Glam Nation-Columbus, Ohio 06/14/2010

Now this is the way I like to start off my week!! It is Monday night’s concert with Adam Lambert, of course.
The Glam Nation Tour rolled into Columbus, Ohio for another glorious night. Check it out…


photo’s via: Lambertfan1977









Voodoo/Down The Rabbit Hole
video via:HannaB20

Ring Of Fire
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video via:HannaB20

video via:HannaB20

Whataya Want From Me
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video via:HannaB20

Mad World
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  1. gah/rph says:

    Unbelievablel!!….My head’s still spinning from last night’s amazing performance. He owns the stage and leaves you wanting more! Thanks for posting the pics and videos…..Helps my relive my awesome Adam experience!!

    • libraglam says:

      Wow….cant’ wait til my turn .

      • ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

        Oi / Hello
        I can’t wait MY turn……. here in São Paulo-Brasil
        I must dream if I can meet him someday…
        HAVE FUN when you go to the show.
        Beijos / Kisses

    • Update! Just saw video from Minnesota last night, and he’s shaved the right side of his head. About a 3″ section around his right ear. Not sure I like the look, but he was on fire. His Whole Lotta Love will make you want to die it’s so sexy and amazing. I saw it on

    • katro50 says:

      omg I was there he does own the stage and leaves you wanting more. I have to go to another concert. It was amazing!

  2. What a gorgeous man .god bless him 4 me .I wish 4 him the best from the best.LOVE YOU ADAM 4EVER .And I will you’ll be the next king of pop cause I see that you are so near for that .love love love million tons of love 4you honey

  3. PaulaGlam says:

    Can’t wait until my turn either………

  4. Drove 3 1/2 hours to see him, waited for hours and hours in line…but it was worth every second of his spell binding performance!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is he beautiful in person but his voice is utterly amazing beyond words!!!!!!!!!! So glad I got to see him live!!!! It was truly something that I will never forget. His dancers and band are amazing too….they all have so much talent and beauty!!!!!!!!

    • hey so did you get good seats and how early did you get there—-i dont go till 8/6 but any pointers on when to get to the venue

      • Lisa,
        This venue was general admission standing room, so there was alot of waiting and standing around for hours! But I was in the second row just a little to the right of the middle, so It was amazing!!! I had a perfect view!!!!!! The people with the password Glitter on their tickets got to go in first and I was one of them!!!!! I was ecstatic when I found out, because it was crazy there!!!

  5. I wonder why he only did WLL for one concert.

  6. Someone tweet him that-we want his WLL!

  7. glamitup says:

    Oh my! Fabulous!

  8. REDSTAR040665 says:

    I enjoyed myself in spite of standing in the heat and standing inside. My feet were killing me and I have never sweat so much in my life. I am hoping next year Adam can be in a bigger place with better accommodations. It was fun, don’t get me wrong–but I could not see him too well and some of us older glambs cannot take the heat and the standing. He was well worth the wait and had fun with Tami and Maris.

  9. I was at the concert last night (Cols OH) with my son. At first we were right behind the railings. I made it thru Allison and then it got really hot and I felt like I was going to faint. My son pulled me thru the crowd and I had to sit down on the floor so I wouldn’t pass out. A nice lady brought me some water and one of the event staff asked if I needed a medic. I said no I just needed to cool down. I was thinking Adam hadn’t even come on and I was getting sick. After a 1/2 hour I was feeling better. My son and I watched from the side of the stage area and I watched some on the screens. Since I felt better it was great, well worth it. The videos and pictures are great and help me see and hear what I might have missed not being up close.

    • REDSTAR040665 says:


      Sorry I missed you. We were to meet up but it did not work out that way. I too, got very hot all at once. I felt kind of nauseated a little but tried to get as much air as possible. I am hoping that these remarks will get to Adam’s management and they can find a better place for him next year. I don’t think I will be able to go next year if I have to go through this again. I TRULY DO LOVE ADAM, but some of us cannot tolerate the heat. I am asthmatic as well. I thought it would be cooler once inside. All in all it was worth it because it was ADAM.

      • hey so how early did u guys get there—any pointers for those of us waitin to go?

        • Got to the venue @4:00, doors open@6:30. I didn’t really get in line until 5:00 and was still about 15 ft from the stage. hope this helps you.

  10. REDSTAR040665 says:

    Trying to send my photos from the last night. I had sent some from last year at: Is there a different address to send them to. It came back undeliverable.

    • That mailbox was discontinued when the AI tour ended. You can send your photos here and I’ll see what I can do to post them or get them to Sue for updating this post:

      It would be helpful if you could downsize them to approx. 1000 x 1000 pixels before sending.

      Glamb #6

      • REDSTAR040665 says:

        Thanks Dana.

        I will send them. I am not sure if I know how to downsize them but I will try. Thanks for the info.


