Glam Nation-Manila, Philippines 10/10/10

10/10/10… What a great date for a great concert!
The Glam Nation took the stage at the SG Mall of Asia, in Manila, Philippines. From the bits I have seen and heard, it was awesome, once again!!
Personally, I think Adam liked saying “Manila!!”.


Opening Medley/ suz526

Fever/ suz526

Sleepwalker/ suz526

Soaked/ suz526

WWFM/ suz526

Broken Open/ suz526

Aftermath/ suz526

Sure Fire Winners/ suz526

Strut/ suz526

Music Again/ suz526

IIHY/ suz526

Encore/ suz526
Mad World



  1. Mark Joefer Suson says:

    OMG…. Video Camera and Professional Camera’s were not allowed. Where did you get this?
    I enjoyed this concert A LOT!!! Were you there too?


  2. thanks suz

  3. Adamisamazing says:

    Thanks for posting. Suz526 is the greatest ever! I love the part in “IIHY” when Brooke and Adam are dancing, and then what he says afterwards. He is so funny…his makeup artist said that Adam is hilarious and keeps her laughing all the time. Just one more quality out of the hundreds of beautiful qualities he has.

  4. i am from the philippines and working in hong kong. sad i cant make it even tonight is glam nation concert tour in hong kong.its a rainy day there and very humid sorry adam is sweating a lot. many people hve attended hope adam will be able to come 2 days earlier so he can perform on national tvs because that would also make a lot of difference. you see not all households has cable tv and computers plus people from the province find difficult to travel on rainy days. summer would be the best time to have a concert where also students dont go to school. the mall has a capacity of 50,000 people and if necessary can extend up to 100,000. in one month there are a few foreign singers having concert in the phil. and adam is the most mesmerizing in my one word. so glad that our countrymen is able to witness the unfolding of a great artist if the century. im a diehard fan and follow all his videos on yahoo and you tube. good day ta all. adam arrived here in hong kong yesterday

    • Daisy,
      I’m glad that I’m not the only Filipina left in this site. Most of the Pinoys who used to come here i don’t see anymore. Anyway, I’m a die-hard fan of Adam too. And I was at his concert in SM MOA. I was actually amazed to see how many fans Adam has in the Philippines. Most people i know have drifted away after the AI had passed. But I’m glad that a lot of Filipinos still remembers his superb talent and came to his concert. The concert was a blast. From the review that I read, they said that the audience was about 20,000. I think it was more. Of course, MOA is so big for a venue. I heard it has a capacity of 80,000. Even the two Davids who came here last year weren’t able to fill it. I wish they held the concert in Araneta Coliseum, a close-venue which make is more cozy, and nearer to my place. hehehe. But anyway, the section I was in (well, it was just the middle section coz i also had to pay for my friend’s ticket) I think was almost filled completely. And so are the sections to the front.

      I have my own video of the concert. But I won’t dare post it here coz it was very bad. Well, I don’t mind. Coz I was jumping and dancing all the time. That’s why. Adam said the concert is for our entertainment, so I really enjoyed it.

      Oh and yes, I think he really liked saying “Manila” and we really loved hearing him say it over and over!

      By the way, Suz526 is American, right? Does she really follow Adam to his world tour? Wow! Or is it just in Manila? Still, wow!

      • Hi there Daisy and Zachi!

        Hi fellow pinoys (filipinos) ! This site slept for some time after the Singapore concert. Then suddenty posts from the Japan’s 3rd day concert and Manila have come at last. Not that I haven’t been enjoying the videos from youtube – of course also from the incredible Sue (Suz526).

        Was of course at the Sm MOA where the concert was held! It was indeed humid, so Adam was all ‘wet’! But it was good that it didnt pour, as forecast of that week was for thunderstorms in the evenings!

        I was with my mom, with tickets way over the back, but LO, we were rewarded tickets near the VIP, and beside the Gold at the right side of the stage, (near the entrance of VIP) as my mom was a senior citizen (dont you just love this?) so they have an area which is marked for ‘handicapped’ to house seniors, and their aides, which in this case is mwah (me). Dont you just get lucky lucky?!

        I was very delighted to know Sue was actually in the audience right up front. Except for being beside very excited chattering youngsters, which could be clearly heard in some videos, she is instrumental to spreading Adams love though her superb videos. With my binoculars, I could see Adam’s eyes skimming the whole crowd! I was the only one, standing and clapping almost non stop at that section, which was roughly a 10 ft X 10 ft on a raised platform.

