Glam Nation-Concord, NH 08/16/2010

Last night’s show belonged to the Chubb Theatre in the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, New Hampshire. I haven’t seen alot of video’s coming out of there yet, but I have given you what I could find!! He looks fabulous as always in the pictures too! Hopefully I will find more tonight after work… but for now,


pics via: @azglamfan/via: Adam Lambert Fan club facebook page

Voodoo, DTRH, ROF
video via:moonbeatle

video via:moonbeatle

Sure Fire Winner
video via: nhlulala

20th Century Boy
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  1. Simply – Beyond Amazing at every venue!

  2. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    DAMN — can’t believe I didn’t get tickets to this concert — just two towns over — but I’m going tomorrow and Saturday!! HE’S TOO DAMN HOT!! You GO Adam!!!

  3. cheryl 334 says:

    Love this song!! And he does it so perfectly! Our Rock-God!!!!!!!:))))

    Love-Peace_Light-Truth-Joy-Fun-Happiness…………………………..4 Adam..:))))))

  4. Lambertini #520 says:

    That Adommy kiss was so sweet!

  5. I was AT this one!!!!! Wild anticipation for months after getting the tickets, and thrilled to be seeing him in a seated theater which was WONDERFUL. HE was extremely hot and joked that the audience we should all bring those little fans to aim at him… We had great seats in the mezzanine which was warm, but folks on the lower floor were up and dancing and said it was HOT… Of course our boy was/IS hot as hell anyway and on fire that night, so it only added to the heat. “Soaked” (how appropriate) of course was beautiful… and there WAS silence during the break…very respectful and moving… I of course was in TEARS. Crowd full of all ages including some kids & lots of men. “IIHY” was a spectacle…seen thru the colorful laser beams was awesome, his voice was incredible. I have read another ‘s post that said the sound was off…(even tinny, i was horrified!) but from my vantage point he sounded rich and beautiful. His hair was back and he looked gorgeous. “Strut” was crisp and timing great with the cane & dancers…boy have they come a long way and were great to watch. “Aftermath”, awesome & has become a favorite, “Sure Fire Winners”, WOW! Body is looking great and I must say his arms are looking more buff. There were some changes from the first time I saw him, most notably, he did not do ‘Broken Open’ which I missed, or ‘Mad World.” There WAS a fun little kiss with Tommy at the stairs during “Fever.” (Woop!) His new encore, “20th Century Boy” was a blast, with driving rock guitars. He really seems to enjoy it and the words suit him perfectly… He’s the best “toy” ever, and a great gift to the world. SUCH joy and happiness! The whole night was a blast, I’m so sad it’s over, but what FABULOUS memories.. Sue if you read this, I do have some beautiful pictures I’d love to share but clueless! (duh) Please contact me?…

    • I noticed on the last couple of videos, that Adam’s arms are getting pretty cut. He looks great! I can’t wait for the Houston concert. I wish I could attend more concerts like everyone else. Thank goodness for all these awesome videos!

      Thanks to everyone who contributes to these great videos of the Glam Nation Tour.

      • Sally, Good for you, you’re going to get to see him live!!! It’s an awesome experience =) enjoy EVERY SECOND!!! You can see from the videos how much fun it all is. He is absolutely the BEST entertainer/singer ever. I’ve only seen him 2x, and still in awe of the 1st time. If you can only get to this 1 show, my advise is, try to get SOME nice pictures if you can—but there are TONS on line you can always enjoy… and thank God there ARE videos we can all enjoy. It IS hard not to, but Don’t spend the entire time he’s on stage looking thru a camera… my GOD, it’s ADAM… ADAM LIVE right in front of you!!!! Watch HIM….. enjoy HIM live, see him with your own eyes…. wait till you SEE him live on the stage in front of you…He’s pretty big, (nicely so) and has a wonderful stage presence, Damn that boy just looks GREAT on stage, WOW! Enjoy, then come here and tell us all about it! =D

        • KO's smiling says:

          I was there, too, Cindy!! The comment of “it’s hot in here, isn’t it? Next time I’ll have to tweet that you should all bring little fans and point them at me… it would be fun… costumes blowing all over the place…” was too cute.

          The fans were all so respectful of everyone’s desire to hear his voice on the ballads – but we were also dancing up a storm when that time came, too. The crowd was about half middle-aged women (some w/ husbands), with younger women, children with their parents, teenagers of both genders, and young and older gay and lesbian couples thrown in.

          I’m disappointed I can’t find a video for Soaked – it sounded magical on Monday and he kept looking up into the mezzanine and at the curtained box seats like he was glad to be back in the theater, and just taking it all in.

          Following the advice of security, we all waited in an alley at the stage entrance for him to come out. He signed a few things, including a little boy’s T-shirt who was attending his first concert! I was a bit star-struck standing just 6 feet away from him.

          But what a performer! I just can’t believe how captivating he was – his voice, his moves, his interactions with the band, and the dancers, screen, and lighting backing it all up just made this such a multi-sensory experience. My ears still hurt from our cheers before the encore… I was too slow putting my earplugs back in!

          Hope y’all enjoy your shows. Please post and tell us what cute things he does at yours.

          Peace, love, and Adam.

          • Hi KO! and everyone… wasn’t he just the best?! YES, He did look up to the mezzanine…. =) I know he does usually scan the crowd at that point so I STOPPED the video to look, and take a few pictures…. ** –>so I DO have a PARTIAL, beautiful clip of “Soaked” which I’d be happy to share here if I knew how… if anyone knows how to contribute or post pictures or videos here… please tell me??? I looked all over but didn’t see contacts to send to or how to share them. I’d have some beautiful pictures and would love to see them posted here.

            OMG, you got to see Adam after??? =)…. lucky you!!! We did see Langenue (sp?) on the way in, and a few of the dancers on the way out at the buses, took a picture with Monte who was wonderful, But my friend has a toddler at home & was exhausted, so we didn’t stay long. **I was beyond SICK when I heard he came out after we left!! =(……. In one of the pictures I saw posted, Adam is right in front of a man were were TALKING AT THE tape line with!!! We were RIGHT THERE!!! right AT the tape in front of the crowd… I’m so heartbroken I didn’t get to meet him or just see him up close even for a second… I’ve got the last concert I can go to in Hampton Beach on Saturday… YAY! I can’t even wait, hope to meet some fun fans there. Concord was more quiet & peaceful…. Don’t know if there might be even half a chance at a shot of seeing him in Hampton after the show, it may just be too crazy. I’m just SO looking forward to seeing amazing Adam and that wonderful show one more time… keeping fingers crossed!

            • KO's smiling says:

              Hey Cindy! I hope there is a way for you to share that video — and maybe some of your pictures with me without me putting my email address up here.

              Hope you caught Adam in Hampton — I’m heading to that board to see if you commented.

      • Deb Merlin says:

        Sally, do you plan on attending the pre and post concert parties at the Hard Rock Cafe in Houston? Sounds like it’s gonna be a GRAND OLE time! And if you know anyone who’s in need of tickets to both Houston and New Orleans, email me at…Hope to meet you in Houston!!!

        • Hey Deb,

          I actually RSVP’d to attend the pre-party at Hard Rock. I don’t think I did for the post-party, but I’ll be there.

          I’ve met a couple of nice ladies online who are attending the Houston concert. I look forward to meeting them, and I look forward to meeting you too.

  6. linda royce says:

    saw Adam in Concord NH,Monday 8/16…he did not disappoint///laser show and all…..gracious after the concert…even got an autograph…awesopme night I shall not forget!!!