Glam Nation-Cohasset, Ma 08/20/2010

Night two of the spinning circus show from the Glam Nation Tour Concert at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, Massachusetts, August 20, 2010. This show is complete with another awesome entrance, great views that you normally don’t see, and a new hairstyle from none other than Mr. Adam Lambert. Needless to say, he needed to remove that hair to make room for more glitter!! I love it…

**Background Info**
ADAM LAMBERT’s 51st Glam Nation Tour Concert will take place at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, Massachusetts tonight, August 20, 2010 with both Orianthi and Allison Iraheta as opening acts. The South Shore Music Circus is another round venue with a revolving stage and a reserved seating capacity of 2300.
For …nearly 60 years, the South Shore Music Circus and it’s sister venue, the Cape Cod Melody Tent, have been presenting world-class entertainment in the scenic Massachusetts coastal communities of Cohasset and Hyannis. The only two continuously-operated tent theatres in the round in the United States, the Music Circus and Melody Tent are owned and operated by the South Shore Playhouse Associates, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting the arts, cultural and educational organizations throughout the communities of the South Shore and Cape Cod. With a colorful history dating back to its humble beginning in 1932 in Cohasset, Massachusetts, one interwoven with the fabric of summer theatre history on the east coast, our theatres have emerged as popular destinations for patrons and performers alike, providing a relaxed ambiance and intimate theatre experience where every seat is within 50 feet of the stage.
In 1975, the main theatre bowl was converted from old-fashioned wooden risers to an attractive, modern concrete structure, while staircases and aisle openings were redesigned, greatly improving audience access and sightlines. In 1977, the customary canvas chairs were replaced with more comfortable, permanent stadium seats. But it was in 1994 that the traditional canvas tent was replaced by a state-of-the-art vinyl one with a cupola offering a specifically-designed venting system ensuring a more comfortable entertainment experience for patrons and performers.
Over the years, the sound and lighting equipment have been upgraded to state of the art systems designed specifically for theatres-in-the-round. Seating capacity was expanded from 1,000 to 2,300 seats.
pics via: @South Shore Music Circus


Opening Medley
video via: suz526

video via: suz526

video via: suz526

video via: suz526

video via: suz526

video via: suz526

Sure Fire Winners
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video via: suz526

Music Again
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video via: suz526

20th Century Boy
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  1. OMG another hairy situation. HA! Love the attention the shaving of a little hair gets. Tongues are wagging and hair is missing! Way to go Adam keep us on our toes. We your, army of fans, await your every move. BTW, nice touch the Contest–should be great fun. Oh and BTW again, nicer touch to visit those kids in the hospital. Too funny, some over eager fans think you should now have your own kids. Might be a little crowded on the bus. . . Oh well, the price of fame.

    • Footnote: Great Review of show by Boston Ledger…but there was an awesome faux pau. The Reviewer said she really liked Adam’s song Streewalker! Adam’s fans across the net are having a good time with this one. HA! LOL

  2. You say “Tell us what you’re thinking.” I’m thinking if I don’t get decent tickets to Thackerville, I’m going to commit hari-kari LOL. I’m thinking I’m jealous of, yet so happy for all those people last night. I’m thinking that Adam is never going to “get old” to us, ‘cos whenever we are used to something, it changes. And the other thoughts I’m thinking are not appropriate for a web site!

  3. Margie - Glamb #559 says:

    Do any of you really like this new hair style??? I much prefer hair all over his head!! He has such a magnificent head of hair that it’s a shame to shave any of it off. I was so glad it had grown back in. Oh well, this too shall pass……that’s for sure!!!

    • No, I don’t like the new hairstyle. I agree his hair is so gorgeous and I like it all over his head too! lol This hair cut is more harsh, less edgy and “fresh”. Lots of half-shaved heads in the entertainment industry. It makes him look old and tired.

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I LOVE his new hairstyle!!!! Freak’n HOT!!! The preview picture on Strut totally looks like an 80’s Robert Smith… then again I’m an 80’s club rat.

    • At first i hated it when he shaved half his head but i must admit that it grew on me and now i love it!!

    • Don’t like it at all. Adam’s hair –beautiful, attractive, interesting, sexy——- but now it looks messy, freaky. Just hope he keep more of his hair, less tatoo and not kissing guy on stage.

  4. Wow, what a great venue to see Adam at! Watching the videos gave me a whole new perspective on his songs… and made me so very wistful to see him again… Anyone got an extra ticket to Tokyo laying around?

