Glam Nation- Baltimore, Maryland 06/27/2010

The Glam Nation experience continued on last night into Baltimore, Maryland. The Ram’s Head Live was another SOLD OUT venue. It looks to be a very intimate place, as you can see by the people on the balconies just off to the side!!
I found some videos from two people so I added them both, although not all the songs are there…hmmm. Hopefully they will be adding the rest of them, seems like we are missing Ring Of Fire, Sure Fire Winners, WWFM, and his encore…Check out the one’s that are there, they are A*W*E*S*O*M*E!!



Down the Rabbit Hole:

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Music Again:
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  1. As always, thanks for the videos. It’s funny….you want to wait to see him til you’re at the concert, but you just can’t. All these videos keep posting, and you try not to look, but it’s hopeless. By the time he gets to my town, I’ll have already seen “peeks” of 34 shows, and yet because he’s not lip-synching or just singing to a track, my show will be unique. Gotta love that!

    • AdamAddictGirl says:

      NOTHING beats seeing Adam live, no matter how many videos of him you see! His presence is mesmerizing, and it overwhelms you when you see him live. He’s that good!

  2. JB Indy says:

    Just watched the video of Soaked above. I’m a little concerned. I think Soaked is a song that we should listen to Adam’s voice and respect his talent and not sing along or holler out during his performance. I realize he has a lot of devoted fans and are very excited to see him. I’m excited to see him too. I have tickets to his concert. I want to hear his voice, and can only hope the fans will be considerate of others in attendance.

    • JB Indy, thank you for saying that. I wanted to, but didn’t want the wrath of all his fans raining down on me. I agree with you that we are all excited to see him in person, and I believe that you pay to see the artist not all the concert-goers. I’m extremely worried because I paid several hundred dollars for my 5th row seats, and I don’t know what I will do if I’m surrounded by serenaders. It will really ruin the experience for me.

      It’s one thing to sing a long when HE suggests it, it’s disrespectful to everyone around you when you do it throughout the concert.

      I’m praying for the best possible outcome.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      I was FRONT ROW, CENTER last night and Adam was even more amazing than i expected he could be. Waited in line for 12 hours and oh, so worth it – as you already know – or will soon know. This particular performance of Soaked was, in my opinion, the best of any that have been posted so far – leaving many in tears… he felt every word; you could see in on his face and in his eyes…. i was transfixed, mesmerized and focused, so much so, that i think i forgot to breathe….It was relatively easy to tune out the people that didn’t respect him enough not to sing along and shout out cat calls during the song… but here, on the video, i think it’s a shame that everyone viewing can’t share the experience the way it was intended. Some songs are definitely shout-worthy – this one was not….On another note, the Adam that i saw last night was full of laughter, grace, sweetness, and above all – pure joy… and he translated that impeccably to us with nothing less than 100% perfection every single step of the way. Whoever hasn’t seen him yet – do EVERYTHING in your power to get there…you’ll be rewarded in ways you can’t imagine.

      • Thank you for your wonderful story. It really puts me at ease with the situation!
        I can’t wait to experience all that He has to offer.

      • What a great Review!!! Can’t wait!

        • AdamAddictGirl says:

          Saw Adam in New York. A M A Z I N G. Nothing beats seeing Adam perform LIVE. He’s incredible. He comes on stage and it’s like the sun rising, like a strong wind hitting your face, it just knocks you off your feet he’s so mesmerizing. I find my self smiling the entire time when he hits the stage (seen him perform live three times).

    • After watching thie Soaked video, I’m almost in tears too. Not from just his amazing connection to this song, but from the rudeness of the “fans.” I guess you can’t stop people from singing along, that’s alot of the fun of going to a concert and I’m sure the artist appreciates that. It’s even flattering for so many to know his lyrics inside and out from a song that isn’t radio-play. But the constant conversation and shout-outs are really a lack of consideration for the performer. You can almost see him searching for new areas of the audience to focus on, one that is getting his message. When someone is outright rude with talking and taking away from your enjoyment of the show, I don’t have any problem with letting them know.

      Let’s all agree on what to say. Something like “I have been looking forward for so long to hearing this amazing man sing, and I would really appreciate it if you’d hold your conversation until it’s over” is non-agressive and gets the point across. Whattaya say Glambs?

