Glam Nation- Lincoln, Ca 07/24/2010 **UPDATED VIDEOS**

Last night, Adam’s Glam Nation Tour hit the Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, CA. Since it is early, there are only a few video’s available, but I am sure more will flow in. I will throw them on when I am home from work… I am totally in withdrawal, just saying.


Down the Rabbit Hole (End of Voodoo)
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Band & Dancer intro/IIHY
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If I Had You & Dancers (full length)
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Sure Fire Winners/Strut
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  1. Judy Lushman says:

    Awesome Sleepwalker! Really heartfelt! I would love this to be his next single.

  2. Judy Lushman says:

    What did he say at 7:36 in IIhy?

    • He said: “Sorry, sorry bout that. We always have fun up here.”

      • AdamAddict says:

        He chased Brooke for ….dance 0_o LMAO!!I watched that like millions times and still LMAO!Adam so cute,always entertaining!! 😀

  3. I love he and Brooke together…..maybe she could be the one to……never mind. LOL

  4. just noticed Tommy is now wearing full makeup with lipstick..LOL

    • KO's smiling says:

      I just noticed that, too. And Adam seems to be going for a more natural look. curious.

  5. danagram says:

    This message is for Charlotte if you are reading comments.
    I got an email from OC Fair with a map that listed places to eat and their activities. I could not find mention of a Wine Court. Do you know if they have it for sure and where it is. I can just see us running around the fair saying, “Are you a Glamb, are you a Glamb!”.
    You can also email me at

  6. I was at Thunder Valley last night. Adam was awesome. My daughter wasn’t that familar with his music as most my family are Country music people. She was blown away with Soaked, said he sounded like he was singing an opera. Needless to say, she is now a big fan and thought, as we all know, he is amazing. Spoke briefly with Allison in the Casino. She was standing beside me. I asked her if she was singing tonight, she gave me a big smile and said yes. As she wasn’t originally slated to perform, it was nice surpise. And she was very sweet. She sounds quite a bit like Janis Joplin in one of the songs she sings. Only a couple of problems with the venue. It was too hot to stand for so long in line.(90mins) Since only a little shade in the back,rows we sat there, as I could not take any more sun. Consequently, far from stage, and as everyone stands during his entire set, difficult to see most of the time. But we danced, yelled and had a ball during his performance. Crowd seemed a bit off last night, probably the long wait in the heat, and a very long wait for Adam. This was a venue problem, not the performers, who were all fantastic. And of course, TV has lots to do after the concert, if you could find a seat at a black jack table, you were lucky. I will plan better for my next Adam Concert, and my daughter says she definitely wants to see him again. Heard at Breakfast, his Mother in the Audience.

  7. Concert was great in Thunder Valley. Loved it all. Drove 2.5 hours just to see Adam. I was really sad he only did 1 encore. Really wanted to hear Whole lotta Love. The crowd did seem a little off I would have to agree with the previous post but I believe it was because it was an older crowd (including me). My age didn’t stop me from dancing and singing. It was the best concert I’ve been to in awhile and worth every penny. One comment to Adam – would of been nice if you would of tweeted something about last night but love you anyway. Peace

    • renogirl says:

      I was disappointed he did not sing WLL too I just thought for sure he would come backL . I love the slow version of WLL. Of course I came from RENO just 2 hours. Leaving with family to LA Tues. for the Wed. Show. Maybe he will sing it there. I am so addicted. It was fun hearing the sound check. I would have loved to have talked with an other Glam. I could see the stage from my hotel room. I was in the front of sect 4. I was an over 50 dancer and really my voice is gone today. I am just so taken with his presence. This really is not me, but I can not help it. He is just an incredible entertainer. Everyone on stage that night was fantastic. I really did think the sound system was not the best. The videos were great. I just can not seem to get any good pictures I am just sucked up into the whole performance.

  8. So is Tommy’s dad okay?

  9. Was 5th row, center. Adam’s Mom and several extended family members and friends were in 3rd row about 10 people away from me. She looked like a rock star herself!!! The venue was decent, however the sound was not the best. It sounded like the reverb on his mike was set too high. There were times that he sounded like he was on helium. It may have sounded better from farther away. (Just reporting, not complaining.)

