Glam Nation-Prior Lake, Minnesota 06/12/2010

Better late than never, here are the concert videos from Saturday night.


photo by:merrypippin

Voodoo/DTRH/Ring of Fire/Fever
video via:methosgirl

video via:MinionoftheDarkLord

video via:methosgirl

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Music Again
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video via:MinionoftheDarkLord

Sure Fire Winners
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Broken Open
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Sure Fire Winners
video via:MinionoftheDarkLord

Mad World
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  2. Amazing. My head’s still spinning from the experience! It’s been such a crazy-Adam oriented week (Road trips and traveling galore!) that I haven’t even been able to check out the photos and vids I got for this concert!

    Adam didn’t do a signing bit at Mystic Lake, did he? I looked around but didn’t find out anything, unfortunately. Does anyone know if he’s doing signings at all this tour? I thought he was–how else do we shower him with donation-receipt gifts, among other things? And if he is, will he be doing one at the Milwaukee event? I’m really hoping to see him, for a million countless reasons, but there are two autographs a friend and I are really hoping to get for a couple people. Please let me know, if anyone knows about this, and thank you so much!

    • Linda Krosinski says:

      We saw him at the Shooting star in Mahnomen and he he didn’t sign there either. Disappointing but he was oh so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thanks for the information! It’s just amazing to see him perform (live!!!!!!)! I really hope he does a signing at Milwaukee tonight, but if he doesn’t I understand why. Touring alone is exhausting. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed he does. <3

  3. linlivalex says:

    OK–is it my imagination or is he singing everything in a lower key and he is not hitting many high notes like usual. I wonder if he’s having a problem with his voice. I hope not — I am seeing him in Milwaukee tomorrow and I am looking forward to his awesome falsetto. Also, his awesome everything else……….

    • NOT TRUE AT ALL—-I was there and Adam HIT EVERY HIGH NOTE AND MADE US ALL JAW DROP WITH HIS INCREDIBLE VOICE—– I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR LISTENING TO….It was EPIC and UNBELIEVABLE VOCALS–Passion–LOVE– EMOTION— FIERCNESS—in his voice– ALL NIGHT WITHOUT STOPPING—–His face is soooooo out of this world beautiful and PERFECT live and in person it takes your breath away, then his God Gifted Voice is soooo POWERFUL and Shocking Perfect it really puts you in a state of SHOCK– Like is this really happening??? Is he REALLY HITTING THAT HIGH NOTE FOR THAT LONG OF A TIME??? OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN….
      Then theres his Ultra SEXXXXXINES that instantly gets you HOT and BOTHERD and so CRAZY– it feels like he OWNS YOU!! He looks through the crowd CLOSE AND LONG into EVERYONES EYES HE CAN AND PUTS YOU UNDER HIS SPELL—- PULLS YOU INTO HIS SOUL—- YOU WILL SEE IF YOU ARE SITTING CLOSE ENOUGH TO HIM……..

      I was 4th row center and I could almost touch him. we were face to face most of night– he sang in front of us most of the time and pointed and laughed with us a lot because we were dancing so much— he loved it and let us know. The crowd was more toned down at Mystic then the usual so we were one of the more fun and wild ones there. Adam loved it. I know he loves it when the crowd really gets into him and this was a much older crowd and more laid back— they made noise but stayed in their seat.

      We also met Tommy and Monte and Brook in the HOT TUB! SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! They were so nice and they gave us HUGS!! Told us to meet them at the buses after the show to get Pictures, because we were all not presentable for pics then. No make up— HAHA Theirs was still on from the night before and hair messy. They were so great. We only got pics with Monte because Adam was already away for the night, security was telling Monte we had to leave but Monte said He invited us and was going to take the pictures.. so they let him… But no ADAM.. so sad!!

      Now it’s on to Milwaukee tonight!! Can’t wait

  4. Theresa says:

    Who cares about the high notes,,, maybe he’s having a rush of testosterone….ha ha

    • Highs, lows its all good! Adam is awesome…..maybe saving his voice for all the upcoming venues! Love the IIHY video! The best!!!

  5. glam#
    Susan Bashaw ,Palm Bay Florida 32908

  6. Poor Adam,
    His hair drives him crazy. …. he’s always pushing it back… I think he should get it cut so it can stay back . Do you see how many times he pushes it back… what a pain in the ass that must be when you’re trying to perform.

  7. i love love love love loved it

  8. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    All right Atlanta ladies, Adam is coming to Atlanta on Sept. 14 and playing at Symphony Hall!!! I’m sooooooooo excited. I’m not sure I can concentrate on my work today. 🙂 It’s not on Adam Official yet but it IS on Ticketmaster. Tickets go on sale to the general public this Saturday, per
    Ticketmaster, so I’m guessing the pre-sale may be today or tomorrow. Watch for the presale
    email. Woo-hoo!!!! Anyone else excited?? Thanks for the fantastic videos above. This is going to be an incredible show for sure.

  9. Bellelinda says:

    When I saw the length of Adam’s tour and the number of dates so close together I was worried about the strain on his voice. After all he is only human and pushing the limits with your voice every night day after day is going to take a toll on his pipes. Hope he takes care of himself as a singer without a voice is like a bird without wings. Such an incredible voice is rare and should be given TLC so that all of us can enjoy listening to it for many many years to come.

  10. Theresa says:

    He needs needs needs to rest that voice tween shows……did u all see his MJ moves? Awesome!

  11. I hope Adam doesn’t burn out before I see him August 23

    He’s got so many concert dates….TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF…..


  12. cheryl 334 says:

    FIRST PIC IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Adam’s coat ! The back is so cool!

    Adam-Perfection Personified……

    Love-Peace-Light-Fun-Happiness-…………….ICON BLOOMING………..:)

  13. I was sitting fourth row center too! Methosgirl – are you from New York? I believe you were sitting right behind me. AMAZING videos!! Best concert I think I have ever seen. Adam has so much charisma on stage, it’s like he is looking and singing directly to you. Only complaint is the time went too fast!