Glam Nation- Erie, Pa 08/10/2010

I am starting with the END of the show, because Adam had a little surprise for everyone!!!
Adam performs 20th Century Boy for the first time at the Warner Theater in Erie, PA. This song is originally by T-Rex and is featured in Adam’s favorite movie, Velvet Goldmine.


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Erie Rocks!
Great crowd!!
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Great view of the Venue sign, and a great crowd shot before the show!!
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This is a very tuned down version…
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Whataya Want From Me
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Music Again
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Great view of the laser light show!!



  1. I especially love how he changes it up all the time. The song, 20th Century Boy, is a great song. So glad he has it in his encore now. Always keeping the audience guessing, interested and excited. I have to see that movie now, of course! And, I really enjoyed seeing the audience dancing and singing along to “Don’t Stop Believing.” It was another great aspect to see from his concerts.

    • libraglam says:

      AWSOME !! Love the change. ADAM used to say that he always want to change things because he get bored easily. Also, that is why he is working on his second album. I always recorded the ones i love becuase i know he won’t sing the same thing same way for long. Glad that this rock and roll song gives audience some new fresh air…it’s fun and sexy !!

      • Yes, he said his enemy is boredom; you are so right. That is why he tried out for AI – because he was bored, and wanted a change. He wanted to take his career to the next level. I just love that new song, and I may even get Netflix, so I can watch the movie “Velvet Goldmine.”
        I was just wondering, does anyone worry like I do about him getting burned out? He is such a hard worker, and he isn’t having a regular singing experience because he is orbiting into superstardom really fast – like no one else. He is a megastar with lots of demands. He never turns down an interview or appearance, they add new shows all the time to fulfill demand, and the International tour is beginning earlier than I had hoped. I just think he needs some rest. He is young and energetic, is a very smart man, and he doesn’t need another mother, but just wondered if he has people that are really watching out for him. The music industry can take advantage. I know he is striking while the iron is hot, but Adam is giving everything he has, and that is a lot! People want more and more from him, and he’s such a wonderful guy. I know worrying is a useless emotion, but I love him so much as we all do. What an amazing ride of fame and success. I just want him rested, relaxed and happy as well. He deserves that and more.

        • I often think the same. However, what Adam’s doing is probably not much different than others who are building careers in their chosen field. Most people work 5, 6 and 7 days a week in the beginning. He is young and driven. Read somewhere his Father saying he will not rest now that this new world has opened up for him. I believe he is fortunate to be working hard at something he loves, not everyone has such an opportunity. He seems to live on positive energy. I think what’s happening to him is wonderful.

          • It is wonderful what is happening for him. It is what he’s worked so hard for. I couldn’t be happier for him. I think he is “in a league of his own” and is working harder than others though. I don’t know any other stars that have done more interviews, been in more magazines or had as many tour dates as Adam. But, I am just paying attention to his career. 😉 I remember on AI when he said it isn’t easy breaking into the music industry and if it happens he would be thrilled. His dream is coming true, and he’s made our dream come true with his presence. So, just want the best for him, want him healthy, and want people surrounding him that care, love and adore him as much as we do. He’s incredible in every way.

  2. idolholic says:

    Sue, why no videos from St. Louis? I am telling you, his “Whole Lotta Love” that night was TOTALLY AMAZING! I saw him a month ago in Louisville and have watched several videos over the past month. This one video alone is definitely worth posting…true Adam fans will love it! Glamb #668

    • idolholic says:

      Oh, I just realized, maybe he’s making a permanent change in his encore & won’t be doing “Whole Lotta Love” anymore. That would explain why WLL was so OUTSTANDING in St. Louis…maybe it was his last time to do it! Time will tell! But Glambs, you should all go to YouTube & watch that WLL video from St. Louis on Aug. 8, 2010. You will be SOOOOO glad you did :0) !!!

      • Wonder if he’s experimenting with adding more songs for the International part of his tour, These will be bigger venues, and I have read numerouis times that show is short for a tour. I believe. Also, wonder if Allison and Orthani will go along., as well as brother Neil. I suppose this is all second guessing the situation, but we are very interested in Adam news. BTW the SF Examiner site has updates daily on Adam news. I always check that site as well as this one. Happy days everyone.

