Glam Nation- Charlotte, NC 07/02/2010

The Glam Nation tour started it’s East Coast rounds with the show at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina last night.
I have to say, there aren’t really ANY videos out there so I am giving you what I have found… hopefully more will show up as the day progresses!
Was anyone there?? Anyone? Hellooooo? Hmmm.



Voodoo (partial)



Mad World/WLL:



  1. Thanks for the posting. I am one of his grandma fans who likes his music. He seems to be a little sloppy with singing in these from N.C. I wish Adam would sing instead of trying to play dress-up at every show.I am going to S.C. Myrtle Beach tonight. I look forward to singing and not so much playing dress up!!!

    • Susan W. says:

      His singing doesn’t sloppy to me in these. I watched and these aren’t the best quality vids so they don’t really do him justice. Maybe someone will put more on youtube with better quality sound. I adore the dress up part. We have to take him as he comes though. There is no way to please everyone. I adore the different outfits and the kissing and all of it!

    • I too am a gramma….but love all of Adam including the dress-up. I am looking forward to his St. Louis performance !!! I don’t see sloppy at all. This video isn’t the best quality, but betrter than none.

    • Penny F says:

      I was at the Fillmore. My first Adam live show. In both his sound check (we could hear him clearly outside and he went through his whole show@) and the show his vocals were clean and gorgeous. It was the video. The audience was LOUD and he loved it. He was full of energy and hitting amazing notes – all spot on.

    • gran4adam says:

      Another gran who loves everything that Adam does…wouldn’t be Adam without dress-up! Can’t wait for Costa Mesa on the 28th!

      • I am a gramfan as well. I am also going to the Costa Mesa show on July 28th. I live in the Inland Empire and am trying to find friends (fellow Adam fans) in the area that would enjoy getting together and just talking about Adam. Anyone interested? You can reach me on twitter at 55cher or I am on AO Glambert #4734.

        • gran4adam says:

          I would love to talk Adam. I live in the Inland Empire also, Ontario, Upland, Claremont, etc. area? I will try to send a message on Twitter…new to some of this:)

        • My partner and I bought tickets to his show in Houston 3rd row.. My partner is 65 he wants to know will he feel out of place??

  2. AWESOME as always but soooo disappointed he did not do WLL at the Atlantic City , Borgata show. Hoping he does it at the The Tower Theatre show in August and I to can be one of the lucky ones!

    • Hey Stephanie, I totally agree. I will be at The Tower Theatre in August too! Maybe we will really get lucky and he will do Mad World AND WLL! See you there!

  3. Adamisamazing says:

    He sounds fantastic as always. What a voice…he’s doing 60-70 shows just in the U.S. How he has that amazing vocal ability and sustain it night after night is remarkable. I know he has a vocal coach helping him so he can accomplish this. His voice isn’t like anyone else’s. He has such a range. Plus, did you see his beautiful smile and sense of fun in the Aftermath video? Just looks like he’s totally enjoying himself. It’s hard work what he’s doing, and he never misses a beat. Incredible!

  4. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,I’m thinking to rape Adommy…it’s not a sin just by thinking,right?Won’t go to jail,right? I don’t think so!Then I’m thinking rape them both over and over again! LOL! 😛

    • AdamAddict says:
    • glamasia says:

      There is a rumor that Adam is coming over to the Philippines on Oct. 10 ! OMG ! Hope this turns out to be true. His 3 singles have been # 1 here. In fact IIHY is currently # 1 on several top FM radio stations. So Adam, shall we see you on October ? Love you BB….

      • I’ve seen that rumor too and I think its a strong one.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I just heard about that too.OMG!!!!Maybe it wasn’t a rumor??!!OMG!!!!!So,U can see him then?OMG,I’m so freaking jealous!Should I go to Philippines then??Hmmm??!!Where’s that piggy coin?I hope it’s already full now 🙂

        • AdamAddict says:

          I mean piggy coin bank not the coin look like…yeah okay,I keep quiet now! 😛 But glad for you.I wish he comes here too.Oh,I wish!!!!!!!!!

    • Bizarre concept…I think the word ‘rape’ should be used very carefully…

    • Never think ‘rape’ even as a joke, which I know it is -just sayin’.

