Glam Nation-Evansville, In 09/01/2010

Another night, another Glam Nation concert done!
This show was in Evansville, Indiana at the Victory Theater and we have some great videos to watch thanks to indybeck71! There are some great views with the lasers shooting through at times, it is an awesome visual experience!! Check it out:


Opening Medley/ indybeck71

Fever/ indybeck71

Sleepwalker/ indybeck71
*You tell ‘em*

Soaked/ indybeck71

WWFM/ indybeck71
*Very Smiley Adam*

Aftermath/ indybeck71

Sure Fire Winners/ indybeck71

Strut/ indybeck71

Music Again/ indybeck71

IIHY/ indybeck71
*Nice Dance Opening**Freedom Of Expression*

Encore/ indybeck71
Mad World



  1. Great videos! Where does he get the energy after so many shows?! Definately looks like he was feeling good!

  2. He is so hard working. On the few days he has off, he says he just relaxes and watches TV. I will be glad when his International tour is over, and the man can take some time off to recuperate. I know he’s young, energetic and loves what he does, but everyone needs some down time. He’s such a fabulous entertainer and person – gives his best for every show. Really cares about his fans.

  3. earlzagurl4u says:

    I’m confuzzled and it doesn’t take much but IIHY vid says Indianapolis but it’s with the Evansville vids,,when I click on the link for IIHY from Evansville on twitter it takes me to this one also. Did I confuse you too,,this vid of IIHY is so amazing,,super sweet and sexy dancing from our boy all thru it especially at the beginning,,amazing vocals, fantastic interaction with the glamband, glamdancers and audience. Adam is the greatest entertainer since the beginning of time.. I love him so much. Peace, Light, Love to Adam and all the Glambs

    • Diane Glamb #610 says:

      I have to say that I totally agree he is the best entertainer since the beginning of time!!! I just can’t get anough of him – something that never happened to me before!

  4. kat23mogan says:

    Is Longineau leaving the band?

  5. I was there in the presence of this experience and words cannot express the show…and what a show it was!!! I was so overcome with emotion when he hit the stage I actually started to cry. He was pitch perfect as always and he whipped the crown into a frenzy with his amazing voice. He is one of a kind for sure. As Monte started playing the opening to “Soaked” the whole theater roared with excitement and like magic when Adam opened his mouth to sing the crowd hushed immediately! He really connected with the crowd and everyone from 8 to 80 had a great time. Never have I felt the depth of the feeling of LOVE in the air as there was this night. I have been to several concerts in my lifetime and this was the most intimate experience ever. I will always be grateful for this experience.

    • My bad…it was when the keyboard started to play that the crown hushed…sorry. I told you it was an experience that was difficult to express and at my age it is difficult to remember exactly how it all happened!

  6. I was so fortunate this time that I live just 10 miles from this venue! It was amazing to see him from my location in the 80+yr. old theater. I was first row Balcony C. I could see all the crowd action below and around me in the balcony. There were tons of Adam virgins in the crowd! I could tell that many around me were sort of dazed and amused by the dancing spectacle going on after Allison’s set. Downstairs the dancing was filling the left aisle with at least 50+ peeps dancing their booty off led by one particular young man who could really work it! He was having so much fun as were others who participated in the madness! It was a blast to watch! Security staff was running their legs off trying to keep people from blocking the aisles but as soon as one section cleared then another group would burst out in another section! They earned their wages that night!

    About 15 ft. from me upstairs we had some serious get down/dirty dancing by one young man who had all the right moves mastered to Black or White (MJ tune). He was working it right next to the balcony railing and people were cheering and watching from below. He continued to another song with a get down with a woman nearby. At one point in the audience below me there was a “mature” fan dancing with some really hot moves with a gay young man nearby. I thought I would crack up over that one because the lady looked like somebody’s sweet grandma when she wasn’t dancing! Oh! What Adam does to people!

    I talked with a few people who attended the M&G and they had nothing but praise for Adam! They were sorta floating around afterward! Also have to add I heard an excited twenty something married couple who were seeing Adam perform live for the first time say, ” He ranks right up there with Freddie Mercury and the all time greats!” Of course, we all know that! But, it was wonderful to see so many new people recognizing his great talent.

    As others have noted his performance was fantastic as always but those who attended the Indy event the night before said he wasn’t as full of sexy moves. But, perhaps he was mindful of the little 8-9yr. old little girl that was right at stage front in the pit. He came over to her during one of the songs and took her hand. He did do a quickie kiss with Tommy, however, in Fever.

    All in all another live joy filled dancing/singing party with Adam! Looked to be hundreds crowding around the buses afterward. He did come out and signed quickly before they headed out to IA

    Lots of people traveling from out of state as usual. Evansville may be in a bit of a shock because this somewhat conservative area usually doesn’t get a chance to rock out very much and I think the sight of the glammed -up glamily may have been a bit of a culture shock to locals! It is commonly acknowledged by transplanted local residents that Evansville lives in a bit of a time warp! That’s why movie production companies have used this area for movie sets based in the past! LOL

  7. I have a few concert videos up (and more coming) on youtube from Peoria, but no idea where to send the links for posting. 🙂 Let me know if you’d like to post them! I’ll send links right away.