Glam Nation-Hong Kong 10/12/2010

Adam Lambert and the Glam Nation took the stage on 10/12/2010 at the Star Hall in Hong Kong!! There are multiples of some of the video’s so sit back and relax and, of course,


Arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport/ kit0930hk
**Seriously cute**

Press Conference/ kit0930hk

Opening Medley/ kit0930hk

Voodoo/ imeanrun


Fever/ issa129

And/ libliblibby1

Sleepwalker/ imeanrun


Soaked/ end only/ libliblibby1

WWFM/ libliblibby1

Broken Open/ laihui

Aftermath/ imeanrun

Sure Fire Winners/ Strut/ imeanrun

Music Again/

IIHY/ imeanrun

Mad World/20th Century Boy



  1. Thank you Sue for the hard work to keep all the Glamberts happy. He is a true superstar, so loved by all the fans arround the world. Thank you Hong kong fans for giving Adam a superstar treatment while he is there. I am prud fan of Adam Lambert.

  2. I ment to say proud fan not a prud one. Love Adam Lambert. Thanks again sue for a wonderful videos.

  3. Could he be more articulate in those interviews? And, could he be more gorgeous in those videos? I find myself actually crying because I love him so much. True confessions! He just touches me so. Thank you, Sue, for the smorgasbord of delightful videos of our man. Yum.

  4. Glamourclamor says:

    Looks and sounds like an awesome crowd. They will remember Adam and his concert for a long time. His appeal is so worldwide. Can’t wait or his second album to be out and he will be considered a seasoned International performer. Sue you are a gem. I am going to start a campaign (little early yet) to try and get the Glamily and all fans to pre-buy Adam’s second album. Wouldn’t that be epic, hit platinum before it’s release. Think we could easily do this. Any comments, please feel free. It’s simply a show of solidarity on our parts, and something that is achievable. We will show all you suits and pple who only bow down to sales. Adam Lambert is definitely in your league.

    • Glamourclamor says:

      PS Just realized that in IIHY you could hardly hear Adam singing as the audience was singing every word with him. That’s awesome when you consider this is his first album, usually stars wait years for this type of tribute. What an awesome audience Hong Kong.

    • Scootersmom says:

      Just let us know. I’ll try to be the first to buy his second album. However, I must say, his music is simply the “icing on the cake” for me…I see a young man who’s honest, humble, generous, loving and beautiful, someone who gets inside your head with those traits and his unbelievable talent and stays there constantly, someone you find yourself thinking about and hoping for his happiness, that he finds that real love he needs. We all love Adam, but our love is understandably not enough to fulfill his life. I’m an old grandma, and I’ve been around the block many times. For me, Adam’s abject honesty is his most admirable trait.

  5. Thanks so much for finding these Sue. Always SUCH a joy to watch. He deserves the BEST for all he gives the world…

    !!!* there’s a POLL on “”– type this into the search box =) —> “Shouldn’t Adam Lambert be nominated”

    Would be so great if all the fans who come here could take a moment to vote there & leave a comment!

    Back to viewing another great show…(are these adictive?? =)

  6. Sue, as always you had done a great job! Thanks for keeping us “close” to Adam when he is so far away…as least geographically. In my head and in my heart he is right here all the time. You have helped it stay that way. Peace and love.

  7. ElianeBrasilGLAMB#577 says:

    Hi /Oi Sue
    I’m very happy for your posts here.
    Despite bad sounds or images it’s possible see him in close up or singing beautifully,
    You did a great job bringing us those videos and keep us in touch with him in (almost) real time.
    I liked to watch differents videos of same song.
    Beijos / kisses
    I’ll be always with you, people!
    (Sorry my english)


  9. Love this press conference. The interviewer was such a pro & asked great questions! Just loved how they adore Adam like we do. Seems they love Sleepwalker (like I do ) & want that to be Adams next single/video. So happy for him & the band. Great show

  10. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    Hello!! Someone PLEASE HELP!! I have changed my e-mail address, and can’t remember how to change it!! Guess I’m getting old! LOL!! Anyway, if someone could contact me or just put the change in for me, that would be great!! Here is the NEW address: It’s the same address I’ve always used, except the end has changed…PLEASE HELP WITH THIS!! I don’t want to miss out on any Adam news or pics!!


    Tina..aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT #654

  11. Wow TERIFFIC!… Siiigghhh, after viewing them all I’m of course impressed with Adam’s amazing talent and how well he can adapt. I actually liked that he had shoes/boots on (very respectful) most visible during Sleepwalker (<–PLEASE make that the next single already!) Loved the long-shot views across the audience and seeing the whole stage. How cool it must be for him to look across the spanse of the audience with all those glow-sticks etc.. like Glam Nation LARGE SCALE glitter & sparkle. The extra ceiling height made for wonderful lighting effects. I LOVE seeing our boy in this grand mode, and that the audiences loved him as we do.
    Sue, thank you SO much for finding these treasures for us… =)…

    • I agree Cindy. Adam is respectful. I noticed too that he didn’t kiss Tommy like he does in other performances. His dance on Fever he also didn’t point to his lovely groin area like he does in other performances. He was very respectful. That is our Adam, he doesn’t change his for anyone, but he does tone it down out of respectful for the AREA in which he is playing. I can’t wait for his second album!!!!

  12. Great vids as always sue! Adam looks so happy and the fans just love him its awesome!

  13. Sue, the tireless one. Would you like to experience Adam’s voice as if he was singing from the sky ? A fan called Shweta 1509 posted a YouTube video which she recorded from her hotel window right across the Singapore Padang concert ground and the result is you hear Adam’s voice float in the evening air and then soaring into the sky with IIHY, filling the whole city area. The surrounding tall magnificent buildings hem in Adam’s ethereal voice. Never heard it recorded like that before, very good speakers .

  14. kat23mogan says:

    It truly says volumes when an Artist goes to other countries and sings…and the entire audience knows all the words….Want to know if you have made it in the music industry…that is a sure way…Love it…Chinese are so polite and warm…Everywhere he goes he is greeted with so many adoring fans…Love you Adam…stay true to yourself…

  15. Jane Parker says:

    Sue thank you for keeping the videos going!!


  16. Yeah, he’s just yummy in his interviews. And he seem so relaxed and happy, sitting in that stool… so cool. My, my, my… He seem to draw out every woman’s heartstrings. You feel like you just want to embrace him. Every inch of him is just so lovable. He inspires so much love. And if you’re a woman courting a man….LOL…(it’s the modern age now, ladies), you can ask, ” WILL YOU BE MY ADAM?”

  17. Lamchops50 says:

    Terrific interview. Can’t get enough. The world is embracing Adam, which he so deserves. Thank so much for posting these!