Glam Nation-Melbourne, Australia 10/19/2010

Welcome to the Glam Nation concert at the Palais Theater, in Melbourne, Australia. This show was on October, 19, 2010. I will honestly admit that I have not watched them all the way through, because I also have today’s concert to post as well!! I am totally thinking of you guys here… so leave me some comments if there is a must-see moment!!
Otherwise, off I go, so you guys take a moment and…


Opening Medley/
DTRH/ bridgeymah



Fever/ WLDCAT79

Sleepwalker/ WLDCAT79
Short Clip


WWFM/ becsterism

Broken Open/ becsterism

Aftermath/ becsterism

Sure Fire Winners/
Cannot find video…

Strut/ WLDCAT79

Music Again/ maggiel72


Mad World/ WLDCAT79



  1. Glamourclamor says:

    Audience showing the love. Think the way Adam showcases his band and dancers is amazing. Missed Suz taking vids–not the same. Always love the very beginning of the Concert when he first comes on stage for Voodoo, and seems to be missing this in most of the recent cities. So this doesn’t sound like a bitch session, I truly appreciate the time and effort taken to put these up for us. Thank you. Guess we have become very spoiled.

  2. Oh my god ADAM is a breathtaking here I can’t even breath ……mmmmmm he’s so yummy my dear love you always my moonlight.kisses …

  3. Glamburger says:

    This is off-topic, but can someone tell me if Adam is currently being played on any Chicago radio stations? I don’t hear him on any of the stations I listen to: 101.9, 103.5, 105.9 or 93.9.


    • I live in the NW burbs of Chicago and listen to Milwaukee’s 99.1 -The Mix. They play WWFM almost every hour, and the song was number 2 on their weekend countdown last week.
      Good luck!

  4. So glad to have these videos. He seems so far away except when I’m watching his performances. I can relive some of the wonderful and thrilling moments I had during his US tour. Got my Glam Nation Tour 2010 CD/DVD on its way. Guess you know what I’ll be doing…forget TV, I’ve got Adam. So amazing, so talented, so beautiful, so sweet, so hot, so compassionate. Take care of yourself Rock God. We await the return of you and the group to us soon. Until then, “our souls will be ok”. Peace and love.

    • Hi Ana where did you get the Glam Nation Tour 2010 CD/DVD? I would love to get one too!

      • susiqbee,
        I ordered it from It’s actually called For Your Entertainment (Tour Edition). It does not contain actual footage from his concerts but I have seen several of the cuts on the DVD and they are great. In additon to the 14 original recordings from FYE (who can have too many copies?), the collection includes the following additional tracks and videos:
        15. Master Plan (Bonus Track)
        16. Down The Rabbit Hole (Bonus Track)
        17. Voodoo (Bonus Track)
        18. Can’t Let You Go (Bonus Track)
        19. Music Again (Stripped) (DVD)
        20. Sleepwalker (Stripped) (DVD)
        21. For Your Entertainment (Stripped) (DVD)
        22. Soaked (AOL Session) (DVD)
        23. If I Had You (AOL Session) (DVD)
        24. Whataya Want From Me (AOL Session) (DVD)
        25. Strut (AOL Session) (DVD)
        26. Fever (AOL Session) (DVD)
        27. If I Had You (AOL Session) (DVD)
        28. Making of ‘If I Had You’ (AOL Session) (DVD)

        The AOL Sessions are wonderful…pure Adam, as is the Stripped version of FYE.

  5. Up until soaked the picture & sound weren’t too good. After that his beautiful voice & face came in loud & clear.

  6. Thank you so much for these. I was there front row and will be able to relive each moment thanks to you. I can’t stop thinking about him and each and every one in the band and the dancers. Even more spectacular live.
    Sitting next to some great girls that were getting some special Tommy attention. Good luck to them.He is so cute in the flesh.Not so much make up this night but super hot when he and Adam kissed. Adam seems to have such soft lips.

  7. Well, I ahve not watched any of tge videos on here but have spent a lot of time on AO ( I was out of the country for two weeks so I didn’t get to do this a lot while I was gone, not like I need to amke any excuses) and there have been some gifs and posts about Adam licking, I mean LICKING, Cam’s neck and trying to kiss a gorgeous guy who refused the kiss because he is in a very committed relationship and then tweeted with Adam afterwards about not wanting to be disrepectful. He is a Gold Medal Oympic Diver. melbourne got quite a show, just like Auckland.

  8. Haha tried to type real fast and made so many mistakes….

  9. Adams/Sure Fire WInners song is on a commercial in Asia. Vid attached below.

    The Amazing Race Asia


    Finland Idol commercial has Aftermath.

    • thanks itsme…..I treasure these tidbits!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Way cool! Guess getting a go ahead on Idol in Finland same as in US. Awesome for these young people. Wish them all luck. Adam’s song very good inspiration.

    • Adamisamazing says:

      So great to hear Adam’s music on commercials and shows! It just makes me happy. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Simply LOVE Adam!

  11. carmen #395 says:

    Thanks so much for these vids. And thanks to Ana for letting us know where to get the tour cd. Monte looks good w/o that tuft of hair on top. Love Tommy and a special heartfelt for Adam.

  12. Adam is so adorable,,stop I can;t take much more…love him!!

  13. Thank you so much for the great video’s. I took a couple myself at the Melbourne concert, but not quite as good. Unfortunately Music again missed the bit towards the beginning where Adam knelt down and held my daughters hand and sang to her…it was adorable, and she kissed his hand, awwww. We were in the front row and it was an amazing concert. Adam and the whole band are so engaging with the audience. I think we may be the ‘lucky girls’ referred to earlier who got Tommy’s attention, well I shall say my daughter got his attention as he came out after the encore and cupped her face in his hands and gave her his guitar pick. We also scored the Melbourne playlist…so yes it was our lucky night. Although backstage passes would have been even better, lol. Now having Adam withdrawls.