Glam Nation-New Zealand 10/17/2010

This show was back to business as usual for the Glam Nation!! YAYAYAY!
New Zealand loved on our man, and the absolute favorite part of the show for me???? Watching Adam sing METALLICA, YESSSS! For the encore at this show, Adam and the band surprised Tommy for his birthday, and sang his favorite song, Enter Sandman by Metallica. The best was that Adam admits to not knowing the words, and he admits to having a cheat sheet down on the stage with him!! So, for yet another facet of this man…skip to the encore section… totally worth it.


Auckland Airport Arrival/ LisaJuggler

Opening Medley/
FYE/ GraceBurger666

Ring Of Fire/ GraceBurger666

Fever/ GraceBurger666

Sleepwalker/ GraceBurger666

Soaked/ GraceBurger666

Broken Open/ GraceBurger666

WWFM/ GraceBurger666

Aftermath/ GraceBurger666

Sure Fire Winners/ GraceBurger666

Strut/ GraceBurger666

And/ kakaroxox

Music Again/ kakaroxox

IIHY/ GraceBurger666


Enter Sandman (Metallica)/ frankieroisthebomb

AND/ xDBeeya



  1. love this song sand man mettalica; like also 20th century boy-adma lambert sing both of this song; 20th century boy and sand man mettalica.

  2. It is so great to see Adam singing new material! We’ve seen him sing his Glam Nation/FYE songs for so long. Or maybe it just feels like that because we’ve caught every show, thanks to video! It would be great if he’d pull new songs out for all the band’s and dancer’s birthdays. I’d love for someone to lay one on me like that for my birthday!
    ~ Carol, Glamb #7 ~

  3. So cute that he didn’t know the words. I know Adam on one interview said he was not into Metallica. But now Adam does heavy metal! And rocks it!

  4. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    There is nothing this man can’t sing! WoW! I Love Adam’s version! And Monte and band just slayed it – so much energy! Adam please save something special for Amsterdam – that will be the last time I get to see you on this tour. Yes we all worry about burnout – are you listening management? Adam and band always give 100% – we want them all to stay healthy!

    • Mary-Ellen, I am going to the Amsterdam concert as well!!!
      Adam and the Band will have a break between returning from Hawaii and leaving fro Europe so hopefully that get that much needed R&R and jetlag recovery.
      I believe performing in Europe will really get them charged!!

  5. Loved it–havn’t heard Metallica for years–Adam knows how to do it!!!

  6. Adamesque says:

    Adam does Metallica? It just doesn’t get much better than that! I’ve always thought that he has a great hard rock voice; the man can do anything. And that kiss??? I think I need a cold shower now!

  7. JoAnne T. says:

    Helllllll yah!!!! I always knew Adam could belt out a great metal tune and he did an amazing job on this one!! Adam makes metal sexxxxy again I tell ya! It just leaves me speachless is there any song he CAN’T do?? Even Metallica themselves would have to say he did a helluva job! One song I’d LOVE to hear him do is Cinderella’s “Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”, it would be soooo good with the high notes he effortlessly hits don’tcha think? Adam just continues to awe and surprise me and he remains as always…..PERFECTION! Oh yah, and that KISS….whoaaaaa BABY does Tommy have any idea how LUCKY he is?!?! It does seem Tommy got “into it” a bit more lol and who could blame him! Lucky ermmmm stiff!

    JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

  8. Glamourclamor says:

    Well no on can sell the New Zealand audience short–these people were great. WOW and did they love Adam or what? In fact, in some songs singing louder than he was. Even Soaked. And what a birthday bash for Tommy? I am sure this is one BD he will never forget–celebrating in front of 5,000 people and Adam and the Band paying him tribute. The love is flowing both ways here. What a night. The best part–the world is hearing that voice. Yes, it comes in a pretty package,but the voice is golden. Everyone celebrating here, and we, his fans get to take part in this celebration. Lord, thank you for You Tube.