    BUT…just being able to see him so up-close was inspiring. He looked fantastic. He performed well. His voice is exquisite. He did not sing as many of the high notes; likely saving his voice. (I was at the Warfield the night before where he really blew out the high notes like there was no tomorrow, so he may have been resting it a bit.)

    The band was awesome…Tommy seemed to be really moving and grooving a lot. Monte looked really good; had his hair really styled cool. The dancers are amazing. I don’t think I realized (via the videos) that they were so darn talented. I didn’t see or hear any rude behavior; everyone seemed respectable at the appropriate times.

    Adam literally just takes your breath away with his talent. He definitely gives it 150% of his energy and ability. For the encore he only did Mad World. I will say I was a teensy bit disappointed there was no Whole Lotta Love, but I got over it.

    If I have any complaints it’s these: 1. His show is over too quickly. Of course we all want it to last and last. and 2. I really wish his management company would be filming these LIVE performances to compile a DVD. I know I’d buy one, as would (I think) at least a million other people in this world. Why aren’t they taking this golden opportunity to further his reach?

    Today, In my Aftermath, i will say that I’m glad to have seen him twice, and sad that’s it’s over for me…won’t be going to any more shows. Guess I’ll have to continue to live vicariously through the rest of the tours YouTube videos.

    • Glambertcraze says:

      How did you get such good seats. I tried on line just moments after they opened the line for tickets and they said General Admission only because all the better seats were reserved.
      I would of loved to have been closer.
      It did take forever for him to come out but it was so worth it to see him live.
      I to think the sound was off a bit and I didnt care much the version of Mad World but he is and always will be a great performer.
      I hope at some point they make a professional vidow of one of his concerts.

      • Honestly Glambertcraze….

        When I saw videos of his earliest concerts where people were lining up so damn early, standing for hours on end to get into the show and then in GA sections standing throughout the whole concert I decided I couldn’t do that.

        I originally had 2 seats for GA section 4, but I decided to bite the bullet, sold those and went to Stubhub. I will have to say with all my heart: even with sound issues, even with not singing Whole lotta love, and even with not doing as many high notes as he usually does or kissing Tommy…IT WAS THE BEST $600.00 I’VE EVER SPENT IN MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s for 2 seats).

        • Reese, I definitely will make a bigger effort to get better seat next time. If you’r not down front, miss too much.

  10. Courtney says:

    Love it. Tommy looks different with lipstick. I don’t know how I feel bout it. And in iihy Adam just shows that he is such a sexy beast. Wish I could go see his concert :'(

    • Courtney says:

      And the i don’t know how I feel is I’m not against it I just don’t know if I like it on him

      • Could not see Tommy’s face from my vantage point, but the sound was good further back. However, difficult to understand Allison at times. Maybe Tommy playing with the crowd??? knowing he’d hear back. Actually looks very pretty if that’s what he was going for. It all Rock and Roll. Glam (because of Adam) is having a resurrection, hear the word everywhere. Also, saw where the Twisted Sisters were in the news.

        • Courtney says:

          I LOVE GLAM! But for Tommy between his eyes and may I say FREAKING AWESOME SEXY HAIR it’s plenty. Lipstick is adding to much. It’s not bad just not my preference

  11. Yes, I experienced that helium effect as well. What’s with the sound systems. My friend who is a musician says it has something to do with the base or mid-base (???) being too high. I first heard it on the Idol tour. And I heard it again when I attended a couple ofAdam’s concerts. I know it’s not his voice as some songs sound great, especially the accoustic ones. It’s a flaw that someone needs to correct. I wonder about the validity of their sound checks. The sound engineers need to do something better. It’s ruining the tour for some of us. Fix it guys.

