Glam Nation-Council Bluff, Iowa 06/10/2010

DISREGARD THE PARAGRAPH BELOW, I have a small window of opportunity, so I have loaded the videos!!! Skip down to the updated information…

You guys are going to have to bear with me, my computer is messed up and I have a guy coming ASAP!
Right now, I have the pictures for you, but I have to stop to let him work on it…
I will load the videos as soon as he is done, I’M SORRY!!!!!

Here is the tweet Adam sent out yesterday before the show…

~adamlambert~I hope the rain clears up for tonights performance in Iowa. Really wet for an outdoor venue. 🙁

Apparently not even the rain could dampen the spirit of the Glam Nation tour!!


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video via:anthrogeekPF

Voo Doo, Down The Rabbit Hole, Ring of Fire, Fever:
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If I Had You:
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video via:naomimink

Mad World:
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Music Again:
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Sure Fire Winners:
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Whataya Want From Me:
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~pictures via:@stircove
These pics were taking forever to load, so you can go there and check them out yourselves… it may be faster.

~pictures via:@ADAMGASMIC
These pics are in order from the beginning of the show, so check them out… there are tons of them!!

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  1. Has anyone heard when the video is going to be released today

  2. Thanks for the pictures Sue. They capture the many facets of Adam, from the seemingly childlike innocence, to the soft and vulnerable, to the sexy and seductive, to the unabashedly daring and captivating. To whatever………. as long as he sings to the very fibre of his being………… holding his mike like a liteline, a connection to the many souls that gasp in awe. Singing his heart out like a drowning man, or like a man in the desert, pushing his limits to bounds where no mortal has tread. Like a record breaker or a record holder in Olympics……. there are NO Boundaries for this man. He stretches the limits of his endurance…….of his versatility …. and we continue to watch and marvel this PHENOMENON that is ADAM !!!!

    • Dainty:

      So beautifully written. A gloriously powerful man, Adam inspires splendid prose even while defying description. He pushes us all to dig deep and find our own greatness, online and in life. Thanks for celebrating the marvel, your word and a great one, that is Adam. Can’t wait to see him June 22, 23, 24, Aug 19, 24!!!

    • i love Adam’s freckles! 🙂

  3. I mean holding his mike like a LIFELINE ! Sorry.

  4. KO's smiling says:

    He’s so beautiful. But I’m warning y’all: if you’re singing badly in my ear like the girl at the beginning of Soaked, I will retaliate. You heard it here first. I don’t understand why she wants to hear her own horrific voice instead of Adam’s angelic one. Honestly. Someone explain this to me.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Ok, KO, not making any excuses for this because I am with you…anyone singing [goodly or badly] loud enough to drown out Adam near me at a concert will be given the stink eye [at least!] BUT, I do know that sometimes I get so caught up in music [esp. Adam’s!] that people ask me to stop singing and I say, “was I singing?” and I really am not aware that I was. If I am next to you at a concert [wouldn’t that be great!?] and I am wailing in your ear, please just elbow me and give me the stink eye. I just might stop.

  5. Beaglewoman says:

    I read this a .m. that there were about 3500 at the Iowa concert – yea Adam!!!

  6. Awwwww – you can’t see it in any of these shots but he was BAREFOOT while singin’ and dancin’ to fever!! So adorable!! Wish I had been there to see the black nail polish up close!!

    • Hey there, Coloforadam; If you go to the Adam 24/7 site, someone was taking stills of the soundcheck and apparently thinks his feet are as sexy as the rest of him ( I agree!) Nice close-ups of the polish!! This is my favorite site, but I check others as well to be sure I don’t miss ANYTHING!!! Luv to all! V

  7. PaulaGlam says:

    I am confused!!! Why on the first video shows Adam singing Voodoo and DTRH dressing normal and then there are others videos where he is dressing up, are these all in the same place? He had 2 shows in Iowa??

  8. PaulaGlam says:

    I see now, it was a sound check.

  9. EternalGlamNation says:

    Glad to see Mother Nature is also an Adam lover and held off the rain.

