Glam Nation- Peoria, Il 09/05/2010

I am sad to say that this was MY last Glam Nation experience… but what a way to end it!!! The Peoria Civic Center was raring to go even before the show even started as you will see from a fan video that has our “dancer dude” and awesome crowd shots!!
ANNNND many thanks to our very own KAAYVA for these AMAZING videos!!!! She even included a video of Allison performing for those that haven’t seen her, it is a treat…


Pre-show dancer dude and crowd scan/ kumuluskid

Allison- No One Else

Opening Medley/ kaavyawriting

Fever/ kaavyawriting

Sleepwalker/ kaavyawriting

Soaked/ kaavyawriting

WWFM/ kaavyawriting

Aftermath/ kaavyawriting

Sure Fire Winners/ kaavyawriting

Strut/ kaavyawriting

Music Again/ kaavyawriting

IIHY/ kaavyawriting

20th Century Boy/ kaavyawriting

Some after show signing love/ theredstring



  1. Cris R Glamb #659 says:

    Peoria?…..really? PEORIA!!! You guys rock!!! I’m jealous!!

    The Dancer Dude was amazing; took some steel balz to do that. He had some pretty good moves and had clearly seen Adam perform before. I’m sure he’ll live long and prosper……..on YouTube!!

    I’ve been noticing how Tommy puts his arm around Adam lately at the beginning of Fever (right before the Adommy kiss…or not)……just LOVE the way Adam holds Tommy’s hand there on his hip in this one. Acting or not, that Tommy is just one coy, simmering, teasing bundle of love, and together…………ah……..they just melt me.

    Well, back to the videos. I just started watching these.

    • Cris… I cannot stop watching that video!!! Isn’t that the cutest thing???


      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Clearly I went one show too early…

        • Princess please share your experience!!!

          • Princessshakeitup says:

            I did! At the “Rockford” blog. Something is way funky with this site; at least on my computer! I have been getting STRANGE messages when I try to log on and comments that I had previously read are no longer there! Yesterday a friend was helping me ‘fix’ some computer issues I was having and suggested that there was a build up of glitter in my computer from all the ADAM searches and videos. I think that may be a strong possibility! Is anyone else having similar issues or should I back off on the Grey Goose!?
            HOPE my comments are still there cause I poured my glittery little heart out!

            • Yes, I have been having problems with this site. I could not log on for two days. It did this morning and hope it lasts. I did not get to read your comments about the concert. I think I left you a message on the FC. It is under a different signature.

            • Dear Princess I hurried over to the Rockford thread!
              I am so happy you and Mary had a good time but I am with you all the way, I would have loved some more naughtiness. I went to 3 concerts and believe me I had a great time, but I totally dig it when I see this video with him writhing on the floor or really give Tommy some tongue.
              It is very interesting, as a Nia teacher I have been taking my students to floor this week in a more intense way than I have before, really creating a space where people are letting go. It is so powerful and healing, to connect to primal energy….
              We don’t tongue dive in my classes but we do hug!
              Next time we should hook up and go together!

              • Princessshakeitup says:


                • Glamourclamor says:

                  Lucky guys! I substituted for a Dom Violence Class the other day–haven’t taught this in awhile. Was shocked to be told no more hugging, not only anyone in class, but co-workers, etc. No kisses, only blow kisses. I almost said my Bull S***t out loud. I love the tongue diving, and since Adam has not been on the diving board lately, I’m thinking he’s saving all that sexiness for New Orleans! What do you think? Can’t think of a place where it would be more fun! BTW. having all sorts of problem w/this site. Something amiss?

    • angelneptunestar says:

      Loved the videos. Here is my post on Adam and Ricky Martin, hope you like it. xxx

  2. Linda Krosinski says:

    I can’t see many of the videos and pictures. Is there something I have to do? Love that Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just saw KISS and was so wishing Adam could have been with them but he was doing a concert that night in Rockford

  3. Adam, please stop shaving your head. I want to see the handsome Adam again.

  4. Beaglewoman (Glamb #611) says:

    I’ve been trying to post but for some reason mine keep getting deleted….. I’ll try again. I was at Peoria and it was an awesome, fun night. We were throwing glo sticks out to others in the audience and everyone was so into the warm-up music. Yes, the guy on the 3rd terrace was a hoot and was happy that nothing besides his shirt came off!

