Glam Nation – Milwaukee, Wisconsin 06/15/2010

Is there anyone else out there trying to actually avoid some of the tour videos because you want to be at least *a little* surprised when you go to the concert yourself?? I’m on the tail end of Texas, hoping Adam will have a few new surprises for us by the time he gets here…and won’t be too wiped out to perform! But these videos from Milwaukee last night…well, you just can’t avoid them. If the acoustic version of Whole Lotta Love doesn’t send you straight over the edge, then check your pulse! And thanks for all the great YouTube videos, mindchngr!

Sue was at the show last night and promises to be back later this evening with her personal photos and account of the evening. Hurry, Sue – we can’t wait! In the meantime, enjoy. ~Dana, Glamb #6


  1. beaglewoman says:

    I’m envious of anyone who has attended a tour show in which Adam did WLL. Pleeeeeze in Lville???? However, I am thankful that was able to see him at all not to mention twice (well it will be twice on July 10). Interesting new ‘do’ that A is sportin’ – caught me a little off guard.

      I was at Mystic too and he was Amazing there too, but th crowd was older and more toned down…still cheering and sending love BUT NOT LIKE MILWUAKEE and that proves it… ADAM WANTS US WILD AND SHOWING HIM LOVE and he will reward us with an HISTORIC PERFORMANCE and make LOVE TO YOU ALL NIGHT LONGGGG
      MUAH!! XOXO

  2. OMG! YES! Did someone tell him much we wanted his WLL?! I”M surprised people didn’t rush the stage and try to jump on top of him! He’s going to need more security.Just watching him lay back like that is enough to make people crazy! Maybe they could roll out a bed next time, lets make him comfortable.LOL! Thanks Adam for making my day!!!!

  3. DEE #458 says:


    • Dee, I’ve got to meet you! You’re a woman after my own heart! You’re in the northeast, right? I’m in the NY metro area and went to Sayreville NJ and KFest but my next ones — can I bear the wait??? — are Musikfest in PA and Albany (formerly the Clifton Park venue). Are you going to either? Enjoy him at Nokia! I couldn’t do that or Foxwoods because of work commitments. Duh!! When I’m 80 what will I remember?…….work or the Glam Nation concerts????

      I agee about Adam getting better and better. When I saw him last summer in Idols Live I thought he couldn’t get better, but whatever I thought of him then or since (on many TV appearances and interviews), he’s a million times better and HOTTER now!! This man will be the death of us, but what a way to go!!!

      • DEE #458 says:

        Hi Cris R,

        I live in norhern NJ…I went to W-B and Sayrevile…W-B was incredible because it was a nice theatre and very professionally done. Sayreville was just a huge hall with mostly standing…probably 1000 people standing…my girlfriend and I luckily got bar stools so we had a seat. It was good, but there was no laser show because they were not equipped for it..bummer.

        I’m also going to Nokia on the 22nd, then Foxwoods, then Borgata and I got SECOND ROW CENTER ORCHESTRA SEATS FOR ALBANY, NY…..IN FACT I WILL PROBABLY SELL ONE OF THEM ($250) THE PRICE I PAID….


        Would love to hear from you…


    • I agree 100%. I love the new “DO”. Can’t wait to see him at Musikfest in August. He blows me away!

    • Keli Green Eyes says:

      Lol Dee. Adam knows EXACTLY what he’s doing to us! At this point he could shave his head, wear a paper sack, and do a bump and grind while singing the phone book and it would be hot!


      • DEE #458 says:




        • Keli Green Eyes says:

          Hi Dee,

          Do you get to see Adam twice? You are a lucky lady! The Nokie Theatre would be an awesome venue. I saw Adam outdoors on June 10th. He was awesome, but outdoor acustics are what they are.

          A “sparkly diamond” is right on! Will be anxious to hear about his performances.

  4. Thank you Sue. Your tireless work is appreciated by all. A thought since I work on call–home a lot. IIHY playing regularly on Jump Start VH1 TV. Actually, MVT is giving Adam the STAR treatment this month, really showcasing him. Big Hoorah to MTV. Also lots of new videos out there–Miley (really like her new image, growing with her fan base), Gaga taking on the Catholic Church) Perry, Enimen, etc. Competition is tough, and will probably get more so as summer is here. Voting as much as possible as it would be wonderful if Adam could debut IIHy at #1. Gona give myself a break from voting and watch you WII vid and then try and get some regular work done. Good luck with that.

