Glam Nation-Hammond, Indiana 06/17/2010

Let me just tell you, I have NEVER been front row for a concert before and now I will never want to be anywhere else for Adam.
Not only are you face to face with him and the band, but having him look into your eyes as he is singing….aaaaggghhhh.
Indescribable… really! Here are the videos, and I am getting to the pictures next…


Voodoo / Down The Rabbit Hole / Ring Of Fire




If I Had You

Mad World / Whole Lotta Love

Whole Lotta Love





  2. There isn’t enough space or words to adequately describe my first experience seeing him live at Hammond! For all the hours I have spent following him on TV and various postings on, oh, so many websites, nothing equals the experience of actually seeing him! His voice…that is the thing of supreme beauty and delight! He is even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined! When he came on stage there was an invisible but definitely perceptible burst of energy that flooded the Venue! His entire show was fantastic!!! His band was wonderful and the dancers were a great compliment to him. ( I secretly had feared in the past they would detract from the overall effect.) I sat in the mezzanine section and got a close-up look at him with my binoculars! The short hour of his performance – well, it was like having great sex and then be left panting for more! I have often compared his voice skills/quality as being orgasmic…his lyrical foreplay lifts you, touches you in places that you just beg for more!!! Just Fabulous! If money were no object I would be at every single performance he ever gave and would be still begging for more, more, just one more time!! LOL He leaves you with such a great feeling of joy in watching him do ALL that he does to us! I am attending 4 more of his tour events and I eagerly await the thrills he gives!

    • @Farzana you said, “…The short hour of his performance…”. Is his show only an hour long??

      • Adam’s portion of the night was 1 hour including the 2 encores: WLL and Mad World. Oriantha was the first 40 minutes followed by a 40 minute set up period for Adam. They were to the minute in starting on time (7:30)!

        Adam has mentioned in tweets that he would only sing for 1 hour in order to conserve his voice on tour. I would love to have seen and heard more of him but have to admit it is in his best interest and ours to spare his vocal cords for the long tour schedule that keeps building in the states and is to be followed by his European tour (as I understand from some of his tweets in the past.).

        Things I wished were done: more of Monty, Tommy, and Longeneau (sp?) and the dancers as a performance warm-up to Adam instead of Oriantha. She plays a dynamite guitar along with her 2 fellow guitarists but, frankly, I was not fond of her singing and it was difficult to make out the words – due to sound volume or other factor? I overheard comments from some who thought she was very boring.

        Once the energy and the dynamic/charismatic performances of Adam have been viewed or heard in any format, well…everyone else just disappears if you know what I mean. His fellow performers are in a league of their own, for sure. I would love to see each of them in some form of solo and/or group performance before Adam rather than any other act.

        I am hoping for a day when we will be able to view Adam’s tour on a DVD…each performance is unique as he always mixes up the things and gives each song some type of vocal variation! How lucky are we to experience this creativity and vocal talent?

        Like so many of his fans, I could go on and on about how much I admire the man and the talent!

    • Farzana says:

      PS: I forgot to mention he was barefoot for about 2/3 of time – of course, the toes were adorned with black nail polish! Also, the beauty of his “Soaked” brought many of us to tears! I have been home now for a day and I am still reeling from the experience. I drove 6.5 hrs to see him and I would do it again and again just to hear his voice! Such magnificence!!!

    • You said it all! I too was in the mezzanine and had binoculars planted on Adam. I continue to be in awe of him. I have a very strong desire to meet him face to face some day. His energy , be it sexual or spiritual, just fills me up and I would love to experience it at a close range! Sigh…..

    • I agree totally with everything you’ve said. I’m from PA and saw his first concert on June 4th at the Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre. I wanted MORE! I’ve gotten tickets to see Adam at the Bethlehem Musikfest in August. The tickets sell out so fast, I just can’t seem to get close enough. So, like you, I will have to use binoculars. I feel priveledged to breathe the same air as Adam.

      • lamamasita says:

        I’ll be at the Bethlehem show, too. Our seats are not that close either, but as long as we’re in the house, I’ll be glad. It’s probably a 6 hour drive for us from Pittsburgh, but I won’t mind a bit. After buying these tickets, a few days ago a new show in Erie came up and that’s only a 2 hour drive, but I can’t make that one. Maybe I’ll see you there.

        • That would be great. I’m in row II….where ever that is???!! I’m 61 yrs. old, but, I’m going to be sporting some glitter on my face, just for Adam. Don’t forget your binocs.

