Glam Nation-Lansing, Michigan 07/13/2010

Hello everyone!! How is everyone doing? I feel like my life has been so busy that I haven’t been able to comment back to you guys, SOOO SORRY!! Tell me, what is new??
How about some video’s from the Glam Nation Tour in Lansing, Michigan? These are definitely new!!!
First off, I love this interview with Adam at the Common Ground Music Festival, especially because he is so freaking cute and casual!! He is just hanging out by the bus!
BEST PART~He talks about the infamous drag queen and how he HAD to stop because he chased after Adam with heels on, down a hill, and Adam loved his dedication, hahahaha. Ok, go ahead and watch…


97.5 NOW FM’s Alabama interviews Adam Lambert at the Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing!

LCC TV Street Team: Common Ground
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Sure Fire Winners
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If I Had You
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  2. Savannah says:

    Adam is one of a kind and watching the videos every night there is a concert makes me smile. I’ve been to one concert, have tickets for 3 others, and may, by a quirk of fate, be able to attend a fifth. There is no such thing as enough Adam. How he goes from soundcheck in shorts and uggs to the fierce HBIC on stage is amazing. Thank you for the vids from Lansing, they were wonderful.

  3. Paula Jensen says:

    How cute was that interview!!!??? I just love it when he’s relaxed like that. And I LOVE him in the hat! Then again….I love him in anything! lol Thanks for keeping us updated! MUCH appreciated!

  4. Paula Jensen says:

    I LOVE the way he sings Aftermath at this show! *sigh* He just makes my day….EVERYDAY! 🙂

  5. Adam is a good example of someone who “gets it” and who models the art of living an “authentic” life !

    May he continue to spread his special brand of merriment for decades!

    Life is good.

  6. Anyone out there going to Adam’s show in Tempe, AZ? I’m new in town and going alone, would love to meet up with local fans.

  7. I’ve only listened to Fever and Sleepwalker so far and he sounds fantastic!!! Especially for an outdoor venue! But I’m wondering about the cameraman on Sleepwalker…local TV station getting some footage? Or, dare we hope, a concert film in the making???

    • Just went back and watched the video of the guy interviewing fans. Some Lansing Community College student. Such lame questions! Sorry, but what a dope! (Obviously not an Adam fan!!!)

      • Haha!! Now I went back and watched the Adam interview. Could he possibly be any cuter ?? Love love love this adorable man!!!

        • Well, now that I went back and watched WWFM posted by cody, that video appears to be taped off of a screen…guess the cameraman was filming for the big screen set up for the outdoor venue. Now this has me wondering how large the crowd was at this event.

      • The guy did ask some pretty lame questions. Sorry to offend anyone but the guy was super odd. I was sitting in line and he was just….. different.