    • Fantastic info, Daffyd! I’m so excited to hear he’s being featured and promoted by VH1 AND MTV!!! That is just SO cool!!

      And the WLL from last night was enough to make my kundalini energy go absolutely nuts!! Cannot believe this man!

      I had a Spirit Talk event at my church this morning that I co-facilitate. It started at 10 AM. I told them that I had to get my tickets to an Adam Lambert concert first!! I set my wireless up, and had it and my iPhone going at the same time. I finally got in–tickets in the Mezzanine in Springfield, MO!! It was the best Spirit Talk we’ve ever had!!!

      So excited for another spiritual, sexual, out-of-body experience with this amazing man!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah Yeah Mary, KUNDALINI RISING, this is what I believe is Adam’s purpose to show the world. An intense sexual awakening and for everybody to live in awareness of their life force energy!!!
        Combining Spirtuality and Sexuality, blowing all circuits and then develop a new path of alignment.

        • Well said, Irena. I always say that Adam is the suprasexual awakening for this planet. So glad to see you express it so perfectly!! Love it!!

      • You know what is so funny? I read a review of the concert and the reporter said it was all “so family friendly, etc.”

        True, it wasn’t the AMA’s, but anyone with breath left in their body would feel the charge from those performances! And if you are too young to “get it” or “feel it,” then it probably doesn’t matter and that is where the “family friendly” interpretation might come in.

        Is it just us that sees these performances as oozing sexuality???

        …quite an interesting spin.

      • SisterMaryMadWorld says:

        Can I join your church?

      • Your welcome. Can see more nuances on the TV screen, still hard to keep eyes off Adam–he’s so dynamatic! Some clarification, if not a tad droll. Watched WII. He is definitely raw sexuality at it’s utmost. However, I fantasized about Elvis when I was in high school many, many times. Too weird at my age to be lusting after Adam. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his sexuality and performance, because have done that and been there, totally get it! If I could shave twenty years off, wouldn”t be weird, just a little kinky. My daughter and I have tickets for No Calif next month. She will no doubt be in full blown heat, while I will be.blown away by his talent, looks and sexuality, just in a different way. He makes me smile, laugh,want to sing and dance, and yes wish I was younger. So for anyone else feeling like I do, and having hard time expressing ourselves–for me I just think it’s ‘ “we love you Adam!”

        • Well, I’m older too, but I’m still in full blown heat! Adam is my hormone replacement therapy. Don’t know who said that on this site, but I’ve stolen it!!!

        • therese says:

          Daffyd, I too am a bit too old for Adam, but he makes us all feel so much younger by so graciously welcoming us into his fandome. I also am going to Thunder Valley next month!! CANNOT WAIT!!!! I keep thinking how much of a let down I will feel at the end of his concert.

          • Well I will be looking for all of you. Amazing that this beautiful, talented, young man is a catalysis for so many of us. Never thought I would spend so muchj time on my computer once I retired full time. I think I have become a celebrity (Adam) stalker. .But anything or one who can make me smile and feel so happy each day, must be good. He is better than any meds, or I, agree, hormone shots. I teach Anger Mgmt groups for Court appointed, so keep up on MTV, etc. gives me an edge with young people. Don’t ask what I think of Gaga’s ‘s rant on CC., but must keep an open mind at all time. See you in Lincoln. I’ll be the ole gal with young thoughts. I’m 72.

        • Mmagiemay says:

          I don’t age has much to do with sexuality. If someone turns you on, they turn you on. You can fantisize that you’re 30 years younger. Picture yourself as you were then. It doesn’t matter cuz he’s gay anyway. No woman has a chance, which does make me sad in a way, not because he’s gay, but it blocks out half the planet! His sexuality can make ours better. As Mary S says, Adam is our hormone replacement therapy. LOL
          Lust on Glamberts!!!

