Glam Nation-Hampton Beach, NH 08/21/2010

The Glam Nation Tour hit the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton, New Hampshire TWO nights ago… I am slipping guys, so sorry!! This concert was actually on Saturday night, and I have video’s and a few pictures to prove how amazing it all was!!


photo’s by @fiarra via: Adam Lambert Fan club






Sure Fire Winners


Music Again


20th Century Boy



  1. As always, Adam was in “fine form”, from the beginning to the delicious end.

    • You got ot girl. I love his new floor moves……keep it up Adam, this is the kind of stuff I would love to see on Saturday!!!!

  2. i was just wondering if you had pictures from when adam came out to sign after the show? i was there and i would love to see pics/videos

  3. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I was there — CENTER STAGE about four rows of people back — he was ADAMFINGAMAZING!!!! I could NOT have asked for a BETTER time!! He was pitch perfect and STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Certainly kept it interesting with the appreciation and hug for Orianthi, the kiss that others gave to each other in the audience, and the last move of “20th Century Boy.” Never dull, our boy. Thanks for the videos.

  5. Does anyone hear like a barking sort of yapping sound in the background of some of the videos…. haha! I think its someone getting quite excited 🙂 He sounded amazing as usual…. loved the ‘social experiment’ haha!

  6. he’s shaving his hair more and more. Stop it!!! I like it the way it was!!!

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      I was envying him the shaved head that night, let me tell you — it was so damned hot in that venue — I’m sure he was appreciating the “air conditioning!!” It’s ok – -it will grow back. We know Adam never leaves his hair the same way for long!!!

      • Apparently when he went to visit that childrens hospital recently he let one of the kids shave it! 🙂 But that could just be talk, I am not sure 🙂 But Adams hair grows back really quickly anyway 🙂

      • I like him no matter what either, but I really like HAIR…
        Give me a head with hair, long beautiful ha-ir!
        The shaved stuff is a bit freakish, which maybe he likes right now.
        Always Love You Adam!

    • His hair is part of the reason make him different and insanely attractive. Love him love his hair. Don’t shave any more.

    • Why were you concentrating on his hair? I was mesmerized by his ass!! And Tommy’s! Except for the kiss!

  7. I am in my mid-40’s and unless Tommy has turned over the other way, the kissing gets old…..Never even seen boy George or Elton John do this every show….No surprise kiss the bass player…..Will always love his music and singing and entertainment…an joining his fan club….

    • I’m in my mid forties too. The kissing NEVER gets old for me. Boy George and Elton John were brave just to be out when they were. It’s a different time now. Adam is forging new frontiers. To each his own but I’m one who will never get tired of the kissing. *grins*

    • OMG Karla ? Really ? That is the first thing i go to after each venue!! They are both soooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason they do it is because of the response from the fans. Everyone goes crazy at the shows when they do it , and the web sites go nuts. Relax and enjoy!!!

    • I tell you what might be getting old are those costumes…LOL!

      I’ve yet to see Adam in person. I will get that chance in Houston…YAY! Adam is very sexual. He oozes sexiness, and I can’t wait to see him in person.

      As far as Boy George, he was a different type of artist all together. He was in a relationship with his drummer, maybe that’s why he didn’t try to kiss the straight guy on guitar…LOL!

      • Things are only getting old gals cause we have the amazing technology now to view the videos of every single concert without fail. Prior to the days of this exceptional media coverage through internet, we got to see the concert only when we went and sat in the audience and everything was fresh and new. I went to see Gaga last night and refused to see the videos prior to the concert so it would be fresh and exciting for me. She didn’t fail as Adam doesn’t at each and every concert even though we’ve seen each performance now 52 times??!!

        • FlamingoLady says:

          You’re absolutely right, Mo-Ski…technology makes every show accessible to all of us, but it’s new to many of the people in the audience. He changes his hair and make-up, though. I love seeing how Adam’s performance gets ever more powerful and assured as time passes. Kisses…oh, yeah, love that…don’t stop!!

  8. I think the hair is Fierce and Sexy!

  9. Our Boy was on FIRE tonight!!! Lookling back in the years to come, Longeau will be remembered as the first drummer Adam Lambert had. Will miss him, but sure there are a lot of very good drummers out there who can step in and go on the Superstar ride with Adam. BTW, Adam and Company keep getting better and better. Can’t wait for new album and next year’s tour–he’s not coming around again this Tour to my neck of the woods. I’d love to fly to Australia, but can’t–and also read shows selling out as soon as they are avvailable. Expected nothing else. Sue you are a marvel, not just to me, but too so many others. You Rock Girl!

    • Where and why is Longeau going? I didn’t know he was leaving. I look for news on Adam every night and didn’t see anything on this. .

    • judi maine says:

      Is Longineu leaving?

      • Yes, he’s supposed to be joining another band after this tour concludes in September. There was something posted about this a few weeks back. So bummed!! At least I got to meet him and get a picture taken with him when they played the Royal Oak, Mich. concert back in June.

