Glam Nation-Louisville, Kentucky 07/10/2010

From the sound of it, Last night’s show was INCREDIBLY HOT, HOT, HOT!! There were pretty boys, smooching onstage, and autographs after the show… Kinda makes me wish I was there.
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If I Had You
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  1. Glamitup says:

    I am soooooo sad!!! I live 1 hr. away from Louisville but couldn’t get tickets as it was sold out in about 2 seconds! Had this bad feeling all day yesterday! Went to our local fair for the night but kept looking at my watch wondering what song he was singing!!!! UGH !!!! Well I did get tickets to his concert in Covington Ky on Aug. 31 so I am glad about that but would have loved to be there last night! Sounds like you all had fun! And autographs? Please tell! LUCKY!!!!

  2. What happened to ‘Broken Open’? I haven’t seen it for ages. Is it out of the show?

  3. I have never written on this site before…I am an avid fan of Adams music and entertainment but as far as the kissing on stage, don’t care for that….didn’t when Brittany and Madonna kissed…to me I am there to see his fantastic singing and love to see him perform….

  4. beaglewoman #611 says:

    Last night was incredible. We drove from Indianapolis and I am so very happy that we did. We ate at the BBC across from the theatre and the band came over to eat also. The fans at the restaurant were so respectful – yes they took pics with the band but largely left them alone to eat and relax. The show was AMAZING. We had all heard that Cleveland was a dog so everyone was determined to rock the house – and you could tell that Adam appreciated it. He smiled and smiled and smiled – and kissed Tommy 🙂 and smile some more. What a night. Bummer that we missed autographs but we had to drive back to IN right after the show. I’m still dizzy from lack of sleep or the high of the concert – not quite sure which.

    Thanks to Sue and Debbie for making the evening extra enjoyable. Really happy that I was able to meet you two ladies – have a great time in Houston!!

    • melinda#482 says:

      cleveland was a dog??
      sorry u missed the dog show.

    • JB Indy says:

      Cleveland was a dog? Can you explain that a little more. I didn’t hear anything about that. Thanks. Just curious.

      • melinda#482 says:

        This comment comes from someone named Beaglewoman. hillarious. The Clevland show at the Allen theatre was fanfreakingtastic.

  5. Holy glam! He was like a raw nerve on stage…feeling every note. So much eye contact and tongue work. Jeez I wish I were there in person.

    Hope he’s like that at the two concerts I get to see.

    He keeps amazing us all!

  6. what a master performer, vocalist, and artist..can’t wait for his Vegas show..The universe has been waiting for this man..what an explosion..King of Glam for sure.

  7. Every time there is an Adommy moment, there is a stampede to U-Tube!!!! The video was very good, unfortunately on my computer, the sound bad, but not complaining. People are clammering for the Adommy moment. I think that Adam and Tommy understand this and make their audience wait for it!!! Great showmanship and timing. Read somewhere in a Review that Adam knows how to keep his audience wanting more. Oh hell yes, its all rock and roll!! I can’t believe this one gorgeous man has got me interested in music again.

  8. Glambertcraze says:

    OMG I just heard Adam annouce a new radio station in Sacramento, CA. They are also playing his songs.
    This is huge for this area.
    Adam has made it soooo big. I can hardly wait to see him in person on the 24th of this month at the Thunder Valley casino in ,Lincoln ?

  9. Thanks to all who posted videos of this amazing concert!! Adam looked so relaxed and happy, soaking in the moment, and so connected to the audience… This tour just keeps getting better and betterer. Especially loved the “love’ in Aftermath! Thank you Adam, and the band, for such an awesome performance!

  10. Adamisamazing says:

    You can just see the joy he has for entertaining. Love his smile, like at the end of Aftermath. I hope he knows how much joy he brings to us…more joy than he can ever imagine. If I hear a snipplet of his song on a TV show or see his video at a club/bar, it makes me so happy for him, I actually cry. A response I’ve never had for any singer. Love the way he keeps changing things up with his looks, actions, and songs. Can’t wait to see him! Thanks for the beautiful videos of our beautiful Adam.

