Glam Nation-Knoxville, Tennessee 07/06/2010

Glittery God’s, we bow down and thank you for you have sent us this beautiful and glittery creation that continuously blows our minds away night, after night, after night!! Last night was certainly no exception, as you will see in these fabulous videos from the beautiful, Tennessee Theater!!
I was lucky to get a phone call after the show from our very own site fans, Kymmie and Lyn, who were lucky enough to be at the show last night! We became friends after meeting up at the Fantasy Springs concert and now we can’t go a few days without touching base, so I was thrilled for them to FINALLY get to be going to this show. I knew what they were in for and couldn’t wait for them to finally experience it for themselves!!

They were up close and personal, and said that he was UN-believable!! Covered in head to toe with glitter and sparkles, he was absolutely gorgeous. I have asked them to send me pics if they would like, as well as their personal story too.

I am so happy that they called me to share their experience. As they were waiting outside for the buses, they were talking a mile a minute, and it was so fun to hear them chatting with the people around them. It was like I was there. The next thing I know, I hear them ask Longineu if he’d give a shout out to Sue, from!! Wait, WHAT??? Before I even know what is happening, I am on the phone with him and he is telling me how he wished I was there, and how the energy was so amazing!! I had seen on twitter that he had cut his hand, so I told him that I hoped it felt better soon. He was so cute and soft spoken talking about the show. At the end, I was telling him that I would be at the Costa Mesa and Vegas shows, so not to worry, I’d see him again soon. I am sure he wasn’t worried, lol. We said our good-bye’s and that was that, CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?? Kymmie and Lyn, YOU ROCK!! You know that already though, right?

I then accompanied them, by phone, on their ride to their hotel and was treated to the entire night’s happenings along the way. Songs, details, and everything in between. Hopefully they will be up for sending us the whole story…
For now though, CHECK OUT THESE VIDEO’S, it’s amazing what a few days off will do…
A) Fever~no kissing, but Tommy gives Adam a little smack on the tush as he walks away!
B) Aftermath~ Absolutely breathtaking. The glitter alone is worth the view, but seeing him smile when he sings, fall into the glitter…ahhhh… I just can’t take the cuteness….


Voodoo/Down The Rabbit Hole/Ring Of Fire
video via:1AsianLatinaGirl

video via:1AsianLatinaGirl

and video via:needacoke

video via:needacoke

video via: needacoke
~Sooo cute, he drops the cane at the beginning so he is laughing when he starts to sing! He laughs even more when he sings, It’s all about the execution!!

video via: needacoke

and video via:indybeck71

video via:noskerdycat

Sure Fire Winners
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and video via:indybeck71

Whataya Want From Me
video via:1AsianLatinaGirl

video via:indybeck71

and video via:1AsianLatinaGirl

video via:indybeck71

and video via:noskerdycat

and video via:needacoke

video via:indybeck71

Mad World and Whole Lotta Love
video via: 1AsianLatinaGirl



  1. PERFECT. totally agree with the beginning of this post.thank you sue, really perfect. ADAM IS THE BEST CREATION OF GOD.

  2. wonderful vids and pics!!! Thank you.

  3. Helaine says:

    I believe he IS a God – the God of Glam!! I can only listen to His music now…..

  4. OMG Sue you were so spot on with Aftermath – even before his acoustic rendition I’ve always been in love with this song & the depth of meaning it brings to us, that we have to reach inside to truly love ourselves, and it literally speaks to me every time I hear it – but to see his gorgeous smile, and yes, looking like he took a beautiful glitter bath I’m just feeling all that much more at peace with life, and what HOPE he provides us…Adam you are a GIFT that refreshes our souls, makes us belief again – that all we need to do is tell a stranger they’re beautiful, and we’ll feel LOVE!!! thank you Adam!!! going to indulge in some more luxurious velvety sounds of his mesmerizing voice…ADAM FOREVER to INFINITY!!!

  5. THANK YOU for all the video’s!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone has been so wonderful to share the video’s of the Glam Tour. Just when you think he can’t get any better************HE DOES********What talent he has to just keep on going and going. I get to see Adam in all of his GLORY in 6 days, can’t hardly wait!! Glamb# 640 AdamsLady Forever

  6. AllaboutAdam says:

    DAMN! these videos are GORGEOUS! I try and watch all of them from each city, and I have seen him in person (almost two weeks ago and I’m having some withdrawal symptoms)… anyway some nights he is just over the top, better than ever, and too adorable for words…. this night was one of them…. i watch in stunned silence as if it’s the very first time I’m hearing and seeing this beautiful man. Such a perfectionist, giving each one of his audiences nothing but the best, the freshest, never letting on if he’s tired, or feeling a little under the weather, and ALWAYS in a joyful, playful mood. His voice soothes me, whether it’s Fever or Soaked… he just keeps pushing the limit and breaking the record for me. And I swear i can not get enough of his smiles…. the man is a work of art. I remember thinking in complete amazement, when I saw him up close at the concert: “Oh my God, he’s really real and standing before me!!.” So much of your mind gets caught up with his CD, his TV appearances, watching the videos from other concerts, you don’t know quite what to expect before he walks out onto the stage. Then when you see him in the flesh – it’s like a shock to your system because no matter what you thought of him before that instant….. he’s all that, the best of everything all rolled up into one package, a thousand times over….and then some.