  5. I was there last night, I am slowly returning back to normal life so I will probably post later tonite.
    But let me tell you real quickly, it was a powerhouse show……

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I have been looking forward to hearing what you have to say and counting on you to shed some light for the rest of us….SO hoping Adam makes a STRONG showing in the South!

    • Farzana says:

      Irena, I am very curious about the camera/video security – was that the reason there are so few videos posted?

      I have seen on some twitter postings that his “Soaked” last night was beyond anything he has ever done. Please give us a “blow by blow” accounting of the night!

      Thanks, and I think I just saw you floating by over head on the “Adam Cloud” of otherworldliness! I am still up there after the Hammond performance and I just don’t think I will recover after Knoxville, Nashville and Louisville! That place in the “new heaven” is growing in population every day! Loving it!

      • Yes security was tight, they checked our bags. we brought our little digital camera but the sound for the videos was really bad.
        I wrote my review, you will find it on this page. I am sure more people will come thru after this weekend.
        Yes I agree, now that we have moved on up Cloud Nine after these performances life will never be the same and that is the way it should be after you see a true artist.
        Adam completely delivers to promise.

      • KendallGagne says:

        his “soaked” performance was amazing!!! right before he hit a high note, it was like REALLLLY quiet, so i screamed bloody murder “YOURE SEXYYYYYYYYYYYY!” and i think he heard it because i could have sworn i saw him look over at me, smile, and wink! (: <3

  6. Trish: Sloppy no way Adam never sounds sloppy when he sings. Adam dresses up to be unique and different from other singers and he’s successful. I don’t know what you want from him. Just stand up on the stage and sing. How boring that would be. Have you seen him live? He’s even better.

  7. Victoria Grove says:

    I am very happy to see the support Adam gets from people everywhere he goes. This is not only great to see, but is also a rare opportunity for an artist. Adam is changing the world, literally, through his art, intelligence, wonderful personality, and willingness to interact with fans and make himself vulnerable by sharing himself so honestly and graciously. Humor is infectious and I think he has infected all of us with his smile and the intense joy we feel when he is around!

    So far his energy has held up to the brutal schedule in the mad world Adam is conquering. For those of you who pray, please remember Adam and ask for his continued good health.

    It is my belief, since first seeing Adam on AI, that we have discovered a true artist who will not only make it to the top of the industry, but will remain there for our entertainment through the coming decades. Adam is pure genius, can interpret music with perfection, and obviously loves what he does. Any stage he chooses to grace becomes his own. I think all of his fans will agree that we just can’t take our eyes off of him. What a rare gift. It doesn’t matter what age we are, what sex or where we come from. Adam speaks to us and for those who face pain or difficulties in their lives, he reminds us of that youthful part of ourselves, when we were pain-free and in the mood to dance. He has done that for me and I will adore him as long as I am able to take a breath. i am already a fan registered here (think “Duck’), but just wanted to express myself in this way today.

    Love you, Adam.

  8. he looks yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love him big kisses to you honey

  9. Was one of the lucky ones to see the Charlotte show. Adam did NOT disappoint ! His voice is SO much better live than anything I have heard elsewhere. If the show had lasted all night, I would still be standing there to see him perform. AWSOME! AWSOME!

  10. patricia Pearce says:

    Hi fellow glamberts! This ‘ole gal doesn’t know how you get your cute names. Do you just pick one and use it here or do you have to register? I want one:-) Still looking for gals going to the Raleigh N.C. concert in August. Thought I was all set for joining them for a ride and fun but lost them in space when my hard drive died. Getting nervous about getting lost instead of excited about seeing the first person who truly brought me back to life. Cannot wait to see him live. Sue and Carole, you have given Adam, his band and all of his fans such a gift with your dedication and hard work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all make my day when I open e-mail to see: “ADAM LAMBERT”. LYNNE

    • Lynne, you just pick one! It goes on the first line that says Name (required). When I started posting comments here (and occaisionally at other sites) back when Idol was winding up, I chose Adam’s initials and audition number. Some people here are a lot more creative, lol!!! Don’t be nervous about getting to your concert….you still have plenty of time! Just keep posting here and someone you had been in touch with will see and respond. Have faith!!

