Glam Nation-Costa Mesa, Ca 07/28/2010

This is day 2 of the Glam Nation Costa Mesa journey!!
I have some pictures of the Meet and Greet that both Carol and I were able to be a part of!!
I had gotten an email from DonorsChoose at NOON the day of this concert. I opened it to find out that they were giving me a Meet and Greet pass to see Adam THAT NIGHT, in appreciation of the work we do to promote their cause! Coincidentally, it also happened to be on THE day that they were replaying the OPRAH show that we were on together!!
When I got to the venue, which was a crisis in itself because of the “fair” traffic that wasn’t there the day before, Carol was at the gate! She told me that through some very nice fans, SHE was going to the Meet and Greet as well! AWESOME!!

After some confusion, being led in then back out then back in, we were in line and then he appeared. I did get some pics of Carol as she was talking to him, although they are blurry. Couldn’t be because I was a tad bit excited now, could it? Carol was then smart enough to stick around so that we could take the picture of BOTH of us with Adam, isn’t it a great shot??

~Carol and Adam, as seen from the stairwell leading down to the meet and greet area!!~

~Carol and I with Adam!! I love this picture…~

I was actually last in line, and I had Carol video my time with him on my camera, THANK YOU CAROL(If I can figure out how, I’ll put on youtube and add it in later!)… he was so amazingly sweet! He genuinely remembered me as I walked up to receive a great Adam hug, and we talked about the Oprah show, and Jess, and I apologized for us being idiots that day at Oprah!! He said THEY all were idiots and that it was the BEST DAY EVER, AWWWWWWW, I LOVE HIM!! I had some pictures of us, that I had actually brought for my friend, Shari, and she so generously “donated” them to Adam, THANK YOU SHARI!!!
~Adam and I!! OK, I love this one too!!~

Short story behind this picture… When we were at Oprah, Adam made a point to ask Jess about how old she was. He then engaged her in a conversation about when she was getting her driver’s license, asking if she was she excited, and if I was excited, etc, etc. So when I knew that I was going to be seeing Adam that night, I decided to try and get something from him, as part of her 16th birthday gift to accompany her tickets for The Glam Nation Tour in Rockford, Il!! I decided to just make a sign and get whomever I could to sign it. Well, not only did he write a cute note to her on there, he also took a picture with it for her!! HOW CUTE CAN ONE MAN BE? SERIOUSLY??
~Adam with Jess’ 16th birthday sign!!~

As he was signing her sign, I jokingly told him to keep it in his brain to come out and see us in Rockford. He looked seriously at me and said, “OK…(slight pause)…I AM trying to get out more!”. I was actually kidding him and am not expecting it, but by the way he looked, it was like he was filing it away in his brain…So that is good news for everyone, because he is TRYING to get out to see us all EVERY NIGHT!!! Don’t give up hope guys, your day is coming…

OK all, I know that these are what you have been waiting for, day two of the Costa Mesa videos!!


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Fever Adommy Only
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Dancer Interlude and Sleepwalker
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Music Again
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Band Interlude and Sure Fire Winners
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Whole Lotta Love
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  1. OMG! Sue, you are such a star, and so is Carol. You have met him several times now, and the picture is beautiful of all of you. I’m still just hoping for an autograph, so I can tell him how happy he makes me. But, to meet him like you did, wow! So happy for you. Your hard work on this Web site has been rewarded, and deservingly so. Very happy for you both. He went the extra mile for Jess’ BD as well. This is why we love him so much…he’s just a great guy all the way around.

    • lovemyadam says:

      HEY Laurie!! Thank you for being so sweet… keep wishing, dreams really do come true… and not just in Disney, lol!! He really is the sweetets thing I have ever met… he was so cute talking to me… just adorable. I love him to death… in case you couldn’t tell, hahaha.


      • Thank you, Sue, for being such a sweetheart and for all you do for us and Adam. I will never give up on my dream to meet him. You are so right! You all look fantastic in that picture. He is adorable inside and out. Looks like he thinks the world of you too!

        • lovemyadam says:

          Laurie, YOU are the sweetheart! You made my day sunshine by your sweet words!! Keep dreamingm your day will come…


          • Sue, you are a doll! YOU have made my days happier with all you do and for who you are. I am living vicariously through you as you meet with Adam. 😉 This Web site has given me a new lease on life. Thank you very much; you are a star as well!