  9. Lamchops50 says:

    Adam continues to rock the world! I wasn’t into Metallica but when Adam covers it, I’m a fan 😀

  10. OMFG!!!!! Adam ROCKED Metallica!!!! And I was never a Metallica fan either, but all I can say is WOW!

  11. kat23mogan says:

    Here is a better video of Enter Sandman…I love Metallica…but honestly there is no comparison vocally to Metallica’s lead singers vocals and Adam…Adam kills this….love the Happy BD Tommy kiss…cute.

  12. kat23mogan says:
  13. KO's smiling says:

    I love that he sang a Metallica song even though he was so unfamiliar with it… he had to look at Monte for his cue to start singing! Such a cutie. But sorry, guys, if you’re into hard rock, you know Adam doesn’t have hard rock vocals – but that’s not the point. The artistic risk-taking is the point, and we all know that at this, Adam rules. 🙂

  14. Is he doing what I think he is doing with that microphone? Oh brother, I’m surprised there aren’t 1000 articles about this all over the internet. Thank God. The vocals are out of this world and he is fabulous. The kissing and “other” sexual inuendo is too much for me…I don’t care for it. I guess we won’t be seeing him on Dancing with the Stars Live Results show anytime soon ……. 🙂

    He is a great performer otherwise!

  15. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Well, …. I liked ES but I didn’t. Adam is so creative with his voice, so much control. I love his voice, but for me, I’m waiting for Adam & Monte to bring out Citizen Vein music. It was heavy metal in it’s own way. I like some music from Metallica, & the lead singer has the voice for his style of music. I don’t know, I can’t quite put my finger on it . Yes I can, Adam has just made me realize , he has taken me to a new & higher level of his brilliance. I wish I was there to see him do ES live.
    I cannot wait for his next album!!! Adam doing his own thing. Let’s see what that beautiful mind & beautiful voice of his, have in store for us. Great looking bunch of people in NZ!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      ok, I watched ES again & again, it’s HOTT!! going back to watch it again. maybe I do like it, A LOTT!!!

  16. Adam Lambert Interview with radio ZM New Zealand

    Adam Lambert Interview with CTV4

  17. There was a young man called TOMMY, who sat at home feeling lonely, he wished he could play guitar like Metalica, so he practiced hard on his mums old spatula,The AMA he could not miss, HE really enjoyed the famous KISS , He now is an international STAR,and deserves his whiskey in the jar. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY!!!!!!

  18. tweeterpie says:

    Another ADAMAZING performance, and as usual he proves once again that he can truly sing anything! I thought his version of ES was fantastic, especially since it was new to him & I could actually understand some of the words for once. I know some people don’t like Adam’s sexual indulges & theTommy kisses, but I love it ALL. He is a BEAUTIFUL FREE SPIRIT and all he is doing is just expressing himself in his music. Plus, give him a break, he was just BANNED from kissing any man in Malaysia and could have been jailed just for being gay. So I think he was just super happy to be “FREE” again & besides, it WAS Tommy’s birthday. I think Tommy was really digging the kiss too. I know that I sure would be!

  19. Watch the Mexican Wave during Adam’s concert in Auckland (while waiting for him to appear).

  20. Adam lambert Interview with Radio ZM in Sept (before he came to NZ)

  21. Fans singing Adam’s songs while waiting outside.

  22. This is a very good quality video and sound but unfortunately it is not a full video:

  23. Adamlambertlova!!!!!! says:

    I was at this GLAMNATION CONCERT, it was sooo frikn AWSUM!!!! Adam’s ‘Enter Sandman’ tribute was so gd, luky Tommy. LOVE was da bst theme caus it realy did shw da love. Hopefully he comes bak to New Zealand again. SO WORTH IT!!!

  24. I too was at this concert. It was a huge day weekend in fact… I should put my recap here for you all to read.. that was my mexican wave footage by the way….yay..

