Glam Nation-Bethlehem, Pa. 08/13/2010

Musikfest fan were witness to some changes at the show last night in Bethlehem, Pa!! Those in attendance were the first to witness a beautiful teardrop(make-up) on Adam’s face, his hair was down like a little boy, and Tommy actually wore a different shirt!! And all in one night!!
There were also a few little changes in some of the songs, like he went high where he usually goes low and vice-versa!! Strut had some fantastic dancing, and I L.O.V.E 20th Century Boy… yum. OK, Fever was pretty hot, if you are into the whole Adam/Tommy make out sessions, which I am…
Did I miss anything else that was new/different?? Let me know if I did!! Check out the video’s…


Opening Medley
video via:Suz526

and via:Jesha84

video via:Suz526

and via:tuke18

video via:Suz526

and via:Jesha84

video via:Suz526

and via:Jesha84

Whataya Want From Me
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and via:Jesha84

*Great change up of the song*
video via:Suz526

and via:Jesha84

Sure Fire Winners
video via:Suz526

and via:Jesha84

Strut (partial)
video via:Suz526

and via:Jesha84

Music Again
*This has little changes too!!*
video via:Suz526

and via:Jesha84

*LOVE the look as he watches Tommy on the bass**
video via:Suz526

and TALCvids

20th Century Boy
video via:Suz526

and via:tuke18



  1. Thank you, Sue. Your posts are always awesome. I wish I could go see him sometime but can’t due to health reasons, so being able to see the videos here means a lot to me. I love the kisses and all too. Thank you so much for posting the videos!

  2. Adam is awesome ..beyond words..I love all his performances…what a great treat it is to watch him in all the venues..thank you all so much for the videos..thank you Adam for another summer of great performances..I get up early every morning just so I can see what Adam has it love it.

  3. I was there with friends last night and saw him for the first time and loved every second of it! Adam does not disappoint you when you go to his concert. His voice is incredible live! I don’t know about anyone else, but I just can’t get enough of him. I wish we could have been closer, but I am fortunate to have been there at all and also grateful for those that video taped him and share the videos with us.
    I thought it was so neat to see the wide diversity of fans there to see Adam. What other entertainer can draw a crowd like that?
    I can’t wait for the opportunity to see him again.
    What did we do before Adam Lambert? I can’t even remember.

  4. Lila - glamb #3 says:


  5. I have been an avid Adam fan and I know that he is gay…but do not like the kissing (even if it is show business) ….the little pecks was o.k. but like the ama award show, hope he doesn’t get down and heavy……with kissing….besides Tommy is just a 18 year old kid and Adam has been around and is 28 years old…….Nice guy and really talented and can sing like no other….the best,,,,,,,

    • Miss Molly says:

      I agree about the kissing part. Especially if Tommy claims he is straight, which I don’t believe. No straight man is going to go for that night after night.

    • Glamb # Holly says:

      Janet L, please get your facts straight before you criticize. There is a section on the Official Adam Lambert site about the band. Tommy is 28 – graduated from high school in 2000, ten years ago! He does look really young, so that may be the confusion. Whether or not anyone likes, loves, or hates the kissing, it’s up to them, not us. Aloha, Holly

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      I just wanted to mention that Tommy is older than he looks, and is about Adam’s age I think….Pretty sure Adam wouldn’t be doing that on occasion if it wasn’t okay with Tommy (I think Tommy has probably “been around” too -LOL!!!), and that’s probably about as “down and heavy” as it will get…They are all friends and are just having fun, and the audiences at the concerts seem to like it….a lot…., otherwise they would probably quit doing it. He didn’t do it at all at the show I was at as it was an “all ages” venue and he is aware of the ages of concert goers and tries to tailor the “Tommy interaction” to the specific audience.. I do understand your concern tho, we all want him to succeed, as he truly is the best!!!! In the reviews I have read of the shows he has done, there seemed to be very little mention of the kiss, which would seem to be a positive thing in this case, in other words the concert as a whole is the focus, not just that one thing, which is as it should be…BTW, I have no problem with the kiss, in fact I am quite fine with it, but I know not everyone likes it…and that’s fine too…And the show at Bethlehem was great, loved the videos, loving the new hair style, and the new song 20th Century Boy is just so much fun…Just gets better and better! Counting the days until my next little dose of Glam Nation in September….

