Glam Nation-Chesaning, Michigan 07/12/2010

Adam and the gang headed to the Chesaning Showboat Music Festival on Monday, July 12, 2010 at the Showboat Ampitheatre in Chesaning, Michigan.
The trip started off with a bang, or a run I should say, as you can see from the tweets and pictures below. What other entertainer can you imagine being chased after by drag queens? This had me laughing out loud…
@TaylorG90~Drag Queens Are Runnin After Our Cab. Where Are We?
@adamlambert~In a cab at mcdonalds after being chased down the street by drag queens. Lansing is adventure!

Check out this twit pic from Lori_01 … sooo funny.

Here are a few pictures:
via: @SyllyReth


via: @mindchnger


and finally, some videos…


Just to give you a feel for this venue, I added the promo reel for the festival.
Chesaning Promo
video via: MyGlamRockGodUK

video via:lovetank5

Down The Rabbit Hole
video via: shellsa

Ring of Fire
video via: lovetank5

video via: lovetank5

If I Had You
video via: shellsa

video via: shellsa

Music Again
video via: shellsa

Mad World
video via: lovetank5



  1. Saw this beautiful guy last night in Chesaning and just moments after the conc ert ended, the sky opened up with a downpour . Thed concert was fantastic with over 5000 attending! Love
    adam and would go see him again (saw in June in Royal Oak, Michigan). There is no one to compaare with him!

    • Adam has an equal opportunity show, so it should not surprise anyone that a few drag queens glammed up for the sparkle and love that abounds around Adam. The promo made this town sound very friendly, maybe too friendly. That had to be a sight, Adam and company being chased by this glitter party. Just think of the laughs this crew will have thinking back on their time in Chesaning, Michigan!!! I have a hard time running in heels, so can imagine the laughing spasms this caused– Neil had to have something very droll and sick to say about their time in Michigan! Maybe Neil will post something. He is brillant, and writes the same way.

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to post this as a replay to Jeanne. Anyway, glad the rain stayed away!

      • Susan W. says:

        Lansing and Chesaning are actually about 40 miles apart. I figure they must have stopped in Lansing to grab breakfast on the way to Chesaning. Lansing is the state capitol (most people think its Detroit but its Lansing lol) and the idea of drag queens chasing Adams group near where our stuffy state senators were doing their stuff makes me giggle like crazy. They were supposed to play in Lansing tonight so maybe we will get to see videos of that tomorrow. I hope so! I’ve never been to the Showboat festival but man I wanted to go after that. We have TONS of festivals and stuff here. A lot of them may be around water like that as Michigan touches four of the five great lakes. We also have tons of smaller lakes just about around every corner. (I don’t have beach privileges but I can see a slice of a lake from my kitchen window. Im closer to Pontiac than Lansing though. It takes me about 45 minutes to drive to Lansing.) I hope they did enjoy their time here as Michigan is a beautiful state. Other than the bugs of course. I saw in one of the vids that Adam mentioned the bugs. We have tons of those too.

        • Susan thanks for setting me straight about the right location. Sounds like you live in a beautiful section of our Country. I’ve never been to your State, but happy to hear you all embrace Adam. I live in California, where strange goings on are the norm, and wouldn’t have it any other way. LOL

          • Susan W. says:

            If you ever get the chance to visit Michigan, Daffyd that would be awesome. It’s definitely a beautiful state but it’s best away from downtown Detroit. There are some great festivals on the riverfront in Detroit but there is a lot more to us also. There are festivals all over the state throughout the summer. From the Common Ground Festival that Adam was at this week, to the cherry Festival in Traverse city over the 4th of July we have a ton of things to do. Mackinac Island is way up north and a little pricey but its gorgeous. The Soo locks are up there too. Lansing, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids are also awesome cities to see. There are Native American powwows all over the state too. We dont have as much as California to see but its still a beautiful place to visit. My mom used to live in Hawthorne California and I know its an awesome state too. I didnt mean to offend. We’re just one of those states that gets defined by the biggest city so I like to tell people there is more to us than the big D lol I was wrong about one ting though. I thought Adams tweet said they were leaving the McDonalds but on the one interview he said they were chased after they’d been in a gay nightclub called Spirals. We do embrace Adam for the most part but there are still some homophobic people here eh. Michigan State University is in Lansing though so maybe with all those younger people there are some open minds. Some of my own family have a hard time with my being such a big fan of Adams but they can go stuff it lol. I don’t care how old I am, I love Adam. Next year if Adam happens to go back to Common Ground, both my boys are already begging me to go. We’ll have to see. Public places with huge crowds are literally life threatening with my allergies. Im just tickled that we get to watch most of the concerts on the videos. I feel like I miss less this way.