  7. On “Aftermath,” not only does he smile, but at the very end, you see him make a cute face when he looks over at Monte. So glad he’s getting a warm reception from TN. He looks remarkably sparkly in these videos – always changing his look as well as the way he sings the songs. I especially love the way his hair looks. He looked and sounded fantastic. I am so glad he got some rest so he could re-energize. I wish he had more time off between dates, but he’s such a hard worker. He is an amazing gift to all of us. Love the shout out Longineu gave you, Sue. You are quite the star, too.

  8. cheryl 334 says:

    OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WLL was almost too great to watch!!!!! He is so amazing………………………..what else is there to say?!!!:)

    Thanks so much for these vids!!! Keeping Adam close to us!!!

    No words……………………………………………………………………………………..


  9. cas2003 says:

    I was at the Knoxville concert and was blown away! I had looked forward to it for so long and had built it up in my mind so much that when I finally got there it actually far surpassed my expectations! Adam was beautiful all glittered up and larger than life. His VOICE was perfection. I loved him dancing along with his dancers. The costumes were wonderful and the lasers super cool. I wish I could go again, and again, and again…

  10. I try hard not to look at the videos every day, as I want to b e surprised when I see him. That last note on WII was out of this hemosphere!!! Where does it all come from? Where was he hiding these past ten years This kind of talent going unnoticed is criminal. An understudy???? I can only figure that with his looks and voice, that something was going on to hide this beautiful man from the public. Thank God for American Idol, or we may never have discovered the most talented, gorgeous man to come along in decades. He literally takes your breath away!!!!

    • After thought, sorry to read that A1 tour is having difficulties. The economy is a killer, but maybe some of those millions going to Seacrest et al, might go to those kids.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Deep down, the world knows (and I’m sure AI audiences know too… that the best, the greatest, the master of all beauty and of music, has already been found. I don’t need another CD in my collection, as long as i have his… and these amazing videos. Daffyd, your concert is soon i think? Can’t wait to read what you’ll say – if you can speak, if you can find words.

    • I completely agree with you, how can his talent has been largely unnoticed etc.
      But really, Adam’s time is right now right here. It is part of the Divine plan that he largely set in motion himself. This was his choice to put himself out there through AI. This is also why he is so extremely dedicated, it is all in the right timing. A couple of years ago he might not have been able to give up part of his wild life style which could have messed up a lot of things. Now he says he is completely focused on this tour and taking good care of himself so he can give the fans what they are looking for.
      And imagine what a difference for himself to be in complete awereness of this whole journey he is on with us!!

  11. libraglam says:

    Oh my gosh….after 2 days break…I think ADAM can do much much better than any previous show. I think he needs 2 days break more often….Oh i am speechless , you ar so right about AFTERMATH ….and WHOLE LOTTA LOVE… it’s so connected that i just want to cry…. There is no words can describe this Talent in ADAM !

  12. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    I think this was his best concert yet!! I don’t know how he does it, but thank God he does! What a beautiful man!

  13. Mary at the Lake says:

    This is Mary H hoping to reconnect with Adam Unofficial Official….something hasn’t been working with the old name and email so hoping this works!!!! Time will tell…Have been enjoying the posts and comments but like to join in once in awhile…..Here goes….

    As usual, loved the new HLL, and as someone said, that note at the end was spectacular, and I always love Aftermath, and of course Soaked,and….well, pretty much everything!

    That was so much fun to hear that Sue continues her wonderful connection with the band, and of course we can all live vicariously through her…..Lucky lady and lucky us!!!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      So glad this worked…..And of course I really meant “WLL”, not “HLL”….just got excited, I guess….that song just confuses my brain….

  14. cas2003 says:

    P.S. Don’t forget to vote for the IIHY video on VH1 Top 20 Countdown. We want to keep Adam #1!!!

  15. Allabout Adam,
    You said it so well when you said,”His Voice Soothes Me.” Those are my feelings exactly. And he is a work of art. He’s the ultimate in sexy and handsome and to top it all off he has a beautiful voice that can sings anything and I love his falsetto voice.
    This rendition of Aftermath has to be put on a CD cause it’s the best… he sang it at Foxwoods Casino and I ate every second of it up.. and when he sings “you are not alone” at the end and uses his falsetto , my heart just melts. … I melt. He just takes me away with his style.
    There’s no one else like him…. never has been ….. Elvis was close… but Adam sings even better. I love love love him
    I’ve watched every concert video so far and I catch different things in each show… like when he made like he was “chalking one up” with his hand at the end of the song… forget which one .. and finally someone gave him flowers.. that’ll be me in August cause I’m in front row… and if my heart will let me I’ll give him roses cause he deserves it.

