Glam Nation-Atlantic City, New Jersey 06/26/2010**Updated Videos**

121543604The Glam Nation Tour moves on and last night was no exception. The Borgata Spa & Resort’s Event Center was the lucky venue and it was another SOLD OUT concert!! I believe this venue holds 3700 people, ALL Adam Lambert fans, how awesome is THAT??
Below are the videos, except for his encore, which I believe was NOT WLL. More pictures to come as well.I will keep my eyes peeled…**ADDED MAD WORLD AND A FEW MORE**


New background screen image:
picture via:LightLoveAdam

Voodoo/Down the Rabbit Hole/Ring of Fire



Sure Fire Winners:


Music Again:

Band Intro and Dancer Intro:

Whataya Want From Me:



Mad World:



  1. OMG! I was there last night about 5 rows from the stage and WOW is all I can say. His vocals are amazing live. He makes no mistakes, unbelieveable! He did NOT do WLL for his encore, just Mad World which he ripped thru quickly and then lights came on so that was the only disappointing thing. Other than that , the show was awesome. He is so gorgeous in person. We were close enuff to witness that. He is very Elvis like it’s so weird. He was smiling the entire time and just is such an entertainer! We r going back to see him in August in Philadelphia so we r so excited for that.
    We were fortunate enuff to meet Monte and Tommy Joe and the keyboard player(forget her name, sorry!) and let me just tell you how nice they were. Definitely some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They were so gracious and just let us talk to them for as long as we wanted and we got some great pics with them. We could’ve gone to the bar with them and hung out but we had to head back to Philly and return to reality! I hope that all of you Adam fans have a wonderful concert experience like we did. You just have to go the show. ADAMAZING for sure! And just a side note, GA is tough. The Borgata gave out wrist bands to the first 200 people that were in line and let them in first when the doors opened. The wrist bands were gone by 1:00 and the doors opened at 7:00. We were smart enuff to stay in line from 3:45 on and we were about 5 rows back which was soooo worth it. I got lots of great pics. I would love to send them everyones way so if somebody lets me know where to send them I will certainly share with all of you Adam fans:-)

    • AdamsDarling says:

      Hey, what were yhu wearing. i might have met yhu! lol:D

    • Mardella says:


      I am definetly interested in those pictures. Let me know what information you need so that I can get copies. Do you want email addresses on home addresses. Can you send a picture disc for my computer? I did get some pictures but I was standing a lot further back. Please contact me back.

    • Julie Warrington says:

      I was there with my 22 yr. old daughter. We were about 8 rows back on Monte’s side just behind the group of good looking young men… none of whom hold a candle to ADAM!!! Yes, he was AMAZING! It was our second show. I hope it won’t be our last! I’d love to have you send photos of Adam. My e-mail is
      Julie (Delaware’s #1 Adam fan!)

    • ok stephanie i dont go till august so any sugestions??—i definatley wanna be up front least thats my plan are u saying show up how may hours early—it wasnt like peple campin out the day before was there??

    • Stephanie,
      I would love to receive your pictures of Adam’s Glamnation show.
      You can send to my home address:
      9848 Sparrow Hawk Lane
      Fort Worth, TX, 76108
      or my email

      Don’t know if I am going to make it to a show or not. I agree he is this generations Elvis great performer. I fell in love and knew he had “it” during Idol tryouts
      If anyone is going to Oklahoma City show or to Houston show please let me know. I don’t have tickets yet and don’t drive in Houston

    • Mardella says:

      Hey Stephanie it’s me again about your Adam pictures.
      My name & address is:
      Mardella Shindel
      1322 Lafayette Street
      Lebanon, PA 17042

      Please send me photos and also very interested in a disc for my computer. I am a HUGE Adam fan like everyone else.

