Glam Nation-Hard Rock Hollywood, Fl 09/19/2010

This is the second to last Glam Nation concert and it took place at the Hard Rock Live, in Hollywood, Florida!!! You guys are just going to have to watch the ENTIRE set of these concert videos, THIS IS ALMOST THE END!! I cannot believe that we are at the end of this summer tour, can you? Remember how excited we all were to get to our first shows? Now, here we are, all glittered out for now and looking forward to the next cd!! Go ahead and feel the energy…


Opening Medley/ cos2mwiz

Fever/ nikkit24

Sleepwalker/ cos2mwiz

Soaked/ cos2mwiz

WWFM/ suz526

Aftermath/ cos2mwiz

Sure Fire Winners/ cos2mwiz

Strut/ cos2mwiz

Music Again/ suz526

IIHY/ cos2mwiz

Encore/ cos2mwiz
20th Century Boy



  1. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    This was my 4th concert and my last of the Glamnation Tour. I have had a bad day today; being constantly on the verge of tears – the letdown and aftermath is much stronger and deeper than I ever suspected. I had no personal encounters this time with our beautiful alien from Planet Fierce, but what a lovely time nonetheless! Adam’s voice seems to get better and better – in spite of over 70 concerts with little rest. He was nothing short of magical! It is so hard for me to let my Adam summer go. Yes, I realize there will be so much more to watch and enjoy as Adam progresses with his career, but I can’t help but mourn for the incredible time I’ve had so far. I know my sadness will pass, and I am so grateful for the wonderful times I have had and the amazing people I have met thru this website. Thank you with all my heart Adam for sharing yourself with us! Love you!

    • Aw Mary-Ellen, I think we ALL can feel your pain!! It is very “real” when you are back to reality with nothing planned on the horizon!! We have all been there, but I try and keep it in perspective by remembering that I was REALLY lucky to see him this summer. There are so many fans that have not been lucky enough to see him, so even though it is really sad because I miss him, I will look forward to his takeover of the WORLD!!! I will also enjoy watching our “out of the country” fans get their fair share of him too!!!


    • Mary Ellen – we have sadness as well, but for another reason. We never got to see Adam AT ALL. My daughter and I had tickets to see him both in Cleveland and in Hollywood, FL, and both times we had to give them up because of my daughter’s ongoing illness. We were very much looking forward to seeing him, and were very disappointed, but we can always look ahead to future tours, as we know he will be around for a very long time. Count yourself lucky that you got to see him, and have wonderful memories. We look forward to seeing Adam at one of his future concerts, and with God’s help, my daughter’s health will be better, and she can truly enjoy it!

      • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

        Eileen I will certainly keep you and your daughter in my prayers; next year when he possibly tours again I hope all will be better and you get that chance to see and hear this one of a kind man in person! Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective too – I have been very blessed. If there is anything or any way we your on line friends can help you – please let us know!

        • These video’s were awesome! I’m wondering if those of you who have attended a concert at the Hollywood Fl. Hard Rock can give me some insight on a good section/seats to watch the concert………I’m attending a concert there in November and just really want to sit in a great unobstucted section ( there is no VIP area ) any suggestions? Sometimes the seats on the floor close to the stage puts you in the neck craning position so I didn’t want to automatically just buy those seats…….ticket master didn’t offer any help when I asked, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. patricia-lynn says:

    Thanks so much for your faithful coverage of our guy. What a trip we are on and its only just beginning. Keep Adam safe and well each day and all will be well in Glam Nation. Thank God for the internet to keep in touch as he circles the globe spreading joy and love. This is a great site, thank you! PLT

  3. Thanku Sue for all your great videos this summer, u are a blessing. I was at the hard rock and lucky enough to be at the opening night .Our GUY is WOW !. I was hoping to give u a hug if u were there for your great work so xoxoxox. We all wish Adam and group a safe trip and to come home to us soon with lots of great storys and pictures of their adventure, because we are all the Glamnation family and we want more of ADAM , band and dancers. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  4. Fantastic! Thank you all for the video’s and coverage! He is great…..