  5. linlivalex says:

    OK–I was there and I can die happy now!!!! His voice was impeccably perfect and the rest of him was damn good, too!! I even got to touch his arm because we waited for an hour right by the door of his bus–I couldn’t believe he was so close to us!! He sang at top performance even though it was SO hot in there. It was better than I even expected.
    The one thing I was very disappointed about was the total rudeness of many of the fans at the concert and waiting for him by the bus. People run out of their seats, into the aisle, and stand right in front of others who actually have seats there and dance, block your view, spill their drink on you, and elbow you in the head. Then some come and push themselves right in front of you after you have been waiting by the bus for an hour and act obnoxious when they are the ones who are wrong! They should realize that a true Adam fan would never act that way. Remember “all we need in this world is some LOVE! By the way, I met some really nice people, too, who acted in the true Adam philosophy. Thank God there is some hope for mankind!!
    Also, a big shout-out to Mike who worked security outside the venue. Tough job, but he made our hour-plus waiting experience a fun one!

    • Tina Danca says:

      Last night was awesome! I love the small venue, hotter than heck, but it was cozy. I know he can fill huge arena’s, in no time. I just love him so much and I am going to see him in Indiana, and then again in September in Rockford IL. I believe that I am a groupie, crazy, 47, 4 kids, 2 grandkids, and this young hot man, makes me wild!!!!! Love HIM!

  6. I and my daughters have been very fortunate to be by some really nice people…and met some…We went to 3 shows so far…Council Bluffs, Ia, Mehnomen, Mn, Mystic lake…..and there was a lot of drinking going on, except mystic…
    I dearly love his shows, have tickets for Springfield, Mo, Kansas City, Mo and Des Moines, Ia….
    I play his cd in the car all the time…He is the best and his music is the best….
    Elvis was my all time love of music, and Adam is for this generation…..Never wanted to meet Elvis, just enjoy his music, and also Adams…don’t want to ruin the illisusion.

  7. I didn’t think anything could top the temperature in the Riverside Theater, and then WLL — HOT – HOT – HOT!!!!

  8. Stephanie says:

    WOW!!! What a performer! I can not wait to see him soon! Thanks for these vids. Love them!

  9. Princessshakeitup says:

    For a truly great comment, check out what HotShot had to say in response to Mindchanger’s WLL video from Milwaukee at You Tube site. I don’t believe I could have said it better myself!

    • Princess can you try to copy and paste this comment . I looked for it but there are now pages and pages with Caps like SEX, HOT, SEX, FLAIL, THUD,GOD I couldn’t find it……

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Ok, after much hunting I found it again. LOTS of comments since then and then I thought maybe it got deleted because it had the “mother of all bad words” in it. Upon closer inspection…no. Lots of the Mother of all bad words in the comments. Possibly Adam’s fault for the hot factor of the video…
        Because I don’t know how to copy and paste [I know, sad] I will quote:

        “Love how he says Thank You afterwards so humbly like he didn’t just [MOABW] an entire room with his voice”

        yup, pretty much how I felt after watching it!


        • SisterMaryMadWorld says:

          Princess, I saw the same quote early this morning. Must say that after being in the audience last night, I felt like screaming “THANK YOU ADAM” for the orgasm! (or maybe it was my tenth orgasm of the evening . . .) Do you think the layback on the steps during WLL was unintentional perhaps? Should you need assistance jumping him in Rockford, I’ll be there to watch your back.

          • Princessshakeitup says:

            You will not only need to watch my back…at this stage of the game you may need to give me a boost! How high are those stages….?

  10. OMG , what a performance! i love u ADAM.
    HEY every body,
    would u help me?it’s not related to glam nation tour.we all know ADAM ennounced he’s SINGLE because he’s u believe it? I CAN’ T.if u know sth , plz write it for me

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I can officially state that Adam is no longer single. He has just asked me to be his love/sex toy for life and I have graciously accepted! WHAT will I tell my husband!?

      • Oh lord

        Oh lord Princess, you are so funny!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

      • Princess, Let me on all the details !!!!!!!! Pictures would be great too!! GLAMB#640 Adam’s Lady

  11. beaglewoman says:

    Sucarole – Are you still up for connecting in Lville? There’s a KY Brewing Co restaurant near Brown Theater that sounds rather inviting.