  5. Some Robert Smith involved:)

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      Oh, how funny! I posted a reply to someone above saying the same thing before I read your comment! Being from the 80’s I love his 80’s alternative references!

  6. AdamFetish says:

    The bra thing during IIHY was SOOO funny! Love the venue too! Adam’s new do is gorgeous; of course, what isn’t about him???

  7. carmen #395 says:

    Love everything about Adam especially the new do! Hope he comes back to eastern PA soon. You rock Adam.

  8. eww! I love Adam but hate the hair!

  9. I will be honest here. I dearly LOVE Adam but I HATE what he has done to his hair. I think it makes him look less classy.

  10. Sally,Glamb #607 says:

    I attended the Glam Nation Tour show in Cohasset, MA. Adam was magnificent-as usual. Because the stage was round and his walk around room was very limited(due to instruments and amps) he really had to reorganize his whole show. Background pictures were missing, as was the entrance down the stairs. He compensated very well for the missing parts and did a super job of getting to both sides of the circle constantly during his show.
    I was however very disappointed by this venue.The stage didn’t rotate completely around, so I never got to see Adam actually facing me. Because all 2300 people stood from the beginning of For Your Entertainment until Adam ended the show, I only saw him from the shoulders up. I missed all the dancing and body movements in his songs. Even though the stage is down in a bowl and we were only about 40 feet from him, I felt I missed so much of the experience.-SO SAD!
    SUZ526–After driving 4 1/2 hours to finally see him live, I got to watch the concert through your videos tonight and saw much more than actually being there.Thank you so much for making that possible.
    Adam held NOTHING back vocally in this concert. He hit those higher register notes many, many times and with perfect pitch each time. The audience was screaming the whole time, so I think he felt their love and appreciation-but he only sang 20th Century Boy as an encore. I do not know if he was just so tired of trying to sing over the yelling that he left out the 2 other songs or if he did not feel a connection with the audience. He had had a very busy couple of days and I think he was just worn out. He’ll have a day off before his concert in Albany and since there is very little to do there, maybe the darling will get some much needed rest-I hope so.
    I am going to the Albany concert which is at a proper theater venue. I am sure seeing the whole staging will make this experience what I had hoped for from Cohasset. We will be in the second row of the balcony. I told a friend that if the people in row one get in my line of view, we may see some people accidently disappear over the edge-just kidding. I am very old though, and I could claim a bout of dizziness-could work!
    Love the boy and always will.

  11. Adamisamazing says:

    I love Adam no matter what, but I just love his beautiful hair, so I was disappointed that he shaved it again. This time the left side rather than the right. But, I know he loves to change things up. Hope it grows back soon. Maybe he needs A/C again which is why he said he shaved it last time. 😉 Just saw “Velvet Goldmine” because it is Adam’s favorite movie. When watching, I could see hints of Adam. I especially loved the “20th Century Boy” song in the movie, but of course no one sings it like Adam. I’m glad he has Sunday off before heading to NY. I can’t believe how hard he works…and his voice is still intact. I hope our boy gets some well-deserved R&R after the International tour.

  12. Just love Adam, but don’t like the hair. I like his hair soft and fluffy and in his eyes. A softer look seems to become him more. I kinda like that little boy look on him, as he appeared on Idol. I like less makeup on him too! He is so darn cute just a little liner would be just fine.

    I really enjoy watching his interviews, he seems so natural and sincere!

    Just my opinion, still going to watch our guy, no matter what!!!

  13. I think the hair looks too much like a mohawk from the side, looks punk rock. If he makes it any weird colors i’m outta here. LOL! just kidding of course!

    • Judy Blum says:

      This new look of his is not the reason I loved him on Idol. I hope that in the future, he goes back to the cute, fluffy hair (I loved his look on the video Time of Miracles). And I certainly don’t want him to keep getting any more flamboyant like he did way back when when he was doing the underground thing, like the lipstick and riidiculous gray wig.

      • I love it when someone mentions “Time for Miracles” – a song/video that I have always felt deserved a lot more air play. It is my favorite! I love his hair in that video, also. But, I especially like the full head of hair (I LOVE hair!), and the pompadaur look best. Gorgeous locks like he has shouldn’t be cut. 😉 I am glad I saw him in San Diego and Tempe, AZ when he had my favorite hairstyle on him. Still a magnificent show still based on the videos, but hope his hair grows back quickly. It’s part of his self-expression of course, so I’m just expressing that I love him unconditionally, but prefer lots of hair on that beautiful man.