    • Mardella says:

      Mardella Shindel
      1322 Lafayette Street
      Lebanon, PA 17042

      email –

      Sorry, I forgot to put my email on my reply about pictures

    • Hey Stephanie, I was at the Borgata too and I agree Adam was awesome! It was my first show, we had GA also. We were about half way back, still an awesome view of Adam. My only complaint was that the show was too short, not even an hour!!! Bummer! I wanted more Adam and I’m sure everyone there did too! I took pictures and would love to possibly trade with you. Are you going to see him at the Tower in Philly? I’m thinking about it! Let me know. Anyway my email address is: Let me know yours and I can send you my pics as well. I’m sure yours are better but any pictures of Adam are great to have! lol Hope to hear from you. Thanks! Karen

    • Stephanie,

      I would love to have those pictures! My name & address is
      Diane Rauber
      310 State Street,
      Reading, PA 19607.

      Or my e-mail is

      I was there – it was awesome! My first one — but definitely not my last!!!


    • Can’t wait to see the pictures Stephanie! Thanks!

    • Jen Steinmetz says:

      I would love those pics!!!!!! Saw him in Minnesota. Our seats were not very good so my pics are not the greatest! He is so awesome though!!!

      Thank you!!

      Jen Steinmetz
      216 2nd Ave SW
      Long Prairie, MN 56347

  2. glamb#474kimber says:

    A fan from the beginning , a fan for life. I have always thought this man was MAGICAL! PURE SWEET MAGIC!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Kimber, it is lovely to see you posting here. We have missed you girl, but you know that. You are right Adam is pure sweet magic, you can’t get any better. I hope you have been watching some of his performances Kim, they are so special. Take care my friend, we are always thinking of you.

      Love and hugs, Dianne.

  3. Thanks again for posting all these great videos so soon after each show. I’m wondering if anyone knows or everyone knows but me, what show on NBC Adam is on the 28th? I don’t have a clue from looking in the TV Guide. I will also check Vh1 posting today, perhaps it’s there. HIs Official site has it posted past few days. LOL.

  4. Daffyd…it is The Ellen Degeneres Show!

    • Is Ellen on . I thought she was on ABC, but thanks I’ll check it out. I’m on Cable and it had a total meltdown today, so showing anything accurate as of this hour.

      • Jeezw!! my replay to Stephanie sounds like I had a meltdown or too much to drink. Neither. I meant to say Ellen not on NBC Oprah is. My Cable usually shows programs 2 days hence. All it’s showing is To Be Announced.

  5. where is soaked etc? did anyone get those (my favorites)

  6. What an amazing joyful performance! A special thanks to all for feeding our Adam need!!

    I was up till 6am waiting and watching for any you tube posted videos – such a reward for staying up! I thought he was amazing in the Nokia videos; but oh my, my, his performances are getting more and more fabulous with each event! I don’t know how he does it all but I am loving that man more and more everyday!

    I don’t believe I have ever seen another performer who exudes such beauty and joy. May all the forces of the Universe and All that is Good protect and nurture him for all time! Everyday I say a little prayer for him and his well-being. He is a most precious gift of exciting life!

  7. Really great! Expecting more blogs like this.

  8. AdamsDarling says:

    I was THERE. SECOND ROW BABY! :DDD IT TWAS AMAZING<33 He looked RIGHT AT ME. Gosh, he is so BEAUTIFUL. i was a tad dissapointed he didnt sing whole lotta love..but thats just fine because he accoustic mad world is wonderful(:

    • hey so how early did u get there—i dont go till august so any pointers on gettin up front—oh i sure do hope so—hey i plan on it

  9. Adam was great he is a true entertainer EXCELLENT !!!!!!I I think Johnny Cash would turn over in his grave if he heard Adam sing Ring of Fire . But i think its great ! Adam would have abig hit if he.. recorded it .. Also i liked the background picture of all the eyes . The whole show was Great

    • I think Johnny was actually feeling excactly what Adam is acting out….just not able to perform it that way. Like Pink gave WDYWFM to Adam, I also now think Led Zeppelin has now lost WLL as their song…..
      All these songs are now burning in our psyches through Adam’s Fire. The Passion is just unsurpassed. I just watched WLL from the Foxwoods concert….. It is super crazy sexy, Adam is either getting and giving a WLL or he is sharing it all with the audience…..

