Glam Nation-Mashantucket, Ct 06/24/2010**UPDATED**

Last night the Glam Nation tour hit the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT. This venue was another on the SOLD OUT list! Way to represent Glam Nation!!

I have some video proof here, that his voice still sounds impeccable!! I am so very grateful for that, thank you Glam God’s!!
I also have a picture of him in some very special women’s shoes, lol!!

I see that you guys want EVERYTHING, according to your comments left on my last post so you got it!! This show though, I haven’t hit the jackpot on photo’s but if I can find more you guys will be the first to know!! Keep checking back…


Adam Lambert tries on Christine’s shoes:


pics via:citgo_sign


Foxwoodsoffical promo:

Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/Ring of Fire:


Strut/Music Again:


Whataya Want From Me:



Sure Fire Winners:

Whole Lotta Love:

Mad World/Whole Lotta Love Medley



  1. OMG! that’s HER! the interviewer from last night! she asked for my pic and name… and said she’d show it to adam…! omg… i wonder what happened…
    and i felt so powerless. i was talking to someone who was gonna interview adam… i so badly wanted to go with her and hug him! T__T lol…

  2. KO's smiling says:

    I have a dumb question for whoever out there might know. Do Adam’s performance clothes get washed? Does he have multiple identical outfits (that doesn’t seem like him)? How do they get this stuff dry cleaned if they keep moving around? I mean, he’s a man wearing leather against his skin in that hot lighting… I wouldn’t mind the smell at all, but I know he is sensitive to body smells himself. Also, how do I lick him without getting arrested? These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

    • KO:
      That is so funny….the way our minds work as human beings. I’ve wondered the same thing from all the way back to the Idol tour. My guess is that they’re washed / cleaned on his limited days off. I can’t even imagine if they were not washed…by the end of the tour, they could stand in a corner by themselves.

      As for licking him…first you’ve got to get close enough–good luck with that.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I saw him up close at the CBS morning show stint he did after the AMAs, and did touch him (held his arm)! and he spoke to me, what incredible EYES!!!! He’s lucky I didn’t pounce him!

    • Farzana says:

      You are not alone in that thought! LOL

      I have wondered about the number of outfits required to keep him looking his most luscious. Just from a logistics standpoint I would think they have multiple outfits for each change. He appears to be the type that would require the best appearance to match his best performances and to not take unnecessary risks. But, on the other hand he seems to just go with the flow with wardrobe malfunctions…ie: the torn sleeves with his vest during one performance. And the wonderful piece of thread or feather that was clinging to his “nether” regions for dear life and resulted in a delicious laugh/giggle during a performance! Love that laugh!

      If I were in the place of some personal wardrobe assistant I would be prepared with at least 3 of the same outfit. They would certainly be prepared for tears and rips. Imagine that after each performance the main items (long coats) would be rushed for cleaning and special attention…even special courier service to a central place for care and rapid return delivery to next location may be something done if there was some problem. I just can’t imagine anyone being lax about this area since he is under such very close scrutiny in each performance and preserved for all time by videos! (just see the attention to his hair cuts by his fans)

      But, in reality, I bet they have a washer and dryer on board somewhere and that almost all clothes are synthetic materials and are easily cleaned. I am sure they must have something like this for everyone concerned in the band and dancers. Otherwise, I would be the one to just follow the tour buses in hope they stop at a local laundromat!

      Perhaps, the only way out of the quandary of how to lick him without getting arrested is to be reincarnated as a cat and be adopted by him? I have read in various fan experiences that they have seen him surrounded by 6 bodyguards when he goes from place to place. Or, Maybe,just maybe you could be a “close” security guard?

      If you come up with a solution to that, please share with all your “close” friends on this site! We want it too!

      • I think the only person who gets to lick him is Tommy. Sure he and others on the Show have more than one change of costumes. Perhaps the heavy coats, he and band members wear are sent out to be cleaned. Dancers must have means to wash their costumes? Interesting that one year from Idol Tour he needs body guards. It was bound to happen, but a shame just the same. At least his band is still allowed accessability. That could change also. Anyone hear any news on the International Leg of this tour. Just wondering while I get my daily Adam fix. When did my fanship turn into a daily obsession? Anyone got a pill?

        • Scootersmom says:

          Years ago, my parents owned several dry cleaners/laundries in the Del Rio, Texas area, where many western movies were made. During shooting, they had someone on site to immediately bring the clothing to the nearest cleaners where they stayed open all night, weekends, whatever was necessary to have costumes ready for the next day’s shooting. It’s possible that such arrangements are made in every town where they have a show. I’m sure Neil would know, since he’s his brother’s assistant now.