      • lamamasita says:

        I have seen Tommy flirting and almost begging Adam for a kiss in some of his previous concert clips, and I think it’s so much fun. When I was at the concert in Bethlehem, when I knew that part was coming up, I kept yelling out “Kiss him, kiss him.” I’m glad he did. The crowd went wild. It’s all a part of what makes the Adam experience so unique and great. Our seats and anyone else’s that were more than 20 rows from the stage were not good. I’m glad they had the monitors. I loved his hair that night, too. He looked so sexy with it hanging over one eye. I am now very sad because I don’t know when I will be able to see Adam again. Any amount of time is tooooo long.

    • Tommy is 28 years old; born October 18, 1982 so he’s old enough to be kissing if he wants to

      • Diane Glamb #610 says:

        I have to say this: why does no one care about all the women kissing women in show biz these days??? It isn’t even part of a performance — they just do it because they feel like it. And then all the fuss about Adam kissing Tommy during a performance? I’ve never seen Adam kiss any guy he meets at interviews, etc. My question is: why is it OK for women to do it?

        • There’s an interview where Adam relates how Tommy told him that whatever he wanted to do to him in the show, to go ahead and knock himself out. So Adam has Tommy’s permission. :o) It’s all in good fun. Plus, they’re both hot!

          • Mary at the Lake says:


          • I believe Adam tweeted that he and Tommy are friends, and that the kiss/lick was performance only. If the kiss bothers you when at a GNT show, I would suggest you concentrate on the dancers for a few minutes. Problem solved.

        • Personally I think the kissing is all a bit of fun, It doesn’t bother me at all…. and Tommy looks like he is enjoying it too 😉 I think Tommy also has a similar outlook on kissing to Adam, that its just an extreme, alternative handshake! 🙂

        • Diane that was perfectly said!! Adam also said they do it because we , the audiance seem to like it !!!! Boy do i!!! It is the first thing i go to when the videos are posted!!! SOOOOOOOOO HOT AND YUMMY !!!

          • Darn, don’t tell me you don’t want to be kissed like that!!! Well as most of you know by know I am all in favor of the whole thing. When you go to his shows you get a performance, I love to be enetertained like this, for the past couple of years concerts have been nothing but a rehashing of albums and Adam has changed everything, he delves into the expereince of the music and the words and invites you to go right there with him. Or not. Please don’t let a 3 second kiss ruin this amazing experience. And as it for hurting his career, I don’t see that at all, if anything Adam’s fanbase has grown probably substantially over the past few months. More Power to him!

    • Janet – Sorry, I try to avoid contradicting what others say but I must. I see others have done the same but even in comments, it is best to be sure of your facts and Tommy is not 18. If he were, he would not have been able to play at some of the venues where there is an age limit. I have no problem with the kisses and enjoy them however far they want to take them. Adam has explained that this is for us, the fans who happen to think it is hot. I have great respect for Tommy being so devoted to giving us the show that we want and to seeing the entire thing as harmless fun. I just think in the long run those who can’t seem to get beyond Adam’s sexuality are never going to be fully able to enjoy the entire package of who this incredible man is. There is not one thing that I would ever change about him. His instinct for entertaining is absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to see them next month. This will be my first time and I will feel cheated if I don’t get to see a kiss.

    • I think Taylor, not Tommy is 18.

      • Agreed. And did everyone see Tommy sliding behind Adam as he was rolling his hips in 20th century boy? I was like cool. Tommy seemed like he was dying for a kiss this show. And the look Adam gave him in IIHY was priceless. I think Adam might have a small crush on Tommy and Tommy I’m sure does. They would be cute. Anyone who has a problem with them shouldn’t watch then. O and Adams dancing, one word YUMMY!

  6. I still don’t get tired of watching these video performances at every venue. If I don’t get my daily “dose of Adam”, I’m not having a very good day. Saw him in DC in June and heading for New Orleans in September. Thank you to everyone for posting his Glam Nation Tour performances across the country. It’s the only thing keeping me sane until New Orleans. He is my music.

  7. Did he have the tear makeup because his brother Neil was leaving and he was sad to see him go?

    • I hadnt heard that Neil was leaving…is he going back to New York?

    • Did you guys see the tweet that Niel did today? He said

      “Just got done purging FB of anyone related to the tour. Thanks for ruining it, obnoxious-fans-with-no-sense-of-boundaries”

      Not exactly your personable kind of guy….maybe its time for him to go back to New York and start writing again….I’m just saying……………….