  11. Farzana says:

    I hardly know where to begin after attending THREE events in one week!!!!! And I am left forever changed, I believe.

    Last night was just fabulous! The audience was electric! The audience reactions of Knoxville and Nashville collided and produced Louisville!!! I could sense the energy even before the opening of Allison. Half the audience was standing during her whole set.

    There was a gorgeous “stripper-heeled” boy sitting 2 rows in front of me….just beautiful guy with blond hair in the now famous Adam cockatoo hairstyle. I am talking major stiletto’s with a silver heel! He was dressed in simple black – form fitting pants and t-shirt but with a big pouf of black tulle on his shoulder! Really hot, elegant look. When he entered the row with his companion several people stood and applauded him and others joined in the applause. Lots of love flowing last night. Adam’s love abounded! I love Adam’s Universe!

    Met lots of first-timers who were so “over the moon” about his performance. It really is a “glamily”! I think the entire experience of attending his concerts is an emotional, sensual roller coaster that is totally life-changing. This aspect is worthy of a book as some of us know first hand!

    I had written some diary type entries to post here after Knoxville and my happy love events of getting bumped from 2 rows in the back to the 4th row from the front! Awesome! Too many pages of my experiences -8-and counting to post here, I believe.

    I was just reading this afternoon that VH1 has thrown a gauntlet challenge down to Adam’s Fans! For Lady GaGa’s fans to beat him to the top of “If I Had You” this week! It’s time for Adam’s Fierce Fans to unite and show their Mighty Love for Adam! Please put your heart fingers to work!

    PS: my address has changed to:
    Farzana – Forever Loving Adam
    Adam’s Universe of Peace, Love, and Tolerance


    • Farzana, I wondered where you were! I am so glad to hear about your fabulous experience. Wish there were some pics of the guy in the stripper heels. How wonderful you got to be so close to the stage.

      If you want to share what you have written I would love to read it.
      You can always email me at

      • teresa hodson says:

        I so agree last night in Louisville it was just electric and full of love….differences from looks to age to gender it just didnt matter we all wanted to be there for the same reason. It was just spiritual…..I saw the guy youre talking about he was so pretty….loved it!!!

      • Farzana says:

        Thanks Irena, Will do as soon as I type it all out! I had written long hand and was up till 6 am the night/am after the Knoxville! It was such an adrenaline rush and then Nashville…Nashville was a different scene than other places I have seen in Adam’s tour. People were warm and welcoming but it was definitely reflective of the type of behavior/reactions people would have to other entertainers there (and I have been there years ago for a c/w performer). Such unexpected things I saw; for example, chrome and black nail polish on guys dressed as if they had just come into town in their pickup truck and had just ordinary non-glam attire on! Adam is making huge changes in people! It is fabulous to see!

        After I saw Adam in Nashville I returned home to Indiana for 36 hours or so then hit the road to Louisville.

        I have to say, I now judge time as Before Adam (events +) and After Adam. I feel like he represents the clock hands marking our revolutions in time visible and that all of us – his fans – are the little second hands that jerk around to follow the colossal motions he creates through our life and times on earth! I don’t think I am being over dramatic here at all…the glamorous beautiful butterfly has set forth the motion to be felt around the world!

        When you go to the events, see the people’s reactions, then read fan comments everywhere on the internet from all over the world….I see the change coming! May he forever be protected by all that is good!

        • I so agree with you on the collosal motions and changes. Something is happening that is not comparable to any other performer out there right now.

          As I said on a previous post, this is our movement into the Age of Aquarius. I felt the same as you when I saw all these different people at both concerts. Old people with walkers, canes and one woman proudly showing of her artificial leg and many people in wheelchairs. I have been to lots and lots of concerts over the course of my life but these crowds were always representing a specific type of fan with very few exceptions. That Adam appeals to all this different people seems mind boggling till you actually go to the concerts and feel the vibe. People feel they will be healed and loved and accepted for whoever they are.
          Many people write who they feel re-awakened, re-charged, brought back from the brink of frikkin’ death, either emotional or physical!
          A friend of mine who is a yoga teacher and to whom I described my concert experiences said that what Adam is sharing is Shakti energy….so this is a description of Shakti and it pretty much says it all.