        LIVE and LOVE! Oh yes, Sue (Suz526) is american, and we are blessed that she came all the way to Manila, check out her youtube page with the same username too, and twitter. Looking forward to more and more of Adam, whether in the flesh, or in the airwaves!

        Ssety (Glamb #100)

        • I would like to correct myself! Sorry, Sue is not Suz526.

          Sorry for my ignorance. A very big Thank You Sue, for all your dedication, without which this site wouldnt have been possible.

          I guess I was just too excited for Adam!


          • Arne Gershwin Gogo says:

            I’m a pinoy too! I wasn’t able to come to his concert last Sunday since i have to cancel it for an important event. I lived in Davao and i was really frustrated that I wasn’t able to come. anyway I know that this is not yet his first and last in Manila.. looking forward for the next tour.

  5. ElianeBrasilGLAMB#577 says:

    Hi / Oi
    Suuuuuuuuuue, how are you?
    I read this site everyday looking for news, of course.
    You were worried about leaving THIS site because Adam Fans Site, but it’s not the same.
    We are always with you.
    But I want to know if you know Suz 526?
    Cause I realize that some people are thinking YOU are Suz…
    Despite I watch her videos (many times its the only we have) I feel so uncomfortable with results.
    She always wants to zoom him and she lost focus…. AND we don’t apreciate whole picture (dancers, band, place).
    Sometimes the second videos are better.
    Beijos / kisses
    (sorry my english)

    • Eliane, you are right. A lot of people posting here think that Suz526 is the same Sue who writes for this site and puts the videos up here. Our Sue has tried to tell everyone that it’s not her taking these vids, but I guess she’s given up trying to set people straight or else she just doesn’t have the time. Still, we love and appreciate all her hard work and dedication to this site, us and especially ADAM!!!

      • ElianeBrasilGLAMB#577 says:

        Hi / Oi AL1877
        I appreciate her hard work too specially where I’m… it means faaaaaaaaaaaaar way.
        My conect with him is through her and you who explain what is going around with him.
        I hope one day turn back your attencion.
        Beijos / kisses
        (sorry my english)

  6. Thank you again Suz, for bringing this concert to us. It means so much to all of us, the lengths that you go. Loved this show, they really seemed to have fun, both the audience and Adam’s crew. After all this is what it’s all about, isn’t it………………

  7. Thank you, Sue. It is refreshing to just see Adam do what he does better than anyone. Entertain. Adam is positive energy. I like threads that are about the talent, voice and show.

  8. I was in this concert! And it was a dream come true for me!!! Adam was absolutely awesome and fabulous!!!! I can’t believe that I was finally seeing him perform live in front of me. He made us wait for almost 1 hour but it was alright. It was definitely worth the wait. We were all ecstatic after the concert. We would have wanted for him to sing more songs, but of course, he can’t over strain his voice coz of the succeeding concerts he has to do. But I was glad that he was all-energy that night. I wish he’ll comeback here in the future. And i hope that future would be soon!!!

    • I was there and he was AMAZING ! This is his 80th concert and in my opinion is one of the best. He was so happy and playful cuz he could see the massive crowd (around 18,000) in attendance. To correct a misconception, the venue can accommodate 50,000 to 100,000. His concert was configured to accommodate 20,000. So in effect, it was 90% full. This is great news considering this is a 100% Glam Nation tour that the fans were willing to pay for (no festivals, no formula 1 race, etc.)

      We were a group of 8 gals of various ages, from 20 to 55. I could see from our side that the fans were mostly young women. We were all anxious to finally see our Rock God. I don’t think Adam made us wait for an hour. The schedule did say concert will start at 8pm. But to us Filipinos, it actually means 9pm ( Filipino time…hello!).

      When Adam finally came out, it was pandemonium. We lost all sense of reality as we were transported to Adam’s Planet…The Planet Fierce. I could not focus anywhere else but to him. He was soo gorgeous, explosive and soo sexy. Everything was perfect. Cheers to the people behind this production. We could here his angelic voice so clearly and the monitors they put up gave us a closer view of this magnificent man. Hey, even the skies cooperated. Instead of rain, we had a starry night…thank God ! We were singing with him, but also listened intently when he sang his powerful ballads. Everyone had a blast ! When he sang IIHY, I was jumping & singing with everyone else, but at the same time, feeling sad as this was his last song. In spite of the heat & humidity ( he was literally soaked…lol), he still gave us an encore….what a trooper. BTW, he gave us 15 songs. Thank you Adam.

