Glam Nation-Hyannis, Ma 08/19/2010

As I was posting the concert video’s from last night’s show, a tweet came in from Adam. I thought you all might like to read it…
@adamlambert~Just visited Children’s Hospital in Boston. Good reminder to appreciate life’s value. Those kids have such incredible spirits in the face of illness. I’m inspired.

Adam, you inspire me every day.

Last night, the Glam Nation tour took a spin on the center stage in Hyannis, Ma. The difference with this venue, the Cape Cod Melody Tent, is that it is “in the round”.
The beginning was completely different then ever before because Adam entered from the side and began singing as he walked up the aisle to the stage, which was very cool!! I really enjoyed being able to see other things so differently too!!
It was awesome to be able to see Cam’s face for once, as she always seems to be in the dark. I loved seeing different angles of Longineu as well. Having the crowd in the picture at all times was amazing, as if we were seeing it through Adam’s eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed it, oh, and he kept it tame tonight too. It was like way back at the beginning, with no kissing and just beautiful singing… I did miss the kissing a little, just saying. I hope you like it as much as I do….


Opening Medley
*Entrance from the aisle*
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Sure Fire Winners
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Music Again
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20th Century Boy
*This was definitely Monte’s night*



  1. It was great to see his concert from different perspectives/angles this time. Close-ups of his band members and dancers was interesting. And, yes, seeing the audience like that for a change was cool. A different view this time, although the view of Adam is always spectacular!

  2. REDSTAR040665 says:

    I liked this view as well. I would like to see Adam not kiss Tommy as much. I think it is good for the imagination. I think it will keep people guessing, is he or isn’t he? I love Adam regardless, but I know that it is a big turn off for some and a I like to post his Fever video when I can on my facebook page, but I have a lot of people from my church and they don’t care for Adam showing his gayness. They think he is talented and they know I am a huge fan, so I am glad to see him not kiss Tommy and I can show his talent on my page.

    I do hope when he rolls Fever out as a single he keeps it clean. I love that he visits kids and has such a loving heart. Kids do look up to him and he needs to remember that. Being gay is his choice but I don’t think that he should be promoting it all the time.

    I love you Adam. Keep rocking!

    • Sorry redstar, but being gay is not a choice.

    • Gay is not a choice, the only one who chooses is the Creator, and some people seem to blame the innocent!!!!! Glambert #640 Adams Lady

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Adam isn’t really “promoting gay”: he just IS…..and there are lots of GAY kids out there who need someone to look up to….he is a lovely human being and that’s what matters. His sexual orientation is but one part of him and a part that he can’t just turn off, its not a choice….And I am happy to have the non-gay (as far as I know) children in my family look up to him as well. We love him for who he is….period…There are many celebrities out there who I would never want the kids in my family to look up too, gay or not…Its not the sexual orientation but the character of the individual that matters to me….Not everyone out there likes watching him kiss Tommy, but that is a choice that we can all make individually…I understand what you are saying, that you want everyone to love Adam like you do (me too!!!), but Adam is Adam and what you see is what you get!!!! I have ceased to try to “sanitize” him to my friends and family and just let them make up their own minds….Makes for some interesting discussions, that’s for sure!!!!

  3. They were AWESOME videos. And yes it was a nice change to see a different entrance. I wish that he wouldn’t be categorized as Pop/Rock–I think he should just be Rock and try to get that Classic Rock sound going. His voice and performances show that he would VERY well with Classic Rock in his own style!!!

    I love you Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love Adam so much, he is so protective of his dancers and band. Got the chance to meet the band members in Lville, and they are so nice. Took pictures with them, next best thing to Adam. Maybe someday I will get to meet Adam, probably faint, if that happens. Adam has spread so much love among his fans. My sister and I are going to see him again in Houston & New Orleans. If anyone needs tickets to Houston, please let me know. Don’t want to make money, just pay what Ticketmaster charged me. Let’s keep voting for Adam on VH1, he needs to be #1 again.

    • I wish I could buy your tickets and help you out!!! Good luck!! Yes, please vote for Adam on VH1, Adam is very proud of his work and we need to get it back to no. ONE!! Glambert # 640 AdamsLady

  5. Great videos. Thanks again Suz. I don’t know what we would do with out your videos of Adam. They are amazing. He is just so awesome. You are so lucky to see so many of his shows. I was fortunate to see one.

  6. love adam lambert-like all his songs; now dont like his heair -his face-his looks overall is very beautiful-pretty his hair new haircut doesnt suit him . but i still love him.

  7. gran4adam says:

    Love the different views of his concert and I love his new hair look. I just plain love that Adam twists his public look this way and that. Creates mystery and enhances my love of his talent….if that is possible:)))

  8. Just watched Soaked. Why, why do fans yell and whistle while Adam is singing songs like this? I think it is very disrespectful especially to Adam and to the fans in attendance. How would you feel if you were talking to someone and they whistled and yelled? I just don’t get it. When he asked if you’re ready to party or during the more up beat songs is the time to be vocal. I believe Adam is very passionate about his singing and his lyrics. He’s trying to tell you something. Enjoy Adam’s performance, but during the ballads Adam’s voice should be on the only thing we hear. By the way, I’ve heard for years that the acoustics at Clowes Hall is said to be perfect. I’m looking forward to hearing him at his very best.

    • gran4adam says:

      I agree about being quiet with the ballads. You can feel and see the emotion from Adam but the yelling and stuff does detract from what he is doing.

  9. I love his hair like that. I always liked his hair when it is shorter. I thought it was cute how he reacted to Monty when he sang the wrong words to 20th CB.

    • Oh no! Just saw that Adam shaved the side of his hair again. The other side. I like it short but not that short.

  10. patricia Pearce says:

    If gay people said to straight folks: “I don’t mind if you’re straight as long as you don’t act straight in public” perhaps some light would be shed on the idiocy of straights saying the very same thing to gays-i.e. “I don’t mind if your gay as long as you don’t act gay in public!” It’s so cruel to demand that homosexuals hide their natural behavior-who they are genetically. TEN percent of the population is gay folks. Over 20 MILLION in the USA, most of whom are terrified to “come out of the closet” that straight folks have locked them in. What is their fear? Interesting that nearly every protest against gays is either organized or has representatives from so called “Christian” people. Christ said: “Whatever you do to one of these, the least of my children, you do to ME!!!!! Just in case, I’ll clarify for homophobes that Christ was not referring to the sexual orientation of his creatures when He said the “least of my Children”. I’m not religious but I do know a scriptural phrase: WE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST. Adam has more love, kindness, and tolerance in his heart than any of those who spew or wield on signs, messages of hate.

    Lynne Pearce