    Here’s one of the most amazing shots I’ve seen. It would make a great poster.

    This was on mjsbigblog. Sorry, it didn’t list the photog, so I can’t give credit.

    Thanks to Sue, as always, for our Adam fix.


    • EternalGlamNation says:

      I just found the photo credit for this pic:

      Photo by Jason Fienhold-Haasis taken at Council Bluff

    • That is an incredible picture. Like he is a sorcerer…..putting his magic spell on us.

      I have been completely blown away by the video from Wilkes Barre when he performs Sleepwalker. I was totally unprepared for the immense power that comes from this particular video (by tukie18). The primal drums and moves from the dancers and when Adam shows up at the top of the stairs in his Long Black Coat and bare feet my heart just started pounding.
      There he is, the Humble Master.
      It still takes my breath away every time I watch him on top of those stairs
      Till he started this tour a week ago I think even his most dedicated fans had no idea of the places where Adam would take us. The Judges of American Idol had no idea who they had in front of them. Rock God, Super Star, they weren’t even close.
      Nobody knew, probably even Adam himself didn’t know and his Zodiac friends just got a taste of it.
      Adam has become an Alchemist. turning every roadblock, every heart ache, every turn down into an opportunity of growth and the creation of more Passion and Joy and he is sharing this with us. We are all lucky and blessed and we need to understand that this is a gift.
      We can honor this gift by taking a look at our own lives and ask ourselves if we are also living it to the fullest potential.

  10. Janus Janis says:

    Why is the VH1 Post thing off of the Official Website? And does anyone know why the release date for the video got pushed back? Thanks, jj

  11. My friends from Lincoln, NE went! They said he was amazing. They didn’t say anything or know anything about a meet & greet – any word? Is he doing them at the concerts? I am dying to find out because we get to see him in Kansas City! I so want to meet him.

  12. charlotte says:

    Just wait till you see these videos! I viewed them on another website and our Adam is magnificent. He is morphing into a brand new show with each appearance and it is amazing. I cannot believe how he makes his own songs better and better with each performance and the dancing—WOW!!! I love the moves he is making as well as directing the band from the stage. I also love the different ways he interacts and moves with his dancers. He was good in his opening show but this one on the 10th—he is great!!!! Let’s just face it—we all love him!! Right?????

  13. Since I am on an Adam friendly site, I’m going to express my thoughts. Watching these beautiful, young, talented people of the Glam Nation Tour reminds me of seeing Chorus Line the first time. Same thrills, same joy at watching Adam, the band, dancers. His show is aging like fine wine, I’m sure when I see it the end of next month, it will be so well honed as to be seemless. My point–the show is pure magic as is Adam Lambert. Watching these vids gives an idea of what the total package will be like; beyond words.! Yes he could take this show to Broadway, it’s that good. My opinion and I’m entitled to it.

  14. Cynthia - Glam# 575 says:

    Just got back from Council Bluff concert. Woot! Woot! Drove from Ames, about 3 hour drive through relentless storm front. Lots of rain, lighting and heavy winds just to see my Adam. One hour to Council Bluffs, the storm system past, sun came out and a beautiful evening ensued. The concert was outdoors. On the side of a slopping hill the lawn chairs looked down on the stage, where Allison blew us away with her powerful vibrance. Orionthi joined her and returned for her own set. That girl can PLAY! Whew, I’m tellin ya. And so the beer kept comin and eventually, the man himself blessed us with his presence. Adam was amazing, of course. I had waited more that a year for a chance to watch him in person and hear his madly talented vocals. Only thing I didn’t enjoy about the concert was that it was WAY TOO SHORT. I still had a couple of hours of partying left in me and can never get enough ADAM! Meet and Greet tickets were won from sponsors who had different contests and trivia games on the Stir Cove facebook and twitter sites. May be same way at other venues.