      • KO's smiling says:

        Thanks, all. This is very helpful. 😉

        • I was at the Columbus show standing ouside the gate where the buses were parked and saw a guy bringing in the dry cleaning before the show. So yes they get it cleaned. So many places have same day dry cleaning so shouldn’t be a problem since they are at the venues in time to get things like that done.

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      Do we ALL think alike? I have wondered this as well. KO you caused me to laugh out loud! Funny how nearly anything ADAM-esque can make me smile and laugh!! Even dirty laundry!!

    • DANA MARTIN #434 says:


  3. I think it’s called Fabreeze. I saw a short video last week with Adam’s make-up and jack of all trades director. He is in charge of keeping the costumes in shape. Most theatrical shows only have 1 set of cloths with someone in charge of keeping them together. But I was wondering the same thing. 70 sweaty nights. It also seems like the pants with the blue stripe are stretching. Last night they seemed a bit baggy in the back. Of course it does give the glambulge a little extra room to roam.

  4. Soooo funny! I was wondering that exact same thing. They gotta get washed somehow but def not every night. Not multiple outfits though. He may get some new stuff along the way. Funny though. We all think alike on this website. I luv it!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Yup! Leave it to a bunch of women fans to all be wondering who does the laundry! I’m going to throw in my vote for…all the clothes are painted on with edible paint and, after the show there is a huge lick-fest backstage or on the bus [to which we ALL want tickets!] I am getting a kick out of some of the controversy about who is kissing/licking/tongueing who and who really likes it! Let’s face it…whoever or whatever Adam is licking is lucky indeed! I don’t care if he goes out and licks a lamp post…I’d still wish it was ME!

      Wet kisses to all the Glambs; male or female!
      p.s. LOVE Adam no matter what he wears but if he wears Stephanie’s shoes at a concert he is going to break his sweaty, beautiful neck!

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Ooops! I meant Christine’s shoes. No idea what Stephanie’s shoes look like!

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        Oh my… I want tickets to that show too!!!

        • Lila, were you at the foxwoods concert? I had my picture taken with a woman named Lila, we both had our names on our t-shirts saying we love Adam Lambert. Just wondering if that was you?

    • KO's smiling says:

      I feel like it would kill Adam a bit inside to buy 4 of the same custom-designed item. No?

  5. Tommy sooooo wants that kiss!!! They will be luvas if not already!

    • last night’s show was amazing. they were so cute at the begining of fever, it melted my heart a wee bit, then adam smacked tommy’s butt as they left the stage at the very end and i laughed so hard. they are adorable, i dont see how they wouldnt be perfect together!

  6. Madeline says:

    I was wondering the same thing and actually wrote it into the VH1 site for an answer. So, last night when I saw he answered a question from Madeline I had hoped it was mine…alas, no such luck. Maybe we will get an official response…at some point.

  7. 2nd post (got the day off) just finished watching WII!!! WOOOOOOOOW!!! His voice was beyond brillant. How many ways can he sing a song? Back before my time, Sinatra was dubbed “the voice.” I do believe that title now belong to AML, THE VOICE”. Also SoaKed, WWFM, and on and on the VOICE just gets better and better. Wonder if he’ll do FYE on International Tour? Should, it is his anthem.

  8. It seems to me, as I watch all the concert videos, that he uses his higher voice register more aggressively on the nights prior to a day off….which makes sense. (and I’m not bitching, just an observation). Obviously every performance is 1000% amazing and well worth the price of admission. The fact that every performance is at least slightly different makes each one unique and authentic. God did not go wrong making this man!

  9. Adamisamazing says:

    Those were breathtaking videos. So close and so clear. I don’t have the best seats for the concerts I will attend, so getting to see him up close and personal like this really helps. Thank you so much for giving us these great videos and pictures!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Princessshakeitup that’s funny. I will be wearing little black skechers to his show at the Borgata tomorrow. Oh how I wish to get close enuff for him to try on my shoes. Can not wait!!!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Your shoes would be MUCH safer! Have a great time at the show, you lucky lady!

  11. Keli Green Eyes says:

    I can’t thank you enough for posting your wonderful videos to this site. You allow me to go to a concert every day at my computer! I appreciate you!

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      I think we ALL appreciate Sue! She is am ADAMazing, fantADAMasmic forum leader!! WE LOVE YOU SUE!!!!