    • Lynnne email me at

  11. fabulousfilly says:

    I was there last night and he was off the hook! Nothing sloppy about the Lad. My 4th show and he just gets better and better. I was the first one there at 5:30 AM and got a place in the front row and the Charlotte crowd was awesome and Adam really connected. Perhaps you aren’t seeing much from Charlotte is because a lot of the people who video and photograph him went on to Myrtle Beach for the show tonight and they haven’t had the time to upload yet. You have to sleep occasionally and I know my ass was worn out after it was over. LOL!! 2 days from now, 2 more shows that I know will be awesome as Adam has yet to let me down. He keeps me dancing and entertained, always!!!!

  12. Trish, I read all the comments first and then went back and watched the videos. I was at the Royal Oak, MI show on June 18. These are just my thoughts. I do think that Adam sounded a bit different here. Don’t know if it is due to poor audio quality or possibly he was not feeling well or the grind of the tour is affecting him….it IS a rigorous schedule and he has never done anything quite like this before. Also seems to me that he is singing in a lower register here. Read somewhere that he is working with a voice coach and maybe this is a way of preserving his voice. That said, he did sound awesome on WLL! And the crowd seemed really happy and enthusiastic, so that’s all that really counts, right? I believe Adam comes out and does his best every night. And we know he likes to change things up! So who knows? Lets just love, enjoy and support him every step of the way!!!!

  13. marlene says:

    thanks for all that u do.i wait till right before i go to sleep to get my adam fix. i am so glad to get a view of the other concerts i was at the first one and boy has he become more at ease on stage.,and more sexy he is my fantasy and i am straight.I LOVE MY ADAM!!!!!!!!

  14. So I have been on my Adam journey for the past 4 days… first VA which I already wrote about on the Norfolk thread.
    So after coming home from VA I turned around and drove with my husband to Charlotte, just the two of us, our daughters staying with friends.
    Asking my husband to come with me was an impulse when the Charlotte show was announced but I also felt it was time to share my Adam passion with him and hoping that he could relate. We did get VIP tickets because he said that he would have a tough time standing packed between women screaming Adam’s name.
    So off we went that night both dressed in white and mingled with the very diverse crowd. The VIP section was nothing special but it did give us a space relatively close to the stage and it wasn’t as packed as the space ion the middle. People obviously will do a lot to experience Adam. 4 hours on your feet really doesn’t feel that great.
    Well it was all worth it, the show was bursting with energy from the moment he walked on stage. it was a much bigger stage than Norfolk so that must have felt much better for everyone but it was just lots of positive juice from the beginning. I would have loved a longer version of ROF, with the burning ring behind him and him just moving so sensually to the mysterious and seductive middle eastern sounds. Sleepwalker was intensly haunting and obviously felt on a deep and personal level by Adam, his eyes radiating real anquish. Soaked was transformed to a redemption song where he just bears his inner demons in the first part and then he pauses and stands there soaking up the LOVE from the audience. His voice was so strong and completely in tune with the feelings of each of the song. When he got into the third part of the show we were all pulled through the wringer emotionally and were ready to shed some party light on the whole situation, Music again got everyone going and then when he started IIHY the Filmore became one crazy Love Shack, it was an incredible up beat blending everyone together into one heartbeat moment and I was crying for pure Joy.
    During the wait for the encore I heard my husband behind me yelling Adam’s name with everybody and it was another fabulous moment, I had being watching him and seeing him way more transfixed on Adam than I ever expected him to be but hearing yell his name was a great moment to share. So we got Mad World and then WLL, the song everyone wants to hear and take the memory home from. But it was so different from Norfolk, where he wailed it like a true Power Ballad, this was performance was strong and confident but less sexual because I felt that Adam was not singing about sex but about actual Love. I am going to give you every inch of my love, way deep inside I am going to give you my Love, was interpeted by me as feeling the Love in the very core of our beings. Because this is what Adam does, this is a Tour of Love, Joy and Passion and it is beyond everybody’s expectation. The connection between Adam and his fans is unique and one of a kind. because he just pours the love right onto you.
    Later that night when my husband and I were lying bed snuggled up together, to tired to make love but feeling very close he said in the dark ” Do you think Adam is by himself right now or that somebody is with him?” and tears just welled up in my eyes as the thought of Adam being alone after such an incredible evening really bothered me but also because I realized that he had yet again won over another heart.