  25. Part One

    We’ll go back to the Friday night when I picked up Dianne (another fan from here), had a great tea, fan girled about Adam and then I went to pack and Dianne went to bed. My Adam was also in bed. Suddenly we had another aftershock, a 4.6. They are really scary and I could almost count the seconds till Dianne popped out of her room into the hallway and said “Did you feel that?”
    So to say we were anxious to get to Auckland to see Adam was an understatement. We were also keen to leave earthquake city.
    I slept in so had to rush to get ready and leave for the airport. Drove passed the car storage place so had to turn around and try another road. Found it. They hadn’t got my booking. Although I could swear they got my email and confirmed it. Oh well. We booked in and paid the $40.00 for the 2 nights and then they drove us to the airport. My plane was leaving at 9.40am so we checked our bags in, sprinkled glitter through the domestic terminal (well the area we were in anyway.) We then went through to the lounge. Of course we again sprinkled glitter everywhere around us.
    Our flight was called so Adam and I sprinkled glitter all the way down the tunnel onto the plane and took our seats in amongst a twirl of black glitter. lol. Yes black glitter. I found some and it really was very pretty and we decided along with some friends to glitter NZ.
    On the plane Adam noticed that the girl sitting next to us was listening to Adam… coincidence… no I asked and she was heading for Auckland for the concert. Very cool. She had followed him during idol but only heard the songs on the radio since… I told her she was in for a treat and gave her a card for my website! She didn’t really want to talk so we left her alone.
    Arrived in Auckland and while waiting for the luggage (yes we sprinkled more glitter) I looked across and saw a couple whos wedding I had filmed. Went over to say hi and chatting away asked them why they were in Auckland, they said they just popped up for the weekend and i asked if they had anything special they were going to do.. a concert and guess what… they were going to Adam… yay.. I think they didn’t think I would want to… Told them that’s where I was heading. We laughed and they seemed relieved to tell… He’s a DJ so I do believe he would be playing Adam.
    So Maureen (another major Adam fan) picked me up from the airport and I navigated and she drove and took me to Henderson where I was staying with StephyNZ for the night. We got there and Maureen left to go to her friends.
    I sprinkled the glitter all over the walkway up to the house and then took a couple of pics while we waited for Steph to arrive back from the shop.
    After settling in with my new friend… she busied herself with preparing for the PreGlam party she had organised and refusing my help we did a little shopping and went home to get ready.

    Part 2.

    Stephy had the house set up so beautifully. Pics of Adam everywhere, floating candles and rose petals in the bathtub, a glittered and rhinestoned glambulge cup for the games… I’ll put the link in for that later.. when the party started and the fans started to arrive it was incredible… here I was meeting women that I had only talked to on twitter and Glambworld. Also arriving was my Glambworld friend Darren…it was our first meeting and it was exciting for all. Everyone had practiced with makeup and were all glammed up. Yellowsister, nzglambert007, stephynz, catzmadam, kiwinatasja, and more… it was so exciting and as the evening wore on and a few (not too many as they wanted to be ok for the concert – couldn’t meet Adam with a hangover) drinks had by all, the women loosened up. We sang and danced to Adam’s music and then it was time for the game…
    pin the glambulge on Adam.. Stephy had made a 6ft 3″ drawing of Adam and we were to point a glittery peen at pre-designated spot and whoever got closest would win… It was hilarious. Blindfolded and spun around and holding the 11 inch silver glittered peen we set off. All our selected areas were marked. It was astounding the amount of cheating and handling of Adams person went on. The youngest girl was the most accurate with her cupped hand.. You’d have thought she was experienced in many things… in the end the game was won by DaziWazi (Darren)… he was absolutely stoked to be able to go home with the Glambulge trophy. I’m sure Stephy has put the video online.. will look for it and link it in…
    My Adam missed all this as he was feeling so sick he took himself to bed.
    We even had an airline pilot there who was ho hum about Adam and by the end of the evening was having such a good time that he was reluctant to leave… it may have been all the glitter that kept being chucked his way (by me lol) and over him…… He would certainly have a bit of explaining to do next time he flew…glittery haired alien he’d became.
    So we cleaned up and retired for the evening.