        • Glamourclamor says:

          Read awhile back that Longeau is rejoining his indy band. Apparently they had success before he joined Adam. Wish I could remember name of his previous band. It was posted on 24/7 or may Zap2it several weeks ago.

      • He’s re-joining his original band called Yellow Card.

  10. I went to this concert, and he was amazing! He was so SEXY!!! loved every moment of it!!! I love you ADAM!!! You did such an amazing Job!!!!! Luvin the hair, and the dance moves and well everything else!! I am sad now, because it is over!!! Luv you ADAM!!!!!

  11. Mary at the Lake says:

    I’m one of those who never tires of the kissing but guess you either like it or you don’t ….sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t , we’re all happy that way!!!! And I just wanted to say that I really like the picture of Tommy up above, he’ s a gorgeous man himself, I just don’t aways SEE him because my eyes are usually glued to Adam, but if Adam isn’t in the picture, then “Oh, there’s Tommy…!!!” and he’s a real sweetie also… That picture is outstanding, definitely could be a poster…Love everyone in the band and will miss Longineau…

    • Mary, I’m with you on the kissing! They didn’t start doing that until NY, I think. That was right after I saw them in Royal Oak on June 18 So I only get it through the videos. And I thought the exact same thing about that picture of Tommy! I love it!! One of the best I’ve seen of him. And you are so right…it ought to be made into a poster!

  12. I love Adam so much but I don’t like he kiss the guy on stage all the time. I am going to his show with my teenager daughter, I am just not too comfortable about that. I also don’t like the way he shave off his beautiful hair.

  13. Sue, how do you get such great videos? I couldn’t get my video camera in. Unfortunately, at Foxwoods, I didn’t bring my video camera and no one searched my bag. At Costa Mesa I was searched. Wish I could get to as many shows as you do.

    • Linda G, that’s not our Sue taking those videos. Don’t know who this Suz526 is, but she seems to be at every concert and always right up front. I’ve been wondering for a while now myself….how does this person go to every show and get such great videos?? At my show in Royal Oak back on June 18, they were very strict about cameras. I only had a regular diposable one and even though I was front and center, about 7 people back from the stage (GA ticket), I did not get off any good pictures. Lots of heads and hands in front of me and our venue seemed so dark, too, compared to others I’ve seen on here. And I was trying not to get caught using the camera, so that made it difficult also. Thank God for all the wonderful fans who take all thse pics and videos and for our fantastic Sue who works so hard writing and posting all of this for us!!!!

  14. Sue, my hubby took some amazing photos at the Chesaning, Mi. Concert and I would love to share them with everyone on here. I sure don’t know how to do it but would send them to you if you are interested in putting them on here. There are some good ones of Allison and Orianthi also. Or, has it been too long since that concert?

  15. Monte really rocked it out during 20th Century . . . way to get down!!

  16. kat23mogan says:

    GEEEZZZ come on guys…get over the whining about him kissing Tommy… is his thing…goes very well with FEVER…Fever is all about feeling hot…bothered…wanting someone…..Adam has said an thousand times…he believes in playing out the role…doing the theatrics of the song…that is what sets him way apart from other artists…the amazing vocals and the performance…other artist bore me now…they just stand there and sing…Adam plays the part…plays to the audience…and takes you on a whirlwind ride….I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIS WHOLE STYLE, HIS VOICE AND HIS LOOKS….!!! TRUE FANS WILL NOT CARE….THE SAME ABOUT SHAVING HIS HEAD…GET OVER IT!!!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      I agree, seems to go hand in hand so to speak with Fever. Anyone read the half-a***d Review from his show the other night, where he said Adam needs to either go totally all out raunchy or else he would end up being Pat Boone. Can’t win either way…wish everyone just let him do his own thing and stop comparing him to Freddie Mercury, etc. Pat Boone??? Really, about the only thing they have in common is they are both male.

  17. Jane Parker says:

    Love the hair!! Love the kisses!! Love the floor singing!


    I can’t wait to see it all live and up close on Saturday!!

    • Yes, Jane and I and many others are ready to get the whole deal, kisses, licks, tongues diving, floor writhing, oh really it would be incredible if the Raleigh show will be like this. Let’s make it happen! For Adam and for Us!!!

  18. Diane Glamb #610 says:

    Adam rocks every hair style he has! I’ve never seen him look bad – ever! As far as the kissing, I love it!. Would like to join in with them & make it a threesome!

    BTW – I’m 68. I may grow older, but I’ll never grow up!!!

  19. cheryl 334 says:

    Adam is always in perfect form!

    I think He and Tommy get it on when they are alone, no doubt about it. I feel the same as a lot f you, I’m not real cool with those longer and longer kisses. Save it for AFTER the show. Adam wants to keep his music up front, but he’s giving way too much to Tommy, in my humble opinion. Don’t like it at all.