  12. PeggyGlamb 345 says:

    I think that it is funny…Tommy in full make up…Lipstick makes his mouth look smaller…Will be able to tell when my daughter and I are 2nd row in Springfield, Missouri the 7th of Aug….Ready, Ready. Ready………

  13. Eleanor says:

    I am back home in Sonoma County after 2 unbelievable nights of ADAM!!! San Francisco,then Lincoln Sat nite. They were both fantastic and very different.Pretty chilly in SF, and I thought the acoustics in the Warfield were spectacular. This was the first time I have seen Adam live, and I was grinnin ear to ear all of the way home. Saturday, a bunch of us were in line 3 1/2 hours before the concert frying under the wonderful Sac area weather, sunny and 95 degrees, but it was a blast!! Met a bunch of cool people in line and around where we were seated. I have been waiting a year to see Adam and he did not disappoint. Thanks Adam for making me smile,dance and lose my voice!!!

  14. JEANENE says:


  15. DNSowles says:

    Glad to hear other people have heard the helium effect too. I heard it at the Idol concert briefly and at the concert at Chesaning for a few lines. Then it is gone. At first I thought It was my ears. Hope they can get that fixed. Wonder if Adam is even aware of it.

    • idolholic says:

      I heard the “helium effect” also, in Louisville KY. I only noticed it when he talked, but I’ve heard his voice so many times in interviews etc. that I knew it just did not sound like him. Other than that, the Louisville concert was AMAZING and now like so many of you I find myself drawn to this website every single day to watch videos of him performing over and over again :0)

  16. kat4adam says:

    If anyone is reading this I have tickets for both nights in Costa Mesa. (Tuesday and Wed)Please EMAIL ME ASAP!! I will sell them for what I paid. Got them early (good prices)so if you are interested Contact me soon.

  17. (adam lambert new fan video)

  18. i love you adam i love any thing you do love friend of minds enjoy

  19. Anyone going to the Houston concert? I guess no responses means ‘no.’ C’mon Texans…show a little support for Adam, willya?

    I’m going, and I rec’d my ticket over the weekend. I made my air/hotel reservations. I just need to figure out what kind of transportation I’m gonna use to get from the airport to the hotel. I’m walking distance to the Hobby Center.

    I was watching Bret Michaels over the weekend. I think it was a VH1 documentary. The Glam rockers from the ’80’s were sure pretty and effeminate. I think that’s the difference between now and then. Adam and Tommy are masculine looking even with all that makeup.

    • Kat Spahr says:

      I’ve been asking for a while if anyone from here is going to the Vegas show?? So far, I’m going all by myself, so I’d love to meet up with any other Glamberts that will be attending!! Feel free to email me offline at

    • mahailia says:

      Hi, I am going to the Houston concert, and am planning a huge pre-concert Glam Nation Take Over at the Hard Rock Cafe! e-mail me at for details!
      Hope to meet you there!

  20. Scootersmom says:

    Every day, the first thing I do is watch the YouTube vids of Adam from the previous concert. Each concert, he’s stronger and better – which is hard to do when you start out with all that talent and beauty, but he’s doing it. I knew from the first note I heard from him that he was going to be different from anything we’ve heard in many, many years. I’m so blessed to have heard the making of a world superstar for the second time!

  21. Cougar65 says:

    Song writers write from their experiences in life, where they’ve been, where they are and, where they want to be and let’s not forget peace … Adam, what can I say, he makes you listen to the lyrics, he makes you feel, you hear ‘the message in the music’!!! ADAM, IS ONE HELL OF AN ENTERTAINER!!!

  22. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    What can I say– I can’t get enough of Adam!!

  23. I was there too. I am german. I was flying 16 hours to enjoy his concert. Great voice!!!!! Sorry to say, but I did not now autographs there do, before the concert started. I was so sad about this. The band is amazing. Tommy Joe was looking great too. I was in section 5 ( Oh my God I never do that again, to far away) and I was getting 1 video and a couple pics. thats all. And a great reminding for home. Everybody here is jailous, but I enjoyed it so much. I liked it to see then he was singing vodoo into a almost fullmoon night. Great entree! I looks great as always. When I was coming home and a good friend of mine ( he is guy) tuke my camera before he says, hey nice to see you again. I just hearded: Where are the pics of him? Oh nevermind hey sweety how are you> Is that not bad? Everybody loves him, for his music, for his entertainment and for people like my friend as a hero! It was just to short and the concert was done before I really realized: Hey I am here and listen live to Adam! Hopefully he is making a glamtour again. Isabelle