    I was severly arm-twisted 🙂 into going to this show at the last minute by a new friend I had met pre-concert at Clowes Hall. We scored great seats (row D) and I got some great photos – and my friend got even better ones. We screamed and danced and acted like schoolgirls – as is typical of my behavior at an Adam concert.

    We decided to wait at the buses post-show as my friend really wanted her poster signed – again. I was lucky and managed to get an Adam-graph on my ticket which I have used along with one of my concert photos to create a wonderful memento for myself…..(sigh).

    This is my last stop on the tour and I have had so much fun. I have met some really wonderful new friends and am anxiously looking forward to a new CD and another tour (oh please, oh please, oh please!!!).

    Keep hold of that feeling of wild abandonment that you have enjoyed this summer even if it was only for an hour 🙂


  5. Mary at the Lake says:

    I haven’t been able to access this site at all for several days…Was wondering what was going on…was it just me or????? Hoping all is well now…. And that fellow up there certainly was feeling the spirit!!!

  6. Mary at the Lake says:

    And whoa!!! The time stamp for my post is way off….hmmmm….very strange….like 8 hours ahead…more like London Time…..than West Coast…Oh well…

  7. Princessshakeitup says:

    Yeah, I’m glad it wasn’t the “Goose”!

  8. Hi all… YAAAYYY this site is BACK!!! Havent even looked at the Peoria videos yet, but just want to confirm for some of you that I had trouble too!!! For a day & 1/2 I couldnt connect, it was so frustrating & dissapointing. This is my favorite place to play! Lol Princess.. glad for you it wasn’t the Goose. Boy did I miss all the fun info, videos and just freindly comfort of this site. Damn, withdrawral s*cks! I was lucky to see 3 AMAZING concerts with our INCREDIBLE Adam ( F.) Lambert, (um, yes I know his reall middle initial is M–the guy even has an awesome name) and I’ll never be the same. How is it possible for this amazing creature to get better with each show, SOUND even BETTER than the recording, (even in old wooden non-acoustic ballroom buildings) and look MORE BEAUTIFUL every time I saw him? Neil is right He must be a glittery alien.. but he IS the most gifted, golden voiced, incredibly beautiful human I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on. Now, speaking of eyes, gotta go enjoy the visual video feast!

  9. please keep voting for him,hes on vh1 no.17.hes going down .please keep voting

  10. This site was offline for several days, i’m Glad it’s back,
    i need my Adam fix .. sorry i don’t post always but i’m
    checking this site everyday .. so happy and excited i’ll
    fianlly see our Glam rock god on 10-10-10!!!

  11. Glad to hear that it was not my computer on the blink. I hope the site is up and back to stay.

  12. Mary I sent you an email, I think on Sept. 6. You did not pick it up yet on the FC.

  13. thanks for all you do to get Adam to us I also had trouble i blame comcast!! it was very noticable that ADAMS GINGER HAIR WAS growing through. I think he is Irish i, bet he can do a real good IRISH JIG,

  14. What’s happening to Adam’s hair! I like the EMO look! I went back to the IDOL vidos, I think it was on IDOL where I thought he looked his very best. More humble if that makes any sense, which made him even more desirable. That LOOK, that SMILE, those LIPS! SOOOOO CUTE!

    I would love to hear Adam sing “Up U Up” on his tour. Such a great song!

  15. Glamourclamor says:

    I posted on this site last week–don’t remember exactly and it is not here. Was having all types of problems getting on. Mine was the first post on this stream, not any more. I was just concerned that there were so few posts. Guess everyone enjoying new Fan Site, but need to stay connected with old friends, which I feel this site is.

    • It has been a week since we have had a new thread. This is not what will keep bringing people back here, I am sorry to say.

  16. Oh, I am so glad the site’s back up! (It’s the first time I’ve been able to check in all weekend!) I wonder what happened… In any case, yay! We all need our Glambert fix. <3

  17. Glamourclamor says:

    Thanks for the Allison video. She is suddenly all grown up. Anyone besides me think she will be the next Linda Rhonstad?? spelling her name wrong I think. Allison just dropped by Jive, but if she embraced her latin roots, she could cross back and forth like Linda did for years. Still can’t find out if she is going overseas with Adam. P.S. Monte and Tommy are such gentlemen–they truly are nice guys. I wish them much success. No. not leaving Adam out, just wanted to thank you for the other videos. Is this site going to continue? Hope so.