Glam Nation-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10/14/2010


What a great experience for Adam’s fans in Malaysia. Regardless of the rules that had been set, Adam was still his beautiful, glittery self. He put on a show that sent those fans into a frenzy!! To me, Aftermath is always my favorite, but I have to say that Soaked was extremely beautiful. Wait until you hear the roar of the crowd when he pauses… I just want to squeeze him… CUZ I JUST LOVE HIM!!!! OK, enough about me and my dreams…


Airport Arrival/ hotxpress1
**Look at the craziness**

Malaysia Press Conference/ hotxpress1

Opening Medley/ joshuaongys

Fever/ janice161

Sleepwalker/ / janice161

Soaked/ azzuriviva


And/ Hyderine01

Broken Open/ tigerlilyzk

Aftermath/ kaedoro

Sure Fire Winners/

Strut/ Hyderine01

Music Again/ Hyderine01

IIHY/ angelfireluv81

Encore/ farahlaily
Mad World and 20th Century Boy



  1. AWESOME!!! GREAT show, Even under restraint and protest (read below) Adam, the unlitmate entertainer/ artist put on one hell of a show and shined like the gem he is…
    I was so touched by this and wanted to share it, Please fans who love Adam, take a moment to share your positive thoughts…
    A Malaysian Fan posted on “People’” on a poll page there – not only her support for Adam and a positive vote, but shared that there were 16,000 people in the packed venue to see the show…
    (!WOW< GO Adam!) but something we, or at least I hadn’t heard… ** There were 100 Muslim protesters at the door… There have been protestors here (we know who) at several venues, but wow, ONE HUNDRED?? There were also “authority” figures there to keep control, but look what this poor guy has to endure. He DID tone it down, out of respect even wore shoes and the show was awesome as usual. He gives SO much to the world to to uplift and entertain. He’s also SO positive and inspiring. Lets add the best voice on the planet and beautiful to look at with a heart of gold. What a GIFT he is. She also stated America doesn’t appreciate him enough… ouch =( His album sales HAVE reach the 1Mil mark overseas (awesome!), but damnit still not in his own country.
    Anyone would like to help put in a posive vote and comment for Adam at People’s choice here’s the url —
    Once on that page click on the ‘Shouldn’t Adam be nominated sentence’, Roll cursor over the gray bars with vote options questions, they will change to “click to vote.” Please let’s get a positive buzz going there.. It would be so awful if the WRONG people are the only ones who vote =(
    Let’s show some love for our boy!!

    • thanks for the link! I am so tired of Adam being passed up on all of these awards!

      • You’re SO welcome!!! Me too – hope everyone can vote and leave a positive comment too!
        It’s a little be that WE can do to show the love and give back to Adam for all he gives to us… =)

    • JoAnne T. says:

      I did my part! It would be nice for him to get the U.S. recognition he deserves.

      JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

  2. Wow, just had to come back to add…. SOAKED =)…. THAT was the most amazing audience reaction/response ever. WHAT aplause at the perfect moments. Screams & cheers but respectful and we could still hear his beautiful voice and perfect diction on every word. How AWESOME for Adam to feel the love and appreciation. That one little smile at ‘I will take you’… priceles, and his smile at the end… He looked so happy. I can hear Paula saying “Adam!!! ‘Take it ALL in”.. Don’t our hearts just swell with joy and pride??? sigghhh… WOW!

  3. I love what Cindy said. They certainly did appreciate his performances, especially in Soaked. I love how he tries to keep it all positive when there was such negativity due to the protests. He said he was willing to compromise in order to give a show to the fans rather than disappoint them by perhaps, cancelling. The interviewers were really wonderful. The CD sales in America are okay, but not great like they are in some other countries. Adam stands for inclusion, acceptance and love. If people are so narrow minded, and hateful, and do not appreciate him for his musicality, vocals, personality and a million other aspects of this amazing man, then it is definitely their loss. He will also be doing a video to help with the campaign to combat bullying. Highly successful as he is, he still has to endure that from journalists, radio DJs, etc. This world can be so unkind. We all need to fight this hate as much as possible. We need to show America and the world what a talent he is.

    • I too agree with Cindy, my heart does swell with pride and joy for Adam! He is an amazing performer and has a way of touching so many hearts. And I am thrilled that he can spread it around the world!

      • Cathy Glamb#570 says:

        Well said all. I am thrilled to see Adam’s dreams coming true. He is simply amazing. On Idol, Simon said they were looking for someone to become a worldwide star and OMG they certainly found what they were looking for! He is just getting better and better and better if that is possible. Love and peace to all especially Adam!!!

      • Thanks all!! So glad you agree. =) There’s more, there’s more lol

  4. vocalsrule says:

    I think it is hysterical that the protesters had photos of him kissing a guy on their hatesigns. LOL!! Maybe they are all closeted gays. His good will and positivity will win out – just you wait and see. Maybe he should have a song about being positive with lyrics about all the true and truely absurd stuff that has happened to him. No one could argue.


  5. I live just across the causeway. Wow ! These Malaysian Glamberts are really a force to be reckoned with ! So, not only does he have an army at home, he has a foreign army too ! Adam painted 2 little black tear-drops under his eyes . Also there seems to be a little black piece sticking outside the vest above his shoulder. Adam has little unique ways of sending out messages .I always love listening to the last note of Soaked, it’s pure .

    • I agree, Adam does have unique ways of sending out messages! … exactly what I thought when I saw the two little black tear-drops … the little black piece outside his vest?????