      • Well he does call himself negative Neil, plus he didn’t really ask for the attention but oh well 🙂

      • Since few people know what he’s talking about, let him rant. I’m reasonably sure I’m not one of these obnoxious fans, since I have never been near the bus, or him, nor written anything remotely negative about anyone or anything. However, the Constitution has given everyone the right to speak his mind–Neil and also obnoxious fans! LOL

        • LOVE2ADAMS says:

          I often follow Neil’s and Eber’s twitters. Neil seems to take a lot after his dad, very interested in politics and the way they write and criticize the issues are similar. On the whole Eber is very polite compared with Neil.
          When Neil wrote about people in Knoxville (I think that is the city) being “lazy bastards” because no diners were open in the early morning I think he really carried his ” humorous negativity” too far and I noticed he has not attacked any particular locations since then. I think and hope he was told to knock that off.
          He has freedom of speech but when it can effect (his employer) Adam’s tour and fans he needs his own set of boundaries.
          Neil, of course, is very bright and incredibly funny. I (sometimes) enjoy reading what he writes. I just wonder if Adam, at times,cringes when his brother opens his mouth.

          • You took the words right out of my mouth completely. I am sure that Adam cringes at times when he hears some of the things that his brother says and how he acts towards the fans at each location because he is downright RUDE!!!

      • Whoa, what’s his problem?? Guess its time for a little break….good thing he’s not in show business, i don’t think he could handle it. Adam is always so gracious!

        I must say though that i was at the Bethlehem Musikfest and the fans were NOT obnoxious but the staff and the cops certainly were!
        A bunch of us were hanging out by the back gate hoping beyond hope that we’d catch a glimpse of Adam. We were just standing around chatting and comparing Adam stories and the cops came up and literally starting screaming at us to move on or we’d all be arrested for trespassing.

        Give me a freaking break! We were a bunch of women standing there waiting to see our idol and we were treated like a bunch of drunken criminals. They were so incredibly rude to us and there was absolutely no cause for it.

        I must say that the staff was NOT employed by Adam, but by the Musikfest committee.

        I will definitely go back to see Adam in concert, but it sure won’t be in Pennsylvania!!

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          I was there also – and agree with you – they even told us were trespassing! You and I prob. saw eachother and didn’t know it!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        I think Neil is about as jealous as he can get! He acts and talks like an idiot and he deserves all the critisism anyone want to give. He should be happy he’s getting paid Big-Time from his brother. I do not think Neil is mature enough to handle his brother’s success and Neil’s lack of anything positive is his way of trying to cover his inadequadicies, and he has a lot of them! I say, ‘grow up Neil’ or gest off your brother’s coattails! You are not worthy of any positive thinking since you are such an unhappy and disgusting person, in my own opinion. AND stop usuing the excuse you are just ‘Negatives Neil’. I think it goes much farther than that. I think you are just a distratction and was hoping for some of Adam’s success with the ladies to come your way. Get your own life. No one would be interested in someone with your way of thinking, and you should understand that ASAP! Jerk.

        • If I read his tweet correctly, Neil is talking about Face Book. Not sure what his reference to it means. Sounds like he felt his privacy violated by Adam’s fans. I thought people who put information on Face Book were making public statements. A friend told me to read Negative Neil Blogs, which I have–the guy is brillant, if not a little jaded, which gives his blogs an edge. I don’t twitter, tweet or twaddle, whatever it’s called as it seems a senseless passtime for ordinary folk, me being one. For celebrities , this probably a good tool to keep touch with fans. Neil is coming off here as a bad guy, which I doubt he is. What he is is droll, with a razor wit. I personally wouldn’t want to cross swords with him, I am sure I would bleed. Peace and Love to all.

          • Well said Cheryl. Why would Adam want to be around someone so negative? Everyone knows when you spend time with a negative person it rubs off – I hope that doesn’t happen to Adam, he doesn’t need that now.

            I saw the concert in Bethlehem, and Adam was awesome, his stage presence and charisma is oozing from his every ounce of flesh! His costumes were beautiful. And I loved his moves. However, about the kiss, I’m not crazy about it, and he doesn’t need that kind of hype. His voice is his weapon and I hope and pray he just keeps using it in a good way, like some great cover songs that we all know and love, with the Adamized spin would be awesome!