    • What a lovely post. My husband is no longer living, but I am sure he would love Adam as much as I do. He once told me he would likely turn Bi for Mick Jagger, and laughed, He loved Mick, so not sure he was kidding. Cheers to your hubby!!!

    • Farzana says:

      Thank you, Irena! Such a moving report of your experiences!! I am sure the journey with Adam will pull more and more people along this silver thread of his loving feelings…and I am happy for you that your husband is right beside you.

      When I hear his voice I sense a connection with all that is loving joy in the universe – he takes us and guides us to this place of sensual and spiritual ecstasy with the entrancing power of his voice!

      Words just seem inadequate to express all that one feels listening to his voice and it just escalates to another level of the universe when you see his physical and inner spiritual beauty and then hear THAT VOICE in person!

      I recall vividly the shared feeling I had when I read a comment last year on one of his you tube video performances in which the beauty of his voice was overwhelming and a woman said to the effect that when her time came to leave this earth the last voice she wanted to hear, after her children’s voices, was to hear Adam singing!

      I wish for him the joy and companionship of an intimate loving relationship throughout his life. I would love to believe that the right person is/will be there for him. And I hope on some spiritual level that Adam senses the outpouring of love for him everywhere every moment and that we each cradle him in our arms with an outpouring of the highest love!

      • Farzana I am so glad you joined this site, I have been enjoying your posts as well. I so agree with you, Adam is the embodiment of something that comes from a Higher Universal level. This is because he is truly walking the path of his Personal Legend ( from the book The Alchemist by Paul Coelho) or his Highest Purpose. I believe his purpose is to bring incredible joy to people’s lives and open up their hearts to self love.

        I just listened to this great interview with him from when he was in Scandinavia this Spring he said maybe he would find his love at the Northern Lights. No less…..

        • Farzana says:

          Thank YOU! I am very happy that I found this site because of all the places I have lurked about in…well, this one seems to be filled with like-minded people who are seeing Adam, the man and the fabulous entertainer, for all that he is and will become. I agree he “is the embodiment of something that comes from a Higher Universal level”. I could probably go on for hours and hours about the things that I believe he is bringing to the world at this time…I hesitate in doing so sometimes, though.

          Not everyone cares to look behind the surface of events taking place but I do believe that the future will reveal just how much this man is doing with his unconditional love and caring for others. I have read, and I am sure many others have as well, of the many, many comments from people stating what an impact he has had on their lives and each instance is different! He is spreading an infectious case of JOY in the world where ever he is and however people find him! We are so very fortunate to be living and experiencing him at this time. LUCKY US!

  15. Cougar65 says:

    Adam is BRILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. HoockedonADAM says:

    I have seen every video from the first concert to present! He just keeps getting BETTER, if that is possible!!! HE will be our Elvis only he will be BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!! I would love it if Adam would put out a CD /acoustics, ballets so we can hear “THAT VOICE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. adam lambert make sure u come to asia philippines we love you here.
    adam lambert visit cebu after manila phils.
    manila phils cebu city phils.

  18. Irena

    That was beautiful TY

  19. hey their love i enjoy that friend of minds you rock keep rockin’

  20. “Aftermath” is to die for! MG, his voice is even better than those of some of the greatest rock stars that have ever sang, and he certainly ranks among the best of the best. Must have been some tears of joy and appreciation in the audience. I can’t wait to hear his songs soar out over the audience (and me) at the Hobby Center in Houston.

  21. The Charlotte show was my first Adam concert. I loved it. We stood in line for about 1 1/2 hours to get in. They were checking everyone’s purse for cameras, so that may be the reason not many videos have surfaced. The crowd was jam packed with a diverse group of people. At times, security came barreling though the crowd, maybe to get people who were filiming? Adam was fantastic from the moment he came on stage. He is just mesmerizing. Standing on my feet for 5 1/2 hours was totally worth it and I would love to see another show, I think Adam’s next tour will definitely be in a bigger venue. Adam is one of a kind, nothing like anyone i have ever seen. His voice is so pure and he really connects with the audience. You almost feel as if he is performing just for you. Adam is going to be a superstar and his beauty is something to behold. You cannot take your eyes off hiim. I love to see videos of his performances, but they do not do justice to seeing an actual performance. I am an Adam fan forever!