          ~I am the ultimate source
          dancing through all forms
          I am the animating force
          vibrating the world into being
          I activate
          Let me fill you
          with cosmic ecstasy
          Let me reconnect you
          recharge you
          renew you
          I am the secret-bliss honey nectar
          that snakes up your spine
          connecting all your chakras
          into one big orgasmic orgy
          of power
          ENERGY!! ~

          I am loving it!

          • Yes, Shakti – Kundalini – the coiled energy located at base of the spine that rises upward and creates powerful responses that are life changing —- especially with a heightened awareness of all things. The awakening of the Kundalini shows itself as “awakening of inner knowledge” and brings with itself pure joy, pure knowledge and pure love. It can be brought about by extreme meditations, intense personal experiences, even childbirth and accidents. And now, there is Adam, so intensely connecting with us all.

            I believe the intense vibratory qualities of his voice resonates with many, many people at the soul vibration level and links us together in the intensity of love and all it generates, IMO!

            Some phrases and melodies he sings transport me to another spiritual place because of their intense beauty!

            Yes, this fits well in what is going on, IMO!

  12. Lazerbeamz says:

    I was there last night. The performance was great and I especially liked that the venue was so small there didnt seem to be a bad seat. We ate at the BBC…too bad we must have just missed the band! I think all 3 bands sounded really good btw. Drove from St.Louis, paid a good price for the tickets, but it was all worth it!

  13. Hi Linda, Adam and Tommy know that most people love their affection, so they’re playing to the crowd. Tommy is a good sport and a better actor. He is straight but seems to really enjoy the kiss. It’s all in fun and playfulness. Although it is a minor moment in his show, to many of us, that affection, in whatever form it take, symbolizes acceptance, freedom and just letting go.

  14. Thanks for posting these great vids!! Can’t get enough of Adam. As for voting, it’s going to be a part-time job (not really a job) voting for Adam. Yes, I agree, we must keep Adam at #1 for as long as we can, so vote, vote, vote, vote……………………………….


  15. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    One of the best things about all this craziness (besides Adam and his fabulous music) is meeting so many wonderful people who share this insanity (Thank God I am not the only one!). For a brief moment in time during his concerts, the world is a happier more joyful place; certainly not a bad effect to have on people!

    • teresa hodson says:

      i could not agree with you more…….its a bonding moment for sure…i already found 2 new friends of facebook that was there so we can swap pics…..makes my heart happy and 49 i needed it…love all the adam fans….

  16. idolholic says:

    I was there last night in Louisville. We also ate dinner at BBC, but didn’t realize the band was there too! This concert was truly amazing. I think Adam has the best voice on the PLANET right now, and it sure came out in his singing last night. He was electrifying. We waited outside afterwards and he did sign autographs for some of the fans. I got within about 20 feet of him !!! It was weird to see him unglammed, wearing plain t-shirt & baseball cap, but he looked relaxed & happy. I am very much looking forward to seeing him again next month in St. Louis!!!

  17. He was so great in my city…. I was in the 4th row. What a disappointment to hear this. I’m glad I wasn’t there last night to see him kissing Tommy. When will he stop that crap! It has nothing to do with his singing and he will lose fans if he continues. He’s so good, but he will never be taken seriously this way. I’m sure he would sell better if he’s stop this annoying behavior. It would be one thing if he would kiss a girl once in a while. I hate reading about this all the time.

    • For a man who loves so deeply and gives so much I feel you should just let Adam do what he enjoys doing.
      I wasn’t kidding when I said he loves to kiss, he has mentioned it many times in interviews. I am not sure how much kissing he gets done during this crazy busy tour which is dedicated to US his fans!
      So I am happy for him when he shares a kiss with Tommy every once in a while.