  8. He is definitely a DREAM BOY….OMFG.

  9. REDSTAR040665 says:

    I always watch my favorite video “Fever” on every concert post. Whoever took this video got some nice shots of the hip action and the glam bulge. OH YEAH!!!

  10. Can’t find that ‘little boy’!

  11. libraglam says:

    Don’t know if i was wrong, but ADAM is doing much much better than the time in Costa Mesa. He changed little bit on Sleepwalker (so is Monte) . Sure Fine Winner and Aftermath. The change is much better and his voice is much much higher and stronger…..has anyone notice that? For those who like Rock and Roll like me, i also love 20th Century Boy. ADAM is doing great on that song . He is doing effortless (so smooth) !!! Thank you for posting both suz526 and Jesha84’s versions. They are both good quality but i think i get used to suz526.

    • libraglam, I am so bummed. My video player is dying a slow death–evrything sounds like screeching monkies in heat. I have tried a dozen times to listen to 20th Century Man, not one out of twenty words makes any sense. Went on Utube and tried others doing song–same thing. The man who fixes my computer on vacation so have to wait until another week or longer.. So it’s screeching monkies or not listening to videos and spiking my blood pressure. I’m sure it’s a song I’ve heard many times, just can’t figure it out. I wrote a story for a writers group I belong about Adam and going to his concert and his fierce fans, myself included. OMG, there is a whole world out there who don’t know Adam. They all thought I had gone around the bend! Granted this group all think themselves intellects–I think they’re deficient!

      • Gone around the bend, I love it! Yeah like in “Come to me, bend to me”!
        I also have people in my life, who are just a tad surprise about my fiery compassion for Adam. These are all quite passionate people in their own right about the environment, education etc but to be passionate about a 28 year old entertainer is unusual when you are my age. (I am 52) I have decided it doesn’t matter, Adam brings tremendous Joy and Healing in my life and it makes me a lucky person that Joy and Healing can be found so easily!

        • Well I’m 72, don’t look or feel it! — People do think I have gone beyond the bend to just plain bonkers. Although I will say I am totally entertaining my 20ish grandsons–they are really enjoying themselves at my expense. My daughter thinks this fangirl thing is typical of her out there mother, and went to a GNT concert w/me and loved it. We are planning on going again next year and making it a real event! You know Irena, I am learning, through this experience with Adam, that we are never too old to have fun and enjoy life, where ever it is. I am retired so have time for computer, but also teach Anger Mgmt and do court mediations, so I stay young. Being a widow helps–husbands (or at least those I married) are usually high maintenance. . Love and Peace to you and all other fans. I actually lived the love and peace in the moment.

  12. Suz, I gotta know: How many shows are going to be attending in total this summer? I have said it before and I’ll say it again; I wish I could be you!! Thanks for all of the fab video you share with those of us who can’t attend in person.

  13. REally cute hair in these vids.

  14. Loved the Bethlehem, PA show! Wish I had closer seats, but I had so much fun. Adam looked so cute in the “hair in the face” style. And his voice was amazing as usual, loved the way he changed up the songs.

    • I totally agree. The show was awesome, but the seats weren’t so great. The staff wasn’t to nice when we tried to stand on the side to get a closer view. His voice was amazing. It just takes my breath away. I wanted it to last forever.

    • Was Adam having a bad hair day? Never say so!!! It must be tough having to keep up with all that fabulousity every night. I think I have written too many posts today. My family deserted me all day and I have too much time on the computer. Also, can’t listen to videos so I am boring everyone to death instead. Can’t imagine what I did prior to Adam–probably cleaned house.

  15. KO's smiling says:

    Anyone know details about the Concord show? I’m very excited to (possibly) see Adam up close and would love to hear your advice on when I should get to the theater to maybe catch them going in – and how late I might be hanging around afterwards! 🙂

  16. Anyone know when he stopped performing Broken open? He performed it in June at Omni in Toledo. I noticed there have been no vids for it and saw him again in Erie and he did not perform it

  17. Thank you for these beautiful videos. Terrific quality.

  18. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    i wish i went here to after tower but i sometimes can’t go so close together i need to calm down awhile between shows.LOL i noticed a neckless that i thought was new shortest one and red.sparkled bright in the lights. i didn’t notice it before the tower.did i just miss it?

