Glam Nation- Portland, Oregon 07/21/2010

Portland’s Glam Nation show was missing a very special part last night.
In the small video clip below, you will hear Adam explain to the crowd that Tommy was not there with them, because he had a family emergency to tend to. It has been said that Tommy’s father is very ill at this point, which led to Tommy boarding a plane and heading back to California to be with him.
Tommy is hoping to be back with Adam and the band by Friday’s San Francisco show, and we sincerely hope that all goes well enough for that to happen.
In the clip below, you will hear Adam say to keep Tommy Joe in your thoughts, that they are all missing him as much as the crowd was, and that they are sending him positive energy. I would like to request that we ALL do the same…
I know there are other cards on the web to sign for him, but I was thinking of having one from our specific site. What are your thoughts on that? Should we do that for him? Leave me your comments please!!

Oh by the way, I have also included a review as well as the video’s from last night. The vid’s are not that great, I am hoping for more…

iHeartRadio with Lambert
video via: BrettRadioVideos

Adam Lambert at Z100 PART 1
video via: BrettRadioVideos

Adam Lambert at Z100 part 2

Adam Lambert Banter about Tommy Joe Ratliff-Glam Nation-Portland Oregon
VIDEO VIA: MrCooksNumber1Fan

These are some of the tweets from after the show…
From @LizAnneHill–>Love you @TommyJoeRatliff, thinking of you and praying for you the whole time.
From @DaveEVOLOVE–>@TommyJoeRatliff I love ya brother!
From @TommyJoeRatliff–>@DaveEVOLOVE @LizAnneHill thank you! love ya too! 🙂 see you in SF, darlin
From @TommyJoeRatliff–>@DaveEVOLOVE thanks man! love ya too see you in a bit

From @TaylorG90–>Tonights Show Was For My Brother. @TommyJoeRatliff I Love You. I Still Felt You On Stage Tonight.
From @TommyJoeRatliff–>@TaylorG90 thanks so much man! I love ya!

From @SashaMallory–>I love you @TommyJoeRatliff <3 and-->@TommyJoeRatliff this ones for u and ur dad <3 much love tonight From @DavidImmerman-->I second that.
From @TommyJoeRatliff–>@DavidImmerman @sashamallory! i love you guys too! thank you!

From @Monterrific–>California, here we come! Everyone, please keep @TommyJoeRatliff s dad in your thoughts, prayers and good light. Let’s all lift up the Ratliff family!
From @TommyJoeRatliff–>@sashamallory @adamlambert @monterrific @longineu @uhhuhermusic @taylorg90 Brooke & Terrance! kill it! i luv u guys so fuckin much!

From @TommyJoeRatliff–>Thanks everyone that means so much! Love you guys

Live Review: Adam Lambert, July 21 at Crystal Ballroom
July 22nd, 2010 [1:10PM] Posted by: JEFF ROSENBERG

BREAKING NEWS: Glambert is the real deal.

And not just because he introduced lasers to the Crystal Ballroom for the first time in memory last night. Because he’s a supremely confident performer who nonetheless projects a charming soupçon of humility onstage. Because his show is precisely ordered and choreographed, yet he still found time to get silly with his dancers and the audience. Because he doesn’t need to stick strictly to the melodies of his songs, but at the same time doesn’t get lost in a mist of melismas. Because he had the balls and taste to perform his hit single, “What Do You Want From Me”, in a stripped-down version accompanied only by acoustic guitar, and played his popular American Idol cover, “Mad World”, in a sped-up and funkier take than the one he did on the show. Because in his exotic recasting of “Ring of Fire”, the gay subtext gives the line “I went down, down, down” a sly new shade of meaning, and because he sings “I fell for you like a cheeeyiiild” with an Axl Rose inflection. Because his skills allow him to transcend sometimes mediocre material. Because his dancers, sets and lighting are beautifully campy without getting Gaga-diculous about it, especially on one number featuring a rear projection of a neon-colored skull in a style reminiscent of native art accompanied by skull-masked dancers (a troupe of four who performed intermittently throughout the night). Because even his in-ear monitors were bedecked with glitter. Because his tight band celebrates diversity with a woman keyboardist, dreadlocked African-American drummer, and, um, Jewish maybe? lead guitarist and musical director, who also happens to play guitar for Madonna (Lambert himself has a Jewish background, by the way; and the band’s bassist was absent on the night due to a family emergency, but wasn’t sorely missed musically). Because he drew a somewhat diverse crowd, if a bit heavy on Beaverton tweens and their soccer moms gleefully singing along to every word. Because his elastic voice requires no auto-tune, yet every run, scream, and growl stays precisely on pitch. Because he ended his show with “Whole Lotta Love,” substituting the gender-neutral “Baby, you need love” for “Woman….”