  12. Keli Green Eyes says:

    Oh my, oh my. Whole Lotta Love…I need a cold shower.

  13. Ok, I have to watch the VIDEOS at the library, and the first video almost got me kicked out of here!! Kinda forgot where I was for a minute!! I got my tickets to the Indy show!! I can’t wait for August!! I know I’m gonna have heart failure at the show…LOL! And the first video on here with him laying on those stairs…OH MY GOD!! CAN WE SAY: THE BIG “O”?

    Tina..aka…Mistress Lambert!! 🙂

  14. Whole Lot of Love gives me FEVER!!! Whoa!!!

    Not sure I’m feel’in the shaved side but he looks gorgeous no matter what he does to his hair…

  15. Oh and dont forget, anyone wanting to meet for dinner on the 19th in Seattle the evening before the show email me at

  16. We were at Riverside last night and I thought nothing could ever beat performances that he has done in the past but last night topped them all. The man can do no wrong in voice, showmanship and beauty. We actually got to meet Tommy by the stage door and took a photo of him. The audience went wild for Adam and it was one of the highlights of my life. My daughter took so many pictures and even got the one where he laid down on the steps….oh, my god! My husband has always been an Adam fan and really enjoyed the show and my son-in-law was so impressed that he couldn’t stop talking about Adam on the long way back home. We were so lucky to witness this performance live in our lifetime. I’m so proud of this man I can hardly speak.

  17. Mind changer will soon reach world fame status for posting one of the sexiest Rock videos to date.

    I think it is absolutely amazing that Adam shows so much of himself. He is exposing his power and his vulnerability here. Again the combination that makes Women totally wild and crazy. A Powerful Vulnerable Man.
    He is also returning, playing and exchanging all the energy he is getting form the audience this is why the shows are getting hotter and better and hopefully somebody is privately reaping the benefits of these public lovefests……

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Can you imagine!?

      • Any man who gets to make love to Adam is one lucky SOB.

        • I can pretend to be a man…I have some “friends” I keep in the top of my closet (that haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time), with the HOT movies…Just 1 night..well, maybe, the rope is already on the bed…I may not let him loose!! 🙂 He really does need to do a “movie” and I think we all know what I’m talking about…don’t know if there are any children on here, and I know I would camp out for that one!! OH GOD HE IS HOT HOT HOT!! INFINITY!! 🙂

          TINA…aka…MISTRESS LAMBERT (I will Never stop wishing)!! 🙂

        • Princessshakeitup says:

          You know, I came back to reality for a minute and realized that when I start my ‘position’ as Adam’s love/sex toy for life I won’t HAVE to worry about what to tell my husband because he will probably see more action than I do! But won’t we be a happy trio….

  18. Someone please tell him not to shave the other side.

  19. Beaglewoman i’m also going to the louisville show would like to meet other GLAMBS there.We could make arrangements to meet at the restaurant you were talking about.Let me know and I willgive you my e-mail address.I hope he does WLL at the Brown Theater.What a beautiful man with the most beautiful voice I ever heard Istill like ELVIS but this is a whole different proformer never,ever saw anyone like him.

  20. cheryl 334 says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG…………… words…………………………….

    WLL performance has me taking a little ‘medication’ to help me out here! OMG OMG OMG…

    Imagine when Adam decides to get ‘real sexy’!………………………………………………………………..thud

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-FUN 4 Adam……………..good lord!

    • Cheryl 334, Hi it’s only 29 days now and I can hardly sleep!!!!!!!!! Could you please tell me what song is WLL? I feel so silly not knowing! Thanks for your kind words on one of my previous comments, your a real GLAMBETTE! Elly GLAMB# 640, Adam’s Lady

      • Hey Elly WLL is Whole lotta love. Rema #622

        • Thank You Rema #622, Once I really looked I found it. I guess I just get to excited being where Adam reigns KING and is so loved I forget myself. Are you going to get to see him or have you? I would love to hear all about it!! Glamb #640 Adams Lady

    • You know the body, mind and soul can only take so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m about to reach overload and I actually get to see him in 29 days and a lot of agonizing hours!!!!!!!!!! GLAMB# 640 Adam’s Lady

  21. Adamisamazing says:

    He is gorgeous no matter what. And, I love him unconditionally. But, I prefer it if he keeps all his hair and not shave it. 🙁 The cutouts were bearable, but any more, and he’ll have a mohawk. I think he said that his best attributes are his hair and eyes. Believe me, I love him no matter what! Just a preference…the more Adam hair, the better, in my opinion. Hopefully, he’ll grow it back one day.