    • AuntieQuaint says:

      ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC WLL in St. Louis! The best I have seen in 9 concerts… 😉 Now it makes sense that he did that–as you said he changed the encore to TCB, so that “last hurrah” had to be nothing short of stellar. I do hope someone captured it in HD and good audio 🙂
      Glambert #8493 “Adam’s Granny”

      • Well, my dear! I have a request for you!!! Since you have been to many,many of his events and have met him personally….why don’t you capture-write a detailed mini-story of your close encounters! Your experiences would be of interest to many of us, I’m one who would love it!

        Seriously, I think each of us that have been to any of GlamNation tour venues should sit down and write in detail everything you can remember about it because these will be accounts that will be important historical documents. These moments will be worthy of being handed down to generations…maybe they will wonder just what happened to us to change us?

        Someplace in time, when Adam takes the world to the top of what it believes, people will wonder how it all started and who was first affected by it all. Then we can pull out our faded, but still glittery, pieces of paper telling our stories (for those who still believe in paper) and others may just remove their discs from the jewel encrusted cases from a special vault!

        Someday, someone is going to come along and be doing serious research into the phenomenon called Adam. They will require more than the videos and the scattered info of our blogs. A complete individual experience documented in detail would reveal to all the depth to which we have been affected by him.

        We should have something more to offer them…beyond the dried, crusty trails of drool around our computer and any family pictures of us with the blood-shot eyes – evidence of too much Adam-watching in every corner of the web world, (you add yours here. LOL)

        How in the world will our attorneys be able to explain our last will and testament request that we be buried with the worn tatters of Adam T-shirts/photos, and other memorabilia? That our last attire be one that glitters? Someone has to understand why we would request our favorite Adam songs be played at our funeral…while our rhinestone encrusted coffin is taken to the cemetery in a glam-mobile and furthermore to explain that our pall bearers would be “specially requested” to fit our dreams of glam-appropriate attire? Oh, and that leads me to wonder about underwriting the cost of the required glamed tombstone – the one that sparkles with blue twinkle lights and plays all of Adam’s songs whenever someone comes near! Of course, Glamberts will have special epitaphs engraved. All “people gardens” should attest to the nature of their occupants!

        Sorry, folks! I Am too ridiculous – it is all Adam’s fault! He uncorks my head (and that is as far as I am going with that!) I am serious about the writing, though!

    • lovemyadam says:

      idolholic… I have to post everything that was missed while I was away from my computer!! Costa Mesa was the first set of shows so I am working on it!! Plus, I have to do the current shows as well… I am trying to get them up, but it takes time and somehow I just don’t have enough of it, lol!!! I will get them up as soon as I can, I PROMISE!!!


      • Idolholic, very good!!! Your are a hoot Sue. We who tune in every day to check out what’s new with Adam applaud you. Obviously, you have another life and job, something we forget from time to time, but know how super much we appreicate you. You Rock girl, what would we do with Sue?

  3. Very disappointed he did not sign more autographs this nite. I was standing in the Wrrrong spot. He went the furthest away from the busses to sign. I cried 2 hrs home

    • kat23mogan says:

      with a ton of fans waiting it would be impossible for him to sign all….be happy you saw him and he came out to sign period…with his hectic tour schedule…again remember they added a bunch of stops because of the demand to see him…often he can not sign…he has to jump on the bus to get rest…in Charlotte he did not sign…they had to be at Myrtle Beach the next day….He wanted to rest…he did come out and wave and yell thank you and mouthed love you…I felt thrilled to see him perform and to see him outside…He gives his 150% to every performance and is a smart entertainer…he knows he can not not get rest…As fans…we may want his autograph…but be real…I would rather him rest than over extend himself…I see him again in Raleigh so my daughter and I are hoping he does a meet and greet or signs afterwards…But again…I understand if he does not. As for WLL and encore…he has stated he does whatever he and the band are in the mood for on the fly…they do not decide beforehand…Be happy he does an encore…Personally I love WLL but I am excited he comes out and does the encore.

      • Raleigh, Yeah!
        I can barely believe that I will see Adam again after almost two months, just the icing on the summer cake and I don’t even like icing.
        I hope we will all Rock this quite conservative town ( I would have loved it if Adam would have performed in the more quirky and very gay friendly Durham where I live just half an hour up the road) and blow Adam’s doors off! Please be ready to dance and scream your hearts out. Jane are you ready?!