    • I have been gone awhile. Is this the Jeanne that use to be the main blogger here? If so welcome back……….

      BTW…….Drag Queens, running after Adam and Gang……..I laughed so hard I peed my pants……..omg so freaking funny……wished I could have seen that……..

      • Trish, I think you’re thinking of Jeannette. (I was wondering if this is Jeanne from South Lyon who posted the first comment here.)

        • AdamAddict says:

          My friends went there and she said the same thing.Rain after Adam finished.But I don’t think you guys will run away if rain start when he sing Voodoo either.heehee!But how ironic is it if start raining when he sing Soaked?LOL! 😀
          p/s:Kim Chan,R U still here or not?

    • Penny Curtis says:


    • Penny Curtis says:


  2. Patrice80 says:

    I heard Adam sang WLL last night from Chesaning. Was anyone able to get any videos of this? Heard it was real HOT, as usual. Can never get enough of a good thing. Hope someone was able to video and will post. Thx.

  3. @Jeanne – I was there too – my first time seeing Adam live – and he was amazing!! So beautiful. So perfect! I loved the whole show – Allison was great! Ori was a Rock Goddess. My seat sucked tho. You’d think Row 6 would be good, but no – I was way over at Stage Right – with the structure (pillar) holding up the stage roof blocking my view of Tommy & Longeneu and big equipment blocking my view of Monte and the stairway. But everyone moves to different parts of the stage while they perform, so I THOUGHT

  4. OOPS – ok – continuing LOL – so I THOUGHT I’d be able to take vids in the few clear areas where I could see parts of the stage, and at least get the audio when I couldn’t see. But ohhh NO!

    When I got Row 6 seats I was thrilled – wanted to take vids of the whole thing – so I went out and bought a $400 camera with a 20X Zoom. I practiced with that camera for a month before the show – I was READY!

    The Showboat Amphitheater is set up so that each row is higher than the one below it – but I was soooo lucky to have a couple in front of me who thought they were the only people in the place, and who were tall enough to make up the difference – making them the same height I was – and who both had cell phone vids going. HIS was held right in the narrow clear space I had between the pillar and the equipment – and HERS was to the right of the pillar – and when she wasn’t taking vids – she was jumping up and down and flailing her arms all around – making it impossible for me to get any full vids at ALL 🙁

    I couldn’t bring myself to ask them to stop – afterall – they were enjoying THEIR Adam experience… so, finally I gave up and decided to just enjoy the show – and take some snapshots when I could get a clear view. So, I got to watch Adam’s spectacular performance, bask in that voice that permeates your whole being with awe and guarantees that you’ll be an Adam Addict for LIFE – cuz you just can’t get enough – now you NEED MORE!

    The sky held until Adam’s last notes of WLL – then it opened up – just big wet drops at first – then as everyone was still filing up to the top of the amphitheater – it dumped a torrential waterfall on us – soaking everyone there — and making it impossible to even TRY to meet anyone in the show! By the time we got to our car we were as wet as if we’d been swimming.

    I’d taken my 45 yr old sister-in-law and 52 yr old sister who both like Adam – and my 84 yr old mother who watched every AI show with me and watches anything Adam that comes on TV. I’m 61 – but by the time we all got to our car we were SOAKED and laughing like we were all 16. We all had a fantastic time and didn’t stop talking about it for the whole 2 hour ride home 🙂

    One other thing I got out of my first Adam concert – a whole new respect and admiration for all those fantastic people who DO take vids – and then share them with us all. They are true HEROS!!

