Adam is bringing. So, I, in defense of women of a certain age, ask very sweetly to get off Adam’s back and our back. I say all this nicely so I won’t be banned from the internet in perpetuity.

      • Unruffle your feathers please Daffyd. I’m 48, and I’m not putting us older gals down, hell I love us older gals. I was just commenting that as older people, we would have lived through some really crazy rock and roll icons and I’m just shocked that some of us are shocked by Adam.

        However adamfan had a great response that I didn’t consider…..that some of you got used to the more tame version of Adam from idol and now feel betrayed.

        Sorry for the “ruffling”. I guess sometimes I forget that not everyone is like me (not easily offended)……I personally love everything he does, and would likely travel great distances and pay to see it.

        Thanks for calling me out! πŸ™‚

        • Im 13 so obviously I wasn’t around in the 60’s and 70’s etc to see the ‘Rock n’ Roll’ happenings which is a bit of a bummer because it sounds fab! πŸ™‚ ha ha But personally I am very glad Adam has come along and is doing this sort of thing, its so much more interesting, fun and expressive! Artists these days are getting so samey and they are scared of letting loose because of the media etc, but to Adam this doesn’t matter he is who he is and if people don’t like it is there problem and thats so fab and really quite inspiring. Its just really fresh and nice to see him preforming. Adam has said he is always spontaneous and for me thats what makes me watch the videos of these concerts, they aren’t just the same show he changes it up all the time and there is always the chance he has done something even more crazy everytime πŸ˜€ So just a younger perspective, I think im probably the youngest around here, I havnt met anyone else xxx

          • Sorry my writings a bit disjointed :/ woops

            • I’m getting a new computer YEAH!!! Can once again play videos Steven Tyler will make a great AI Judge, he didn’t aquire that face being a Choir Boy. Think I will change my user name since it’s my dog’s Daffy Doodle Bug (so as not to forget) and get a Glamfabulous name. Nuff irrelvant BS for one day. Love and Peace.

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          I’m 50 and have to say – we older fans know what we’re talking about. We’ve been thru several rock “eras” in our day, been to the party and the-dog-and-pony-show. We speak from experience, we take our music seriously!… and we know perfection when we see and hear it. ADAM IS the new era, the new rock god, the be-all, end-all of sexy. And for God’s sake WHEN WILL PEOPLE GET OVER THAT ADAM IS GAY? Yeah, we know, we don’t care, and we love him NO MATTER WHAT. Get on with it! If some of these nay-sayers don’t get over it – they’ll be missing out on so much love and joy – (so much that i can’t see straight when i’m at an Adam concert.) THAT is what’s important – THAT is what getting to 50 has taught me. Get it? ….Good.

  23. Reese, I too remember Elvis kissing lots of people in the audience (altho no tongue! haha ) and some of the overtly sexual displays from rock bands back then.

    There might be a reason for the shock with Adam that doesn’t have to do with his being gay.

    There are some people who loved the Adam they got to know on Idol (all cute and shy and not very
    over the top) and can’t get used to the boundaries he is pushing now. It feels like a bait and switch
    to them possibly. (not me..) It would be as if Carrie Underwood was putting on shows like Lady Gaga is now. People can feel a sense of ownership in someone when they do all that voting. The rock band from early days did their own thing (however raunchy) right from the beginning.

    • Thanks for the kind retort.

      • Reese didn’t mean any of you lovely people on this site. I meant those people who review Adam’s tour and make sport of the age of his fan base, which I understand covers all ages, its just not reported that way. It’s like his older fans (much older than 48) are weird, which we aren’t..well maybe a little strange. And actually, Adam broke a few boundaries during his Idol run, which was what made him such a standout. My or my that boy does bring out the passion in us.

    • If you really watched Adam closely during AI his BURNING PASSION should have giving you a clue of what all he had in store for us!!!
      Yes, I think you are right that some people might have sense of entitlement of who they thought they voted for. But really all the videos and pictures out there of Adam pre Idol gave a very clear idea of who we were dealing with!!! One of the most colorful people the world of entertainment has ever brought forth.
      The World as it is today needs Adam, I really believe this. Some major sexual healing has to happen, so many have lived in shame and guilt it is undermining people’s creative minds and spirits. The fact that Adam is Gay is of course is no coincidence, we are on the cusp of the next dimension so we have to open and broaden our minds to all realms and possibilities.
      By loving and supporting Adam we have all become part of this phenomonal journey!

  24. All I can say is I am jealous. I wish it was me.

  25. OMG……this show has GOT to be the hottest one yet!!!! i have to say that i am absolutely SPEECHLESS! 20th century boy was f-ing AMAZING! can u imagine getting kissed by adam F-ing lambert at one of his concerts??? i would NEVER be the same again. hell, i just watched it on my computer and ill never be the same again!!!!!!! GOOOOOOO ADAM!

  26. This is the first time I am somewhat embarrassed for Adam. and I love and adore him; I have both of his CD’s, a book on him (The meaning of Adam Lambert), the Details mag from Nov 09, and so on. My husband probably thinks I completely have lost it.
    When I first saw Adam on Idol, he had class and he seemed to be a man of principle. He always presented himself with poise and decorum. And I don’t much care if some of you think that I am amiss with what I am saying here! I am no prude, I was born in Europe, where there is no such thing as the ridiculous Puritan crap like they have here in the U.S. But I know what’s cool and what’s not.
    To go into the audience and french kiss some guy not once, but twice, is just over the top. Then to sprawl himself onto the stage as if he were some stripper in a cheap-ass club is even worse.
    When I recently went to one of his shows, there were two families standing by me, with seven and eight year old kids. This is the kind of shit these children don’t need to see yet. Adam may have to start calling his shows R-rated and keep out people under 18. And he needs to keep himself from losing his mind the way Michael Jackson and Elvis did, look where it got them. Dead before their time, and laughed at!!WTF?

  27. adamlover51 says:

    I LOVED seeing adam get wild GREAT SHOW, I don’t meem to offend anyone but this is an adult or older teen show children 7 or 8 should not be there ever hear of hearing loss. The show i went to a woman brought 3 children about 4 to 7 years old very disturbing seeing small children 5 feet away from amp not to mention having a 6 year old practicly on my back get real people hire a babysitter and enjoy this enormusly talented singer wonderfull band and great dancers if you object to the content of the show DON”T GO leave the seats for people who will enjoy the show and by now people should’t be surprised we all watch the videos I love seeing every thing this beautifull young man does I also saw most of the rockers of the 70’s but never followed anyone till adam but at least in the 70’s NO SMALL CHILDREN

  28. ill say it again & again-ADAM LAMBERT F-ING ROCKS!!!!