  22. I don’t think all the videos in the world, will prepare you for the live ADAM.. So enjoy what you can and know the whole surprise will be the unbelievable vocals ,sex appeal and charisma that videos can’t capture.

    • Excellent point! Your comments bring back memories of the AI tour…and you are right — none of the videos compared to being there!

  23. Sucarole says:

    Beaglewoman, I am definitely up for the Lville show, can’t wait, but enjoy all the videos in the meantime. Not familiar with the KY Brewing restaurant but sure my sister will know where it is.
    email me at and we can exchange phone numbers and maybe meet up. Adam is so exciting, can’t believe I am this into him, never have been this crazy about any star (and he is definitely a star) in my whole life. Looking forward to chatting with you and sharing Adam love as he wants everyone to do.

  24. Manda_K says:

    NOT WATCHING! NOOOOO!!! I cannot! I MUST NOT!!!! Stop teasing me with awesome vids!

  25. Sucarole says:

    Toni, maybe a whole group of us could meet up at KY Brewing restaurant before the concert, that would be great. There will be 6 in my group, all ages (none under 21) and everyone is so excited about seeing our beloved Adam.

  26. I was at the Riverside in Milwaukee last nite also. Adam was amazing as usual. The boy can really put on a show. I was amazed at the diversity of people there. There were grandparents, people with children, young couples on dates. I couldnt believe all the men there. I thought only us women were the “crazy Adam” fans. I loved every minute of it and hated to have to go home to reality.

  27. I too am trying to avoid watcing these in anticipation of seeing him live. Couldn’t resist WLL though. OMFG!!!!!

  28. wow wow wow hot hot hot hot love love love love loved it friend

  29. Glamitup says:

    I have to say it does look like a whole lotta love and every inch would be fine I’m sure!

  30. What a great time at the Riverside last night. It was so entertaining and his VOICE!…incredible.
    He gives everything he’s got. It just isn’t a concert. It’s a performance.
    There was a wide variety of people there. I was surprised by the number of older couples. It just shows you how beautiful music can bring everyone together.

  31. Beaglewoman says:

    Hey Glambs there is a movement to meet somewhere in Lville prior to the concert. I’m up for it and suggest the BBC – Bluegrass Brewing Co (1 Theater Sq) which looks to be right around the corner from the Brown Theater. I’m open to any suggestions from anyone who knows Louisville – I am not a resident. It would be great to meet and sociallize prior to the event. Even if we’re not sitting near each other we can sure get others going in the theater can’t we? I’m really looking forward to this venue as it has historic meaning and is rather intimate. We all need to start telepathing WLL for the encore 🙂

    My email is and I know that Sucarole and Tonis want to meet up – it could be fun. My fangirly friiend Ann and I will try to be in Louisville about 5 pm – a good 2 hours of mixing it up eh?

    BW (Glamb 611)

  32. Magiclady says:

    Cannot wait till OC,CA. !!
    Hope he does WLL. Saw him do it in Fantasy Springs and loved it!

    Different last night but the laying down thing and the spread legs, he has got us exactly where he wants us.

    I have never seen a sexier man in my 50 something years of life and love!!!

  33. Whata guy! I hope that I don’t have people drinking, shouting, standing in front of me when I go to see Adam. It’s totally rude, I agree! I don’t want Adam to cut anymore of his hair, I loved that EMO look. What I really, really, miss is that s w e e t smile at the end of his songs. Please, please, Adam bring them both back.

    I would love to hear Adam sing “I Did It My Way” that song fits him perfectly. What do you guys think?
    I’m sure he would change it up, “his way”.

    Who’s going to the Warfield, in San Franciso on the 23rd?

  34. Adamisamazing says:

    So excited to see him two days apart in CA and AZ! Just got the AZ tickets today, so I’m feeling lucky. Should be interesting to see the changes he makes between the two shows. I am still watching most of the videos because he does like to keep things interesting and mix it up. So, hopefully, the shows will have some surprises. There’s no one like this man, and never will be.