      Carol Glamb #7

  3. funnibunni says:

    Adam is such a sweetheart…! He cares about everyone in that audiance…and is taking it all in. He looks around the whole crowd and is in awe of the feedback he gets. Adam really connects with his songs and enjoys that everyone is there for the same reason he is…..That is to enjoy the LOVE he has for music , and the Love he puts into it for his Fans!!! It is so neat that he can just set down on a set of stairs and sing a song like Aftermath to us and be barefooted ! I wish we could see him perform this with Allison and Ferras…his friends that he cowrote this with. I have been to four of his concerts and will be at Costa Mesa,Ca. the end of July!

    Thanks Adam for all you give to us!!!!!!!!!

  4. Did he sing WWL last night?

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      No WLL.. I wonder if his take on the audience affects his decision to do WLL…. i can only imagine the disruption (not in a good way) if he’d had done it there last night.

  5. It seems like the majority of the noise is from male fans. I can deal with the singing even though it didn’t sound too good when the audience crescendo’d with him. I just thought it was RUDE RUDE RUDE of the hootin and hollering, especially the male fan that says, “I’m right here, Adam.” GEEZ!

    If Adam can tell that fan to get off the phone, he surely can tell his audience to quiet down. I would just love it if he would.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      Yes, the male fans were the rudest and most disrespectful at this particular (Baltimore) show.

    • Michelle says:

      Hey guys. The brandnewmb youtube account is mine and I’m sorry that “Soaked” was nearly ruined (on video, at leas).

      There was a group of guys that was being rude the entire time. They were the ones cat-calling, trying to push to the front at first, etc.. Of course, there were other people that should have restrained themselves, but these guys really stood out to me. They were then making fun of my mom and our two new friends because they couldn’t get by them.

      Also…there was this lone woman trying to push past me and a couple people (between two of Adam’s songs, thankfully), and she said to me “don’t you dare push me!” WTH??

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Your vids are still terrific – thank you for them. Certainly not your fault! I wonder what they were doing there in the first place, ya know? Did they think Adam would cave and give THEM the attention they were looking for? I almost felt like they were treating him too “sleazy” if you know what i mean, just because he was dripping with sexiness. Some people don’t know the difference i guess.

    • G@d that guy was annoying!!! He was right behind me and trying so hard to creep up front. We kept telling him to back-off!!!

  6. I have seen Adam twice now, and am seeing him again at the Tower Theatre in Aug. The crowd last night in Baltimore was drunk, rude and obnoxious! The venue would be great if it attracted respectful people but it just didn’t. The group of teenagers next to me were so drunk, and kept saying how they got in free because they knew someone who worked there….the could care less about who was performing….

    On that note, Adam was once again flawless, beautiful, graceful and all the things we have come to love about him! I am always in awe of his professionalism and talent…..I hope people at future shows take this to heart and show the man some respect….I am more excited for the show in Philly because its reserved seating so no pushing and shoving from obnoxious people!

    Keep up your amazing work Adam!

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      trying to get tix for Tower also… can’t get enough! THANK YOU for your comments about the crowd. You’re right – the venue did not attract respectful people. If behavior like that keeps up – the ticket prices will just have to go up and I, for one, won’t hesitate to pay ANYTHING to see him….Next year, or next album, i have a feeling there will be less GA and more expensive seating…. just a hunch. His show was an expression of joy as you said but still, I was standing next to a few completely sober people who did not crack a single smile the entire time.

    • This is probably why he didn’t sing WLL, if they were drunk and obnoxious. Adam does like edge and a little sleaze but I am sure he doesn’t want to hear crazy shit when he puts himself out there.
      Wow I can’t wait till Wednesday, though I have to say I am a little nervous as well….

  7. Darlene says:

    I love when he sings Down the Rabbit Hole. Of course I love every song that he does!

  8. LuvAdam476 says:

    I have been really good about not watching any vids. I saw Adam on the Idol tour last year and am waiting to see this concert for the first time live. Will watch videos afterwards however, since I have been reading about the rudeness I broke down and went ahead and watched “SOAKED” . Man do I feel bad for Adam!! He is so into the song, and his vocals are impeccable I just wanted to gag the idiots talking and catcalling!! This is ADAMS’ MOMENT and he puts his soul into it. People please respect that.

    Gloria476 Glambert #476


  9. When ytou watch Adam..I think what you feel is joy…it’s hard to describe

    It’s like HE IS THE SONG

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      i so agree! Pure, 100% joy. i’ve tried to explain when people say “how was the concert?”… but it’s tough to relay that feeling.

  10. marilee says:

    does anyone know who SHAN LAMBERT IS ???? I am following him on Twitter – he is related to Adam somehow…….