Because this culture hasn’t been able to tolerate a male glam superstar since Freddie Mercury died, and if someone’s gotta do the job, this good-natured up-and-comer might as well be it. No, of course, he’s no Freddie, nor, seemingly, much of a provocateur (despite kissing a dude at the American Music Awards). His 21st-century take on glam is tamer, less freaky and more squeaky-clean and readily marketable than the style’s past. But an openly gay, creatively open-minded, widely popular artist who can really sing is a very good thing, regardless of what “reality” he may have emerged from. Long may he reign.

Meeting Adam Lambert
video via: brittyn

Voodoo, pt. 1
video via: MontegoBay601205

and Voodoo, pt. 2

video via: BarTGila

Whataya Want From Me (Posted sideways)
video via: xAselx

and via: MrCooksNumber1Fan

video via:vanglam76

Sure Fire Winners (partial)
video via: MrCooksNumber1Fan

If I Had You (very end)
video by: taberskia

and via: MrCooksNumber1Fan

WLL (Not so good either)
video via: MusicChick121



  1. Hey Jeff, you’re my kind of guy! Nice to see someone who downplays “the kiss that was heard around the world’ . Really you cannot listen or read an interview from anywhere on this globe that doesn’t refer to it. You also get Adam, which puts you in the Hall of Fame Reviewers with his fans. Freddie, Elvis, Michael, etal gave their signature to their particular styles. Adam has put his stamp on Glam Rock 21st Century style. While, just one of his many fans, I don’t personally know him, but I also catch a friendly, put it all out there vibe. What you see is what you get. His voice, I believe, is the best in the business, doesn’t hurt that he’s downright gorgeous! I look forward to watching his rise to superstardom.

  2. Adam IS the real deal. But all of us here already know that. I love reading Adam articles. I hope he does some signing at the concerts that I am attending.

    (Oh, BTW, someone posted what the Mandalay Bay stage in Las Vegas looks like up close. I’ve posted it here in case anyone wants to see what that venue looks like. 🙂 )

    All the tweets to and from Tommy are wonderful. Thanks for sharing here. I love that Adams band/dancers all love each other so much. It drew a tear reading Tommy’s “I luv u guys so f*** much” 🙂 🙁

  3. Oh my God! My mom, my sister and I we’re in the signing video. I was the blonde girl freaking out at the end. lol. It was the best day of my life meeting Adam! I was so speechless I couldn’t say a word to him. Amazing!

    • Hi Sheri, say hi to your sister & mom for me! Congrats on being in the Adam spotlight in Portland!
      I AM the kooky lady with the glittered black beret at start & end of the video! Too bad they don’t show him signing my bra. {LOL} Remember me, I gave you gals the Adam-fridge-magnets? Didn’t we all have a blast? Are you two going to Pullayup Fair in WA on 9/21? You should send me a Tweet so we can connect.! Please keep listening to our baby’s music & keep the spirit of Universal Love ‘n Light alive. Was so nice to meet your family, due to our shared love & appreciation for the gift, who is our Adam!

  4. carmen #395 says:

    Awwwww, Tommy Joe, please know that my heart goes out to you and your family. Stay strong. Love ya!

  5. Thanks for the great review Jeff. Very well styled and written.

  6. Yes, definitely send a card from this site cause this is an awesome site…

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      We most certainly should send a card from this site. Adam and his family is now part of all of our families. Sorry if that is a grammatically awkward sentence!!! You get what I mean!!! It would only be natural to send a get well card / thinking of you card to your family member when they were in need. Let’s get going gang!!!