  12. LCJones says:

    Adam has a personal asst. that travels with him. She takes his clothes to a 1 Hour Martinizing Dry Cleaners every morning to have them cleaned.

  13. LCJones says:

    SUZ526, We’ve missed you!! Welcome back. You are the only one that can capture the true beauty of this mesmerizing Rock God. The quality is spot on. Thank you so much for your time and effort for Adam’s fierce, loyal fans. His videos have melted many hard drives, I’m sure!!

  14. I’ve been dying laughing reading about Adam’s outfits and how often they get laundered.

    You know, I have never wondered because I just assumed he has several of the same costume. Madonna and MJ (RIP) did. I don’t know how many red leather jackets MJ had, and Madonna had several of the coned bustiers she wore on her tour.

    Is there even time for Adam’s costumes to get washed?

    Thank you so much for posting the pics and videos. Adam sure looks handsome without all that makeup.

  15. BTW, some of the Idol’s mentioned in interviews during the tour that their laundry was done daily. Can’t remember exactly if Adam was one of the ones that mentioned it or not, but I know Alison and Matt did. So I’m sure it’s pretty much the standard for concert tours. There is more than likely a company that specializes in that. If not, maybe I should start one. I would love to do Adam’s laundry. Ha

  16. DEE #458 says:




  17. if we ever meet i would hold you in my arms cuz that’s how much i love you

  18. I was at Adam’s concert at Foxwoods last night and i must say, it was absolutely amazing!!! I don’t know how he does it, but his voice is actually getting better as his career is progressing!!

    I got to Foxwood’s early and i must say there was a huge variety of fans!! Male, female, old and young…..i’ve never seen so many varied fans at a concert!! And the outfits…wow! You ladies really knocked yourselves out in the fashion department….i’ve never seen so much leather, lace, glitter, feathers and assorted glam!!!

    I knew the concert would be good, but i just didn’t know how good….especially following 2 nights in New York City. I thought maybe the guys would be tired and our little New England venue would be a let down for them after performing in the Big Apple! I should never have worried!!
    Alison was amazing…. and i really wish her set had been a bit longer, she was so good. Orianthi was amazing, what a fabulous guitarist she is. But the true star of the show was Adam Lambert!

    Adam finally came on stage after much foot stamping and screaming and from beginning to end, he didn’t let us down!!! He was soooo sensual and sexual when he performed ALL his songs….I think after belting it out the previous 2 nights he might have toned things down a bit, but his voice was spot on and you can’t begin to appreciate his range until you hear him in person. Everyone around us was just looking at each other and shaking their heads….i thought they’d be commenting on his damn sexiness, but no, they were in awe of “that voice”!!!

    For a few accustic numbers (which really showed off his incredible voice) he sat on some steps and a bench and talked to us a bit about love and relationships and what is really important in life. Then he slowly proceeded to sing, and from beginning to end he had us all in the palm of his hand!
    But then he turned it up a notch…..and when he lets loose, he REALLY lets loose!! Boy, can our boy dance!! He’s got the moves and knows how to move “every part of his body….and i mean “every part”!! He had us all screaming when he got down and dirty with his cane and when he did a little “bump and grind” with one of his dancers!!!

    The hour went by w*a*y too quickly and as Adam and the band walked off stage we could see Adam tousle Tommy’s hair…it was so CUTE!!!

    What a night…..i still get goose bumps thinking about it…..i know its not possible, but i love him more than ever!!!! I know this is short, but i hope it gives you a little idea of what an incredible concert Adam gave us here in Connecticut!!!

  19. I was there last night 12th row from stage on the right and he blew me away. I think I was speechless for a while… he is the sexiest, most handsome , sexiest fantastic singer. He is just an gorgeous awesome entertainer. I’ve watched every concert video since the beginning and last night he did it all. It was the best concert of them all. The audience was wild for him and when he sang WLL I thought he was going to jump on the floor and start humping. It was so wicked hot… it’s a wonder the women didn’t try to jump him. I think he was in heat.. yah must have been.
    And I couldn’t wait to read my email tonight Sue to see what you captured. I want to be able to watch these videos whenever I want for the rest of my life. Thanks to you I can.
    I noticed something new—for the song “STRUT” …. one of the dancers put on his tailcoat jacket and handed him his cane… it was awesome…. reminded me the way they used to put on James Brown’s cape. ….. he sang his heart out… really gave it his all. and I just ADORED how he sang “Aftermath”. I sing too and the way he did that just melted me.. God I love him… I could listen to him sing forever.. anything… just sing to me babe.
    And he DANCED a lot too.How about that nice moving dance he did right up to Monty’s guitar? I loved it. He’ moves smwell don’t you think

    • I almost feel this could be getting out of control here pretty soon. YEAHHHHH, I am going to my first Adam concert ever on Wednesday and Judi is telling us Adam is in heat!!!!

