Glam Nation-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 07/03/2010**UPDATED VIDEOS**

First of all, I would like to wish you all a safe and happy Fourth of July, and may your sky be filled with glitter!!
Adam Lambert sings Star Spangled Banner at ADL Event
video via:thekidswantacamel

Adam Lambert singing the National Anthem
video via: navywife1977

Today’s tweet from Adam:
@adamlambert~Happy 4th everyone!

The House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, was the venue of choice last night for the Glam Nation tour.
I have to say, I was really worried about finding ANY video from the show because people were tweeting that they were confiscating ALL cameras!! BUT…
Never fear, the videos are here… at least a few of them anyways.


Tweet from Adam:
@adamlambert~Mertyl Beach House of Blues: are you ready for Glam Nation!?


video via: Jakob8388

video via: Gotz2Sing

video via: Jakob8388

video via: Gotz2Sing

*Music Again*
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*Fever and…*
video via: soiloutofsand

*Whole Lotta Love*
video via: mckenziebass13

video via: Gotz2Sing

Sure Fire Winners
video via:kmd541

and video via:soiloutofsand

Snippet of Strut
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video via:JuLeeSC

VIDEO VIA: BlueGem6984

Tommy giving Adam a peck on the cheek
video via:Gotz2Sing

video via:JuLeeSC

*Adam Lambert Meeting Fans in Myrtle Beach*
video via: Gotz2Sing



  1. renogirl says:

    The show is so exciting. I can not wait til he comes to CA. Just love Adam and his crew. He really is inspiring.

  2. delibel (Nederland) says:

    UUUHHH,I can see only the pictures,bud now video.s?????

  3. WOW, he never disappoints. Come on Tower Theatre!

  4. Courtney says:

    Sexy amazing as always. Now is it me or does anyone else want to see Adam show more skin? I’m just sayin. Can’t wait for him to come to tx.

    • I like just the little bits here and there…….it adds to the mystery and imagination! Keeps us all guessing. He’s such a tease……which makes it so much fun!! Not that I would turn down a look…LOL!!!

      • Courtney says:

        I know. Everyone wouldn’t mind a peak. It would definatly in crease his female fan base. Ah to daydream. Maybe one day. Lol

  5. Love the pics of Adam in Myrtle Beach, SC. So hot! I’m on my way to Nashville for his 7 July show. Can’t wait. I’m still vibrating from his show in DC. All I can say is Wow…he’s simply the best!

  6. love him sooooooooooo much

  7. adamfan says:
    • Great Review!!! This person so gets Adam and what he is about–his voice, the showmanship, his exchange with the audience. He is so very real. Only a few more weeks until he hits Calif. Can’t wait. Hope Nashville gives him a warm welcome.

  8. cheryl 334 says:

    SINGING the most difficult American Anthem makes the entire song worth really listening to! 🙂

    Such an unbelievable set of pipes.

    • KO's smiling says:

      I know! Adam really is vocally talented. Every time I hear that second version my heart starts pounding and I’m so proud of our country.

  9. i love love love love the show its really good love you adam

  10. Anonymous says:

    WWFM was playing on Los 40 Principales in Spain!!!!!!

  11. tondelao says:

    The National Anthem is traditionally difficult to sing but I knew Adam has the voice to hit all the notes with power and clarity. Bravo. Chills up my spine and absolutely awesome.

  12. So I am not sure where exactly to put this but a kind woman through the wonderful internet sent me a link. It is 20 early Adam songs. Some from Citizen Vein days, some from upright caberet and some from his musicals he was in. Please enjoy!!

    • Wow, Erica! Thanks! Now I just have to learn how to download…lol! Have FYE on my MP3 player, thanks to my new boyfriend. Hate to keep asking him for his help, although he is very accomodating! He even brought me a larger moniter to hook up to my laptop so I could “see Adam bigger”. What a sweetheart!

      • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

        Your new beau sounds like a keeper if he is happy for you to see more of Adam!!

    • KO's smiling says:

      You rock. Thank you.

  13. grandjag says:

    Thanks for the two Nation Anthems ,,Adam sing them so perfectly,,,,I love them both..thank you

  14. Maybe when Adam plays at Tropicana Field….they will let him sing National Anthem

    that would be great…..