  2. GLAMB#577 ElianeBrasil says:

    Hi / Oi
    I love those pictures.
    I’m so proud of both of you and of him too
    I hope he go at your home eating an ice cream (that he love)
    REMEMBER : Talk to him about me and my daughter (huahuahuahua)
    Tell him that there’s a huge brazilian fan that follow him on tweeter, your Adam Official Unofficial Site and interviews that he appears.
    He gave interview for a brazilian jornalist by phone yet.
    AND I have a Rolling Stone brazilian version that he appears in a photo.
    I’M BEGGING YOU…. when he come do São Paulo He MUST meet me and my daughter that calls CAROLINE.
    We love him and all of you that keep us update.
    Lots of kisses for you
    (P.S.) I loved meet Carol.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Eliane, Oi!!
      THAAAAANK YOUUUUUU!!! I am keeping mt fingers crossed that you get to meet him, I PROMISE!!

      Love back at you…


  3. Jusr curious Sue. Were You a fan of anyone else before Idol? I personally, never was until Adam came on the scene. My husband was a big Stones Fan, so have all their albums, books, T’s etc., I enjoyed going to the concerts, not much more. This is new and unique experience for me. I have literally worn out my computer. Only saw one Adam Concert and will plan much better for his next tour, as one is not nearly enough. Thank you again for your devotion to Adam, as well as his fans. We don’t know what we would do without you.

    • GLAMB#577 ElianeBrasil says:

      I agree

    • lovemyadam says:

      Daffyd… not really. I can honestly say that I have NEVER been so invested in anyone’s career as I have with Adam. I can also honestly say that even if I had, I know in my heart, that they wouldn’t have had such a huge impact on my life! Noone could posssibly be the beautiful person that Adam is, inside and out. Period. I enjoy everyday because I get to follow his career and make it a part of my everyday life, and for that I am grateful. I truly love him and everything that he is, from the bottom of my heart…

      Thank you for your kind words…


      • This is very personal, but I feel like the people on this site are friends. I lost my own gay son, who was also a beautiful person, but talented in different ways. I am not confusing the two, as I was a total Adam fan before I knew he was gay. It just in some cosmic way gives me a feeling of peace and happiness to watch Adam flourish. I don’t think I am any more or less obsessed with this beautiful person than any other fan. I just find myself amazed that I am.

        • tweeterpie says:

          Dear Daffyd… I’m so sorry for your loss. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain you must feel by having your son leave this earth before you. I can however relate to your feelings towards Adam though, because I feel the same way. This is the first time in my life I have become so invested as a fan of an artist. I find myself feeling the same type of pride, love, and concern for him as I do for my own son. While my son is not gay, he is close to Adam’s age, so maybe that’s where it comes from. He’s been away at college and now is starting his military service as a JAG officer, so maybe Adam feels that void for me a little bit, just like he does for you. My husband & son think I’m off my rocker because I spend so much time on the computer looking for all things “Adam” and talk about him to them like he’s part of our family. They are both fans but not “CRAZY OBSESSED” like me. Ha! Ha! Adam is such a special & beautiful person and a true gift to the Universe, so I am thankful to God for all the joy that Adam has brought to my life. I’m also very happy that he is bringing joy back into your life as well. Take Care my friend, and thanks for sharing something so personal. REMEMBER that we truly are ALL FAMILY here!

          • Daffyd & Tweeterpie–Daffyd I am sorry for your loss but am glad that Adam can fill that void somewhat.
            Tweeterpie I agree with everything you said above. I TOO am CRAZY OBSESSED with Adam. My partner likes him, but not like I do. I will be seeing him at Hard Rock in Hollywood FL next month and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!! I have ALL my makeup and glitter ready for that night. My hair is brown, but I MAY be dyeing it black with the blue streaks in it!!! I save EVERYTHING I can on my laptop so I can go back to it. I LOVE ALL his music, even what he sang on Idol. I even got his tattoos REALLY tattooed on ME!!! My FIRST tattoo as the Eye of Horus!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!