      • teresa hodson says:

        lol…are you kidding Irena…ummm ck it he is SOLD OUT everywhere he goes how can you get better than that….please just let him be who he is…enjoy it…embrace it….its not hurting anyone no one……i think we’d be better off if we did kiss each other more often either sex…lol…just let it go!!!!

        • teresa hodson says:

          oops sorry Irena…meant to put that last comment to Janet…sorry about that my love…cant see like i used

          • No worries, most people on this site know that I would never write anything like that.

            • teresa hodson says:

              whew, im glad Irene….i love my glambert friends and do not want to offend….

    • Susan W. says:

      The crowd seemed to like it when they kissed. They screamed pretty loud. I know I liked watching it, if only in a video. I’d love to go to a show but I’m allergic to half the world (perfumes, colognes, lanolin, oranges etc etc) and would probably end up in the hospital. Well, for Adam it might be worth it. He’s said in interviews before that this is who he is. Take it or leave it, he’s not changing for anyone. I think he’s opening some closed minds, obviously not all of them though. Some people are homophobic and aren’t going to change. Other people know that liking someone with conditions only makes the picky one unhappy. There are even some families where the love has conditions. That one just boggles my mind. I believe in unconditional love and that you take someone as they are. Trying to change them never results in happiness all the way around. I definitely believe in unconditional love of Adam. If you don’t like it, nothing says you have to read about the concerts or watch the videos. Yes he is extremely talented and he’s already taken seriously by a lot of people. The world is a changing and in my mind it’s a good change. Personally I just want more, more unconditional love, more singing, more kissing, just more. Rock on Adam!

    • Read the lyrics to “Aftermath”:

      Have you lost your way?
      Livin’ in the shadow of the message that you made
      And so it goes
      Everything inside your circle starts to overflow
      Take a step before you leap
      Into the colours that you seek
      You give back what you give away
      So don’t look back on yesterday

      Wanna scream out
      No more hiding
      Don’t be afraid of what’s inside
      Gonna tell ya you’ll be alright
      In the Aftermath
      Anytime anybody pulls you down
      Anytime anybody says you’re not allowed
      Just remember you are not alone
      In the Aftermath

      You feel the weight
      Of lies and contradictions that you live with every day
      It’s not too late
      Think of what could be if you rewrite the role you play
      Take a step before you leap
      Into the colours that you seek
      You give back what you give away
      So don’t look back on yesterday

      Wanna scream out
      No more hiding
      Don’t be afraid of what’s inside
      Gonna tell ya you’ll be alright
      In the Aftermath
      Anytime anybody pulls you down
      Anytime anybody says you’re not allowed
      Just remember you are not alone
      In the Aftermath
      In the Aftermath

      Before you break you have to change your own mind
      Take a trip and fall into the pit
      Tell a stranger that their view is full
      So all you feel is love, love
      All you feel is love, love

      Wanna scream out
      No more hiding
      Don’t be afraid of what’s inside
      Wanna tell you you’ll be alright
      In the Aftermath

      Wanna scream out
      No more hiding
      Don’t be afraid of what’s inside
      Gonna tell ya you’ll be alright
      In the Aftermath

      Anytime anybody pulls you down
      Anytime anybody says you’re not allowed
      Just remember you are not alone
      In the Aftermath
      In the Aftermath
      Gonna tell ya you’ll be alright
      In the Aftermath
      In the Aftermath
      Just remember you are not alone
      In the Aftermath

    • kat23morg says:

      Hello….Adam is gay…what do you want him to do…pretend he is not…Obviously Adam and Tommy are good friends…and curious…I have no issue with him kissing Tommy…Tommy is cool about it and actually digs it…When you say he needs to stop…do you say this about heterosexual stars…when they do sexy things on stage…or fondle or hug a dancer on stage…please…if you are a true Adam fan…you do not care….With Adam giving his 150% every night…how could you even worry about it…I saw him live and he was outstanding….Your homophobia is showing.

