Glam Nation- Lincoln, Ca Part 2 07/25/2010

Hey guys, I am posting these as I am trying to pack for my trip to California and Vegas!!!!
I hope you all enjoy these and I also hope to be seeing alot of you at the concerts that I will be at!!
P/S SET YOUR DVR’S, THEY ARE REPLAYING ADAM ON OPRAH THIS WEDNESDAY!! You guys can laugh at me running around the room again!! I know I will be laughing…


Voodoo, Down the Rabbit Hole, and Ring of Fire
video via: TALCvids


Whataya Want From Me


Band and Dancer Intros



Music Again


video via: TALCvids

Mad World and Whole Lotta Love



  1. Hey Sue, dont know when Oprah repeat will be played here in NZ but I still have you on my “My Sky” recordings and I watch it every now and then, its cool I love it.
    PS “MySky” is a bit like Tivo.

  2. renogirl says:

    Here is an article in a San Fransisco paper.

    ‘Idol’s’ Adam Lambert makes magic in S.F.

    Aidin Vaziri, Chronicle Pop Music Critic
    San Francisco Chronicle July 26, 2010 04:00 AM Copyright San Francisco Chronicle. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Read more:

  3. Mary at the Lake says:

    Hi Sue, Have a great time in California and Vegas…and I too still have you on my DVR, just couldn’t bring myself to delete you…(or Adam…)!!!!! That was just so cute, and better that you ran across the room than to faint dead away!!!! And just think how Adam is helping to keep those airlines busy, with his fans (including me) flying all over the place to see him!!! And keeping the concert venues full…he is just one big “Economic Stimulus Package” all by himself (and note that I prefaced that statement with the word “economic” but the rest of it can apply to other topics of interest as well….) Looking forward to your reports of the concerts upon your return, realizing of course that it may take a certain amount of recuperation time before all of your faculties return…its been almost a week since Adam’s Seattle concert and I am finally able to (sort of) perform simple tasks again, such as eat and walk, and speak in simple sentences….typing is still a bit of a task, but its coming along…Have a fabulous time, drink LOTS of water in Vegas, since it may be ALMOST as hot as the Showbox Sodo, and say hello to Adam and the rest of his Glamily for me!!!


  4. This is bad, but is Adam losing weight? His pants don’t look as tight. :0

    • Or maybe the spandax gave in 😉
      In any case, he should start wearing tighter ones ASAP, and the tighter the better!

    • i think so, two months on tour, playing almost every night, it’s got to be quite the workout.

  5. I adore it when he giggles (like he does at 3:03-3:04 in Music Again). It reminds me that deep down inside, he’s just a happy little child having fun. Something we should all aspire to be.

  6. Recall seeing the first outing and thought you handled it beautifully. Thank you for being the number 1 fan and for all these wonderful moments you bring to us. BTW just saw for the first time the entire Idol Audition of Adam–he was fabulous even then. (don’t know how I missed it). As Paula said at the time he was the best they had seen!!! What a difference a year and a half can make–in that short time a superstar is born!!!

    • And, Daffyd, hasn’t he come full circle? His Idol audition was in San Fran and here he is again, a year and a half later, in a such a fabulous, glam, triumphant, sold out concert!!!! What an incredible journey for him….and us!!!!!

  7. Keli Green Eyes says:

    Oh Dear…..these HD videos are awesome. My underwear combusted watching WLL. Ooofta.

  8. I noticed when I was in Louisville Adam was looking a little thinner.But with his touring almost every day.He’s bound to lose some weight.I just hope not to much.

  9. Cougar65 says:

    HOW???????????? is it possible that Adam gets better w/each performance!?!?!?!??????????AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sue – I called my mom to tell her to watch Oprah today. She has issues with my obsession and I wanted her to see Adam at his best and I told her to pay attention to you and your daughter’s reaction to meeting him and his mother’s obvious pride when they show her in the audience. Everyone tells me to just stop talking to her about Adam but I keep wanting to have her see him as the adorable, kind soul that he is so I keep pushing him on her. I think his Oprah appearance reveals him at his very, very best and shows a great deal about why we all love him so. Hopefully she will warm to him and someday we can go to a concert together.

    • Funny, my daughter used the same “obsession” word on me. Probably because this is so out of character for her Mother. But, my entire family has gotten behind my obsession and take it as a part of who I am at the moment. Must say my 20ish grandsons do a bit of chuckling behind my back, but then I have never been the “usual” grandmother. My darling daughter can’t think it’s all that bad, when she has stated she will go with me to any concerts of Adam I wanted to attend. Unfortunate, but I don’t fly much any longer–last flight few years ago, my overhead baggage, and myself ended in the aisle. Truth be told, I don’t really understand myself these days. Must be Voodoo!!!

  11. Bellelinda says:

    So disappointed that we were unable to get tickets when Adam came to our area… Myrtle Beach, SC at the House of Blues. Certainly hope he comes this way again. Saw him on the Idol Tour last year in Charlotte (awesome!) but couldn’t get tickets anywhere to his GlamNation Tour. He definitely needs much larger venues so that more people can attend and actually be able to sit down and enjoy his fabulous talents…hopefully this will happen very soon.

  12. Absolutely phenomenonal performance.. second to none the Fantasy Springs WLL was perhaps the singular most sensual emotionally charged display of vocals synchronized with incredible dance movement ever visually viewed: this WLL is a close second- do yourself a favor & watch that performance side by side with this one! You will never be the same! Adam, luv the longer ” sexier” hair, but then I loved the ” Euro Adommy Yin/ Yang” balance of perfection.. no matter what look you have going it’s always keeping with your theatrical signature essence of who you really are – what we love most about your “Glam Rock-Planet Fierce ” look. Keep Rockin our World, Love & Peace .. the flower children have come back to plant the seeds of Music as the Universal language, with you as their Maestro. I have loved you forever!

  13. PS please change the title on this page, so when i bookmark it – it says SF not lincoln.


  14. Hi Adam Fans!!! Just sending a reminder that we need to keep voting on VH1 for Adams IIHY video and keeping him in the no. 1 spot. He’s been all over lately and we need to let him know were still here for him as we’ll as on the tour! Please vote, thanks, GLAMB# 640 AdamsLady

  15. Fantastic Video’s!!!!

    Felt like I could reach out and touch him!!! (I should be so lucky!!)
    Thank’s for all your hard work in making us a part of this magnificent journey Adam, his band and his dancer’s are taking us on. This site is definitely the BEST. Love you Adam!!!!