    • Margie - Glamb #559 says:

      Do you know about the seating…….or standing!!…….arrangement at Tropicana Field? I have been wondering whether there will be reserved seating or general admission.

  15. Why didnt he introduce the band during IIHY ?

  16. Farzana says:

    When I hear Adam’s voice singing the national anthem – well, it just takes my breath away!

    I am eagerly looking forward to the Knoxville, Nashville, AND Louisville performances. I have wanted to do something for Adam to return to him at least some of the love and joy I feel as I have spent way too many hours to count watching him. The thing about this is that it needs a lot of support from everyone that reads this and then attends any performance. If this is something you resonate with… then please pass it on and push the JOY BUTTON!

    I will be distributing this as a little flier each place I go. I am calling it: “Adam’s Fierce Fan Roar”. If you like the idea – just copy and paste it for yourself and please, Pass it on!
    Let’s Joyfully Blow the Roof off for Adam!
    Let’s Do the
    “Adam’s Fierce Fan Roar! “
    (There is usually a 35-40 minute gap to set up before Adam comes on stage….so, please… Let’s send him love for a good solid 5 minutes or more before his stage appearance. Check your watches) Thanks! Farzana 🙂
    Please Chant (and Dance) together:
    Love Adam! Love, Love Adam!
    Love Adam! (etc.)

    Call Me Obsessed if you want – I won’t deny it! I hope this will bounce around the world as it echoes from the walls of Knoxville and on!

    I am just so much feelin’ it! LOL

    • Farzana says:

      Oh, and a PS here: if you want a copy of my original that I made to fit 2 fliers to a page just email me: and I will speed it along after I return from the Nashville event. Maybe this “pre-event joy mash-up” can be an addition to the blue glowstick ritual? (I am a fool for his smiles)

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Hey there lady! Just IMAGINE anyone having the audacity to call any one of us OBSESSED!
        I won’t be able to join in the chant until September but that will give me plenty of time to practice [my husband says this is pretty much what I do every night in my sleep, anyway!]

        Just wondering…did you get a special deal on a package of Adam tickets for all cities ending in “ville”? See you in Adamville!!!


    • I’ll be in Nashville & Louisville and I’ll join you in your chants….Love Adam!!!

  17. Adam is a fantastic entertainer. The guy gives 100% every show. God bless him.

  18. glamasia says:

    OH HAAPPY DAY ! It’s confirmed ! Adam is coming to the Philippines on Oct. 10… YIPEEE ! ! He will be performing at the SM Mall of Asia (a.k.a. MOA) concert grounds. This venue can hold 50,000 to 100,000. And Glambs get this….initial ticket sale…..50,000 ! ! And will add 30,000 more if needed ! !

    I think this may be Adam’s biggest concert yet. Last year, David Cook & David Archuleta attracted 60,000 fans. But that was for 2 artists. This concert is only for GNT. I will definitely pay for front section. Cost is no longer an issue here. Adam, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • That’s so great to hear!!!! So happy for all of you there! And happy for Adam, to play to such a huge crowd!! Wish I could be there. Have fun and send lots of video!!!

  19. Looks like this was another great show. He is so consistent….he doesn’t ever seem not to give 100% to each performance as he travels around the country. Love him….he is fantastic!!