  22. Scootersmom says:

    I’m an old grandma but I am so happy to hear Adam’s voice that I’m on my computer for 4 to 5hours every single day. The days there’s nothing new, I’m simply depressed all day.

  23. Hi Glambert,
    Saw you at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC July 2nd. Great show, but us old timers who love your fantabulous music and performing need to sit down once in a while. I’m sure after a few more wonderful venues, you’ll agree. I know that your music is very hard and demanding, but you are always perrrffffffeeeeecccccttttt! Please just take care of yourself and those vocal cords so that we can enjoy them for a VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your theatrics are also super wonderful. You have also won Pink at least 3 more new fans!!! You really know how to pick great entertainers!!!!!

    Love you forever,
    Rita, Donna and Cliff

  24. kat23morg says:

    I was at Charlotte concert with my daughter and her friend…He was not sloppy at all…whole concert was amazing….the fans were fantastic…he was fantastic…in no way disappointing….We left in a haze…still in a haze…Adam is the most amazing talent I have seen in a long long long time…We waited five and half hours….outside in the GA line….we were four or five rows from the front…Wish they would let the first 50 or so in GA in with VIP…we were there long before 90 percent of VIP…If you were there…my daughter and her friend EMi…were the ones dressed to the hilt…Emi in bright pink and and black striped leggings with bows in front..Jas in black and sliver top…black ruffled mini skirt and me in black leggings, grey and silver sequin tank tunic and silver sprayed heels…It was the most unbelievable night…we had a blast…got great pics…and many of the band members told us they noticed us…!!!!! Adam repeatedly look at my daughter and I during the concert…was amazing.

  25. kat23morg says:

    What was sad about the concert was the fools (two of them) standing across the street from the concert with their hate messages…posing as religious people…one had a megaphone and was spouting out about Christianity…and sin…then a second appeared with a sign that said, “Homo sex is a sin”…..What was so funny was no one paid any attention to them…one lady in the line yelled to them…I am going to marry my girlfriend…so kiss my a _ _….Then they started playing Adam’s songs on the speaker from the ticket office…first song played…Aftermath…I thought to myself “so perfect”….After about an hour you did not hear anything from the protesters…Did they really think they were going to effect us? And Adam is Jewish …therefore holding up a sign about Christianity and Jesus just is not a fit….People are so stupid sometimes…I am sure Adam has seen this before.

    • It was wonderful and encouraging that basically nobody was pulled into this crazy stuff. The guy just stood their preaching in in his bullhorn and there was no choir!!!

      • I’m glad we live in a Country where people can defame others with a bullhorn, however, I probably would have told him to shove the thing up his A**. Another thing, getting older entitles us to say things younger people wouldn’t dare or think to say. Adam shouldn’t worry for every one phobic jerk out there, there are a thousand on his team. Read the paper and the internet, our own President is being called names that truly astonishes me. Shame!

    • KendallGagne says:

      i screamed douche bags at them! lol

  26. LambertFreak01 says:

    The show was awesome!!!! I will be seeing him again, soon! Raleigh Aug. 28th……….Can’t wait!

  27. Phyllis says:

    Check out the story online at
    Could not have said it better myself.
    He’s sure amazing and what chops. Know his Momma must be so proud.

  28. KendallGagne says:

    that concert was the best ive ever been to! so good im going to see him again in raleigh(: itll be my 3rd time seeing him, that night changed my life, pretty much because i threw my bra up when he was offstage and some dude brought it backstage and i though he mightve thrown it away, but apparently he didnt, because at 12:32 am, on my way back from the show, i got a text message saying “thanks for the bra!” and i screamed bloody murder and started shaking and crying, i seriously thought i was going to die. <3 i also screamed “YOURE SEXY!!!!!!” when he was singing “soaked” and it was reallllllllllllly quiet and i swear to god, he looked at me, smiled, and winked! 😀 it was amazing(: a night ill never forget, i caught him looking at me a few times! i was so close, i saw the glitter in his armpits too!! 😀 tehe. gahhh, i could go on and on about that show, it was truly amazing, if you have not seen him yet, i highly reccommend you get yourself some tickets to go see him! he WILL change your life. his presence is just amazing! and you will feel like you are in glam-heaven the whole entire time! i PROMISE you that! <3

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