    Part 3…

    So here we are… the big day… i’ll briefly skip passed the fact that my old time girlfriend i hadn’t seen for 15 years collected me from Stephy’s and took me out of lunch… mostly notable was that we talked a lot about Adam and I continued with my spree of black glitter.. everywhere we went sparkled… So had a good time with her.
    It was time to book into our hotel and i arrived to be told my friend Dianne had just checked in. Great! We went up to our room and threw glitter everywhere straight away… no doubt there will be some (many) cleaning staff who will not be happy with the amount of cleaning they will have to do to get rid of the glitter… lol.
    We quickly dressed into our gear and i made the decision… long aubergine coloured silk velvet coat with amazing sequins and bejewelled bottom or my kind of like Voodoo coat. The silk won. Worn over my short dress, tights, and black boots it was just right.. very comfy.
    My Adam put on his GlamNation New Zealand t-shirt we had made for him and jeans and boots and Darren arrived to get ready. He had wonderful spiked shoulders… nearly impaled my head at one point in the evening… but thats for later…. lol. Coupled with a flouro green and black striped tie and his homemade spiked shirt and pants with chains hanging from them he looked the part.
    It was a bit concerning that it was pouring down with rain outside and we were going to be out there sometime soon.
    It took me the next hour and a half to do our make up… My Adam in peacock greens and mascara, Darren in silver and glittery black, and myself in purple peacock colours with blue mascara… we were set.
    The rain had stopped – the glittery rockgod must have danced his spell over the heavens and the sun was shining. Thank goodness…
    Called a cab and arrived at the bus stop to form the head of the queue. We’d paid $20.00 per bus ticket to be able to catch the bus, enter the venue first, get first drinks at the bar and first go at the merchandise. We realised that there were maybe 6 people ahead of us but that was cool… we would be on the first bus… twitter’s sweetonpeace and some of her friends turned up not long after us and we fangurled and guyed about how we all looked. People kept coming and it wasn’t long before the queue was starting to really grow. Apparently there were going to be 500 people on the buses… crikey!!!
    The silly things instead of queuing along the footpath started to curl inwards. There was no way there was going to be a way to hold that line… we started to plan how to make sure we were on the first bus… after that it wouldn’t matter…lol. We acknowledged the first people and told them they must be first and then talked to the people nearest the kerb and explained to them… They totally understood. Funnily enough you could tell the levels of fandom… the most done up and avid fans were the ones there from the earliest time… lol..
    The first bus arrived and instead of pulling up at the busw stop it moved forward… now we would really have to fight for our position as he stopped right next to the later arrivals… We went through the mill again telling the driver how long we’d been there… and finally after much jostling, breathing exhaust fumes and convincing the crowd we made it on… it was a double decker, so we went upstairs.
    Adam and I grabbed seats and were so glad we made it on cause we started seeing people who had like been there for 5 minutes coming up behind us… all those who counted made it and we could relax.
    After much checking that we weren’t overcrowded we finally set off…
    the music came on and that was it…. we sang loudly, laughed, marvelled over Adam and the forthcoming concert. A couple of gay boys were behind me and they hadn’t had time to put any makeup on so i threw – oh yes I did – black glitter all over them and they borrowed eyeliner and glittery makeup and did themselves up. They looked great. I also passed out cards to my Adam website for Adam Fans Down Under. Wer sang and carried on all the way to the venue… and we all cheered when we arrived to the watchful eyes of 4500 people…. all jealous of us being the first in the door…. well except for the Meet and Greeters.
    before we were allowed off the bus we were told we had to have our bracelet things on (something to do with the buses I think) and have our tickets ready… no aerosols, no pro cameras, no sharp or blunt weapons, etc etc and have our bags ready to search… I had hidden my wee video camera in my pocket and my friend Dianne had the audio recorder on her… i had left my digital camera at the hotel so it wouldn’t be confiscated… dammit.
    Off the bus we went. And walked under the glare of the sun and the 9000 eyes of the other ticket holders.
    We moved quickly into the foyer past security (no one wanted to be sent to the back of the queue in shame so we all told security what they wanted to hear… they really didn’t check all that hard..
    We ignored the merchandise stand, but did look longingly as we walked by. It was however more important that we make it close to the doors.

    Will put this up while I write the next bit…

    Part 4.