      I am hooked to Adam forever. I will never forget 10-10-10. The day the Glam God descended to earth and rocked MANILA.

      • Thanks, glamasia, for the good report and description of your Glam Nation experience!

      • i was also in this concert with my 22 yr old daughter. It was an amazing concert and adam is uber talented sexy and oh so charming. We were mezmerized and the crowd ranging from young children to grandmas in wheel chairs and some guys and gays were dancing and singing along with adam. Hope he comes back to manila again and

  9. cameras were not allowed!!! I am surprized to read that, At the Puyalup fair, i saw huge camera’s like the kind that are used at surf contest in Hawaii, professional ones, wow on that one!!!

  10. delibel (Nederland) says:


  11. Wow…wow…wow. Adam is unbelievable and untiring. He is so driven and so fierce indeed. HE IS THE CURRENT ELVIS AND MICHAEL JACKSON COMBINED.
    I don’t believe J Lopez in the next AI seasons will find the next Michael Jackson. She may be up for disappointments. She just can’t ignore Adam’s enormity. Why can she not figure things out ? Is she in denial when it comes to Adam ?
    Kara Dioguardi was good at her job in AI. How can J Lo be better ?
    J Lo seem to be in DENIAL when it comes to Adam, and quite NARCISSISTIC when it comes to Kara.
    Poor J Lo, Adam will prove her wrong. He is the next MJ and Elvis, and even more.

  12. Scootersmom says:

    My God, what is wrong with America?I just heard the announcement of the nominations for AMA’s…and sadly, NOTHING about Adam. When will the media moguls wake up to the fact that he’s not just an entertainer, he’s in a class by himself, and should be recognized by everyone. That day WILL COME, but those of us who believe in Adam should become more active, leaving our requests and unhappiness at Adam being ignored in every venue possible. This is just wrong, folks! We must bring this discrimination being directed at Adam to the light, and eradicate it, with our words!

  13. Yes, i agree 100% with you Scootersmom,
    Discrimination is obvious.
    i can’t believe what they are doing.
    i am ready to do what it rakes to have Adam get
    the recognition he deserves..

  14. Sue is always the best-thanks for bringing us Adam ‘s world tour! You ARE SO VERY KIND!
    More power to you and to our dearest Adam! Hope he enjoyed his Filipino audience and his short stay in Manila too.

    • Since I had a crappy camera, I didn’t bother to take pictures and just let my eyes do the recording. But lo and behold, SUZ526 was in the house ! How lucky can we get ! We got the best performance IMHO by Adam, and the best videographer. If only I knew you were around. I could have treated you to some “pancit” and “lumpia” and we’ll ask Adam to join us…LOL. BTW, I saw a cool picture of Rolando and Adam at the meet and greet . So cute !

      Also, special thanks to Sue for keeping this site alive. This is the only place I go to communicate with the Glams. Missing everyone tho. I know you will all come back because this is our roots. This is where it all started. From AI, to defending Adam at the AMAs and now the Glam Nation Tour and World Tour.

      • also didnt take videos because i want to watch adam live and record everything in my mind. Hope he comes back soon as i miss him already.

  15. Yeah…. Adam doesn’t bother anymore with all these subjective awards and recognition, like the AMA, EMMY and even the GRAMMY. Some of the artists awarded here don’t even have longevity.


    That’s why he sings IF I HAD YOU. And hopefully we make him a ” billionaire so freakin’ bad ! ” LOL!!!
    But yes, maybe just to prove these award bodies wrong.

    And yes, Adam deserves to be a billionaire. But not even billions can elevate him to the status that he has now. The love overflowing to him from his fans, can not be bought by any amount of money or billions.
    Watching and following his shows, makes one even humble. For how can one human being go to the lengths of sacrifices to give 101% to his fans. Where his singing seem to be wrung out from the very depths of his soul, where he has no more because he has given all out. Where his costumes and those of his crew, lost the sense of extravagance, whim, caprice and even flamboyance, because it had battled many a storm of concerts and laundrying, and now stands for frugality, tenacity, perseverance and consistency. Someday these clothes will go to the archives and will cost millions. My GOSH, how Adam and company stuck to their clothes, when other concert divas will have more changings and budget for their concert costumes. Here, Adam is a paragon of frugality. Maybe, I should practice some of this with my attires. Ha – ha !

  16. i hope adam will be at the grammy awars!!!!!!!!!!!