  7. jacqueline says:


    I have 2 extra tickets for the show at the Pacfic Amp in Costa Mesa on 7/28 , and would like to give free to those unable to get the tickets.

    Pl. contact me at …

  8. Please let’s send a card of support to Tommy and his family. He deserves all the good thoughts and love we can send his way. Love you Tommy!

    I was at the show last night and Adam blew the roof off that place!!! He has the voice of an angel with plenty of the devil in him to make us scream! WHAT AN ADAMAZING SHOW! Thank you Adam for a fantastic show, you ROCK!!! AND thank you for the autograph, It’s going into a frame tonight.

  9. Tommy, my family sends love to you and your family. I hope for only positive wings to fly to you.

  10. Sweet Baby Tommy Joe,

    I took a fistful of Glitter.. and threw it into the Air for you, in memory of my Mom, now one of God’s Angels. is catching it with her wings ready to embrace your heart and offer healing prayers of love to your Dad and family.Can you feel the positve energy…. the whole world loves you and your amazing vibes! Peace, we miss you.
    In the midst of change, we often discover wings we never knew we had. May strength be your guide.

  11. Mary at the Lake says:

    That was such a wonderful review, all positive and all true….I would imagine Adam will want to get a copy of that and frame it, its just so glowing , complementary, and supportive and as some said, the reviewer “gets” Adam, unlike some others that just rehash old stuff and call it a review….Just perfect…

    And a card from Adam Official Unofficial would be so nice….I love the way the band and dancers and Adam of course are so close to each other….and I feel so badly for Tommy…A very difficult time for him and his family. So glad he can be with them.

  12. I have trying to keep up with this site from the Netherlands. My internet access is very limited because of where I am at so I definitely have some withdrawl sypmtoms. Spending lots of good time with my family here.

    I am all for sending a card to Tommy from this site. He is essential to the band and it has been so much fun to watch his interactions with Adam.
    He has also shown to really enjoy contact with the fans before and after concerts and tweeting regularly.
    So I will be checking back later today, i am 6 hours ahead over here!

  13. Thelma(momopott47) says:

    My thoughts are with Tommy and his family at this, there time of need. I pray strength for Tommy and his family, and also healing for his father. He is loved very much by th Glamnation family, of this I am sure.
    A card from this site would be a very good idea.

  14. Tommy is such a special addition to Adam’s show. I hope everything goes well with his father. Love and peace.

  15. Jane Parker says:

    Prayers to Tommy, his dad, and his whole family!

  16. I love the love that is so obvious among Adam and the band. It is so amazing that they have come together in such a short time and seem to be so devoted to one another. Adam is not only the real deal but he has surrounded himself with people who are all so awesome. I think we should do a group card for Tommy and family. The more love sent his way, the better.

  17. Too bad these videos didn’t turn out so well moist love seeing new videos from his show. I was in KC and it was breathtaking. You must definately do a card on here for Tommy. He should know that were all passing on positive energy to him and his family at this fan website. Thanks so much for alll your hard work. Peace!!

  18. adam lambert has jewish background also european descnet. is it norwegianscandrnavian?

  19. is anyone know how to follow adam on twitter.i dont know how to use twitter.thanks.

    vote on vh1 please.

    • Hi Zenos it is not hard at all and im not good on the computer at all. Just go to click on the first twitter and it will ask you to sign up. It is really fun you can follow all your favorite people. I follow all of Adams band Tommy is the most fun!! Also actors other musicians, comedians ( some of which are really funny). Just saw on the 24/7 web site that Adam has more twitter followers than any other idol, so any glambs tghat dont already follow him go to it!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE VH1 LETS GET HIM BACK TO #1 WHERE HE BELONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The Z100 tidbit and interview was soooo great! He couldn’t be any cuter, smarter, funnier or charming. I just love listening and watching him. So personable – how could you not love this man?