    • You said it perfectly. I drove 8 hours to see his second show of the tour in New Jersey. The energy level in the room when he hit the stage was unbelievable!!!! It made one’s skin tingle. He is a force of nature. He made this old lady feel alive again.

    • Farzana, I have never seen anyone be able to write and explain how Adam makes me feel!!!!!!!!! You did it beautifully!! Thank You for saying what I feel about this amazing person we call “ADAM”. I’m glad you got to see him live. I finally get to see him in person July 16th. I can hardly wait. Adam has given me so much joy over the last year and more when I wake up and think of him and smile and before I go to sleep I smile again!! I know there’s so many of us feeling the same way but you really read my heart and mind, I’m happy you get to see him again and again, be sure and write about each one, we will be there in Spirit! THANKS, Elly GLAMBS# 640 AdamsLady

      • You know, Elly, I met a fellow fan at the Hammond Venue and we commiserated for some time before his show began and then again afterward for about an hour or so. We both have come to the conclusion that there is some almost mystical quality to the way that Adam touches his fans through his music and life.

        We tried to define it in some way but it would just slip through our fingers as quickly as we tried to grasp it. We used terms like angelic voice, a pure aura, a clarity of being that seems unequaled, honesty and sincerity, no pretentious behavior – the thoughts just kept coming. Perhaps, it is just the culmination of all the experiences that one person has had and then he has made them positive and filled with love. But, I think that may be too simple an explanation.

        I also briefly spoke with a young fan who lost 100 pounds after being inspired by him and his achievements. All that he is can be difficult to isolate because it touches so many levels of each person. I think he is a history making phenomenon! What do you think?

  3. glamb # 641 witchyangel says:

    What with all the great concert happenings, don’t forget to VOTE on VH!’s Top20 for IIHY and call your local radio stations as well, to get Adam’s music out there for all to hear! Peace!

  4. Glambertcraze says:

    WOW !!
    Thank you for the experience.
    I can hardly wait until July 24th when I see him live,.
    I hope he records Whole Lotta Love like that.

    Thanks again, this just made my day.

  5. Beaglewoman says:

    I’m jealous.

    Glamb #611

  6. Adam was awesome! I was so close, I could see the cute freckles all over his arms. There were a couple of times that it seemed we made eye contact. I am sure he couldn’t see me with all the lights, but he is so good at connecting with his audience it felt like he could. Ran into Tommy and Monty as we were leaving the casino later. They had been stopped by some fans and were graciously posing for a few pictures. Genuinely nice guys.

    • polly i dont go to his concert till august so what is the trick to gettin up front of the stage

      • Lisa, I was at last night’s concert in Royal Oak. Had a VIP ticket., which let 200 people in ahead of general ones. Just entered and hurried up to the stage area and staked a spot in the center. I was basically about 7 rows back. The people closer to the front were those that had been in line outside earlier than me, thus they entered the theater before I did. Once you had your spot, you had to stay put. Thank god I never had to go to the bathroom! Lol. It helps to eat lightly and bland and go easy on the liquids on show day. But at my venue we were packed in like sardines and it was a hot, humid day, so it was HOT as Hades inside!! I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in all my 55 years!!! But it was definitely all worth it…. would do it all over again in a heartbeat, if I had the chance!!!

        • So can I ask how you get a VIP ticket?? I wanna be that close to him!

          • Jen, I didn’t even know I had a VIP ticket! A gal I met on this fansite handled the purchase as I am so so not knowledgeable about this stuff. Plus my computer is, like, a twelve year old laptop and I don’t even own a printer!. She bought my ticket with her credit card and did the print at home option. Then I mailed her a check and she mailed me the ticket . We were in touch by email and phone and found each other at the venue without ever having met beforehand. When I got there she told me we had the VIP tickets! I was so thrilled!!! So it all worked out great for me and I was so grateful to Karen for doing me such a BIG favor!!! (The girl in the box office had told me people had been in line since the night before, so I feel really lucky!!!) Big big thanks to Karen!!!!!!! Linda

  7. your show is hot i love everything about it (one)

  8. glamaus says:

    ADAM is ALWAYS Stunning! He is a magically, breathtaking, spectacular performer who makes that glitter totally pour at each and every venue! Now people are realizing that ADAM is a SUPERSTAR
    in the making, a genius at what he does so brilliantly, and one heck of a guy!

  9. Gramwildchild says:

    I was also in the front row and got to touch his leg 3 times and got to shake his hand1 time touching the beautiful glove..I also caught Tommys pick I was in heaven. The show was awsome and everyone had a great time ADAM really is the ROCK GOD..LOVE YOU ADAM