    • You really need to get up to speed on the whole situation Adam is an entertainer with fans that truely love him for who he is as he is and if you have a problem with that why do you waste your time and money supporting someone who you obviously don’t get. Maybe you should go to a Tom Jones concert or something and stop wasting our time with you childish whining!!!

  18. Everyone who knows me knows I’m one of Adam’s biggest fans and supporters. I can’t wait to see him live again! I’m going with 4 other fans, but am a little concerned about how one of the guys will take any Adamommy action. He loves Adam’s talent, but was mad for weeks after the AMA’s and stopped listening to his music. Tho he has calmed down since (obviously-since he wants to see Adam live), he doesn’t play Adam’s music like he used to, and I can see him shutting down if Adam and Tommy kiss. I can accept anything Adam does, but not everyone is that way. Adam is absolutely fabulous and doesn’t need to show man-on-man action in order to entertain. I don’t know why so many women seem eager for the Adamommy stuff … is it really such a turn-on to them? …is it just to show Adam their support? …do they think Adam isn’t going to give as good a concert if he can’t do that? It’s not anybody’s business who Adam does what with in his private life, so he doesn’t need to show it to the rest of us. He’s a star because he’s amazing, NOT because he’s gay. IMO, he should toy with stuff like that if he wants to after he’s firmly established as a major superstar with several hit albums under his glittery belt. Until then, he’ll gain more fans if he tempers it a bit. He’s got great talent and showmanship which doesn’t need scandalous antics in order to shine.

    • Lisa you are right on target. Everything you said is exactly what I think and most of the people who attended his concert with me. I am a huge fan, have turned on many people to Adam and even purchased more music from him (more than 1 CD, videos, etc.), and got people who were not fans to do some of the same. They would not have appreciated him kissing his straight bass player once again at the concert. Didn’t the AMAs teach him anything?

      I knew a month before that show it was going to be trouble with that song. It’s so raunchy (almost promoting sexual force). But I never imagined the actions he took would be that bad (and I’m not talking about kissing). I want him to sell tons of records (he won’t) and kick some butt in the music world……I truly do. But this won’t happen in America if he continues to “experiment” (as he calls it) with the audience. Glad I wasn’t in Kentucky.

      Maybe if he kissed a girl once in a while (he says he has no problem with that) people would deal better with it. I just want him to sing. He won’t get my votes this week, but I hope he stays on top and I don’t have to read any more garbage about him again. I am a true fan but he is frustrating me. My family (married with children) doesn’t get this and this is just confirmation for them that I’m backing the wrong singer.

      • I don’t get this.
        How do you explain all these sold out concerts?
        Honey, Adam is to his way to the top with or without your approval of him kissing another man.
        You want him to stay on top but this week he won’t get your votes because he is being a bad boy according to you….

        I believe Adam is part of a revolution and these never happen with everybody’s support, I guess.

      • Jeane Bakken says:

        You are a flat-out homophobe. Garbage? Stay in the closet and kiss girls? Shame on you.

      • I don’t know of one current performer who tailors their every move on stage to their audiences liking. It’s just not feasible, because you lose yourself in the process.

        It’s a simple solution for you Janet: Don’t EVER go see him live, EVER! He will continue to be who he wants to be, and perform in a way he sees fit. You can’t control this. Listen to his CD and enjoy his voice that you love so much.

        I continually find it interesting that some people are irate about what is maybe a total of 4 seconds of a One hour performance. He only “plays” with Tommy twice: 1st during the beginning of Fever and then again when he introduces Tommy.

        It’s like TV: If you like the show, but parts are questionable, either close your eyes during those parts OR change the channel.

        But…..making such derogatory comments about Adam is just wrong. It’s not his fault you don’t like his flamboyant moments, it’s yours. It’s your phobia’s to own. It’s not up to you or anyone to “form” him into what you want.

        Please stop making inflammatory remarks. Adam is all about love and peace and acceptance. He is always positive in his statements. Your remarks go against the grain of all he believes.

