Glam Nation-Norfolk, Virginia 06/30/2010

The Glam Nation Tour did it’s thing last night in Norfolk, Virginia, and once again was SMOKING HOT!!
I have to admit that I don’t always sit and watch every second of every video as I am posting them. Not because I am not interested of course, but because I have to do “real life” things as well. I have to say though, that on a day like today, when I just let them play a little longer than usual… it just brings goosebumps to my arms to hear that man’s voice!! Not only when he sings either, I love hearing him laugh and speak too!! This version of Whole Lotta Love was outstanding once again, and Soaked was breathtakingly beautiful…
It is just mesmerizing…. happy day everyone!!!

A huge thank you to @tawneej for this gorgeous photobucket album of pictures from this concert!!

Thank you, as well, to all these fans that took great videos. I appreciate them!!!


Voodoo, DTRH, ROF
video via:noskerdycat

Whataya Want From Me:
video via:needacoke

video via:needacoke

Sure Fire Winners:
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video via: needacoke

Partial Soaked:
video via: redwich

video via: needacoke

Whole Lotta Love:
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and WLL again:
video via: needacoke

P/S Dear Adam, can your voice be any more beautiful than when you sing Soaked???
Didn’t think so…Mmmmmmm.



  1. glamaus says:

    Sheer Brilliance!

  2. I was in Norfolk last night, right in the front row! OMG, incredible!!! I don’t know what else to say he is perfect in every way.. His voice was at its best, he looked fabulous, and he was SEXY as HELL!!!!!!! Can’t stop thinking about him, it’s hard to come back to reality and be a mom and wife again. Thanks ADAM for an incredible night I will never forget!!!

    • hey robin i dont go till aug so what was or how did u manage front row—any pointers???

      • We ate at a place nearby that offered early entry (15 min) before public. You had to have reservations and spend $10. per person to get ticket.

      • Lisa we did the same as anroin. We ate at the restaurant that offered early admission. We met some great fans that stood in line with us. we got there early and held each others spots in line while we went to eat. If the venue you are going to has people who have won meet and greets just know that they will be in their first. So when we got in they had already taken half of the front row. We were really lucky. Good Luck!!

  3. charlotte says:

    Sue, I could not agree with you more about “Soaked” I sat at my computer will chills running up and down my spine and tears pouring out of my eyes. What a magnificent person!!!!. You all have to listen to this rendition. It is simply marvelous!!!!

  4. Keli Green Eyes says:

    I agree Sue. Beautiful man, beautiful voice, and beautiful soul.

  5. On WLL, at 4:20 he says, “I’ll tell you what I need” 🙂 I know where he can get some of that! lol. The end is hilarious too. Adam just makes me smile, all the time.

  6. AllaboutAdam says:

    Maybe he’ll do SOAKED as a single someday?…. Perfection, i can’t believe he’s real… I DO LOVE THAT MAN!

  7. Words no longer exist….there are not enough appropriate adjectives to describe what you’re watching and hearing. When you think it can’t get better, he comes out with what I think is the best WLL so far. He really and truly is the “new heroin”!!!! Once you try it, you’re hooked for life. Gotta go to rehab for any chance to come off of it. Then again, who wants to come off of this high?

    Later in the month I’ll be 5 rows back at my concert, and I’m bringing my son to shoot some footage. He is not a fan of Adam (I know right?) and has no problem focusing on the filming while I enjoy the show. (We’ll see if he’s still not a fan after.) Anyway Sue, I don’t know if you’ve already got a source for the Thunder Valley show, but if my videos turn out, I’d be happy to have you walk me through getting them to you so I can share. You can reach me at

    Now I just gotta get through 23-1/2 more days of “Adam-envy”.

    P.S. Sue: I’d be willing to send you a donation as a token for all the hard work you do, and all the pleasure you provide to us minions. I imagine you have internet bills etc. Not sure what the protocol is for this. Enlighten me if you want.

  8. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I was there last night! As you all can see and hear, Adam was fabulous! Several other thoughts: being only about 20 feet from him, I realized with shock once again that Adam is a real live person – gorgeous and really real – not a Holly wood creation or someone’s dream (mine). He seemed so truly happy and JOYFUL! He seems to know how blessed he is to be doing exactly what he was born to do (entertain and uplift us all) He smiled the whole time; was relaxed and really interacting with us the audience. His voice took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. Sleepwalker was one of my ultra favorites (if I had to choose) WLL was a really fierce version; the seduction was all in his voice and his expressions ; the body language was oh so subtle but Lord we all got the message! I was glad I had a pole nearby to lean on! Audience was a totally mixed group on the whole very well behaved and just having FUN. I am suffering today for those 4 plus hours of standing, but for that too short time with Adam I will do it all again. ( and his band is amazing and work perfectly in syc with him!)

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      Yes, JOYFUL… and his smiles are like a drug aren’t they? Your verison of Soaked last night has to be the most beautiful and heartfelt i’ve ever seen….. hard to do, but close your eyes… and let it wash all over you…. no words… I’m numb from that Soaked performance.

      • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

        Soaked was truly beautiful; it was like a moment suspended in time – we were all right there with him in that song! Even on the tape I think you can hear that there was a period of almost silence from the audience; sheer awe at an amazing (and so rare) talent.

        • I was at NorVa show also and still havent recovered from such an exciting evening. Stood the whole time packed like a sardine @ 5 row back and loving every minute of it. I wanna do that again and again. His voice and performance was soooooo incredible and he is soooo beautiful that I really am at a loss for words.

  9. adamfan says:

    Came across this – very Elvis like.

  10. OMG, best ever! Soaked without a doubt the most beautiful version I have ever heard. And I sure hope he does WLL at Upper Darby. Got to hear Mad World at the Borgata but I REALLY want to hear WLL. He is beyond words, more than amazing, incredible, beautiful, WOW!!!!!

  11. Fever, Soaked, WWFM, WLL are all by other artists, but Adam has made them his own in such a big way. His fans so totally relate to these songs and it’s like he is singing to them individually. Everyone is so tuned into these songs their responses are as one at certain spots in each number, so much so Adam is now pausing at these places. He will forever be identified with these songs as he has put his signature on them. Will be interesting to see if he has similar reactions on the international leg of tour. Can’t wait to see him this month. As he has said sexy is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes the drums were terrific. I am an old time jazz nut, and Mr.L. thrilled me.

  12. Lori Carmone says:

    OMG!! I was there last night and thanks to Mary Ellen was able to get about 7 people deep from the stage!! Adam was phenominal!! Amazing!!!!! I can’t even put it into words!!!!! Soaked is almost operetic in nature. He could do opera too if he wanted. There is nothing that this man can’t do. He is so vocally talented and blessed/. Not hard on the eyes at all..LOL..I could watch him ALL DAY LONG! 2nd show and all I cansay is FABULOUS!!

  13. i love love love your show friend enjoy

  14. Susan W. says:

    Oh! I thought I was seeing things in one of the other videos but he IS performing “Fever” barefooted! I’m not a fan of feet so I have no idea why I find him performing the song that way so intriguing and yes… SEXXXXXXXY. I love the interaction with Tommy too. I keep telling myself there isn’t a need to keep watching the new videos after each concert. However, I keep seeing things I haven’t seen before and I just can’t help myself!

  15. Just wondering if any of you ladies have seen this video compilation of Fever? It is only the Adam and Tommy moments…

    • Susan W. says:

      Thank you! I hadn’t seen that yet! There is another good compilation one by Suz526 of Adam and Tommy set to the song Beat Me Up. Thanks so much for this link.

  16. Once again an off the charts WLL, a totally innovative and unique performance by a man without equal in the pop rock music world today and perhaps never to be heard again. He becomes one with his drummer’s beat, his addition to this song as suggested during his last performance, and brings the song to new heights of brilliance never heard before…he owns this song!!. The crowd knows and he knows it as do all who have ears to hear and eyes to see the beauty and charisma and talent of this amazing artist.

  17. cheryl 334 says:

    I am finally having to admit that there are really NO words to describe any performance of Adam’s. He is just a supernatural man of Earth. No one like lhim before, and no one like him again. Simply the most PERFECT human on earth!


    • JEANENE says:


      • AllaboutAdam says:

        It truly is. You walk in as one person with one perspective, and you leave in a completely different mindset…. it’s enlightening… the perfect word…. you will never be the same after seeing him in person.

  18. DAAAMMMN!!!! ADAM IS SOOOOOOOOO Goood !!!! I need to listen his music, and i need to see him on vidie to get through the Day! WHATS WRONG WITH ME ?!!!! This man IS a PRINCE OF MUSIC SOON TO BE WORLDWIDE KING AND BIGGEST ICON ON THIS PLANET!!!!!!

  19. marlene says:

    WOW!!!!!thanks for sharing the footage with us.I look forward every night to getting my ADAM fix. There are very few words left to express my thoughts except thankyou. His WLL gives me heart palpitations .I am a happy women .

  20. I just crashed back to Earth.

    Last night was spectacular. I was so close to stage I could barely believe it.
    During Fever, I screamed at him. “KISS him, LICK him” but instead Adam grabbed the neck of Tommy’s guitar and Holy Shit he was just loving and stroking the guitar…..Sure Fire Winners and Sleepwalker both so powerful. He was having a riot on stage and was more comfortable the second half of the concert because I think he has a cold and was testing the ranges of his voice in the beginning. Once he felt good about it he totally let it rippp….
    When they left the stage after IIHY we screamed for more and I just kept yelling, we want more LOVE, bring back the LOVE!!! Well he did. WLL was a POWER BALLAD. He was playing it, feeling it, letting his body undulate, so naturally, his eyes closed, wailing and being the complete and utter embodiment of a Whole Lotta Love.

    The way he ended the concert, with the bra and the “Toy” just showed his playful persona and I loved how he turned around and thanked the crowd.

    My mother in law and I were so riled up there was now way were were going home. We tried to get into Hooters and get some beer and wings becaue we were so hungry but they were closing. We ended of up up on a desolate VA highway in an IHOP and I had two cups of coffee, steak, eggs and pancakes at 1 am! I was so energized I was running on Cosmic Energy, I am sure!

