Glam Nation – Kansas City, MO – Adam Lambert Shows Extreme Class in the Face of Those Without It!

It’s Carol – filling in for Maestro Sue on the Glam Nation Tour posts while she’s on vacation! I didn’t have any Glamb spy reporters at the show, so I’m posting a review published in the Kansas City Star written by Timothy Finn. And of course the videos. These aren’t the best for sound or completeness, but until I find better they’ll have to do. I think his version of Whole Lotta Love was epic! I have to highlight the first video. It’s an absolutely adorable quick audience sing-along, led by Adam on If I Had You. And no posting about the Kansas City, MO appearance would be complete without SOME mention of the horrible display of how low human (were they even human?) behavior can sink. Don’t kill me folks, we are trying to be a news site here, not just a fan site. But I’m only going to include space for the brilliant answer! Of course we loved Adam’s tweet: *sigh* God doesn’t Hate.

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Carol, Glamb #7 ~

I agree with these “protesters!”


Review | Adam Lambert at the Midland

The Kansas City Star

When its eulogy is writ, “American Idol” will be remembered most for a very few things: Simon Cowell; the pseudo-freaks who signed up for auditions; and a few of its champions and runners-up.
Thursday night, one of “Idols” most memorable contestants, 2009 runner-up Adam Lambert, sold out the Midland theater, a feat rarely accomplished these days, unless you’re Leonard Cohen or apart of one of Johnny Dare’s hard-rock bonanzas.

To give you an idea of how inaccurate the “Idol” barometer is when it comes to predicting success, Lambert lost to Kris Allen, who earlier this year was one of the opening acts for the Barenaked Ladies and Counting Crows. Lambert spins in an orbit unlike any other “Idol” winner or runner-up. Instead of third-generation grunge or watered-down R&B/soul/pop, he deals primarily in a mix of dance-pop and -rock — the kind favored by disco divas — and gives it all a light coating of goth.

It has helped him build a battalion of fans ages 12 to 60, which was the makeup of Thursday’s crowd.

His tour is called “The Glam Nation Tour”; his diehard fans call themselves Glamberts; and his show is loaded with lots of cabaret, choreography and gender-bending costumes — a mix of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Culture Club and Cher.

He took the Midland stage in one of those costumes, an ensemble of fur, fringe, leather, rhinestones and a black top hat, singing the song “VooDoo.” He would deliver 75 minutes of dance and music — some of it big and loud with heavy beats, some of it soft and acoustic. It included covers of Johnny Cash (“Ring of Fire”) and Led Zeppelin (“Whole Lotta Love”), proving that nerve and audacity are not two of his deficiencies.

Lambert separated himself from his “Idol” pack with his sense of campiness and his voice, which is big and beefy enough to take on Robert Plant or one of his own big-beat dance songs, like “Sure Fire Winners” or “Music Again.” It’s also agile enough to handle a guitar or piano ballad, like “Sleepwalker” or “Soaked.”

The set list comprised more than a dozen songs, most from his “For Your Entertainment” album, now approaching 700,000 in sales in the U.S. (more than double Allen’s debut). But the sights, including a laser show, and the dancing were as much an attraction as the songs.

It was all appreciated by the crowd of more than 2,500, some of whom had gathered outside the theater before lunch to assure a good spot on the floor.

Many wore tributes to him, like jewelry bearing his visage or an extra-heavy application of mascara. Even though the sound could have been a bit cleaner, most devoured it with the kind of intense enthusiasm and devotion that another “Idol” contestant generated — Clay Aiken.

He has learned that longevity is a tricky and elusive pursuit. Lambert, too, may learn the same thing, but for now he looks like a guy who lost a battle but is winning the long-term war.

Allison Iraheta: She, too, was a 2009 “Idol” runner-up and during her brief opening set, she showed off what got her there: a voice big enough to handle Pat Benatar (“Heartbreaker”) and a few of her own hard-pop songs, which evoke the sound and styles of Pink and Joan Jett.

Read more here.

Let’s start with an absolutely adorable clip of Adam leading the audience in a sing-along for If I Had You. I hope he does that on future shows!

IIHY Audience Sing-along:

Sleepwalker (partial)


Aftermath (Sorry, the sound is not great.)

WLL (partial)

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  1. moonchild0628 says:

    It Saddens Me Our World Is Still So Full Of Hate, Bigotry & Ill Will. Our Beautiful Man & Glamily Have A Multitude Of Love, Peace, & Compassion Though, Through Troubled Times To Remind Us All What Is Ultimately Important. This Kind & Gentle Soul Generously Gives The Very Core Of Himself To Us On A Daily Basis…It Is Our Choice As Individuals To Accept His Loving Kindness & Learn With Him As We Go Forward In The Name Of The “Greater Good” Holding Steadfast To The Idea’s Of ~Change~….As He, Not Reacting But Acting, In Accordance With The Intellect Of Good Moral UpBringing, Honor & Pride…I For One, As Many Of You, Am Proud To Be Apart Of His “Glamily” & Will Continue To Hold My Head High In Praise Of This Glorious Soul Standing Firm With Him In His Quest Of “Betterment” For His Fellow Mankind. I Will Not Retreat Or Give In To The Haters Of This World Wallowing In Their Anger Filled Lives Of Discontent. At AnyTime They Are Welcome To Join This Astonishing Movement Of Progression. We All Have Choices In This Life & I Respectfully Choose Love, Compassion, Inner Strength, And Wisdom….My Choice Is “Adam Lambert Is Love” & I Am Grateful For Him….The Essence Of “Courage” & Positive “Energy”……I Adore You Mr. Adam Lambert….Your Devoted Fan ~Moonchild0628~ <3<3<3

    • Hi Moonchild that was beautifully said !!!!!

    • Moonchild0628, I wish I could meet you in person and give you a huge hug from all of us who Love, Admire, Adore, our BEAUTIFUL ADAM!! You said what we feel and how much ADAM means to us!! THANK YOU, I couldn’t have said it better!!!!! Glamb#640 AdamsLady Forever

  2. If those protesters knew how much LOVE for Adam emanates from his fans they would have tucked their tails and run. Can’t believe they call themselves religious – don’t they read the Bible??? “Love your neighbors as yourselves”! Anyway, let’s focus on the positive and celebrate Adam and his fabulous talent. Peace!

  3. well done,I agree with these protesters too. yeah , love overcomes hate and God doesn’ t hate.I’m proud of myself cause I’m adam’s fan and every day I’m learning , he makes me think.

  4. 2prissy4u says:

    Do not be dismayed by evil or hatred. Out of darkness come some of our greatest treasures. Due to the protestors in Kansas, a doctor purchased 83 tickets and gave them away FREE to anyone who wanted to attend Adam’s concert at The Cotillion Ballroom in Wichita Kansas. All they had to do was go to the box office and say, “Love Overcomes Hate.” Not only did this generous fan support Adam Lambert with this loving gesture, she also will donate to @DonorsChoose for every protestor outside of the Glam Nation Tour in order to turn hate into love! If you need a sign or if you need to transform hate messages of protestors into love signs, visit this site.

    Light always overcomes darkness!!!

    • LOVE2ADAMS says:

      Thanks for sharing this heart warming story………………..This doctor is a true representative of Kansas City and indeed, of the world at large…………not the few disgusting hate mongers.

    • Thank you 2prissy4you, for the link. It was great!!

    • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

      Wow! What a classy gesture! Thanks for telling us about this; Adam would love it for sure! Nothing like turning hatred into something wonderful! May we all be that creative!

    • I have been off line for a numberof days so only seeing this first time. First, hats off to the Doctor who is an Adam fan, you Rock Sir!!! Second, remember that old adage about even bad publicity being good publicity. Adam benefits from any and all news–every hater is responded to with positivity and love. It’s a free world, let them march, rant and rave, no one can stop them anyway; third, that was a very positive review from Kansas City (the heartland of theU.S.) My own son was gay, so very familar with all the surrounding crappola that is slung. Adam does it right, so must we.

  5. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    As a woman of faith it breaks my heart that Adam is getting the wrong impression from people who pretend to be believers. Don’t they read the New Testament? Jesus commanded us to love one another. He said the greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself. Honestly isn’t that what Adam is all about? Loving one another! And oh yes, my Jesus just happens to be a Jewish carpenter!

  6. jacqueline says:


    Helaine, I have 2 extra tickets for the show at the Pacfic Amp. in Costa Mesa on 7/28 , If you still need them. I would still give to those who are unable to get the tickets .

    pl let me know at …

  7. PeggyGlamb 345 says:

    My son, daughters (2) were at this Kansas City concert and since those bible Thumpers was there last year at the tour, I knew they would be there this year, but really who cares, I didn’t come to see them i came to see Adam the magnificent on the stage….He is love just looking at him and his performance….Can’t wait till August 7 th for springfield….This is twice we have had our picture taken and she ask if she could put it on twitter…Our Shirts had Glam nation tour on it with Adam, Allison and Orthanti……It was a great song and sing along and I met a really nice lady that we are meeting in Springfield….they live there…..

  8. Really liked Monte’s tweet , took the words right out of my mouth!

  9. Moonchild… Beautifully written , thank you for sharing those touching, moving thoughts.
    I can’t believe how some (people?) can harbor so much hate for such a kind, caring person with such a sweet beautiful soul and message of universal connection and love. My heart breaks for him that this group generates so much vicious negativity, yet Adam handles it with such grace, class and kindness. I’ve had some brutal battles with these types on several ‘Fancast’ website articles, and could not BELIEVE the depth of their ignorant , arrogant holy-er than thou fire and brimstone hatred. I almost lost my cool several times, and then got such a lump in my throat and a swell of pride when I read how Adam handled this same group… with peace, love and kindness. We are so incredibly lucky to have him. We can all learn from him. Bless the incredible gift of Adam Lambert.

  10. Hey friends did they not allow video cameras at this venue? There is so little video that has come out, really wanted to see what Adam and tommy came up with during fever??!!! Anyone who was there please let us know incase we dont get to see it. thanks!!!!

    • tortillamiracle says:

      Security at the Midland has been super strict every time I’ve been there so I didn’t even take my camera. Adam’s performance was beyond perfection as usual so it would be wonderful to have vids from the Midland performance.

      As far as “Fever” goes, Adam and Tommy danced around and leaned on each other. The show was family friendly from what I remember from beginning to end. Adam’s KC set did not include “Broken Open” or “Mad World” and for his encore, he sang “Whole Lotta Love.”

      The audience was under his spell from beginning to end. I have gone to hundreds of concerts and have never seen the likes of Adam before. No wonder he started the show with “Voo Doo” and “Rabbit Hole” and then took us through the “Ring of Fire.” I’m pretty sure he invented some new and magical notes that only he can sing on “Soaked” and “Sleepwalker.” From the big smiles on Adam’s face during the show, I think he was pleased with his enchanted followers.

      I hope he understands how he has inspired millions of people to “want to listen to music again,” not to mention, how much light he brings to an often dark and hateful world. Regarding the 5-6 negative protesters outside the venue, they don’t deserve any attention. I just wanted to point out that there were only a few of them there.

      The 1920 era Midland Theatre’s ornate architecture and decor perfectly complemented Adam’s classy and beautiful performance. It was a legendary and perfect night.

      • Hi tortillamiracle thanks so much for your reply !!! Great info !!!! Adam is just a miracle that has come into our lives to bring us more joy than we thought was possible !!

        • tortillamiracle says:

          Rema and friends, you are very welcome. Your description of Adam is spot on!

      • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

        Thanks for sharing your night with us! It really helps to visualize his wonderful performances! And thanks for putting the protesters into perspective; so very few of them and sooooo many of us who love Adam!

  11. L Jones says:

    It seems that I have spent almost a year defending Mr. Lambert in many websites, discussion boards, and blogs. Moonchild, you said it in a nutshell..very well spoken..thru the ignorant hatred, Adam has somehow still developed a humongous fan base. He is taking the Universe by storm. It’s because he takes the high road over ignorance. His message is loud and clear of love and connectivity. For all people in the world to get along and find some common ground. Not only is Adam an intelligent, mannerly, kind, generous human being, sense of humor too!!, he is also a Master vocalist, artist, entertainer, modern genious that we Glamberts have all come to know and love. Good does prevail over evil, and those protesters that want to spread bad Kharma and ugly in the streets..BEWARE..YOUR DAY IS COMING TO BE JUDGED YOURSELF..AND IT WON’T BE PRETTY..Redeem yourselves while you still have the chance, and join PLANET EARTH. Our God is a forgiving God, and He loves Adam Lambert, and sent him here to do what he’s doing..

  12. cheryl 334 says:

    Thank you, Carol for getting these vids!!! Guess they weren’t that easy, huh? We so appreciate your efforts that give us what we can’t get ourselves!

    There have been and always be haters of something in this world. That is b/c we are on planet earth. Haters for women, for kids, for Catholics, Baptists, Jews, Muslims, Cheerios, Wheaties, certain colors, singers, songs, hair color, names, eyes, length of hair……………………….you name it there will be those who have nothing in their sorry lives to do but spew and generate hate. Hate will never be obliterated on this planet. Planet Fierce hopefully will be one place to go where hate will not be known. Let those who are without hate of anything be a model for the rest. Yeah, it is a big order, how ever, while we feel very justified to sit in the judgment of those who hate gays, or just Adam, we must be careful to remind ourselves not to hate anything ourselves for the pure ignorance of hating. Myself surely inclulded.

    Adam knows how ugly ‘hating’ is and he did nothing to anyone to ‘deserve’ this. Those who w ill run out to where he is going to be performing just to spew their ugliness, I guess should be pitied for their ignorance, and stupidity, and shunned like the plague! That’s what they ‘deserve’. That and for all to ignore them like they just do not exist. Take away their audiance and they will eventually find another venue for another kind of hate. They are like little brats throwing a tantrum to get the attention on themselves. We all know how to deal with people like this – ignore them! Then carry-on with even more love!:)

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness 4 ADAM ! :))

  13. patricia Pearce says:

    Is anyone going to Adam’s concert in Raleigh, NC on August 28th fro Chapel Hill,NC area who would be willing to drive my car? Please e-mail me. Maybe Penny from Florida changed her plans since Adam now has concerts in her home state? If you see this Penny, please e-mail me.

  14. I loved what “Moonchild…” had to say. I couldn’t say it better. I give Adam and his touring people credit for coming to Kansas knowing what they would encounter. It’s not like they don’t have enough other more positive venues to visit. I didn’t see the protestors on-line and don’t care to. I just know the old saying……Spiritual people inspire me…..religious zealots scare me.

    Love the story about the doctor purchasing tickets. Maybe next year things will be different. Wish I could have been there. I’m too far north to come to the concerts in the south.

  15. DANA MARTIN #434 says:


  16. DANA MARTIN #434 says:


  17. Well, those “protesters” are a bunch of nuts anyway and in no way represent any religious people. They’re the ones who protest the dead soldiers at their funerals, Lady Gaga and other singers and even National League baseball – for what reason I have no idea.

  18. It saddens me that there is still hate amongst all the love, I completely agree with what ‘Moonchild’ had to say, well done you put it beautifully 🙂 The story about the doctor is so lovely, It shows how devoted his fans are and that they actually believe in the messages he is trying to send 😀 That version of ‘ Whole Lotta Love’ was amazing! 🙂 xxxx

  19. TexasGal says:

    Thanks for sharing the story about the doctor purchasing the tickets, 2prissy4u. I hope Adam has been made aware of all these wonderful acts of kindness that were initiated by the acts of a few vile protesters. I was at the Midland show and, as you probably all know, the protesters didn’t make an appearance until all 2,000+ fans were well inside the theatre. There were people waiting in line since 11:00 p.m. the night before the show, and they wait until there’s no one. We didn’t even know they were out there until the show was over and we read it online! Anyway, I’m absolutely positive that Adam and his crew knew the sold-out crowd loved him and everything about him. That crowd was crazy in love with Adam (it’s been almost 3 days and I still don’t have a voice, haha!)

    • tortillamiracle says:

      Well said TexasGal!
      We also noticed that the few protesters outside of the Midland were not present when we entered. However, they were there when we left . We had to ask them to move out of the way because they blocked the sidewalk needed for my son’s wheelchair. At first, I wanted to speak out of anger to them and then I heard Adam’s CD playing over the loud speakers and I couldn’t help but smile. Then it occurred to me if they had only attended the show, they would be grinning too.

      • TexasGal says:

        Well, I stood (happily!) in line for another 45 minutes after the show to buy a couple of t-shirts and a disco ball keychain! They must’ve purged themselves of all their “hate” by the time I left. I’m glad they weren’t there – I don’t trust my mouth in a situation like that. I’d like to think that I would behave the right way, especially since I had my 13-year old son with me. Did you have a wonderful time at the show?

        • tortillamiracle says:

          TexasGal, the only thing that kept me from saying something ugly to the protesters was that I was totally blissed out from Adam’s performance and his music was playing outside when we left!

          We had a fantastic time and my son talked about the show all the way home and beyond. What great memories we have to treasure! Did you and your son enjoy the show too?

  20. genagirl says:

    I was at the KC show and it was the best concert ever! Those Westboro people are so digusting. They protest at soldier’s funerals as well as anything “gay”. Around here we all just laugh at point at them, because they’re just so ridiculous. I don’t know what god they worship but it’s one I would never want to kneel to. But my sister and I had a great time, we waited outside for Adam by his bus and did get to see him as well as say “hi” but no photos except one of him getting onto the bus to get ready for the show. Like I said, it was such a great time. We kept turning to each other and grinning because we could hardly believe we were seeing him! I hope to see him at the Sprint Center (the huge new arena) next year!

  21. genagirl says:

    I was at the KC show and it was the best concert ever! Those Westboro people are so disgusting. They protest at soldier’s funerals as well as anything “gay”. Around here we all just laugh at point at them, because they’re just so ridiculous. I don’t know what god they worship but it’s one I would never want to kneel to. But my sister and I had a great time, we waited outside for Adam by his bus and did get to see him as well as say “hi” but no photos except one of him getting onto the bus to get ready for the show. Like I said, it was such a great time. We kept turning to each other and grinning because we could hardly believe we were seeing him! I hope to see him at the Sprint Center (the huge new arena) next year!

  22. kat23morg says:

    What is truly sad about the protesters is some idiot is teaching their child or children to be intolerant…note little boy with sign…I think in this scenario…those waiting outside should ask the concert hall to blast out Aftermath…and everyone should sing along….they did that in Charlotte…made the two fools protesting pretty much shut up (one had a megaphone)….Was sweetly ironic to have them spouting hate…while aftermath talks about being yourself…righting wrongs…forgiving…standing up for what is right….loved it…

  23. As Kara DioGuardi said on Idol, he truly is a rock god!!!

  24. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    Okay I’m not going to lie I don’t get why some people are protesting Adam cauz he’s gay. I mean there’s been a lot of famous gay or bi singers that were quote “out of the closet” since the 60’s, that was 50 years ago you think everyone would get over making a big deal out of nothing by now but idk there I go running my political mouth which has gotten me into more trouble then I can count, great video’s of Adam by the way he’s always so gorgeous.

  25. Sarah-Marie says:

    Homophobia makes me sick. As a lesbian and as a PERSON I find these peoples hatred of things they don’t understand thoroughly disturbing. Poor Adam, confronted with such ignorance about his faith and sexuality. It’s the goddam 21st century.
    (would be longer… very late at night)
    (or early in the morning)