        Love one another!

      • kat23morg says:

        If you are worried about what other people think then you should probably not be a fan…To expect Adam to pretend, no doubt you want him to be like Clay Aiken..pretending to be something he is not, than for him to be the honest caring person he is…He has stated many many times his performance is based on the song…Fever is a song about desire and wanting someone who is not available…Adam is gay…he would be fake and hypocritical to want a girl…I find his performances of Fever so friggin fun and sexy…that is what it is about girl…entertaining…Get real…you still have homophobic tendencies …you just will not admit it. I do not worry about it…I have gay friend…straight friends and even bi friends…My husband does not like Adam as an artist…Of course he is a straight guy and I find straight guys tend to be homophobic…more so than girls…yet he admits Adam can sing his face off and he does not expect Adam to pretend to be straight. I work with a girl who is gay…I do not expect when her partner comes into the office and they are saying good bye for her to shake her hand…if she kisses her…that is fine…it is a sign of affection…Adam stated too his band and dancers are like family to him…he cares for them a great deal…If Tommy and he have a little affair on the side…it is not our business…and if they show affection on stage…that is fine…it is about love people…let loose…quit being prudes…

  19. patricia Pearce says:

    I wonder if this person objects to heterosexuals kissing on stage. If not, then there is some homophobia there.

  20. Musicalgal says:

    Absolutely Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful as Lawrence Welk would say back in the “Old Days”. How Adam does get better each concert? Better and better each and every time. Adam is just perfect. Thank God he gave us Adam. Bless you all you computer SAVVY folks out there for sharing. I do repeat myself but I thank God you are all out there so you can share Adam with me and the rest of the Glambert Fans. He is a rock god. Such a talented man.

  21. I think you are probably spot on about the homophobia. But the guy really does like everything else about Adam. And wouldn’t you think that if ANY performer does certain things which offend some people, they might think about that? After all, Adam has shown himself to be a good-hearted, caring person, with not much of a F-U attitude. But who am I to say? I am one who isn’t really bothered by anything Adam does. The only thing that does bother me is people not totally loving Adam. (Weird, I know.) Adam was a HUGE success on the Idol tour without any man-on-man action. I’m just sayin’.

  22. One note to fans about the Louisville -Brown Theater, I thought the staff and volunteers there were the nicest cordial people! They did not make fans miserable by hassling us about any photo/video taking. They said if it was ok with the performer, and it was, then go for it! And Adam, I think, encourages it! So, lots of people were taking advantage of the photography opportunity.

    In Knoxville and at the Ryman it was just horrible the way fans were harassed! Certain famous stars were evident at the Ryman and were taking videos – I have proof on my camera! Yet, I was reprimanded/”stopped” 3 times at Ryman and finally I told one person that when he stops a certain well known blond star from taking videos then I would stop. Their behavior was such a downer for a lot of people. A lot of people that were not taking pictures were annoyed and one person came up to me afterward and asked why they were hassling me so much! I was sitting close to the end of a row and I was more accessible I guess. I just continued doing my thing even though I made it appear I had stopped. Am I bad?

    But, just go to the Brown Theater when you can for any event! One of the floor managers said that we could dance, scream and shout all we wanted as long as the aisles were open – fire codes, you know! I wanted to tell them it was too late about the fire thing…we were already consumed by the Adam Fire and no fire department could do a thing about that! Although, by the end of the show we were all drenched in sweat from all the shouting, and jumping about…I was wishing for a fire hose to spray me!

    The manager I talked to after the show had watched all of Adam’s performance and he thought Adam was just fantastic! They loved Adam at the Brown! He said they could have filled a bigger venue for him because the demand was so great.

    Yeah! For the Brown in Kentucky! You Rock!

    • Glamitup says:

      This is the hospitality of Louisville and the surrounding area! There ARE places where people are nice all the time. After living and seeing rudeness in alot of places, it was always so nice to come home to Kentucky and Indiana. Nice people everywhere! That’s just their nature!