  19. AllaboutAdam says:

    Was at the Upper Darby AND the Bethlehem show – and maybe it was the fact that Bethlehem was outdoors – in the wide-open air, but Adam’s voice was BEYOND BELIEF that night. This was my third GNT but definitely my favorite… one thing I noticed at Musikfest was that many locals were not necessarily there to see Adam – they simply bought tickets to whomever happened to be performing at the festival… I was THRILLED to hear comments around me from people who had no idea how wonderful he was and who were pleasantly surprised- amazed even, at his talent… I also heard lots of comments about Adam’s band – all in all, newcomers were impressed!! WELL, OF COURSE THEY WERE! Did anyone else notice a slight hand “swipe” over his eye just before the guitar solo in Soaked? On the big screen, I saw something glisten, and then he casually ran his finger over his eye, (which he does do alot anyway, i know). As overcome with emotion as we were because of the IMPECCABLE vocals that night…could be that Adam was feeling particularly emotional also. Or, it could have been just a bead of sweat? Loved his hair – loved his new “tear” and fell in love with him all over again for the nine-hundred-zillionth time.

    • Cris R Glamb #659 says:

      Hi AllaboutAdam! I was at Musikfest too — third GNT for me and my Glamb-buddy. Our last concerts were in June — relatively early in the tour. I could not believe how much Adam has evolved in these 2 months and didn’t think it possible that he could sing that much better and look that much more beautiful! I thought he was perfection already!! I’m still reeling from how good he was and know exactly what you mean about falling in love with him again and again.

      The audience energy was palpable Friday night, especially after Orianthi finished her set and we were waiting for our Adam to appear. The anticipation was like an electrical charge in the air. I get goosebumps when the bright lights shine out over the audience and Adam can see how many of us out out there and see just how charged up we all are. I can only imagine how happy that makes him! I always wonder if he really understands just how much he affects us all and how happy he makes us. I think he’s too modest to fully grasp the changes he’s made in our lives.

      We have one more GNT — in Albany — and that sadly will be it for this tour. I’m already going through withdrawal and dreading the long winter ahead without concerts and maybe without too many fresh performance videos.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Oh good way of putting it: He leaves you reeling. Yes he does. By now we’re all so in touch with his amazing voice that even a slight flicker or mis-step would be noticeable by us…. and i never hear him falter… in fact, as you said, he constantly re-defines the word “perfection” and still, that word isn’t nearly good enough to describe him. Love him from top to bottom!… and love the pure joy that this man evokes from me/us. Just think after the withdrawal of winter, we have a new album to look forward to. And now that we know exactly what an Adam-album can do to us – it’s gonna be well worth the wait, I think. More videos, more music, and more concert dates… and more HOTNESS – can we handle it? I’m sure of it.

        • Cris R Glamb #659 says:

          You make some good points about 2011 — it will be a VERY good year!

          I don’t know where you were sitting at Musikfest but do you have any idea (or does anyone?) who that amazingly hot chick (excuse me….attractive young woman) in the audience was who was dead ringer for Adam? She was in the first row of the second section of seats (behind the first fence). She looked SO much like him that people were lining up all night (when Adam wasn’t singing) to take photos of her and with her. I even saw one poor guy going over with a pad and pen…for an autograph? What was so cool is that aside from her Adamazing haircut, she wasn’t overdone or all glammed up — just dressed very hip, in a way Adam might on his day off or going out at night. She just looked so much like him!! — her eyes, her smile, her height, etc. Kudos to her for being such a great sport and entertaining all those “fans” and posing for all those photos.

  20. carmen #395 says:

    I was at a lunch, photo shoot and autograph session with Adam at B104 in Whitehall before Musikfest.He seemed genuinely happy to meet us all and talk to us and take pictures. He was not all glambed up, just natural Adam. Awesome! I almost melted when he touched my shoulder for the pics. Can’t come down from that high. Thanks B104!! Then we went to Musikfest to see him. I agree with everyone about the police and staff. Not nice at all. Our seats were 90 rows from the stage. Thank God for the big monitors and my binocs. His hair and teardrop makeup were perfect. Adam was perfect from head to toe. Tommy is a hotty too. But Adam is my first love.

  21. He wore his hair like that in Boise. He DID NOT look like a little boy.

  22. Brandy 410 says: