Glam Nation- Indianapolis, In 08/31/2010

The Indianapolis, Indiana concert took place at the Clowe’s Memorial Hall at Butler University last night, August 31, 2010.
As you will hear in one of the video’s, Adam announces that he was actually BORN in Indianapolis!! Did you all know that already???
He is, once again, his beautiful, extraordinary self… check it out…


Pics via: @Hannabec via Adam Lambert Fan Club Facebook page

Opening Medley missing again…
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Only ROF

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Sure Fire Winners
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Music Again
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20th Century Boy



  1. dvoted2adam says:

    OMG! Adam is just sooo hot. Every one of his performances just gets better and better. Thanks to all of you who share these videos & pics w/ the rest of Glamberts. This beautiful man is just amazing. Peace!

  2. Is that his blond hair showing underneath the cap? I’ve wondered how he keeps it so perfectly dyed!

    • Yup your right! That is strawberry blonde shaved hair under his cap. I didn’t notice that before….cute!!

    • That’s his natural Ginger! So sexy either way! Thanks Hannabec!

      • Scootersmom says:

        I love his ginger colored hair. He thinks it makes him look like he’s 12, but I do not. I have a black/white photo of him with blond hair and a video of him with his ginger/blond mane flying and he’s simply just as beautiful no matter the color of his hair. After all, it’s really NOT his hair that makes him beautiful…it’s everything about him, that’s what makes him so beautiful…and we’d love him no matter if he was bald!

  3. More great performances. What can I say? I just love watching them. I would rather see them live, but I am so thankful all that share them with us here.

  4. This show was videotaped and if it is of the quality they are looking for it will be released as a DVD.
    This was confirmed on AO today by the website moderator who works for Sony!
    It think it is great they picked his birthplace for this video taping. I have only watched 20CB so far because somebody said someone kept stroking his leg and he let them but I think the end is way more interesting. Monte rip roaring crazy on his red guitar and Adam on the floor in front of him. There is also some “I Got your back, Baby” action with Tommy…….
    I am sure they gave it a full 100% and of course way beyond.
    Honestly I can’t think of any entertainer who had a DVD released of his very first Tour but as we know with so many thing they are a first when it comes to Adam.

  5. oui.. il est .. cheveux blonds sous ce chapeau .. d’or… c’est magnifique


  7. So… the Lee Cherry photos are AMAZING in the show.
    Heh, I love the end of 20th Century Boy.
    The man’s vocals are INCREDIBLE!!! Spot on every time.
    Heh, love Tommy’s intro 😉

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Lawdy Miss Clawdy, if that boy get any more polished he’s gona be slipping off the stage. WOW!!!
      Check out the leg rubbing action–someone has lots to talk about. Gave the hometown folks a show within a show! Anyone or everyone hear about Lloyds of London insuring the glambluge. Is this for real??? Way to go Adam, put it out there–your in safe hands. All I can say is I hope they’re prepared for Adam when he get to Asia and elsewhere over seas. They should be warned!

  8. Indi was my 7th concert and it definitely was one of the best. However, the night before I went to Covington and was in a GA in about the equivalent of the 3rd row in center front beside a good looking young man who Adam gave lots of attention. Adam was so stunning this evening (and I’ve seen him up close many times) that all I could focus on was his face. I don’t think I even once checked out the GB because his face was so remarkably attractive this evening. Many things happened in Covington (some bad and bordering on dangerous but my memories will concentrate on only the positive). After I catch up on some much needed rest after two late night trips covering over 500 miles, I will check back with more details of the two best concerts out of the seven I attended this year.

  9. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    OH DEAR GOD!! I was at this show!! I really did almost pass out too. It was when he started to do Sleepwalker. I don’t know what caused it. I, of course can’t watch the video taken until I go to the library, but if there are any shots that go straight to the back, and you see a crazy woman whipping around 2 blue glow sticks, that just might be me!!! Oh, and the girl up front who got to rub Adam’s legs up, well lets just say I was screaming at her too! LOL!! LUCKY ASS!! I knew he was from Indy, and also, if anyone on here watches DEXTER, he went to school at Earlham college right here in Richmond IN. in 1993, and at that time, I was working 2 blocks from there!! I couldn’t believe it when I found that out! I have a few pics of me before I left for the concert, so if anyone on here wants to see them, e-mail me at: and I will send them to you directly to post on here. Just put something like: send me your Adam pics in the subject line, so I don’t delete it. I had a BLAST, and if this is coming to dvd, someone PLEASE post about when it’s getting released asap, that way I can reserve my copy!! Well, I guess I better go..I still haven’t slept, and it’s almost 6:30 am now….I REALLY need some sleep. My friend that didn’t get to go, I bought him a SWEET picture of Adam, and he was having a fit that I even thought to buy him something. I made my own shirt, and bought one too. Also had to buy me a hot pic of Adam that I didn’t have yet..Already have it framed and hung up!! I hope he comes to Dayton, cause it’s even closer than Indy!

    Tina…aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT!! 🙂

  10. tweeterpie says:

    This was an especially HOT HOT HOT show and I’m thrilled they taped it. Let’s pray for a quick DVD release. I SURE WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THE LEG RUBBER THERE! LOL BUT, SERIOUSLY, THOSE GA SHOWS SURE DO GET YOU CLOSE TO THE ADAM ACTION, DON’T THEY? I have front row seats (not center, but on Tommy’s side of the stage) at his last show here in the U.S. and even though I won’t be able to get as close as these lucky folks are able to get,I can still hardly wait. I couldn’t have handled a General Admission show since I have health issues so I’m just really happy I’m getting a chance at a sit down concert. These videos sure have been a lifeline throughout this summer for me. They were great in holding me over until I got my chance. So…. Thanks to all of you that have been posting and Thanks to those doing the hard work on here by submitting pictures and videos.

    • Cris R Glamb #659 says:

      This 20th Century Boy performance is right up there with the one in Providence RI (the infamous tongue-diving episode)!! I just keep watching it over and over, fantasizing that’s it me down there in front of him. If I were one of those lucky gals, I’d still be holding my hands right in front of me, in a state of shock. They got some decent “altitude” there and what they couldn’t reach, Adam seemed to do for them! LOL It’s really hard to see in this video but Adam responds with some really tantalizing tongue action too. Check out YouTube; there’s a video out there from a slightly different angle where you can really see that. He was just sizzlin’ hot that night!! Enjoy the show you’re going to. If he continues on his present trajectory, you’ll have an even more amazing experience than any of us have had at previous GNT concerts. Be sure to let us all know how you enjoy it.

  11. Got second row for Thackerville! (1st is special “house seats” reserved for high rollers at the Casino, or I would have tried for that.) I’m so excited! I hope ‘cos it’s an adult venuer that he’ll be “in the zone” like in Indianapolis. (By the way, I grew up in Connersville, IN about 50 miles away). God, he was HOT HOT HOT in Indy — really the best I’ve ever seen. This will be my second concert — foolishly didn’t get pitt tickets at the first, ‘cos I thought it would be shoving and stuff. Think he can see people in the second row? I’m going to paste a bunch of rhinestones and glitter on my face, so I’ll sparkle. Like you guys, I sure do envy those leg rubbers. (Leg rubbers — hehe –sounds dumb. Anyway you know what I mean.)

  12. Personally I would love a whole show with this crazy sexy shit. Burn Baby Burn.
    This is my true attraction to Adam, he radiates so much Passion it makes my whole heart burst with JOY.
    Adam not having to worry about backlash, offending anybody, etc, just letting it completely rip.
    In my wildest dreams and sometimes dreams do come true.

  13. I created designer T-shirts inspired by Adam that I am selling. I gave Adam 2 on tour last Aug. & he loved them. He signed mine on ME! If interested, you can email me at and I can email pics & info.

  14. Sue (susiqbee)
    Palm Bay, Florida

  15. Could someone tell me what my glamb # is my email is, I need it for my nametag for the Melbourne Fl., concert. Thanks!