  11. cheryl 334 says:

    Read where Adam was asked how he stays focused in positivity. His answer? He said his family, friends, and ‘MY FIERCE FANS’ keep me grounded………or words to that affect.


    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness 4 U Adam……………..

  12. Darlene says:

    These are great videos and photos. Some of the best videos with sound I have seen so far. Thanks. I can’t wait to see him in August. It will be the first ever and I am so excited. I am such a huge fan of his and have been since his first day on American Idol. He is such an amazing singer and entertainer and also an amazing human being and not to mention an amazing looking and one sexy looking guy.

  13. REDSTAR040665 says:

    Ok, I was trying to send some pics from the concert to Sue and it came back undeliverable. I used the same addy as last year.

  14. It appears Adam shaved the sides of his head at his last show. Is this something new or have I just missed it before. His hair is so beautiful long.

  15. Adam keeps getting better and better. I love him sooooooo much!!!!!

  16. melinda#482 says:

    It was an amazing concert. My friend and I were fortunate to be staying at the same hotel as Adam and the band, and were actually lucky enough to get our pics with all the band members. Adam was last to come out, and didn’t stop, just moved very quickly to the tour bus to go to the concert venue. The only pics I got of him were walking away. He looked very cute though in his hat, shorts, and boots. We did ask him for a pic or an autograph, but he just said Hi, and come see him at the show. We had a pretty good spot right in the middle section to watch him, and he sounded amazing.
    I am seeing him again in Cleveland next month. I doubt I will get that lucky again to be so close to him, but I can dream.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I can not wait to see him. Just a few more days and I will be in shock. Looking so forward to a great show!!! Thanks for the videos and pics. We Adam fans truly appreciate them:-)

  18. B Catlin says:

    Going to see Adam in Indiana tomorrow night!!! Can wait !!

  19. Scootersmom says:

    I really LOVE being able to follow his tour via this site…but wish I knew that he’ll one day be here in Houston!! We love him, and hold our breath for the announcement that he’ll be coming here also.

  20. I live in Houston and just came back from MN to see Adam! My sister got tickets for us, because she knows how much I love him. she was, I think, kinda surprised to see me acting like I was 14. And now he is coming to Houston! I didn’t know that when I went to MN for only 3 days–that is all the time I had. She got the tickets jsut a few days before the concert thru a special way–VIP seats at the casino. It was sold out, so a big surprise for me, for my 50th b-day! But he was all you expect and more. He was so tall, and something I haven’t heard anyone say–his hands are so huge, when he runs his finger thru his hair, or puts his hand near his face, it seems his hand covers half of his head. So when he uses his hands when he is singing, it really makes an impact–many other little surprises also, with seeing him in person. Another was, I was about 40 feet from the stage, and I swear he looked right at me, several times! I said that he is sooo beautiful so many times, my sister pointed it out, and I didn’t even know I was saying it. I also saw Neil, his brother, but just for a second. He came out at the beginning and hugged someone in the front row. He is supposed to be working as a roadie, I think, with the cables, etc., but I didn’t see much work being done in front of us. Maybe his is only there for the movies on the bus!! ha

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hey Marlis, you know about the saying >> man big hands>>>> that’s the answer for the glam-BULGE!!!! So, it is the REAL thing what we are seeing behind those zippers..hahaha!! Thanks for shaing that. I really love reading everyone’s experiences. Most especially when little details like that is being shared to us… how tall he is, skinny that the picture, BIG HANDS, give us more…. I want more details please…thank you all for sharing, you are the BEST!!!

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        STOP! My imagination goes CRAZY when you speak of Adam’s zippers! I’d like to unzip every one of them … with my TEETH! (I can’t believe I just said that!)

  21. Oh, I really miss seeing Adam’s IF I HAD YOU video, because they’re still not shown here in our country. Hahhh…. Feels like I’m in the dessert, so thirsty for this…… and of course especially for the live performances. Got to see him in the videos…. but sometimes, videos are slow in transmitting — so I’ve got to be REALLY patient.
    Love Adam’s glitters in his hair in the song SLEEPWALKER. This is SONAMBULISM- glam. I thought Adam sleep in the nude(if not in his briefs), so why do we get all this layers of clothings ? (He- he !) Especially it was hot during his concerts. So if he shaves his head for air-conditioning, why not divest some of his trappings ?
    Love it when he said his “fierce fans” help him stay grounded. My gosh, I can keep him on the ground, or pin him down, if he lets me on the top of him. Ha-ha ! Sorry Adam. I’m having my monthly “estrus” cycle. Watch out for horny women. LOL

  22. Glam Girl says:

    OMG!!! Best thong ever. My first concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just awesome. words cannot discribe that. I was tired, sweaty,and couldnt talk because o was screaming so loud… was so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome, just awesome.

  23. Glam Girl says:

    srrry i meant bewst THING ever.oops:)