Glam Nation- Covington, Ky 08/30/2010

Covington Kentucky, how did you love your Glam nation Tour experience? It looks like another fabulous night is in the books!! Was anyone there, what are some highlights??? Let us all in on it… and for the rest of us,


Opening Medley
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Sure Fire Winners
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Music Again
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20th Century Boy
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  1. Adamisamazing says:

    I especially love “20th Century Boys” – the song and his moves. I honestly believe he is the hardest working person in show biz. He gives his all for each and every performance – a true professional.

  2. wendy miller says:

    it was the most awful concert I have went to…don’t get me wrong Adam was great but the venue was standing only, people were standing everywhere and the 7 people in wheelchairs could not see up and over the people, no seats except in the balcony…I am in a wheelchair and they put us dead center of the venue behind the sound crew .. I did get to see Adams hand and that was it. the walk ways were blocked we were jammed in like sardines, if there would have been a fire I could not make it out. The venue was sold out and then they sold an extra 100 tickets. the people there were so drunk even before Adam got on stage. the women beside me was so drunk she kept hitting me in the back of the head saying put your hands in the air. I have a brain tumor and cant be hit in the head by the time the concert was over I had a headache really bad. the sad part is I was so surrounded by people I couldn’t even get security to come to me I had to sit there with this women hitting me. I sat there and cried through the whole concert. one of Adams sound guys was so nice to me he seen me sitting there crying and seen we could not see, the guy brought me water through the whole concert. I paid 100 dollars for 2 tickets and all we could see was Adams hand. when we called the venue to make arrangements because of being in a wheelchair they told us not to worry about it that we would be in front of everyone so we could see and people would be behind us. I begged at least to have the sound guys get me and autograph or something but they said they were not going to consider that, he said they were to worried about doing the show. I love Adam and always will but will I ever pay to go to another one of his concerts NO.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that your experience was negative. I was at the concert at Seattle Showbox Sodo which was also standing room general admission and it is not an easy concert for an able bodied person to atttend. I would strongly suggest not to stop going entirely but rather attend a concert that has assigned seating because the venue will have a handicapp area for wheelchairs. General admission really cannot accomodate wheelchairs and shouldn’t in my opinion encourage wheelchairs inside. This is the fault of the venue not Adam but it would be a shame to miss a concert if you have a chance to attend an assigned seating venue.

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Dear Wendy, so sorry about your experience. I also learned the hard way what my limitations were to see a GNT Concert. I am not in a wheel chair and for the most part very healthy. However, due to cancer years ago, I was left with a serious breathing problem. I cannot handle hot weather for any length of time. I went to an Adam Concert in July and it was very hot. I read where people stand in line for a long time, so was mentally prepared to do so. Unfortunately my mind proved stronger than my body. I did take refuse in the shade finally until the doors opened, and the people I was with saved a seat for me. I was happy to have a good hour or better to recover before Adam took the stage, which was good, because it’s on your feet the rest of the show. My point being, I learned much from this first experience and I will plan better the next time around. I’m from old school rock and roll, so seats are generally reserved, or used to be. In the future, I will make better plans. People are wonderful when they know you have special needs. However, once his concert starts, it is impossible to not go with that flow. which, of course, you could not. This is definitely worth mentioning on Adam’s new Fan site, and I will place this concern where I hope his people will see it. LOL

      • Glamourclamor says:

        Wendy, I did some checking on the new Adam Lambert Fan Site. They have a Forum site that has a number of individual sites within the Forum where you can post your concerns to the management of the site and also Adam’s people. Do you belong to the Fan Site? If not, do you wish to? It really is a fun place to go, very enjoyable. I am sure it can only get better and better, as Adam’s fans have taken the site to heart. I am making a point here in a round about way. I have read here that some people are not joining due to budget reasons, economy, etc. I don’t wish to intrude on your privacy, but I am happy to pay a years membership for 1 or 2 people who cannot afford to do so. If this is not the case, I apologize, it was meant from the heart. If is the case, please let me know on this particular site by giving me you E-mail and I will get back to you. LOL

    • I feel for you but this is the General Admission fiasco that I so hate! This isn’t Adam’s fault at all! I hope that he will play in bigger venues next time so this problem doesn’t happen again to you. Please reconsider about another Adam concert where you can have an actual seat. I think this was a bad, bad venue and I had a feeling it would be, but it was the only ticket I could get. I was in the second row and like you said, We were all sardines! I thought I was gonna freak out. Sorry again for you!

  3. I was there for this concert! My sister in law and I arrived at 10:30 am and there was already a line of people. This was my first experience with a general admission concert and it was interesting although I am the kind that would just rather have a ticket and a seat! We waited in the line all day and let me tell you that it was HOT! We passed the time with the friends we met. They bought chalk and drew Adam pictures on the sidewalk to pass the time! Someone next to us brought the stereo and we blasted Adam all day! When the doors opened we took off running! We were up by the stage and it was SO WORTH the all day waiting! It was amazing being so close as Adam scans the crowd with those eyes! They are the most intense, sparkly eyes I have ever seen. Felt like he was looking right at me! The stage in the venue was very small so I think the dancers were limited but still amazing! Adam’s hair looked great. I think it is starting to grow a bit! Tommy, to me, seemed a bit down but he has been through alot lately. He just didn’t really smile any. Adam and the crew were true performers. This concert is nearing the end and it has to be getting to them all but they didn’t show it! IF I Had You was the best but Soaked was just beautiful. Had a great time but no more General Admission for me. Love Adam!