  35. ianaleah says:

    I am trying not to watch, but OMG, I just had came unglued watching Adam’s performance of WLL and I am trying not to watch anything else – but, gosh, the song of his “If I Had You” wow, imagine being with someone like Adam. I gotta go cry.

  36. I remember commenting when the tour first started ,” just wait till about the 5th show ” OMGGGGG !!! I think this was it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! the 5th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  37. PaulaGlam says:

    He sang WLL again!!! If he sings this song in Portland I am gone go crazy for sure!!! OMG
    Adam is getting sexier and sexier, OMG lost his shirt also…by the time he gets to Portland he will be naked OMG OMG OMG……………..
    OMG When he sits on the stairs like that……. it is pure sexiness!!! I watched and learned today what the meaning of the “Stairs to Heaven” is all about. Thank you Adam.

  38. OOOH What A Night!!
    Well It finally arrived, the day I’ve been waiting for. I get to see Adam’s “Glam Nation” concert. I got the ticket several weeks ago and have been planning my “glam” look ever since. I went on line and searched for appropriate t-shirts or other apparel, goth jewelry, leather fingerless gloves, shoes, er boots, etc. I found an amazing shirt with the “Eye of Horus” and Adam’s name on it in glitter. Had it made in purple. Found cute black leggings with an awesome design in rhinestones on the left leg. Went on a three day search for the right bling to adorn it with, necklaces, yes plural, bracelets, and earrings. Got these great giant hoop earrings with rhinestones all around. Bought blue hair extensions, dark blue glitter nail polish, purple and blue eye shadow, and found a great eye liner in black with glitter!
    So today, I began getting ready for the “big nite”. Couldn’t hardly wait. Meeting other “glam-ettes” for
    dinner before the show, including Sue. So I slowly and methodically put on my glam make-up, fixed my hair and added the blue extension, put on my beautiful purple Adam shirt, and began layering necklaces. Six or seven all together was the final total to make the look complete. Went through my ring collection (I love rings) and picked out the ones that I felt complemented my outfit, filled 7 fingers with bling. Had picked out some glittery thong sandals to wear, but the day had turned cold and rainy, so they did not seem right, besides my feet would get wet and then be cold. I decided I should stop somewhere and find a great pair of boots, which I fortunately was able to do rather quickly. They were knee high black patent leather with that sort of combat look to them. They completed the outfit in my opinion. (I Did get several compliments on them!) I felt like a million bucks, a queen of glam, ready to meet the Glam God of Rock.
    I drove to Milwaukee and the Riverside Theater. Found parking not too far away, and then met other “Glamberts” for dinner. They were very nice ladies from all over the place, with the same obsession I have-ADAM. As we finished our meal, one by one, each lady got up and headed for the concert! Including me! It was everything I hoped for and more. Adam has a magnificent voice and it came through loud and sweet and clear. Those beautiful “screams” which are always musical and not just noise were amazing. His outfits, of course, were glitzy and awesome. I stood and sang and danced with my Adam all through the concert. I was fortunate to have two seatmates that stood with me and were as excited as I was. It was a fantastic evening. Then as quickly as he popped on, Adam waved good night and left. Left us all breathless and excited and in total AWE of the talent and timing and poise he possesses. As I left the theater, I was overcome with a sense of extreme joy and a touch of sadness that the night was over. I drove home and listen to FYI all the way pondering the evening.
    I went into my bathroom and as I took off all my glam, I suddenly felt like Cinderella after the ball. I had a beautiful evening and now had turned back into the housewife, er, domestic goddess that I am. Thank the universe for computers. I can always see Adam performing whenever I push a few magic buttons.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Thank you Angie, while reading your minute to minute account on your pre-concert prep, I felt I was with you and lived through your experience. I felt the same way as you did during the end of your story. I had that smile on my lips. Thanks for sharing that wondeful experience, yeah, that sounds like Cinderella, LOL! AWESOME!!!

  39. Musicalgal says:

    The Man is fab. So So Sexy in all the pics. Thanks to all for taking and sharing them. Right on with Stairs Way to Heaven – OMG. I jumped out of my chair. You could feel his sexyness – wheeeee! Love it love it love.