        • lovemyadam says:

          Awww, Daffyd, I am soo sorry for your loss. I, as a parent, cannot even begin to imagine the pain you have gone through. I am glad that you can get some comfort through Adam. Who cares how “obsessed” you are with him if it makes you feel better? Thank God you have that option…


        • Dearest Daffyd, Im so sorry for your loss. I can totally related to Adams power of healing!! I have told this before on this site , my only child my daughter went 3000 miles away to college, she is my everything, we did everything together, i feel lost without her. A few months after she left Idol started and an angel came into my life. My heart was shattered into a million pieces, and it truely feels like every time i see Adam he glues a few pieces back together for me. Now my daughter says she will be living in NYC after she graduates im in calif, so i will need my angel for a long time! Isnt it amazing what he has done, I would love us all to be able to tell him how much he means to us. Be strong the glamily loves you!!! Rema #622

      • You spoke for me also….I feel exactly the same as you Sue. FANTASTIC pictures of you and Carol with Adam. I had my meet and greet in Seattle and it was amazing…still think about it everyday!! I wrote out a blog outlining my experience and put it on this blog from the Seattle Showbox Dodo show. And yes, one concert is definately not enough; I’m going through withdrawl!!! I dont know if you remember me Sue but I met you in Palm Springs at Mimi’s, at the pre concert party and at Jay Leno. My name is Maureen screen name Mo-Ski from Vancouver.

        • Mary at the Lake says:

          Hi Mo-Ski, just reread your post ,and yes, that venue WAS more Dodo than Sodo….I am just getting a laugh out of your Freudian slip….But in spite of the venue, what a fabulous show it was!!!

          And I am another one of those who have never in my life followed someone’s career so closely. Or cared to….Thanks Sue and Carol and all who contribute to this blog for keeping us connected to Adam and each other….

          And a very Happy Birthday to Jess!!!

          You never know Sue, he may just show up on your doorstep one day….

          • lovemyadam says:

            Mary at the Lake: Thank you for the birthday wishes for Jess!! I will pass them on to her… You are very welcome, and hopefully you are right about him showing up at my house, lol!!!


        • lovemyadam says:

          Mo-Ski, HEY!!!
          Did you give me your business card?? I believe you did, and then YES I remember you!! Wasn’t it fun to get up close and personal?? LOVE HIM…


  4. Loved reading your story and seeing the pictures! I’m living vicariously through you!
    I’ll be going to my second and third GN concert in Sept. but haven’t met Adam. Hoping the stars will align someday for that special moment!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Shelby, GOOD LUCK, I HOPE YOU GET UP CLOSE TO HIM!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you…


  5. Wow, Sue!! You did it again!! You are one lucky lady! In an interview, Adam commented about seeing the lady on Oprah again and how sweet she was and how nice to visit. I was so impressed! He was so genuine. I didn’t know that you got to spend this much time with him and enjoy such great comraderie!! He truly is one of a kind to love and remember his fans the way he does. He is almost too good to be true. I am so grateful that you remain such a devoted fan and continue to share it on this site. Ahhhh….uplifts me and makes me happy!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hey Mary S. I am soooo very lucky. Aw, did you hear that interview, haha?? I am going to post in when I do the Vegas post!! Thanks for the mention! Wasn’t that so sweet of him? Shocking to my system, lemme tell ya!!! I promise, I will ALWAYS be a fan of his…


  6. Wonderful vidoes and pics. Adam is WONDERFUL, and like you said, he’s the sweetest thing, he’s just a big bundle of LOVE!!! 🙂

  7. The concert in Costa Mesa on the 28th was “the best”. My grandson and I had great seats. I have been a fan of ADAM’S since day one of auditions for AI. Great crowd for the concert. Carol and Sue, thanks for this wonderful web site for all of us that cannot get enough of Adam.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hi Shirlee, I am glad you loved it too!! I love that you went with your grandson, how old is he??


  8. Clearly you missed the totally glammed GLITTERED Aussies that night!

  9. Sue and Carol, you are two lucky women. I love the pics. Thanks for all you do. I visit your website everyday, sometimes 2-3 times a day…LOL.

    I’m going to the concert in Houston, and I look forward to meeting some of the lovely ladies I have met online.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  10. Awesome pictures with Adam! He sure seems like a “sweetie”! Lucky you!

  11. Ok I am going to drive you all a little crazy.
    This week in an interview Adam mentioned creeping around every once in a while on Fan sites. Of course on Adam Official everybody assumed that he just would “lurk” around on his official site but since he has such a great connection with Sue and Carol this made me think he might come here as well sometimes. Now it was very clear that he doesn’t spend a lot of time on this but since he mentioned it himself I believe he check ‘s in when he has a moment maybe if it is just at times when new videos are released and he wants to see the responses.

