Glam Nation-Mahnomen, Minnesota 06/11/2010

One of our very own glambs, Mary, has taken some AWESOME pictures from the concert in Minnesota!!
If you can get through all of them without dying, seeing as there are bare feet, then you can check out the videos that I have included!!


photos via:Mary Straub

video via:Libracats

video via: Libracats

video via:Libracats

video via:mandydiesel

video via:Libracats

video via:Libracats

Broken Open
video via:dnewton98

video via:dnewton98

video via:Libracats

Music Again
video via:mandydiesel

Sure Fire Winners
video via:dnewton98

Mad World:Encore
video via:mandydiesel



  1. jahs#376 says:

    Thanks so much for posting this……I was unable to get tickets to either of the Minnesota shows…..Even had 2 other people calling when the tickets went on sale… luck…Was very sad…This helps……Thanks for your thoughtfulness……..Judy

    • A HUGE MAHALO (thanks) to everyone who is posting the comments and videos from the concerts. I am so excited about the ones I’m going to, but not for another month! Has anyone seen reviews in the local papers after the concerts? Wondering what the pundits are saying? Aloha, Holly

      • jahs#376 says:

        Hi Holly,
        I’m kind of lame when it comes to sending links, but I think this should work for the review in the Minneapolis paper for the Saturday night Mystic Lake show:

        I can’t tell, as I’m typing this, if you can just click on this or if you have to type in the whole link.


      • Linda Krosinski says:

        The Saint Paul Press didn’t have real good reviews. He was trying to hard and changed clothes too much and needs a director to help him out. You can go to and read it all but what do they know lol Were at the Mahnomen one at the Shooting star casino and I thoughgt he was excellent!!!!!!!!! Allison was real good but neither hubby or I cared for Orianthi. It was a very fun concert tho

  2. Judy Lushman says:

    Another great concert by Adam. Sleepwalker was fierce. I wonder what he kicked at? He sang an emotional version of Soaked. I loved it and Fever was the best version ever. Thanks so much Suz for posting this.

    • He kicked at a Barbie doll a guy brought up. He later said, “Sorry, but I was in character, ya know?”

      • AdamAddict says:

        BARBIE DOLL???I thought it’s a flower!Many little girls will cry for that.LOL!!But why the heck a dude want to give Barbie to Adam?At least Ken,for god sake!! 0_o R U sho it’s Barbie,I pause at 3:50 and still can’t see it clearly.A doll??So not cool,I will kick his butt if I were there.How dare gave that to Adam!Give me to Adam!Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  3. tweeterpie says:

    Thanks for the great videos. I also thought this was his best performance of FEVER so far on this concert tour. Sleepwalker was extra hot tonight &I love his Soaked performance too, but get so frustrated with all the SCREAMERS. I know he’s hot and seXXXY as hell, but can’t they reserve the screaming for the fast songs and hold their tongue through the softer tunes like Broken open & Soaked?!?! I missed “Aftermath” here, did he not sing it that night? I’ve really been enjoying his acoustic version alot. Every concert is ADAMAZING though and I can’t wait until it’s MY TURN to see him LIVE again.

  4. AdamAddict says:

    Adam kicked the flower???I think he got FIFA World Cup fever~nodding~ GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      I have all the vids saved to my YT channel,,he apologized for kicking the flower before he sang WWFA, he said he was still in character when he kicked it. So anything Adam touched with any part of his body I would gladly accept it back!! 😀

  5. beaglewoman says:

    I was fortunate enough to be at Mystic Lake last evening. What an awesome show Adam and Co. has put together! The music absolutely comes alive. The dancers were fabulous and really contributed to the interpretation of the music. Adam’s dancing is delightful and how he can dance, and jump etc. while still singing his face off is truely admirable and mind boggling. My only regret is that I didn’t bring earplugs as the reverberation in the venue sometimes made things seem a little ‘sharp’ – I will have plugs in tow when I drive to Louisville to see him again on July 10. Really looking forward to that now that I know what to expect.

    For anyone yet to go to a concert you will be thoroughly entertained. This is not just some guy sitting on a stool singing songs – although we all know that if that’s what Adam was doing we would be there listening. Prepare to enjoy yourselves 🙂

    Oh, and if you want T-shirts make sure to bring cash. The venue last night was cash only for concert ware….prices were $35 and $50 for T’s; $10 for posters I think and can’t remember what else there was.

  6. Watching this Zodiac God Zither toward the Zombie, we are zonked out!!!! “Age of Aquarius” all over again.

  7. Will be in Milwaukee on Tuesday night.
    Thanks for the tips and videos.

  8. Wow!! So great to see my name above the rehearsal photos and to be acknowledged! But the photos were not taken in MN, they were taken at the Stir Cove Concert in Council Bluffs, IA, from my hotel room window!! I was absolutely flailing–took over 200 pics of the amazing Adam singing right beneath my window. (My husband was so sweet, but didn’t quite know what to do with me–I was SOOOOO excited!)