        And yes really let Adam have some private time,mmmm Philly boys, it is almost insane how much time he spends traveling, performing, giving interviews and so on and so on.

  4. OMG, can’t wait until Upper Darby tomorrow night! Hope he sings 20th Century Boy for the encore! And I finally have my Glamb #! Viki 673

  5. Is it my imagination or are Adam’s biceps looking bigger?

    He looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to see him in Houston.

    • FlamingoLady says:

      I noticed that, too…more muscle and less glitter for this venue!

    • m

    • OOPs! Sally, do you know about the huge pre/post concert party we are having in Houston?
      Glam Nation Take Over at Hard Rock Cafe, 9/8. We are doing a complete take over of the Hard Rock Cafe, will be showing all Adam’s Music Video’s on their big screens. We will also have a special room just for mingling and meeting up with on-line friends, and are running a silent auction with lots of cool Adam stuff with proceeds being donated to in honor of Adam’s concert appearance and as a thank you from the Texas fans.
      The Hard Rock Cafe is located within easy walking distance of the Hobby Center for Performing Arts. Throw your Glam Hat in the ring for this rockin out party! E-mail me at for your reservation, and follow GNTAKEOVER on twitter for party updates.
      Hope you can come!

      • Heading to Houston, too! Already have my name on your party list. As a former Texas resident I am hoping the Texas welcome will be equal to the state of Texas! It is very exciting to hear of the massive growth of fan “mania” at each venue! He definitely makes life a party when you are near him!

        Just curious, anyone going to Sept. 1 venue at the Victory Theater? If so, let me know. Plans are in the making for pre and post party fun.

        A very special thank you to Sue as I understand you are having a hard time with video Nazis at the venues. You have all of our undying gratitude for the sacrifices you have made to get the latest to us. You make it possible for us to survive day to day with our Adam Fix’s!

        Much love sent your way!

  6. Diane Glamb #610 says:

    I just bought that movei, “Velvet Goldmine”, after I heard Adam say it was his favorite. It’s great! I hightly recommend it to everyone – it’s one that I will watch many times ….

  7. Bummer, my video player on the fritz and can’t make out one intelligible word he sings. Had this laptop repaired so many times, think It’s time for a new one, but maybe one that can handle all the live streams I keep playing–very hard on computers. Need to have one working at the top of its’ game when Adam goes over seas–this is a necessity. He looks gorgeous though, and I think Sally is right on, he looks pretty buffed, not just pretty.

  8. Sue, the beginning of everyone dancing at the venue before the concert, was wonderful!!!! All different types of people joining together for just a wonderful event. Dancing and singing, just thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for posting that along with everything else.

    • libraglam says:

      before the concert like that and the encore screaming….awsome !

      ADAM’s FANS are FABOLUS (sp?) .
      I will stay as ADAM FAN for at least 30 yrs until i get old like the 80- 90 yrs
      old lady in the crowd at Erie that i saw in other video tape. She really enjoyed
      the crowd . She is enjoying life. ADAM must have brought her happiness.

  9. I can’t wait till Friday! I will see Adam for the first time in Bethelhem, PA. Is anyone else going?

    • lamamasita says:

      I’m going to Bethlehem, too, along with my daughter and her husband. We can’t wait. Been looking forward to this all summer. It’s going to be really crowded with all the other Musikfest fans. So excited!!

    • I am going and can’t wait!!!

  10. Loved the new song he sang for his encore and of course the way he sings it with so much feeling!
    I will be sure to get that movie to watch , now that i’m curious about it!

    • THat movie is really something else. I watched it last night unaware of the coin cidence with Adam perfroming this particular song.
      It would be great to have a little discussion about the movie….it is obviously one of Adam’s great inspirations. Interestingly enough Adam did all the crazy stuff, drugs, booze, sleeping around before he became a Star. So now that he is a Star he can leave that behind and focus on his career. Lots of perfromers, espcially Rock Stars, mix this all together. This what the movie is about. How people self destruct. I am sure he vowed not to let that happen to himself.