    So the next bit of time went downhill…My wee Adam was starting to feel closed in, his stomach had already started to cramp and he got worse by the second. Even the excitement of getting in shortly to see Adam paled into insignificance with how ill he felt… it was being noticed around us as well and he was very obviously ill. He felt faint as well. I motioned to catch a security guards eye and asked him to stop the crowd pushing from behind us… we also had some young girls behind us who were prepared to protect Adam. Another young man ahead of us saw him and told people to move so we could get Adam into a clear space with some air.. the security guard saw him and instantly radio’d the head of security. He came along and asked us if we wanted to go somewhere Adam could get some air and that we wouldn’t lose our spot, he’d see to that. I told him all we wanted was to get to some seats at the side. Adam kept saying he just wanted to see Adam, through tears and running mascara…. We were taken just down the side of the queue and down some steps to where there were some gym mats. Adam sat down and the security man got a bottle of cold water to put on his neck to cool him down. He couldn’t know that really it wasn’t the heat that was the problem… it was Adams sickness trying to stop him from having a night to remember…
    Anyway they let the VIP’s into the venue at that time. Next thing rthe head security guy came and said “come now”. We did and i helped Adam up and up the stairs and they let us in the door probably a full 2 minutes before the crowd so that we could be out of the way… I had to support Adam all the way telling him not to faint as they’d take us out of the concertt altogether if he did… We finally made it to the seats i had spotted the day before on a quick tour. They were perfect for us.
    That was at just after 7pm and we still had 2 and a half hours till Adam.
    It took all that time and every bit of willpower that my Adam had to end up seeing Adam.. he was still so sick for so long.. the woman behind us was offering pain relief, tissues, and something else… she was a walking pharmacy…lol… Adam had earplugs in because he had a major headache by that stage and i’m sure it was all he could do not to vomit.
    When Seth Haapu started iI even went and asked the ambulance guys if they had ear muffs as my sons ears were hurting… oh duh… had they known what he was really like I am sure they would have rushed him to the hospital…
    I slipped away to go to the toilet in amongst all this and gave out cards to fans… I left Darren watching Adam so he wasn’t alone.
    There was one girl who even said she had no idea who Adam Lambert was. We all went “why are you here then” and then told her she was in for the night of her life… wish i knew who she was to find out what she thought.
    I then went to the merchandise table and brought 2 belt buckles….
    Finally after all the music that was played to prepare us for him and screen changes that caused huge screams it was time….

    ok nearly there….

    Part 5.