    Oh and as an aside – a met a woman who was sitting at a picnic table with us before the show – she lives in Florida, but is up here for the summer – looking for a house. She’ll be going to the Hollywood, FL Hard Rock show to see Adam in Sept. We didn’t exchange names or anything – how dumb – cuz I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her – and if she sees this – I hope she’ll contact me – somehow – maybe through this site.

  5. WOW! I didn’t do that! My laptop is screwing up. Sue or somebody – please delete the 2nd posting – and this note! Thx!

  6. HELLO FELLOW GLAMBS I JUST WATCHED NO. 1 COUNTDOWN; VIEWERS’ CHOICE ON FUSE GUESS WHO WAS NO. 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONE AND ONLY LOVE OF OUR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR. LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I also heard that a challenge has been put out to GaGA fans to get her at #1 on vh1 this week. Even though I really like GaGA……..this can’t happen people! Let’s vote our fingers off! Keep Adam #1! Fuse and Vh1….oh yeah….he is the GLAM MASTER!!!

  7. Hey everyone, I ordered and am watching Ten Commandments, with Val Kilmer and ADAM! His vocals on “Is Anybody Out There” are soooo amazing! He is by far the best male vocalist in the show. I keep watching every scene to see if he is there! And he doesn’t have the eye of Horus tatoo in the video (2004), so I wonder if that is what inspired him to get it, since the show is all about Egypt! If you didn’t get the DVD yet, it’s only $6.99 on Amazon.

    Only ONE MORE WEEK until our boy is here in Seattle! WOO HOO!!!!!!
    love to all, Holly

  8. I was SO SO SO close to going. -cries-

    Next time, though, I hope!

  9. I’m going to the Covington, KY (Cincinnati) Glam Nation Tour show on Aug 30. Is anyone in MI or OH needing a ride? Let me know.

    It’s a General Admission show and I believe there may still be tickets available.

  10. DNSowles says:

    I was at Chesaning and as always, Adam was fantastic! I didn’t take my video camera because I was afraid I couldn’t get it in. Bad mistake because I could have and I missed this chance to video our boy! Kicking myself!!! But, the good news is that hubby took his BIG camera in and got some awesome close shots from row 8. He is still editing them. I have to figure out how to put them on here or put a link to them so I can share them with all you Glamsisters.I may need some help with this. It may be a couple days because we have a trip tomorrow. Will get it done ASAP. Glamlove to all of you.

    Ps: We showed the pictures to some people at our hotel and they LOVED them!

  11. cheryl 334 says:

    Oh how I wished I could have gone!! I’ve been gone from Michigan for 9 yrs. Lived in Grand Rapids for nearly 40 yrs of my life and Kalamazoo for 14. I love Michigan! However I couldn’t go due to the fact I’ve had some major surgery and will be having more on my hands, wrists, fingers next month, so all tickets I have may have to be sold, 🙁 🙁

    I did see Adam already, but, I never consider that as any condolence for not seeing him more and more! If I could I would follow that gorgeous talented ass to every concert and camp outside his door if I thought I might get to spend some ‘quality’ time with him! Of course, all time with Adam is “quality’!

    Thanks for the vids! I already saw them, but, everytime I watch his vids I get up from my computer with a new attitude and sense of happiness. He has helped me thru so many hard times, I cannot tell you! I wish I could tell him!

    I do not know how he gets fan mail????????????? I’ve never seen an address to write him or send him a gift. IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS THIS INFO, PLZ SHARE IT WITH ME. I will give you my Email if requested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE!

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness 4 Adam…………………………………:) I heart you!!!