    • I really hope thats true! Sometimes I think, there are so many nice things said about him on here and he never gets to see it all but maybe he will 🙂

  12. I never could have seen myself as such a fangirl before Adam either! Thank you so much Sue and Carol for bringing the latest news and all of your amazing adventures to this site! I can’t wait to see Adam for the first time in Peoria in three weeks!!

  13. What did Adam Say about Tommy after he did the solo on bass? 🙂 Adam sounds Fab as ever!!! 🙂

  14. I too, have never been a serious fan of any artist before Adam. I’ ve liked other artists before, sure, but never to this extent and I genuinely started questioning my mental state when I realized I was one click away from computer melt-down in my search for all things Adam-related! But the more I found out about him, the more I needed to know and I cannot begin to express how much he has inspired me!

    You guys are right, it does feel like we’re all friends here, so I don’t mind telling you that I’ve been very seriously ill for over a year now – but finally recovering, thank the Universe! And because of that I’ve realized yet again how precious and short our lives are. So despite living miles away in the UK, and even though I’ve been unable to work properly,and therefore money is currently rather tight, I’ve decided that since one of my dreams have always been to go to New Orleans, that’s where I will go to see Adam, too – that way my two biggest dreams will be fulfilled at once! And miracles have already started to happen: I have a ticket! I have a hotel booked and now just working on getting a flight, but nearly there!

    So thank you from me, too, to Sue and Carol and to Fernando also, for this amazing site where I can watch these fab vids, pics and read of such wonderful support for Adam! xx

    • That is so amazing Angelina. I am so happy for you that you have made this choice. I am sure you will never regret it and it will actually comepletely empower you. Following you Pasion, like Adam, It will change your Life!!!

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      How exciting! I’m so happy you are getting well, and that you are going to follow your passion and fulfill your dreams!! I’m sure New Orleans will be the place to see him!!! What great energy that concert will hold!! HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!

  15. Love those pictures too! Like you said… my day will come! I tried meeting him in Albuquerque with no luck, but there’s always next time!

  16. This site is filled wil loving, lovely people. All fangirls and guys, we really have to get behind Adam on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. He is dropping weekly, #7 this week. He should be at #1 as his IIHY Video is the most unique, stunning visual one I have ever seen. It is a real downer that MTV overlooked him, but we can still show our support in other ways. VOTE VOTE VOTE PLEASE

  17. Magiclady says:

    It is so wonderful having a site like this to go to everyday and hear all news about Adam! Thank you so much Sue! I saw you on Oprah but had not made the connection that you did this website!

    I too have always loved music and many different artists, but never so obsessed as I am over Adam.

    Part of what is great, is that there is always news somewhere on the internet and I go to this site several times a day! I am in my late fifties and in my younger years, there weren’t places to go to hear news about one of my favs.I had to wait for a magazine, concert or TV appearance.

    Now, I just follow here and on his twitter and website and I am more and more obsessed everyday!

    I have seen him in Indio and Costa Mesa and I will not have a chance to see him anymore on this tour :(. Thankfully, I can come here and see each concert from the night before!


  18. we are going to see Adam on sept. 11th. How do you ever get meet and greet with him? this would be an absolute dream come true?


  20. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Wow, you are so lucky. I have been hoping for a pic with him or meet and greet for so long but it never seems to happen. Think I would die if it did. He is so sweet

  21. Sue – thanks so much for sharing the pictures of you, Carol, and Adam!

  22. Love the Pics Sue they are SOOOO CUTE!! I am Happy you got Time With Him;0) You Guys look like you where having a Ball:0) Adam does look really cute:0) And You Looked really HOT IN THAT TOP:0) I MEAN LITERALLY IT LOOKED LIKE A SCORCHER OUT THERE;0) SOOO HAPPY YOU GUYS HAD FUN:0)


  24. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    Sue-thanks for sharing and writing so well i feel like i’m with you. i have to say i wish i new how to get to be part of a meet and greet.trying the radio station thing is so disappointing. It would be awesome if Adam’s people made ticket packages for the shows meet and greet and a seat! KISS does this and it is really awesome i took my brother one time because he is a huge KISS fan (i do like them also) and it was an awesome time. i sent a text to Adam with this but I’m guessing the texts don’t actually make it to him.I hope Jess has an awesome birthday!! I wish I could meet you guys!

  25. sue you said how you got the meet and greet…but how did carol??? I called the venue and was told there was no meet and greet!! The venue even tweeted there was no meet and greets!!! I was really bummed then I see a bunch of people got to meet him!!!! So disappointing!