  20. As for Adam and Tommy. It’s my opinion that Adam goes after Tommy a lot but Tommy likes girls ( that ‘s what Adam said in an interview) …….I think he’d like to have Tommy. I guess that’d put Tommy in a tough position … maybe he’ll give in afterall.
    If I videotape Adam on my camera can I burn a DVD so I can play the video on TV ??? Do you know how to do that?
    Please email me. and also how do I get a Glam number?

    • I’m sure Adam wouldn’t mind having Tommy, but I think it’s all an act. Adam doesn’t seem the type of person to “make” someone want him. He’s way to confident for that. I think it’s just playful firting. There’s nothing wrong with that. Even Kris admitted to having a man crush on Adam.

      • Judi (A is for Adam) says:

        Yah, it could just be an act….just for fun….to tease us all.
        If anyone knows how to get a “meet and greet” at any of his shows please email me at
        And if you’re from Ma. like me I’d love to hear from you.
        Whos’ going to the Aug. 20th show at South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, Ma.? Please email me at
        Who’s going to the Albany show in Palace Theater… I need tickets. Please email at
        A is for Adam

  21. Sue,
    You know why I need a number?

  22. The Human Voice is a vibration and responds to emotions very strongly. Adam is on a journey with himself, his band and with us. Obviously something very positive is happening and this is one of the reasons his voice is growing even beyond what we expected!

    I have to comment on the shoes, hot darn I really do like it when he does the drag thing even if it is just a pair of shoes…..The whole picture is great. I have never seen a man before who is so balanced in his masculine and his feminine side this is we are absolutely mad for him.

    • Irena,

      You said it so perfectly about Adam balancing his masculine and feminine side. I think he’s a woman’s man because he’s so masculine. I think that’s why he has so many females dreaming about him. It’s very easy to fantasize about him. I know I do…ha! I sure as heck never fantasized about Boy George. While I liked him and his music, he was not a woman’s man.

  23. I love these videos. I don’t mean to be greedy, but could we get “If I Had You” from this show? I absolutely love what I have seen so far but miss my fav song. Thx! Great job on the videos!

    • lovemyadam says:

      LAURIE… I’M SORRY, HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED MY FAVORITE SONG??? I have added it for you my dear, enjoy it!!

  24. i was there too AND he is ADAMAZING,,,,soooooooooo beautiful. We almost got to the second floor where he was after the show BUT a security guard saw us and made us leave,,,UGGGHHH

  25. Jane Parker says:

    I am in a trance!! I can not wait until August!!

    He gets better every day (if that is possible)!!

    ADAM 24/7 Yeah!!!

  26. Thanks for the fantastic videos. I saw Adam in Royal Oak but not as close up and clearly as the videos. He did Mad World and WWL that night too, but looking at that last video I think he even turned himself on. Tommy, what can I say. If you don’t want to “take one for the team” you might want to get Adam a blow up doll and make it into a Tommy look-alike.

  27. I also want to say thanks for these amazing videos – they make my day every day, put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

    Can’t wait for Adam to come to the UK – LOOOOOVE his voice – I think the reason it’s getting even better, is because of the energy from his audiences, so thanks guys, for doing a great job – he’ll be awesome by the time he gets to the UK – I hope he’ll stay in heat that long!

    I don’t know how anyone can resist Adam, including Tommy!

  28. WOW–hot! hot! hot! His voice his fabulous, and he is sooo sexy! I”ve been wondering if there is an Adam/Tommy item–but I’m pretty sure Tommy is straight–even though I”m positive he has a “crush” on Adam! Anyone know if there will be a concert video when this tour is finished?

  29. Okay folks—Saw Adam at MGM Grand Thurs.—Best concert of my whole life—
    (And that is up against some pretty stiff competition, no pun intended, as I am over 50, and
    have been to a few…..) LOVE Adam—He makes me wish I was a gay, pretty boy, who had a shot at him, he is so damn sexy, AND the talent! A real original.
    Many thank for these videos, I get to relive the magic, and the heat.
    The (very diverse crowd) loved him, everyone was screaming, and everyone was blown away by the show.
    Glad to know that I am not alone in my Adamaholic daze….