  4. I went to a seated/ticketed concert in San Diego and a general admission concert in Tempe, AZ. I definitely prefer the seats, too. The San Diego concert was the best show I’ve ever seen in my life. We were very comfortable though. Could sit down before he came on, and stand for the entire show of course. 😉 But, knowing you could sit if you wanted to made for a better experience. I feel that the next tour will be different. He should be booked in larger venues, and hopefully not general admission. So, my advice is to see what happens next year, and see how the venues change for the better. This was only the beginning, so you can imagine just how amazing it will be next year!

  5. Peggy Glamb#345 says:

    I feel for you Wendy Miller…When we went to Council Bluffs the handicapped was over to the side where they could not see and I remarked to my girls…The wheelchair handicapped people should of been in an area where they roped it off and they should of been in they could see….
    We are leaving for Des Moines tomorrow and it is a general admission…Long as I can hear him sing I will be happy….I adore Adam’s music…then we are going to Rockford, Ill and then to Peoria, Ill.
    I feel so bad for you for having such a bad experience….We have balcony in Peoria and I take bio’s to bring the stage close….Maybe if you go again you can find out where the seats are and take bynocalers..(can’t spell it)….
    After Peoria mine will be the videos they put on the you tube’s or official unofficial….Please take care of yourself Wendy Miller….

  6. Oh, now I’m going to sound like a jerk but where else can I say it. I went to see Sheryl Crow last night at Red Rocks in Denver. I had promised friends a long time ago that I would go but you know, it was just dull after seeing Adam in July. She is a great entertainer and I have enjoyed her for years but now………I’m ruined. Nobody comes close to Adam. I sat there in this gorgeous outdoor ampitheater with staggeringly beautiful lighted rock formations and the entire panorama of Denver lit before me, warm, star shine night and was…….depressed. All I could think was that I wish was in Indianapolis, stuffed in a crowded, hot stuffy theater, feeling a part of a fan mass that are as crazy about him as me. Instead, I pasted on a smile with 5 friends who rolled there eyes when I mentioned how Adam sold out a venue of 50,000 and the 9,500 seats at Red Rocks last night were 1/4 empty. I’m so sad that you had a hard time Wendy. I hope that you got some kudo’s just from being such a trooper in making sure you were part of the love and energy that flowed up to him in that theater. If Adam could control each of our experiences, I know he would sweep away all problems and make certain each fan experiences total enjoyment. Love to you and I will now cease complaining.

  7. Sorry – bad grammar, rolled “their” eyes – not “there”. Can always tell when I am too emotional – bad word usage and used the word stuffy, twice in a sentence. Well, you understand. When I talk about what Adam has brought to my life, I just blubber and blather!!

    • Don’t worry about grammar and word usage – who cares?
      We know what you are feeling – nobody compares to Adam. Everyone
      else pales in comparison!

  8. I saw Adam in A.C. I had a great time !! However my complaint is my t shirt shrunk and the color bled out i know red is a bleeding color i have never known green to bleed I was dissapointed to see they they were made!in China !!!!they have excellent t shirt suppliers here. I am sure all the t shirts they buy for a tour would help the unemployment in this country and dont shrink or lose the color… Tommy is a trooper it has to be very hard to even smile at all Adam and all the band are true professionals .

  9. GlambertLove says:

    Sorry to hear about the bad experience, that is really unfair and I think that the venue is responsible. Going to 2 shows myself and watching many many of these web shows (THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH!!!) Adam makes everyone in the audience sizzle, I am just amazed at how polite Covington’s audience was during Soaked and how loud they sang during IIHY – Aaawesomeness!! When he was in San Francisco, I spoke with many fans around me, everyone was so polite and ready to talk about how great his music is, following him thru AI and just LOVE love love for Adam, I did not meet one person who lived in our city, they had all driven from 1-3 hours away – I hope that Wendy will keep her faith in Adam and know that his fans support you, I would be willing to help address this issue on your behalf at any time!! best wishes, Lisa

  10. In some of these videos the people in the audience were singing so loud they were drowning out Adam, and there was a lot of talking going on in the audience during his slower songs. That is just so rude. I’m going to the Tunica show in a few weeks and I hope the people around me don’t behave like that and disrupt my enjoyment of the show. Whatever happened to showing some courtesy for everyone else there who paid to see and LISTEN to the performer? I am SO looking forward to this show and I won’t be shy about telling people to shut up and listen!

    • If fans just stood there and listened to Adam- he would be bored to death with us- Adam says he feeds off our energy… He has no problem with people singing and dancing along with him. As for the videos the fans take their time from enjoying the concert to record Adams performances for the fans at home. They DON’T have to do it!!! I understand the talking part but the singing is NOT a big deal.

  11. PeggyGlamb#345 says:

    My experience with the 5shows, soon to be 8 has been wonderful and I have met some really nice people….Will give an update when we get home from the 3 this weekend…..Everyone have a blessed weekend and ready for Adam….The weather is suppose to be really nice in Des Moines…


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