    In the dark it suddenly seemed like there were hundreds of wee lights glowing… I realised they were camera screens… for Sylvia (idf) I thought… in the background of the stage i could see a silhouette in the doorway… Billy Jean was playing… the excitement was growing… top hat and feathers silhouetted an then dark…. the screams were deafening. I could see Terrence, Brooke, Sasha and Taylor… they slunk into their places. Monte and Tommy…. the crowd was going wild.
    “Moonlight on the Bayou” and there he was… in all his resplendent glory… larger than life.. so alive.. he wove a Voodoo spell around us and we were his!
    I almost missed the song being so enraptured with his presence..I looked at my Adam and he was just dazed and crying and so happy to finally be seeing his idol…. I knew he was still in pain but for now that was pushed to the back of his mind while he concentrated on this legendary figure…
    “I’m so obsessed by your sexiness” we screamed it at him…. as he wove into the opening notes of For Your Entertainment “Welcome to GlamNation” he called in his pure crystal voice..
    He gave the crowd a Fever with his hot moves and hip thrusts and Tommy kiss. He was having fun and making up for all the conservatism in Malaysia. Fever, Fever yeah!
    His coat swirled as he theatrically walked down the stairs for Sleepwalker. Simon was wrong when he said early in the piece that Adam is too theatrical… he’s perfect. It suits his style and his voice. He knows how to weave a story.
    His boy next door vulnerability came out in WWFM. We swung our glo lights in the air as he sang “and thanks for loving me..” we are freaks just like you Adam…
    Soaked was a moment to love and i had to nudge the friend next to me to stop him singing. His operatic voice was just divine. In fact i emailed the Nagoya version of this to my co worker who thought I was mad for loving Adam and she played it and said “Oh my, he has the voice of an angel”, totally converted in an instant.
    Broken Open he sang again so beautifully and not quite like the other versions I had heard. Reaching new heights on the final notes.
    Aftermath was amazing as usual, I just love this song and saw it realise it’s full potential accoustically.
    Sure Fire Winners he pounded out with force and vigor and amazing vocals.
    Strut, he accepted his coat, his cane and became a showman of a different sort.. well and truly starting to show the sexy again…
    Music Again was awesome… I just love all these songs… but knowing that soon the end was near so starting to feel a little sad.
    Meeting the band, and getting to scream for them all. Then If I had You. That is the most amazing song. My Adam says “Holy Crap” so he really enjoyed I jumped, sang my video is all wonky but I will put it on dvd to be sea sick with from time to time. He introduced the dancers, Terrence (who’s butt is amazing), Taylor who is cute and energetic, Sasha is amazing and her cartwheel is a move I envy (not that i know when i’d do one) she is just so beautiful, and Brooke… a really good and fun dance on their behalf… quite long and making up for the closeness they didn’t have in M. but that’s ok.
    Then we all got to sing along with him and I swear he extended the end of the song and we sang it all a few times and jumped when he yelled jump – evidenced by my footage which in no way resembles my normal style of filming. When his arm flew up in the air signalling the end of the song I knew it was ok… He’d be back for an encore..
    The family in front of me looked at each other with disappointed faces and I tapped her on the shoulder and said “it’s ok, he’ll be back” she looked settled with that.
    Then after a short pause…just long enough for the crowd to go crazy and chant his name .. Adam, Adam, Adam!!!
    We saw movement and he was back… moving towards the front of the stage and telling us it was Tommy’s birthday and he was going to sing his favourite song but that he didnt really know the words.. so he’d be doing karaoke.. So he knelt down and asked the front row not to touch his paper and started rocking. I have to admit that i’m not really a Metallica fan nor had i ever heard the song but he gave it his all.I sounded fantastic but more mem=orable for me was that he writhed around on the floor on his back and on his front.. he totally did a hand job with his microphone as if it was his glambulge and then when the song had finished he called Tommy over and kissed him really passionately for his Birthday.
    My only regret was that we as an audience didn’t react fast enough to sing Tommy happy Birthday as Adam did give us one more opportunity to do so… then Isaac, Monte, Cam all exploded all over him hugging etc.. then they chucked their picks and drumsticks out into the crowd and it was all over…
    The lights came on and we were in a daze… all of us.

    To sum up:

    He sang, he strutted, he danced he writhed on the floor, he kissed Tommy, he kissed Tommy again and again. The light show was spectacular, the crowd shut up for Soaked, Aftermath, Broken Open. His vocals for those songs were out of this world… he had us in his hands. The crowd was amazing.. They/we yelled, screamed, chanted, jumped, waved, and were watered.
    I was his in many more ways than i ever imagined. In 9 months I will be giving birth to a wee dark ginger haired alien.

    I led my Adam out by the hand to the buses after all the VIP girls we knew came rushing over to tell us how amazing their experience was. Catzmadmam got Adam’s signature on a full moon shaped piece ofleather which I’ll use to make a similar leatherwork to the one I plan to send Adam (anyone having some kind of Address to send it to could they please let me know!) It’s a good siggy too as he had to think to write around the edge not just scrawl…

    The bus was great with people just sitting and you could tell that he was coming out the pores in everyones skin… the excitement was palpable.
    So back to our hotel to get my boy in bed and we fangurled with our neighbours in the next room and a couple of girls who brought some crackers up to my Adam… thanks Jackie). The night was over, it was time to rest and dream dreams filled with glitter, glitz, purple strands of weaving coat, sombre moons and hallways and love.

    I know i have gone on a bit but this will be my only review cause it’s my only concert. I will have to wait for my next opportunity… and i will be there… next time see Adam he will playing in a huge stadium. I’ll no doubt be living in Australia again and he will be even more amazing.

    Ok now it’s