    • ianaleah says:

      From Adamsquotedaily :
      Adam Lambert
      c/o 19 Entertainment
      8560 Sunset Blvd
      Suite 900
      West Holloywood,CA
      Monte Pittman
      P O Box 834
      Lawndale CA90260
      Longineu Parson
      P O Box 64919
      Los Angeles,CA 90064
      Tommy Joe Ratiff
      PO Box 6261
      Burbank CA 91510
      Sorry, don’t have Cam’s info.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        IANALEAH…………….. Thank you so much for this! I thought he had a new “fanclub” address that was different. Glad to have this!!:)

        I see your name so often on other blogs, some of which also post. I am glad you use the same name. It is unusual, and whenever I see your post somewhere, I KNOW kmmediately it is you from this site and am happy inside! Sound dumb? Well, maybe so, but it is true! So, I have recently taken to using my ‘cheryl334’ on more blogs, realizing how much I appreciate your using your same ‘username’! Peace & Love!

  12. YES YES Cheryl please do so. I will retrieve the address for you form AO
    During his interview with Kelly K she hands him a letter from a fan who shares with Adam how much he has helped him recover from some medical issues. Adam seemed genuinely interested in reading the letter and said that this is one of the reason that he does what he does, to help people heal themselves.

    I can share a thing or two with him as well, which I eventually will.
    Love,Love,Love this beautiful Man!

    I am sorry to hear you possible will not be able to attend more concerts right now. I am sending you love and hope things will work out somehow anyway for you to go.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      IRENA………………………..Thank you so much for your support!!!! Can’t tell you how good that feels!:))
      My email is:

      Recently I was having a horrible time of things. Had been in bed all day, unable to feel like trying to get up enough to stay up from pain, etc. But, finally I did and went to my computer and chked my email. Of course, there were videos of Adam’s last concert, to which I watched over and over smiling the whole time and after over an hour, felt like I just took some major dru that took away so much pain! The Medication? – ADAM!!!


      Love back to you, Irena! Cheryl


  13. please vote for adam on http://www.hotzoneonline/archives/6296 till 17 july.and vh1

  14. Is anyone going to the concert in Houston?

    How do you qualify for pre-sale tickets?


  15. Courtney says:

    Ook first off awesome. Second is I went to the Mac counter today to get make up and I saw a guy working there who was trying to rock adam’s updo. All feathered and what not. Didn’t work on him
    But he seriously looked like he was trying to be Adam. Funny how Mac is Adams fav person for eyeliner. Was awesome and sad cause it wasn’t Adam but o well

  16. Is anyone else having a problem with the Lansing post ? Mine stays dark and wont let me go to the comments. Any ideas? Thanks!! glamb #622

    • Yes, I got the same problem! But no ideas as to what to do…
      As compensation, I enclose this interview with Adam in Lansing, which explains the DRAG QUEEN SITUATION:

      • Hey Eve thanks for replying ! Hopefully someone can help us, i cant stand missing anything about Adam ! Thanks for posting the interview i had seen it on 24/7 isnt he adorable, so YUMMY!!!!

        • Hey rema and Eve! I wondered why there weren’t many comments on the Lansing post. I haven’t had any trouble with it. As a matter of fact I posted 4 comments…no problem! But felt like I’m talking to myself! LOL!!! Was wondering… where is everyone???

          • AL1877 Thanks for the comment, sounds like we are not he only ones having a problem. hopefullly Sue or Carol hear about it and can help.

      • KO's smiling says:

        Thanks for the link! 🙂 Such a cutie.

    • @rema – Yes – I can’t get past the first couple videos or even see the comment section. This is the second time this has happened – thought it was me. I hope it can be fixed – I hate missinjg anything Adam!

      • Tagrid, I went back and looked at the Lansing post again and my comments are still the last ones on there! There are only 10 comments total and 4 of those are MINE!!! Wonder what’s wrong? All of the Michigan posts seem to have the lowest comment response….Royal Oak didn’t get many and Chesaning had about 38. Most other cities seem to have tons of comments on their concerts! What’s up with that?! Feel like the forgotten stepchild! Michigan is a Great State, not just the Great Lakes State!!

  17. DNSowles says:

    Hi all you Glamberts! Went to Chesaning concert and it was awesome and got drenched too. Worth it to see Adam! My hubby got many good close shots of Adam and has posted them on Facebook. His page is under the name, Dale Julien. Hope you can all take a look and post what you think! We are trying to figure out how to post them on here if that is possible. Can anyone tell me? Love to you all!