    • Judi (and AllAboutAdam)…..

      I totally agree with your “SOOTHING” voice comments. As weird as this may sound, at work I go on youtube and look up Adam’s interviews. I then click on one of those files that has like 80-100 videos that play consecutively. Adam is my background, ambient noise. For some reason, whether it’s him singing or speaking, his voice literally alters my breathing and brain activity. He speaks so eloquently and with such a high level of positivity, it’s like I’m getting a mental / spiritual massage, and I can focus so much more clearly.

      This is not to say that his music also really gets me pumped up and excited.
      Just call me weird!

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Yes, it’s exciting and soothing all at once…. is there no end to what he can do us? He defies everything you ever thought was Good, or Great, or Talented, or Beautiful… he blows every definition away…. I find myself watching his past interviews just so i can watch him laugh! There’s a series of old ones with Larry Flick (I think that’s his name) where Adam’s eyes have never looked so blue, or his smile so perfect…. (ummm…except when i was front and center two weeks ago). Imagine a new album in 2011 – we will all be putty, jelly, just plain MUSH in his hands… I’m weak in the knees just thinking about it!

  16. courtney says:

    i thought it was so funny when he put in his song i dropped my cane and he was giggling during the song. I loved everything. Aftermath almost made me cry i had to stop listening for a little before i did. It spoke to my life right now so much i couldn’t stand it. But it was an amazing version. few more weeks then i can finally go :D.

  17. renogirl says:

    OMG WLL was xtreme. Could that be like foreplay because I think I need my husband right about now. If that wasn’t one of the sexiest performances. The voice and movements. I had to watch all the videos. Now I keep saying I should not keep watching all the show videos because when he comes here to the westcoast I will already have seen them so many times I will not enjoy the show as much BUT I know I am kidding myself. I just done think you can get enough. That is what scars ya. I have tickets to two shows thank goodness. Will I survive thou. Yes Adam does provide for fantasy. Thanks so much for sharing

  18. Can someone please tell me when tickets for the Hollywood, Florida concert at the Hard Rock will be on sale?

  19. Every time I think I have seen Adam’s best, it gets better. I downloaded Knoxville videos for several hours last night. There are so many that are really high quality. It is so fun to be able to see and appreciate all of that extra sparkle. I tried to explain to my husband one of the main reasons that I believe I enjoy Adam so much is his obvious joy in what he is doing. He always seems to be on the verge of bursting wide open and sending glitter flying everywhere, Ha! Ha! Love this man so much. Will September ever come?

  20. bellina says:

    I think that the WLL performance was one of the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. carmen #395 says:

    Well, I am looking forward to Aug. 13th at the Musikfest in Bethlehem. I bought 3 reserved seating tickets. I came to find out that I am 90 rows from the stage. WHAT??!!! I’m blind in one eye. Yes, I am bringing binocs, but holy moley. Anyway, since this is my first time at the Musikfest, can anyone tell me if Adam meets with his fans or anything? Geez, I’d love to just see him up close. He is the love of my life.

  22. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    Ok, still at the library, and just watched the performance of Soaked..started crying..not good!! Better make sure I wear WATERPROOF everything when I go see him LIVE!!

    Tina…aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT 🙂

  23. patricia Pearce says:

    Sue, I hope Adam was able to soak up the love of the audience when they interrupted “Soak” with applause. At that moment I thought how he would outshine the crown jewels at an exhibit with his brilliance, well cut body, clarity of voice, the weight of substance in the song-simply no imperfections!!! Adam is a unique gem in every way.

    I’m so happy that you and Jesse were chosen as Oprah fans as you represent the spirit of Adam so beautifully in that you’ve shared your unique relationship and his powerful message of love to people all over the world. Thank you Sue. Your very hard work touches and heals my heart more than you can know.

  24. earlzagurl4u says:

    I was at this show..I was there having what speck of brain I had left being whittled away by the brilliance of Adam Lambert. Being totally taken to another world while tears dripped off my face. He’s so beautiful he makes me cry. (Longineu signed my poster and took pix before the ambulance came. He’s such a great musician and all around nice guy. Monte was fabulous, we talked about twins, his and mine. Tommy actually smiled when I told him I was Glitterbaby #202. Alas, no Adam, but he sand his heart out, gave an amazing performance. What more could I want. I had met him at the AI tour last year, would’ve been so awesome to meet him again tho. Alison and her bass player were both sweethearts and took loads of pix and signed everything. A truly magical nite for me.

  25. Knoxville show was Incredible:)Adam was Amazing as always he was Beautiful his voice Breath taking:)We got a Kiss Blown at us during Fever it was Awesome:)

  26. He is the epitomy of enigmatic sexual fantasy.