    Tomorrow my husband and I are going to Charlotte! Mary Ellen, Lori it was nice meeting you and Robin I am sorry I missed you!

    • Jane Parker says:

      Go girl! I am glad you had a great time and glad you got safely back to Durham.
      Have a great time tonight in Charlotte!!

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      HAHA – loved your post…. after my own heart… I too felt energized – it’s been 5 days for me since my “fix” and I don’t think i’ve had more than 2 hours sleep per night since then… SOMEONE is on my mind! His comfort level and campyness is so cute! Loved how he gets all sexy and hot and then turns it into a giggle or an impish smile… He knows he has us by the guts. Ya know…I think I’d drink the Kool-aid for him. People think I’m just into it for his looks – his hotness….but what they don’t get is that his incredible hotness goes all the way to his soul – to his heart. Another thing I’ve noticed is the tone of all of our posts lately – during his tour – we’ve all become much more invested than before – invested more deeply. We loved him before, and now we’re feeling it radiate back! He’s reached us in a new way. We’ve glimpsed more of him than we expected since he’s taken the stage on his own this summer. And i believe that, along the way, WE are enlightening him as well.

    • sun-n-stars says:

      Hey Irene, we were about the 6th row back, center stage. Adam recognized us from the night before and kept smiling at my friend. We were in line beside him at the movies. She didn’t believe me when I told her that it was Adam Lambert and his band members but when she realized it was him, she was awestruck. Neither of us could speak to him. She just stared at him and I think maybe made him a little uncomfortable because he got out of line and walked off. He was so adorable. We did speak to Neil but he was having a bit of a dilemma with the ticket machine-quite frustrated to say the least. I think we made him nervous when he realized that we knew who they were. Most of Adam’s band and dancers were with them. They went to see “Get Him to the Greek”. We didn’t change our plans as I wanted them to be able to watch the movie and be like normal people having a good time. I didn’t see Monty with them. We sat beside Orianthi and her band members at dinner the night before. Her drummer is so cute. Then during lunch the day of the concert we saw Allison and Adam’s drummer walking down the street. My friend yelled at them and Allison came over and said “hi”. She is so sweet. After the concert, she came off of their bus and signed autographs. She made a special point to take pictures with all of the children who were waiting around. We waited for Adam to emerge from the Norva to sign autographs but he had a police escort when he departed. My friend yelled to him asking him for an autograph and he turned and blew a kiss and I think he said “love you” to the crowd. Not sure, it was so hectic. After he got on the bus, they immediately pulled away. We had a awesome time. I have some great pictures that I need to share. Haven’t had time to add them as work prevails. Taking my sister to the Richmond concert in August. Can’t wait to see them again. Everyone in his band was so nice and pleasant to be around including his dancers. It was a remarkable experience. Sorry that I missed meeting you but we met some very nice people while waiting in line and stayed with them during the concert and afterward. After they found out we were going to the Richmond concert, they got tickets off of E-Bay and are now going. This is a great way to meet new people who share our common interest. Glad that you got back home safely.

  21. tweeterpie says:

    It’s truly ADAMAZING how each and every concert has it’s own unique stamp even though the stagecraft is already pre-set. I anxiously wait up until all hours of the night for the newest videos to come out and to seek out their surprizes. I probably spend way too much of my day thinking of him, dreaming of him, and waiting for my chance to see him LIVE again. I love the way he keeps changing up the performance & songs ever so slightly to make them fresh and exciting to the repetitive watcher & listener. His encores really showcase this ability well. I must also point out that his vocals were beyond perfection on Soaked tonight and exceptionally good on WWFM as well. I ADORE this man & can hardly wait until I finally get to see him in person for myself again. Luckily, I have front row seats on his final tour date, so that should help make up for the long wait.
    Thank-You for all the great photos & videos that help feed my Adam addiction,

  22. I saw him on June 24th and watch every video to be sure that everything’s the same and will be when I see him again on Aug. 20th.
    I know all the words to all his songs on the CD and find myself singing them every day in my head. I know I need to get a ticket for a good seat in July too. But after all these videos and concerts people are buying them up no matter what they cost. .. I’ll go alone..maybe I can get one seat.
    This is history in the making… and I was there…… it’s one of those things like people are saying–you gotta see it to believe it…..he’s the star of our time… THE ONE AND ONLY ADAM ,BEAUTIFUL MAN AND VOICE.

  23. I am wondering how he can keep singing …he has 45 more shows that I counted then 2 weeks after he goes on tour to Europe!!! How can a person keep singing like that? Won’t his voice give out?

  24. I was at the Norfolk concert and OMG!!!! He is something unlike this world has ever seen……Words cannot discribe his talent and the joy he brings to us all! The fact that he is an unbelievably Beautiful human being is a plus:) We should all thank his Mom and Dad for raising such a Kind, Humble, loyal, Giving, Happy and appreciative man for us to Enjoy!! I was in the front row and he was AMAZING!!!!