      I’m more than proud!

  6. Adam is the most talented, sweetest, incredible, positive person that I have ever encountered. He is truely amazing! ! !

  7. Leilani Aloha says:

    Adam Adam Adammazingggggggggggggggggggggg alwaysssssssssssssssss!!!!
    That’s why we Love him, his voice, charisma, just an incredible aura about him, a very precious & special being!!!
    love love him:):):)

  8. Glamourclamor says:

    Read on a post off Adam Lambert News site that the Malaysian Government apologized to Adam for the demonstration and their youth groups, stating his sexuality should not have been an issue. Too bad, it came so late, but guess better late than never. I am sure Adam with all his postiveness, had some rough moments when first arriving in Malaysia.

  9. Good job Sue….we really appreciate all the videos. What a great moment for Adam and people who are different like him……to go to a country so conservative amidst protests and overcome the negativity. Wish I was there. I don’t think I’d have the guts to pull this off. Many other singers don’t. Thanks again.

  10. I am so in love with angel of peace and light. I attendedseven of his concerts this summer, also Fantasy Springs and Two Idols shows. No one has ever been so captivating and riveting. Adam is the perfect goodwill ambassador in this period of history. Look how he sets the fans ablaze, even in. conservative country! He is changing the world, one heart at a time.

  11. Adamisamazing says:

    I appreciate seeing Adam overcome adversity and negativity. His message of love will prevail. What class he has. These vids just re-confirm his commitment to his fans, by ensuring the show will go on. Like to see positive posts like this that show Adam in a positive light. He is a genuine, thoughtful, and giving person. Thank you, Sue, for making great decisions in what to post on this Web site.

  12. Adam is the international GLAMbassador for peace, love, and tolerance. NOH8! We love you Adam! You are awesome!

  13. ElianeBrasilGLAMB#577 says:

    Hi / Oi
    I reeeeeealy aprecciate your effort Sue, to keep us in touch with our Adam>
    BUT IIHY is not part of that show in Malaysia, don’t you think?
    That video belongs to Manila… Sorry about take your attencion for it but I watch every videos .
    Kisses / Beijos
    (Sorry my english)

  14. What is on Adam’s right shoulder under his vest. A black ribbon or something?

    • I guess I should have referenced. In the vid mad world/20th

    • It just looks like the shoulder strap of a tank top underneath the vest out of place to me?? But he didn’t bother to move it so maybe it was some subtle sign or meaning?? dunno….

      • Thats what I think. I think it may have had something to do (symbolically) with the restrictions put on him there. Not sure?

  15. AdamAddict says:
    That was my comment 🙂 But I want to add a bit more,
    Adam Lambert was freaking adamazing!I bought the M&G and I got adamnesia for a while.LOL!He is beautiful inside out.One of my muslim friend also bought M&G and she wearing scarf covering her hair and Adam was amazed!I prayed my knee won’t weak when I stand in front of Adam bcoz if I do,I will fell on my knee and my face will be right in front of his crotch!I just afraid that pic of mine will be in protesters poster next time Adam come!LOL!Anyway,I saw boys came,girls with scarf looking glam,family with small kids!Weeepeee!The venue was fulled!There’s fan who came from Brunei,Singapore,Indonesia and the most far was Finland(I think)They bought M&G too and Neil said that they are the winners!LOL!Neil is so good looking,U know?I mean waaaay cuter in person!Phew,Lambert’s boys are pretty,U’all!Haha!

    We had 2 singers performed before Adam.Poor thing,as soon they finished performed,imediately,we screamed and chanting Adam’s name.LOL!Awww!And don’t be jealous,we got to play BALLS!!hahaha!!Not Adam’s tho just huge DIGI balls!That day was the best day of my life.I wish Adam will come again.

  16. Adam means every word when he sings ” I won’t let you down ..” Amidst strange-looking protestors using microphone to talk outside the stadium, he Sings inside the stadium . You can hear the booming beat of Adam’s band drowning out the protests . He had an extra long pause after singing an extra emotional high note in Soaked ; he scanned the audience who couldn’t stop applauding. Adam sings really strongly under pressure , his Voice soars ! He looks cute though when he can’t move or gyrate waist down, only dance with his supple wavy arms. In this aspect I feel his restraint ,
    apart from the kiss. Adam is a fighter, does not take No for an answer without a good reason. He gave the kiss to the audience instead.

  17. I was glad to see the show and iwas very proud of all the band,dancers,and of course ADAM!!!! Inoticed the right side of vest i will gladley repair it for him if he wants me to, if thats the problem !!IT could have been a black wife beating shirt he was wearing for some reason ,. i do think so . I BET the protesters were tapping their feet to the music. these wankers are attention seekers!!!.they dont pay his bills or care about his well being . I work stigma with every day .. there all MOUTH AND TROUSERS ( no balls,)..Isscak is doing very well . ADAM has more than any award show he has us and all his fans arounr t the world we also could give him our own award for just being him hes just so great ilove him

  18. We must all go to Peoples Choice Awards and nominate Adam for Fav Male Artist, Fav Breakout Artist and WDYWFM for Fav Song. He was not nominated which is just wrong. But there is a place to write in your Favorite. Lets get everyone to write him in and make them recognize him. We can do it if we all get behind it. Pass it on to all.

  19. Just a small note here–this whole show was awesome–it was about the message of love and his amazng vocals–so why mus he have the kiss???? Why make it about gay? Maybe America would accept him better. I like this show better then the racier ones—thought the vocals were the show-not the lifestyle………….J.