  21. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    I think a card is a really good idea. Hang in there Tommy, we’re all behind you and praying. Just to let everyone know, the rerun of Ellen with Adam on it is gonna be on THIS MONDAY!! 🙂 i’ve watched it a few times, and I also have it taped. I REALLY hope Adam does a signing in Indy!!


  22. Fab review, great interviews & wonderful to watch Adam – thanks for posting! And lots of love to Tommy and his family – I agree: it would be great to send them a card from this awesome site!

  23. Hi All,

    Going to see Adam tonight at the Warfield in San Francisco, is anybody going tonight! I hope Tommy will be there.

    Thanks to all you Glambs for all the great posts and videos. I look forward to the updates, you guys are amazing!

    My thoughts are with Tommy and his family, those of us who have though this certainly knows how it weighs on your heart. Love to Tommy and his family!

    • Although the distance between SF and Lincoln is not that far, seems a shame that Adam and Company has to do all that driving back and forth. Afterall, the City has great sights, restaurants, clubs, etc. , ( the weather looks good this weekend) and they would have had some down time if whoever plans these junkets tweeked the schedule a bit. Guess the 2nd SF show was added due to demand. Should imagine Adam will be very savvy on his next tour, and iron out the kinks, or not–never having done anything remotely similar, just guessing! Anyway, please enjoy our hospitality. My good wishes to the Ratliff Family.

    • razmatanian says:

      Nope…not going to the Warfield tonight but I’m going Sunday night. Plan to go to work Monday with glitter still on my face! Have fun tonight…I can’t believe Adam is really going to be here, where we are.

  24. REDSTAR040665 says:

    I pray for Adam, his band and dancers every night to keep them safe and healthy. I will add their families to the list too. Keep up the awesome shows and entertainment.

  25. My thoughts and prayers to Tommy Joe and his family.Yes definetly a card.I just loved the interview with Adam.So cute.

  26. The concert was great last night at the Warfield. Adam looked and sounded awesome, however be prepared, it’s LOUD! His voice is amazing, how he hits those high notes is unbelievable to me.

    I don’t know how they do what they do, from one show to the next! I hope they all stay healthy and safe. Thanks to Adam the band and dancers, for delivering one amazing show. You can certainly tell there is much love between them.

    To Tommy and his family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  27. Iwish tommy dad all the best .I enjoyed thePortland vidios Adam was great !!!!!the disc jockey mentioned tht contest for the meet and greet . In ATLANTIC city meet and greet tickets were over 1,000 dollars for the meet and greet ,ithought this would be like a cocktail and maybe finger food affair to mingle with other fans and ADAM .When i sawi the meet and greet vidio i was suprised Idont think the average fan afford what Atlantic City did can any one explain????? Getting back to tommy he is beautifull perhaps Adam can share him so we can all kiss him.

  28. retrogrrrl says:

    I just saw footage of Tommy & Adam having a wet smooch/lick for Fever at the San Francisco Warfield show!!! So glad to see Tommy is back! That must mean things are better! I got to meet Tommy in Seattle before the concert & he was the sweetest guy! I told him I call him my Glitterboo & I loved his tatoos. I had my friend Holly take a pic of him with me & while he had his arm around me, he was making little circles with his finger on my back!!! He sure knew how to make me smile! Love you Tommy! See you & the Glammapuddin’ (Adam) at the Puyallup Fair!

  29. Best wishes to Tommy and his family–you are in my prayers!

  30. funbunn40 says:

    So glad to see Tommy back with his loving, supportive Glamily! Hope his Dad and family are staying strong and can feel our energy, love and support. Loved the very spot on revue. This is history in the making. I’m so glad to have seen Adam and all in Charlotte. The air was electrified the moment he came on stage. The audience literally gasped at this exquisitely beautiful man and his glorious voice! Such, power, emotion and perfect pitch and crisp understandable lyrics. You can see the excellent , professional training. He commands the stage,moves like a graceful cat and will bring tears when he sings Soaked. He is perfection and is as beautiful on the inside as out.I hope the world will be good to this magnificent gift of a man that we’ve been given and treat him well.