  14. Oh no, not the hair…DON’T MESS WITH THE HAIR. I was hoping to see Adam with a head full of luscious black hair. I was watching old footage when Adam was a contestant on AI. He looked gorgeous when he sang “Tracks of my Tears” and “If I had You.” I wouldn’t mind if he appeared in concert looking like he did when he sang those two songs.

    Either way, I LOVE ADAM, do or no do and can’t wait to see him in Houston! Wish he would have come to San Antonio. I would have gone to that concert as well.

    • me too! And I actually had the opportunity for the M&G in Houston, but didn’t move fast enough. Maybe they’ll add some cause those little deals can bring in clear cash!

  15. Love Adam,Hate the Hair or lack there of.He has such a beautifu head of hair.Instead of looking at that beautiful face you tend to look at the side of his head with no hair.Oh well it will grow back.The last time I went to see him he shaved his 10 days before.I am going to see him in 8 days and it happened again.WHY, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  16. Don’t like the hair. I was just getting used to the old hair and now another change. I am worried he is getting to out of hand with the hair and the kissing. I just want to hear him sing and see him dance on tour.

  17. I was there too and in row A of section 4 which is behind the orchestra pit. when that person threw the bra. He did think it was tacky and it was. ..why throw a bra at someone who has made it clear that he is gay? ….better to throw a rose …wish I did.
    Ever since learning all the words to the songs on his album I ‘ve been dying to see him sing them and finally I did.He puts out so much energy—he is an awesome singer and entertainer and is such a sexy person and when he smiled it melted my heart.
    When he was singing “Soaked” and stopped you can hear from the video how loud the applause was.. well it was actually “ear deafening” and I’ll never forget it—that and his face and how he loves the adoration and love we have for him. He is the best thing to come along in a long time and I’m also so so glad that he’s being referred to as “the mega talented Mr. Lambert.”
    I can not get enough of him and his voice… please make another album as soon as you can cause we NEED your music.
    A is for Adam.

  18. I’m sorry, I don’t like the new hairstyle either, even though to me, he is still the sexiest man on earth, even if he was completely bald (just saying…). Anyway, grow it back honey after you have had your fun with it.

  19. I personally love Every Look of Adams.
    I Love that he is who he is, without reservation or apology.
    He Just Keeps Getting Better and Better!

  20. I too really liked his idol look. I know it is all part of his tour look & I guess works for that, but it takes away from his gorgeous face & looking at the videos I tend to concentrate too much on the new hair do & not his face. I know it is all for the show & that he doesn’t have all the glam stuff going outside the show. I like the way he looks when he is on talk shows, the mop of great hair & eyeliner is there, but that’s all. The real him stands out in all it’s gorgeous splendor. I would like to get ahold of all his idol appearances on a DVD & just sit for hours watching him do his thing & see all his versatilty & concentrate on his great voice & the sincerity he puts in all his songs. I am way past the age for being so hung up on him, but can’t help myself. He is just so new & exciting to watch & can’t wait for his next album to come out.

  21. Adam singing strut he looked so knackerd!!!! he did not look as if he could strut to far.he has done such a great great great! = tour!!!=AhHe deserves a nice holiday And lots of cups of tea.

  22. tweeterpie says:

    I love Adam for who he is on the inside and for his amazing voice and performance ability so I don’t care how his hair is cut. Besides, it’s HIS HAIR and HIS CHOICE how he wants to wear it. I also predict that sometimes it’s a little out of his control… or… what it started out to be, wasn’t what it ended up to be. I bet this last cut started out with his makeup guy trying to make room for his elaborate eye makeup and ended up cutting to far over and then had to keep cutting until it was ok. I know from my own experience how tricky it can be, especially with an electric shaver. When my son insists I cut his hair, I never know what the exact outcome will be. Plus, I’m sure we all know from our own experiences as women that we can have a bad hair day. So, whether it’s from a bad hair cut, bad color job, sleeping on it wrong, or just choosing a bad hair style, I’m sure we would all just want to be loved and appreciated for lots of other things….WOULDN’T WE?!? As far as I’m concerned, Adam is BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT HAIR STYLE HE IS ROCKIN. So, I say we should just support let him decide


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