  15. hey adam this your friend jermaine roper i love the show it like i was their true from the heary (love) you friend

  16. genagirl says:

    My friends in Lincoln, NE went last night. Here’s what they had to say:

    The stage is packed with musical equipment, literally. Allison Iraheta went on first with her band and performed for around 20 min. She was really good and the crowd really got into her performance. Then the roadies cleared away her stuff. That took around 15 min.
    Orianthi came on next and played for 45 min of hard rock guitar. The audience wasn’t quite so enthusiastic. They liked her but after a time, enough was enough. We wanted Adam.
    There was a 30 min break while they cleared off her band’s equipment. The crowd started getting a bit tired of waiting, to put it bluntly. Too long of a period, esp since the last 15 were staring at a stage that was dark and all ready to go.
    They started his segment with an audio of him singing ‘For your entertainment’. The band gradually came on. Then he hit the stage and it was all crazy!!!!!!!
    He had at least 5 wardrobe changes. He wore tight leather pants all the time (sigh) and went off stage long enough to change his shirts. He came on in a black top hat and long fringed coat. We were ¾ of the way up the hill from the stage so I couldn’t tell if it was all fringe or fringe on a coat. But who cares….?
    Towards the end he finally came out in his well known black leather vest. The crowd went even wilder then before.
    As for music, it was mostly from his album. He did sing ‘Ring of fire’ from Idol—my fave of his. And ‘Mad world’ .
    He was on for only 60 min but it was a straight through 60 min. People were disappointed it was only an hour but he’s just starting out…give him a couple years and see what happens!
    Adam is a tidal wave of sex! He had women in their 40s and 50s acting as if they were in their teens! There were hot flashes all around and it wasn’t from menopause!!!

  17. Wow, these are some amazing photographs! Great job and thank for posting them!

  18. Princessshakeitup says:

    I have decided there is a new word for Heaven…the Aftermath.
    I just love this man.

    • Good one, Princess!!!

    • I have always loved AFTERMATH but it hasn’t gotten as much mention as some of the other songs, and I was so impressed with his beautiful rendition of it here. Even though the album has been out for 7 months and I’ve listened to it many, many, many…. times, his ability to make something sound fresh and new in each performance is so amazing. So many singers seem to just sing the same old version all the time but Adam can give us a new interpretation each and every time, and this one was incredible. “Heaven” pretty much sums it up (LOVE your name BTW!)

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Thank you so much. My Dad , who was the best person ever, and taught me to love peace, nature and MUSIC, died this past April, just short of his 94th birthday. He called me “Princess Shake It Up” and my sister [Sister Mary Mad World] “Queen Can’t She Dance”. I miss him every day. He is now living in the Aftermath.

        • Princess, sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. He sounds like he was a cool guy. Mine died 5 years ago and you never stop missing your daddy, no matter what your age. My heartfelt condolences to you and yours. I’m sure he is in the Aftermath now. Linda

        • I too offer my condolences. My Dad was very special to me, knew me very well (my “pet” name was appropriately “Mary, Mary, quite contrary”. It was definitely descriptive: guess I was a bit on the “independent” and fearless side of things as a young child! I was quite young when he died, but still miss him very much, and always will.

  19. Judy Lushman says:

    Thanks so much for posting Suz.. The best ROF ever after AI. Love Sleepwalker, so fierce. So much emotion put into Soaked. You can tell that he lived this song or is living it. Get ready UK fans. You guys are in for a treat when you see him in concert.

  20. Yes Genagirl, you got it ! Adam helps bring out the youth in women. Ha -ha ! A tidal wave of sex or tsunami, he oozes sexual energy in every pore. I wonder where he get all such sexual energy. Hope you can bottle some when you watch his concert, and send me one, so I can experience this wave after lapping wave. AAAhhhhh ……….

  21. Musicalgal says:

    Adam of course is the best talent ever. I heart felt thank you to all you musical folks that put all this together. I’m not computer savvy like all of you and could never view all this wonderful music of Adam’s without your generous sharing. God Bless you all and thank you so very very much.

  22. delibel (Nederland) says:

    I cannot find any words,to explain what I feel for this man.

    He will be a GREAT WORLD STAR. he derserve that.

    AND many HUG and LOVE for you,uploud every thing for us.Sweetheart.

    BIG thanks from HOLLAND

  23. wow!!