  5. I was at the Hard Rock and the energy was like I had never seen before at that venue. I have seen many concerts there and this was the best by far. The crowd was dancing even before he came on and once he appeared we were mesmerized. He is beautiful and has the voice of an angel. I want to see him again and again. Sue, I wish I could thank you personally for all the hard work you all do to keep us up to date on this website. I will always keep on my dvr you and your lovely daughter on the Opera show. That will always bring tears to my eyes. Thanks again.
    Glamb 616

  6. Sue, I have been watching every show that Adam has done, because of you. I thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to share in Adam’s journey. I too saw you on Oprah Show and it was so heartwarming to watch you and your daughter share this moment. I’ve been to 3 of Adams GNT concerts and hope to go to many more when he comes home. I hope that his shows overseas find their way to us. He is such an amazing soul and he brings such joy to those of us who realize what we have here. Again, I am so grateful to you for all that you have done for us. And it would be lovely to hopefully meet you someday at a Glamily gathering!

  7. adamlover51 says:

    This was a great show to watch loved the energy and loved seeing the bus drivers come out on stage thankyou buss drivers for keeping adam and co safe through all the tour i don’t know if any of you follow twitter but adam, band and dancers tweet how nice these guys were to them and what great people they are and how much fun they have so thanks again buss drivers

  8. As many of you have stated, I too am experiencing a bit of sadness that the tour has ended. I was at the Hard Rock concert and it was THRILLING!!! Seeing him on video or tv pales in comparison to a “live & in person” experience. The concert was second to none and left me wishing for more. Adam was (as always) visually STUNNING; there will never be a more handsome man and his voice omg I was so elated. I could not believe I was actually THERE in the presence of ADAM!!!! I didn’t think I was going to get to go until a few weeks before the concert due to loss of job BUT where there is a will there is a way! I called ticketmaster to get 2 tix thinking that it was PROBABLY sold out but the glam gods were smiling and I got the LAST 2 tix!!!! They did say they were “obstructive view” but I didn’t care. Truthfully the only thing I couldn’t see was when he first came out and when he sat on the stairs. I felt like the luckiest lady on earth just to be there!!
    Allison was great too, what a fireball! Did anyone see that guy that was dancing before the show started to “Single Ladies”?? OMG, I was thought he was sooo good…wonder if Adam noticed?!? I wish Adam well internationally and a safe return to the U.S. I am, as well as all of you, anxiously awaiting the new CD. Until then, we have these precious video reminders of our Glam God! THANK YOU SUE FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

    JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

    • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

      Yes JoAnne, I saw the dancing guy too; he really was great to watch; did you notice all the folks coming over to get pictures taken with him – he had such a crowd around him I wondered if he was someone famous already! These concerts were too much fun from beginning to end!

      • Yes, Mary-Ellen, I did see all the people getting pics w/him. If I wasn’t up at the top most section I woulda too as I figured my chances of getting down to the floor was probably nill! I wonder if he was one of the “traveling” fans…he was soooo entertaining! Even after the concert he was still being bombarded with people wanting his pic. If he wasn’t someone famous already, I’d say he has a good chance of being one now!
        Yes, the concets were a blast….it’s gonna be a long winter without somewhere glittery to go!

        JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

  9. Glamourclamor says:

    it’s friday evening 7p.m. in the West., and I seem to be experiencing an Adam withdrawal. Checked all the usual site, looking for the usual suspects, but alas, not much going on anywhere. Read all the stories 2-3 times, especially the reviews, not the same. I can certainly understand the above posts as I think many of us feel the same. For you older fans, Eddie Fisher died today. Remember when he married Liz, and the scandal that ensured. He was 82, OMG he couldn’t have been that old. Where does that put me? Probably too damn old to be an Adam fan, but there you have it. I have said it before, but it bears repeating. We older fans have seen all the greats and have loved them, so when we compare Adam to them, this is the highest compliment. Wonder where Adam will be on Top 20 tomorrow. I didn’t vote much today as it seems a useless exercise on Fridays. If he is still on the countdown, I will vote extra next week. I am rambling…thanked Sue on the last site, but will again. Too bad you can’t go over seas, but we all tend to forget that you have an actual life and not just at our beck and call. Well, it was great while it lasted.

  10. Why was the Soaked video removed???

  11. Sylvia Taylor says:

    Here is a great review of that show. Adam Lambert Rocked Hard at Hard Rock! @