  11. OMG!!! I LOVE THAT SONG:0) 20TH CENTURY BOY HELL YEAH:0) The Erie Show was AMAZING!! I HOPE HE DOES THIS SONG IN HOTLANTA!! It is Diffintley Hot and SEXY:0) I Love how Adam is Changing up the Encore It is AWESOME;0) I Love his ROCKER EDGE:0) It takes me back to the Days of CITIZEN VEIN WITH HIM AND MONTE;0)

    $100 EACH
    will sell in pairs if interested

  13. wow, Adam absolutely kicks ass on sleepwalker here. wow

  14. Jane Parker says:

    Awesome performance!! He is always full of suprises!!

    I will see him in 2 weeks and 2 days!! I can’t wait!! I am counting down!!

  15. AdamAddictGirl says:

    I bought Velvet Goldmine over a year ago when I read that it was one of Adam’s favorite movies. Love his rendition, he’s so sexy, it’s maddening!!!! Everyone has their individual style, Adam has his own. He doesn’t need to imitate MJ, or Britney or anyone else. HIS OWN UNIQUE MOVES are drop dead sexy & gorgeous. Just wish his hair was a little longer, like it spiked and down the sides of his face a little more, but I’ll take Adam any way he wants!

    • That scene with Bryan tonguing the guitar I am sure is one of Adam’s favorites, damn that was hot. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bryan) is one of my favorite actors, kind of mysterious with magical green eyes.

  16. I just can not stop watching the encore. It was AMAZING and EPIC. WOW!!!!! That was pure ROCK and ROLL!!! Adam’s voice and the whole visual was fabulous. Thank you Adam for that great performance. Hope you keep doing this encore for every show. We love WLL too of course. WOW!!

  17. cheryl 334 says:

    Love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT 20TH CENTURY BOY ROCKS! BIG TIME!! LOVE IT!!!!!:))


    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness………………………….for Adam Baby!

  18. Tis was a great concert, wish I could have been there but having it on Adam’s website is terrific. Thanks for getting all the latest to Adam Lambert loyal fans. He is THE GREATEST.

  19. Gotta tell you guys, Philly rocked tonight! Best one I’ve seen out of all. It was fab the seats were assigned and I was second row center and so lucky to be there. It was scrumpdilicious! The dancers outdid themselves and Adam was in rare form. Tommy Joe seemed ok, too, after his sad family loss. I(t was an amazing show and night and the crowd totally bonded with singing and dancing throughout. Magical.

    Hello Kate and Gail!

  20. UNBELIEVEABLE tonite in Philly. I was there and he was amazing. Got his autograph and he was just so gracious. Meeting him was the icing on the cake. Saw him at the Borgata and let me tellu, NO comparison to tonite’s show. He was just everything and more. Thankyou Adam for an amazing show. Can’t wait for your new album.

  21. Great videos there , thank you Sue for all the hard work!

    Soooo excited cuz i’ll be seeing AFL in 10-10-10 yeah!!!!
    I have a reserved seat at the VVIP section… hoping there’s

  22. Does anyone know who is running the Meet and Greet for Hollywood, FL?? The venue doesn’t seem to know, and I phoned a few radio stations as well! Can anyone help? My daughter is chronicallly ill, and I would love for her to be able to get a quick picture with Adam…..


  24. We love Adam a lot also in Canada. Although i live now in Alberta I am going to Quebec soon (my
    home town) and sadly will miss Adam’s concert in Richelieu. He will be performing not far from
    Celine Dion’s hometown. I wonder if she will go see him. Wouldn’t it be cool if Rene would arrange a duet with both of them.
    Last year when i went home ( a very small village) I brought some of Adams’CD with me to give as
    gifts. Although everyone speaks only French, the all fell in love with him. I introduced him to everyone I could. My village is 20 miles from the state of Maine and many of my relatives live in New England states. My father worked most of his life in the U.S. So I feel very close to my American neighbors.
    I saw Adam in Toronto. I don’t know if i could handle hearing him sings in French. My heart could not take it He sings in Hebrew, and I am sure he could learn a French song without any problem. ……I am available ….No charge
    Ha Ha Ha

  25. I have a great music project posted on DonorsChoose would love some of Adam’s fans to check it out!