    Then I got to watch the concert that evening from front of stage and it was the most epic night of my life!! After returning home on Friday (a 6 1/2 hour drive) I went through the rehearsal pics and chose the 14 best; put them in order; then posted them on Twitter. Within hours they had gone worldwide! Now I’m seeing them everywhere! I told my husband and he was dumbfounded. I explained that this was a first–first outdoor rehearsal where everyone could hear–and first time someone could take pics of rehearsal from right above it. I felt kissed by the Universe!!!

    To top it all off, I got to meet some new Glamily–AT LAST–some Adam friends that totally get him and adore him like I do. I have many many online friends like you guys, but I met some in person and absolutely loved them. I will be attending more concerts with some of them I’m sure.

    It was a trip for a 59-year-old woman whom Adam has turned into a 20-year-old! I am very enthusiastic and passionate–but had lost a lot of passion with age. Adam gave it back to me and I will be eternally grateful to him! I’m an Adam lover forever!

    And a special thanks to my special online friend, Sue, for her tremendous work on this site!!!!

    • Marianne says:

      Hi,…yeah, I’m like you….64 and loving the hell and heaven out of Adam, his voice, his persona. My standard reply to those who see me getting excited over a 28 year old gay man, performer is, “I don’t need any hormone replacement therapy! Adam is my HRT!!!” His magic is awesome and I am so grateful to him for the joy he is bringing.

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    Back to Adam’s singing, may he’ll realize in this song that we don’t live in a MAD WORLD when people care for each other.

  10. Sucarole says:

    Beaglewoman, saw where you will be driving to Louisville to see Adam July 10. My sister and I are driving from Houston to see him in Louisville. Would like to meet you. Adam just keeps getting better and better each concert. Don’t know if I will be able to contain myself by the time I see him in Lville.

  11. patricia Pearce says:

    Shame on the man who carried on a loud conversation while Adam was singing “Broken Open”. It’s akin to a person talking throughout a spiritual retreat. Adam gets us all excited, dancing and screaming with his fast paced songs and it’s such a joy to react to those songs as I’m sure he appreciates.. However, when he’s singing his heart and soul out, please be considerate of those who really want to connect with him as he makes an effort to touch those fans he cares so much about.

    • I agree with you. Next time if someone acts like the man, who is constantly talking, he or even she should be told to please talk lower or hush for a moment till the song is over with. I mean gee wiz. He should know it was all being videoed. ( how ever spelt ) lol hugs Glambs from OhSweetOne Glamb #534

  12. Thanks to Mary S for the great candids of the rehearsal. You are one lucky lady, your own personal concert… !!!!! Lucky you didn’t fall out of the window! And I love those cute bare feet!

  13. i love love love the show wish i ws their with you

  14. Thanks for the fantastic videos! Can’t wait to see Adam in Cleveland! I do wish he’d sing a faster-paced song for the Encore though!

  15. Do you have any pix from Mahnomen? The outdoor ones are from Iowa, I’m assuming.

  16. Beaglewoman says:

    Sucarole – It would be great to meet you in Lville!!! My fangirly friend Ann and I are driving from Indy. Dont’ know yet know what time what we’ll get there but would like to be able to grab a bite before the show. I can at least give you my seat #s (need to dig out the tickets) so if nothing else we can meet at the theater. Otherwise if we can figure out where to eat we could meet there too – always happy to share a little Adam-mania 🙂 You will have a wonderful time. I am so appreciative of all the work that Adam and his crew put into constructing this show. This is not just some thrown together, last minute thing. To get all the staging, choreography and the vocal/instrumentals nailed had to be some long days. Probably pretty exhilarating but long days nonetheless. Let’s figure out how to trade more specific info – OK?

  17. marilee says:


  18. The videos are WOW, the Pictures are so great, but I don’t think that the pics are from Mahomen… We were there and it was cloudy and not sunny at all, the weather was crapy all day. And the barricades don’t look like the ones they used in Mahomen… I think these beautiful photos of Adam are from some other vanue, not Shooting Star definitely.

  19. kat23morg says:


  20. What a great concert! Only wish it would have lasted LONGER… it went by too quickly. When Adam is a mega star, we can say we saw him on his first tour…. in Mahnomen Minnesota, of all places!!! His voice, dancing, costumes and, showmanship and amazing. Adam Lambert is an exceptional talent, and we are so happy we got to see him in person. The diversity in the audience was a testament to the wide range of fans Adam has, and that has to be very satisfying for him as a performer. Adam, you rocked the house Friday night!!

  21. cheryl 334 says:


    It is appaulling at the rudeness of some people who just talk all thru Adam’s songs. During ‘BROKEN OPEN’, which the vocals were, phenomenal, as usual, these ‘boys’ yaking it up as if they are in some parking lot somewhere. Crude!

    Does anyone else think there might be a little ‘something’ going on bestween Adam and Tommy???
    I’ve seen a few hints of ‘closeness’ happening, and wonder if anyone else has?

    Soaked was extrordinary, as ‘Fever’ and every performance!!!!…………..:) (sigh)……………..

    Love-Peace -Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness 4 Adam (and the universe)……………………………..