  23. Scootersmom says:

    If you object to anything in Adam’s performance, you should stay home…that way, another seat becomes available for one of us who love him and are dying to see him perform live. That way, two problems are solved with one action.

    • kat23morg says:

      Exactly…they need to listen to Aftermath a couple hundred times…like listen to the lyrics…


  25. Beaglewoman (Glamb #611) says:

    I’ll try to explain the “dog” show. Several people at the BBC were talking about Cleveland and how unresponsive the audience was. I’m sure there were plenty that were into it but someone (who was at the show I think) said that an entire section kind of just sat in their seats the whole time.

    Louisville was amazing and so much fun to meet other fan-atics. I didn’t bring a camera and wished I had a picture of the glam-guy in the audience. How he walked on those heels deserved applause. The outfit was something to behold and he owned it!! It was just such a great, fun audience. I was at the concert in MN (Mystic Lake) and the crowd was not nearly as into the show as what I experienced in Louisville. Can it happen again in Indianapolis? I sure hope so 🙂

    I’m envious of the autograph opportunity. Maybe next time……

    p.s. I like the Adam/Tommy interaction in Fever – fits the lyrics perfectly 🙂 (as did the licking of the microphone in WLL)

  26. We went to the Adam show in Louisville on Saturday & I was totally overwhelmed by the waves of excitement & love for Adam and his music. I was also totally amazed by the cross-section of humanity that was there- the range of ages was unbelievable. He put on an amazing concert, and my friend and I screamed like a couple of middle-school girls through the whole thing (and believe me, middle-school was a long, long time ago). I haven’t been this electrified by a performer ever in my life, and I was so excited to see him in this small venue. I’m sure the next time he has a tour it will be much larger arenas, and I’ll never be that close to him again. One of the best nights ever!! I’m sure his star will shine for years & years to come- I’m glad I got to be there for the first of many, many tours.

  27. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    Adam is amazing, sexxxy, a superb performer. I love the entire show. I’m finding things out about myself- like- I’m a bit of a voyeur and lovin it when I see Adam and Tommy and wait in anticipation for what that performance will bring. Are we all in the same glamnation or what?

  28. I was at both the Columbus, Ohio and the Cleveland, Ohio Glam Nation shows. In Columbus it was general admission standing room only and a small venue that was very hot, loud and exciting (I screamed the whole time but my feet were so sore at the end I could hardly walk to our car). In Cleveland we actually enjoyed the air conditioned, reserved seats in a beautiful 3,000 seat highly decorated theater and my feet were spared. BUT ….. everyone in my section and as far as I could see all around us stood and yelled throughout Adam’s set and we were very responsive to Allison and Orianthi as well. I think the people who were at the much smaller venue in Louisville are confusing the response to Adam because in a smaller venue, it is louder than in a more acoustically perfect theater with seats. When Adam sang “Soaked” and came to that one part when his voice goes way up, it seemed like we were yelling for 5 minutes before he could finish the end of the song. Again, believe me, the people in Cleveland were just as excited, happy and responsive to all three of the performers as they were in Louisville or anywhere else on the tour. It was just a different kind of venue. People were standing 20 deep at the merchandise counter clamoring to buy shirts, dog tags, CD’s and posters. The Cleveland show was NOT a “dog” and I resent it being referred to that way (watch the you tube videos if you don’t believe me). In fact Adam and the other kids in the show enjoyed the day off between the Nashville and Cleveland shows in Cleveland by renting a speed boat and “tubing” on Lake Erie. So kindly STFU about Louisville!!!!!

  29. teresa hodson says:

    just remember everyone…..ALL WE NEED IN THIS WORLD IS SOME LOVE…….lol…please…

  30. Adam was fabulous as always at Louisville, the man is uncomparable to anybody out there! I wanted to make him something I thought he would enjoy, but was totally overjoyed at his reaction to the mask I made him. Love to have a picture of him with the mask but because of the people in the aisles, I couldn’t get a good pic. So please if anybody has a good shot of him with the mask, please post it , PLEASE!