  40. kat23morg says:

    OMG….The WLL performance…..can we get any better than that…..he blows me away every time he opens his mouth to sing…This is one talented man…..I can not wait for my time to see him live on 7/2….Amazing…

  41. I never feel like it is possible to get too much Adam. The way he changes up each performance allows me to enjoy it over and over and over again. Of course, I am watching the IIHY video 6 or 8 times at each sitting so I suppose variety doesn’t even matter to me. As long as Adam is in front of my eyeballs, I don’t care what he is doing. I think I would be content to stare at him for hours while he sleeps. Oh yeah, that sounds like a great way to spend a day or two, Ha! Ha!

    • Lisa,
      I laughed so hard at your comment about watching Adam sleep. I’ve actually thought the same thing myself. I’d be very happy just to be able to watch him sleep as long as he doesn’t know. Actually, just looking or hearing him sing on video or on TV does it for me. He is the absolute most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. Sex appeal oozzzzzes from every pour of his body. I’ve heard others say that seeing him LIVE is like an OUT OF BODY experience. Well, I guess I’ll find out on the 27th. Cannot wait..

    • Mmagiemay says:

      I absolutey would watch him for days while he slept!

  42. does adam had younger fans?

  43. Ima Ramorah says:

    when and if he gets to Texas, I’ll be so old they’ll have to wheel me in.. 🙁
    i’ll still go tho even if it’s zombie dancing

  44. LEMMEADAM says:

    I was there. Words cannot describe the show he gave us, but it MAY help you to see how AMAZING it was if you also know that this performance of WLL was actually an ENCORE after a very LONG and wonderful set in a theatre with no ceiling fans and broken AC.

    He culd have EASILY taken things slower and given us LESS (due to the heat and humidity in there), but he was PRESENT and CONNECTED to each audience member ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! The audience was AMAZING too, so I tink it helped him to give us EVERYTHING. There were people of ALL ages there. I bet the diversity of people he saw partying with him in the audience helped to make his night too.

    Cannot imagine he could EVER top the performance of WLL. Have watched tons of vids of it from other places. NONE OF THEM (as awesome as he always was) cmpared to what this one was. Maybe he was actually melting on the stage instead of lying down on the stairs, but it worked for EVERYONE. OK…enough…can’t top thinking about the show even days after….

  45. Jane Parker says:

    OMG I’ve not heard anything like it! I am speechless!

    Summer, you have given me chills with your HOT descriptives about this performance!!

    • OK Jane so now you know what is expected of us…Adam wants us wild and crazy this is what he responds to.
      LET”S BLOW HIS DOORS OFF and see what we will get in return.
      Hot can always get hotter.
      This is what this whole journey is about. We are creating something with Adam that has not been done before!!
      When he said this tour would be about Love, I am not sure we all understood what kind of love he was talking about……This is about Loving ourselves, Being Fully Present, Have all your Chakra’s Spinning and creating Cosmic Orgasms.


  47. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!! I can’t stop watching WLL over and over and over…………and over….

    I screamed when I heard the opening chords of WLL–> “YES! YES! YES! HE’S ACTUALLY DOING IT!!! YESSS!!!!”
    Ahhhh, such a great night.
    And I even got to meet the band after the show! I even got a picture of Monte after hugging him (it was on my friends phone though, since mine died… gotta get it off facebook)! Except my mom made us leave before I got to see Adam!!!!!! ;A; T_____T
    Dammit, I’m going to see him and hug him if it’s the last thing I do.