  20. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I was at the Myrtle Beach concert at the House of Blues (a very cool venue by the way). We waited in the early entrance line for more than 2 hours and the regular line stretched out for what seemed like a mile. Adam was magnificent as alway; well worth the waiting and all the standing. What a powerful performer! After the show, we exited out the venue by a back door and had to pass the tour buses to get to our car. I was skeptical about stopping by the buses and waiting for a chance to see Adam (it was after midnight of a long day) but my hubby parked us in the middle of the waiting group of fans by the rope line (“oh ye of little faith” – his quote) After a long wait (during which Monte came over to visit – very kind) Adam came out to the bus! Now I was perfectly happy with this brief close glimpse but hubby encouraged me to wait a little longer. ADAM CAME OFF THE BUS! and headed right for the middle of the crowd about 5 people down from me; I called his name and held out my ticket with a pen AND HE CAME RIGHT TO ME! He graciously signed my ticket and I mumbled something – I think it was thank you and he quickly moved on . I was one of the few he actually stopped for – he was back on the bus so quickly! All I could do was just eat him up with my eyes – just naturally beautiful with most stage makeup gone ( and the shaved patch is growing in ) he seemed young and almost shy and my mother instinct kicked in – I wanted to hug him (but security which was very light would surely have tackled me!) The crowd was pretty respectful and relatively quiet – a fan on the line had mentioned to all of us that if we screamed too much this might keep him from coming out for us and apparently this might be true. The picture I will carry in my heart is a powerful, insanely talented performer who is also vulnerable and human. A wonderful night; and thanks to an understanding (and persistent) husband who gets me even if he doesn’t always get Adam.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      What a wonderful story! There has got to be a very special heaven just for all of our husbands in the Afternmath. Sounds like you have a great one!

    • That’s such a lovely story – it made me cry! I love your husband for being so kind! And I LOVE the picture in your heart of Adam – you described it so well, that I, too, can see it! Thank you!

    • AdamFetish says:

      I love this story! You are a lucky woman! My husband gets it too. He bought me an Adam poster for Christmas and actually framed it! It’s hanging in our master bathroom! Great husbands are hard to come by!

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      This made me cry too. My hubby gave up his ticket to see Adam with me so a friend could go with me who couldn’t get tickets. I bet he woudl have done the same thing your hubby did!! I have a good one too — aren’t they just the best??!!!

    • That is great Mary Ellen! I am not surprised at all at your observation of him actually being shy… we always have to remember that when he is on stage he is a performer and this is never the whole person. It is big part of who he is but if you once were shy in your life and I was too, it is something you never lose completely.
      Adam is just very multi dimential and is willing to show us so many different aspects of his personality.
      It is a beautiful picture for us all to carry in our hearts, his power and his vulnerability.

  21. Does anyone know where I can find if there are any UK dates set yet? It doesn’t mention anything on the Official website- thanks x

  22. I used to be able to see the videos… what has changed and how do I fix this… any help would be appreciated… thanx

  23. glamaus says:

    Thank for posting. If anyone is interested I have 4 tickets for July 27th Costa Mesa Orchestra
    section. I will be attending but family not able to travel now. Please e-mail me if interested. Appreciated being able to post here Carol.

  24. Woah, that peck on the neck was awesome. Thanks for all the videos. It always keep me in touch with Adam’s performances even though I can’t go to the tour. The photos were all fantastic. Adam is so powerful, he always give his best shot on every song, I can see it!! The house of blues and the National anthem performance was wicked awesome. Love to watch it again !

  25. Zanner17 says:

    well, bummer. He did not sign autographs in Charlotte after the show, which was just the night before Myrtle Beach. I stood on my feet hours and hours and then waited after the show to hopefully get an autograph since I didn’t get one at the Idol concert. I don’t know…maybe he didn’t feel up to it. Bummer is all I can say. I know he gives and gives…and so do I. Just disappointing I guess. I almost fainted in that crowd…he was worth what I went through. I just wish he had come out for a few. Tommy and Monty came out and signed autographs. At least that…it was fun. They took their time signing and taking pictures. i was happy for that. I love Adam and i know he works hard and deserves his space so do not take me wrong here. I’m just sad…I bet you can understand that too. We all want to meet Adam! 🙂

  26. Zanner17 says:

    PS The show rocked and I’m thankful that I was in second row at the stage! I’m blessed with that thrill!

  27. Adam came to sing!!! and what a performance in Myrtle Beach! When Adam takes the stage–he dominates, not only with his presence but those great notes! Who can sing those high notes? Adam Lambert. Beautiful performance—so good that I have searched for tickets and plan to see him in Raleigh, N.C. This grandma recognizes the true exceptional quality of his talent. My 4 year old granddaughter sits and listens to Adam’s CD!!She loves it! If he comes to Columbia or Charleston (in S.C.) I will be there! The Koger Center for Performing Arts in Columbia would be great !!!