    I liked the hair hanging in his face – sexy!!!:)) Can’t wit till we see him n other clothes, too!Adam is a fashioista fo sho! He has a way wth dressing that bets anything I’ve ever seen on a singer/performer! I’d love to have a few of his ‘leftovers’!!!:)))

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Joy-Fun-Excitement…………………………that is Adam!

  20. kat23mogan says:

    The rumor is he let a kid in the hospital shave his head…this is so sweet…

  21. Scootersmom says:

    Adam is a showman, entertainer, singer, actor, and on and on. Everything in the show is a reflection of Adam, of what he wants to do and how he wants to perform. It’s all entertainment, it’s all Adam. If he shaves his entire head and glues sparkles all over it, his unbelievable voice will still be there, unaffected. His performance will not suffer one tiny bit. Same thing with him kissing Tommy Joe. It’s all performance, not reality. So I think that we should all view his performances as just that. It’s not a social venue in any way other than the message of loving one another that Adam steadfastly tries to share with us all. That’s just my opinion.

  22. YEAH!!!!!
    Do more floor singing, it’s SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!! Love the interaction with the audience, too!! Would very much like to be in the front and get in on some of that GREAT tongue action!!!!! Would be in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Love and tongue kisses, Rita & Donna

    • I’m with you Scootersmom, very well said. WOW, I was AT this show!!!! Woohoo! How is it possible our boy just keeps getting better-er and MORE beautiful? I was SOOO excited leading up to this show, AND a little sad as it’s the last one for me this tour. Seeing Adam A-LIVE and hearing that incredible voice is just AMAZING- I’m thrilled I could go at all. A special treat was to attend THIS one with my daughter and see it through her eyes and share an incredible experience. She does appreciate Adam but needs to experience for herself and reaches a limit easily… so it was impossibly hard not to rave about him and say too much beforehand. I just kept fidgeting and tried to stay mum, and waited for HIM to weave his magic spell and blow her socks off…or so I hoped. Boy, did he ever!.. Our boy did not dissapoint =D TEN seconds in she breathed… “he is the MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN EVER” That’s become a mantra, lol . I of course went happily bananas! This show was SOOOOOOOO much FUN! Adam is such an amazing performer. I’m especially grateful to Suz for these videos so I can relive this WONDERFUL show. In particular IIHY, I love how she panned BACK near the end so we could see the entire joyous spectacle. I can even see my hands in a few shots! =)
      On the kissing debate, 2 Thumbs up for me, lol, gimmee MORE! We also got some fun, sexy banter introducing Tommy, and a pretty hot wriggle-dance with Brooke. Yahoo! Boy if there’s ever a live performance cd/dvd?…I own it FIRST!! Can’t wait for the next album. This guy should be the world’s greatest Superstar.

  23. REDSTAR040665 says:

    Can anyone tell me about the new song that Adam has been singing at some of the newer concerts. 20th Century Boy. Is it his or is he singing someone else’s song? I really like it. Thanks.

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      20th Century Boy is a song from “Velvet Goldmine” , a movie about Glam Rock, starring Jonathan Rhys-Myers (The Tudors) among others…Apparently one of Adam’s favorite movies….In my opinion Adam has now made that song “his”! I REALLY like it too…it is perfect for him…wondering if he will include it in the new album as a “cover”. That would definitely be fun and we could listen to it over and over..and relive in our imaginations his fabulous performances of this song. Of course, also hoping for the “Tour DVD” which would be even better… we can WATCH it over and over….My 50 inch plasma TV could become my new best friend….LOL!!! (glitzylady)

      • REDSTAR040665 says:

        Thanks glitzylady for your reply. Maybe someone can put it on myxertones for a ringtone. I would love to have his version of No Boundaries on myxertones. I have all of Adam’s songs in my phone except that one.

  24. Adam looked knackerd singing strut .He desearves an nice holiday ! and lots of cups of tea .He has done an excellent job with the tour .We love you Adam.

  25. A few comments I have read nickname Adam Lambert ‘ Lambo ‘ and rightly so because ‘ bo ‘ in Chinese means treasure . Adam is indeed a priceless treasure !
    Haiku for Adam :

    Born to be wild
    Sings like a nightingale and
    Stings like a bee !

  26. Beaglewoman (Glamb #611) says:

    I myself am getting psyched for Aug 31 in Indy. Been so busy lately that I wasn’t even thinking of how close it’s getting – woo hoo!!! I love the hair and I can understand getting bored and doing a change up – it’s hair, it grows (if you’re lucky), you do something fun – makes you feel good. On this concert tour you’ve got to make your own fun and he obviously is. As far as lip-locking goes bring it on! It is such good, harmless fun and yes it does fit perfectly with the song.

    Who else is going to Indy???? We’re planning on dining at Aristrocrat Pub on 52nd and College if anyone cares to join us 🙂