    • Pauletta says:

      So glad to know I am not the only one out here in “Glambertland” who is over 50 and is addicted to him! His talent is SO unbelievable! And he seems genuinely caring of his fans. I have a ticket to see him in September in Evansville, IN. You know i cannot put into words just how EXCITED I am to get to see him perform. I have planned my wardrobe, makeup, jewelry and last but not least the GLAM AND GLITTER!!! I hope I get some good pictures for my memory book! I’ll check back with you after the concert and share my experience. Is that okay with you? I don’t have any friends MY age who know what a great performer he is. It would be nice to chat with someone my age group about “Adam”! You could look me up on Facebook if you’d like. I am harmless…believe that…really (straight, two grown kids (one straight, one gay), two granddaughters and live with elderly mom). Hope to hear from you! Pauletta Baldwin <3

  30. This is by far the best version yet of WLL. He was so deep into the song. He sang it with all of his voice, aggressively using his higher voice register. I think he does that when the next day is a day off, so he can rest his voice.

    I can’t wait until I get to see it all up close and personal in July!

    • Leticia says:

      Totally agree with you Reese! He was so into WLL and he used the highest voice register and the widest range I have ever heard of all his concert performances. This performance really changed my mind about WLL which was previously not one of my Adam’s favourite. I hope to have the chance to watch him live when he goes on his international tour!

  31. Judi (A is for Adam) says:

    I have to watch the WLL on Full Screen cause he performs that so sexually. When he was sitting down half way into the song he stopped for the instrumentals and then he started to moan slow and low and it got higher and higher and more intense. It was so sexual but exactly what the song was about. The audience went crazy. He can drive all of us women crazy. The song is about sex and he was into it a lot….. the pelvic grinds he did at the audience were soooo suggestive and shaking his hand etc. and touching himself. OMG ….
    He’s the ultmate for me.
    I’m a singer myself—karaoke … I’ve got to say that he sings WLL very “bluesy”…..I’d like to hear more blues singing from him. But then again he can sing ANYTHING.
    I think that was the best rendition of AFTERMATH he ever did. He really let sus know that “You are not alone” That song has so much truth and meaning to it–to how so many people feel it’s beautiful and no one does it more justice than Adam.
    I couldn’t believe that people were more concerned about talking about his laundry as first reaction hell what about this amazing singer??…and performer. … Let’s talk about that. he has plenty of money to have someone get his clothes cleaned for him every day for the rest of his life and/ or make new ones.
    I hope he takes real good care of his voice and doesn’t abuse it cause he has a lot of shows goin on and cause I love Adam.

    • KO's smiling says:

      I hear ya Judy. I’m not typically obsessed with people’s laundry, but I don’t have words to express his performances.

  32. FlamingoLady says:

    I love this site…not just for the fabulous videos and photos of Mr. Gorgeous, but for the incredible exchange of humor and emotion by all who post comments. I laughed through the laundry comments, loved the Tommy comments, and agree with the reasons we all love him. I’m so glad to be a part of the Glambert group!

    • Judi (A is for Adam) says:

      I agree with you 100% —-I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this site to email and view Adam. Everyone I know thinks I’m obsessed. Well so what if I am. I’m happy.
      Well put FlamingoLady. I like what you wrote… so true.
      I hope I can sleep tonight because I’m having a problem . You see I keep singing Adam’s songs in my mind. … this happened after I bought his CD and learned all the words and it’s happening now after seeing him.
      I need a Meet and Greet… How about a Meet and Hug or a meet and little kiss… ha ha… no I mean a meet and big kiss…. someone once said she wished she were a gay guy so she’d have a chance with him… well I feel the same…

  33. Lambertini #520 says:

    Who is Christine, why is she so beautiful- and how did she get to meet Adam?? LOL! I met him last year on the Idol tour and kissed his cheek!! I don’t think we will be that lucky ever again!! I need another meet and greet, too! And he didn’t sing WLL at either of the shows I went to!! Not Fair!!!!!

  34. I’m so so glad I went to Foxwoods to see him cause he didn’t sing Aftermath anywhere else the way he sang it here. I adore the way he sang it especially the last line. It was so beautiful. His voice sounds so beautiful in this rendition . I wish he’d record it that way too. And……………..
    It only performed WLL at Foxwoods… and that was so so ever sensual … and so hot… I couldn’t believe it. I’m so glad you videoed it. to watch over and over again—definitely my favorite.
    All my love to Adam.