    And the crowd was AMAZING as well, giving the same love and energy to Adam that Adam gave to us–so diverse! Everything from a group of 10 year old fangirls to my right, us older teens (my three friends and I), to a couple in their late twenties in front of me, to a group to guys farther ahead, to parents and their teen daughter on my left, and a sweet little senior citizen couple in back of us. And we ALL just had a party together with Adam. It was so very amazingly wonderful!!!! And then the bar across the street started playing fever and a whole bunch of his songs after the show got out. So fun! Really, really great energy, from everybody.
    My friends and I totally glammed out– I wore black a tank with purple, silver, and black sequins totally covering the front in an awesome striped design with a dark purple, 3/4-sleeve jacket/blouse-thing and tight black pants. 😀 Not to mention lots of silver & purple jewelery and a spiked silver bracelet. We had FUUUNNNNNN dressing up! 😀

    Not to mention Adam’s vocals were CRYSTAL CLEAR (if you haven’t seen him live, YOU NEED TO) and he was totally working the stage!! He had such a great, powerful energy. I could feel it even from way back in the second to last row!!!! I love that boy so much. Fan for life–100%. 🙂
    Allison was great as well!!!! I’m so glad she’s touring with him! I actually wish her set was longer and Orianthi’s shorter. Orianthi was nice, her guitar was great, but Allison sang so much better and was much more fun. And then Adam just took the cake!!! Anyone with a ticket to see him, cherish it!!! You’ll have lots of fun. :3

    All in all, it was a total honor to see the wonderful ~*Adam Lambert*~ for my first ever concert!!! I saved that special spot just for him and I’m so glad I did. Because I knew Adam would be GREAT, and yes he is!!!! 😀

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hi Ephyne, thank you for sharing us not only the greatness of ADAM but also the composition of the concert goers. That was an amazing diverisity in age group. He is for everyone. He seemed to be more careful with his performance esp on WLL, he can make it more orgasmic but I think he saw there were lot of young kids in there. But I am happy to know that young kids, teens and 20’s and 50’s and 80’s and 100’s were there enjoying ADAM concert!!! Thank you.

  49. Anyone who watches WLL would really get their undies, soaking wet…SOAKED….I love the way he spread his legs right on the beat of the drum…perfectly timed….and sooooooooo…….HOT…..!!!!
    SUE, if you could suggest to Adam: To sing SOAKED part in French, when he does his tour in Europe. It would really be hot and sexy… and partly Japanese, on his tour in Japan. Can’t wait to see his tour in Asia…Lots of love to you ADAMORE, YO TE AMO MUCHO…..Yummmm!!!!

  50. I love all of Adam’s songs but for some reason AFTERMATH is starting to become one of my favorites. Maybe it’s just Adam’s LIVE performance I don’t know and don’t care. I love love love it now.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Sharon, I went back and watched /listened his live video (above) on AFTERMATH, and you are right. I liked it too. He sang it better live. His voice is just so great. I envy you all, esp those who have seen and watched him perfomed live the umpteenth times!!!

  51. LisaB, I agree and hope he doesn’t shave anymore of that beautiful hair…….and I dearly love Adams music and his look………

  52. Bring bra’s, panties and toss……

  53. Ninalatinalambert lover says:

    Oh my freakin heart! I am in awe of what Adam can do! WLL was superb and so Adamgazmic! Woah!!! He rocks my body !!!! Go Adam! I Loveeee Uuuu!!!

  54. grandjag says:

    Just love everything about Adam..anything he does…don’t stop,,love the half shaved hairdo…what is WWL..all the songs…wow Adam…all the videos are great,,thank you to all who do them..this summer is Hot in more ways than one thanks to Adam and Glam Naiton Tour

  55. AllaboutAdam says:

    HOPING AGAINST ALL HOPE that he does WLL when I see him … IN NINE DAYS!!! If he does it that way – on the stairs, I WILL DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS. Tough even to get thru watching this WLL video without forgetting to breathe. Never more than now, have i wished to be invisible – and sitting on his lap! OH and thank you to for the crotch-shots. They’re THE BEST!

  56. I won’t be sitting in his lap, I’ll be astride in this horse, and go horseback riding. LOL That’s what hormones does to me. Of course, I’m in “estrus”. LOL. Addamaddict, chain me !

  57. omrg! i feel dirrrty just watching that wwl vid! feels good!!! He’s a sexy beast!

  58. nicole_meow says:

    i saw him that night. ohmygosh, was it amazing.
    shows a few days after us got to see adam + tommy makeout and a few days after that they saw a butt slap xD

  59. MsNorihei says:

    Great News!! It has been announced Glam Nation Tour is coming to Japan October. Starting 4th October, Osaka city, 5th Nagoya city, 7&8th Tokyo. Glamberts, come along Far East with Adam!
    So excited!!!