  10. felicia says:

    Can’t wait to see him live in philly in august at the Tower. How does the meet and greet work? does every show have one or do they let you know once you’re in line? I wasn’t sure when to get there since the show is at 8.

  11. adam is the only one who can beat my mysterious heart…love you honey

  12. Mardella says:

    I was at the Borgata show and Adam was FANTASTIC and SO HOT and GORGEOUS. The only thing is it was over too soon. I wanted to get closer but was never at a general admission show before and wasn’t sure exactly how it worked. I thought I could work my way thru the crowd but it didn’t work that way. The Borgata said that they didn’t allow people to line up so I didn’t think I needed to line up before 6:00. Wish I would have known about the wrist bands. But I got to see him live and did have a good view so I’m not complaining . Just glad I got tickets. He is such a great showman and performer. Loved the last outfit he had on. SEXY as HELL. Hope to see him again some day.

  13. AdamAddict says:

    Saw him at Nokia THeater, saw him live twice before, he’s more incredible each time. The Elvis of our time, and even better than Elvis!!!!!!! Adam is hot, hot, hot and so talented. Love the glambulge

  14. I agree with everyone else who was there, there are no words to describe how amazing he was. It was so great to meet you Stephanie. I was disappointed with my handicap seat, was totally blocked unless I stood up which is really hard for me to do for more than 5 minutes. But nothing could make me sit while Adam was on. You will not believe what happened to my granddaughter Kristie. She is a little social butterfly. She now has a new BFF, a 14 year old Glambert named Emily. They met before the show and really bonded. Emily was there with her grandmother too. As we walked into the ballroom Kristie was screaming into her phone “Emily, Emily, where are you?” Emily was in the second row from the stage. Kristie went over to her to give her a ring to remember her by. Kristie came to me and asked if she could watch with Emily. I let her and she ended up on the FRONT ROW thanks to the wonderful fans letting her squeeze in. She was wearing a sparkly bracelet and a glow stick bracelet and at times I could see her rocking out by watching her hands in the air. What a wonderful experience for her. Emily and Kristie have been texting all day about the concert! And I got an Orianthi guitar pic for my 10 year old grandson who is a huge Michael Jackson fan and loves her. He is totally freaked out about that. So what a great weekend for Kristie and me! BTW, I am SO jealous of all of the Glambs I met who have been to multiple concerts and plan to go to more. I wish I had the means to do that. I will go vicariously through the wonderful videos on this site. So thanks to those who go and get these great pictures and videos!

  15. Are all Adam’s concert’s GA? Is there anyone who has attended Adam’s concert that had reserved sitting?

    I’ll probably be seeing Adam in Houston, and I can’t imagine GA in any of those venues.

    As always, thanks for the pics and videos. They are all awesome.

  16. I meant “seating” vice “sitting.” I was typing too fast…LOL!

  17. I just saw a GREAT review of the show in the Atlantic City Press. I agree with the review, I think Adam toned down the show for the large amount of preteens and teens there. Still very sexy, but definitely PG. I think the reason he did not sing WLL after Mad World is because there were so many young fans in the audience. I really admire him for that. Also, I took the advice of another Glamb last week who said if he starts to look you in the eye don’t put a camera between your eyes and his. During Voo Doo everyone around me was holding up cameras and he looked directly into my eyes and pointed at me while he sang! I thought my poor 60 year old heart was going to stop lol!

  18. Erica Lane says:

    Sally – The show I am seeing in Massachusetts is reserved seating. The two venues he is playing in are both reserved. So I am sure other places have reserved seating as well.

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      Erica, which show are you going to in Mass? My daughter and I are going to the Melody Tent!! Are you located locally? I’m dying to have someone in my general area who loves Adam the say I do!

      • DellaD – I am going to the music circus show on the 20th. I live in Milford, Ma so maybe about 75 – 80 minutes away from the cape. Close to Worcester area. What about you?

    • Thanks for your reply Erica. I will either be flying or driving to Houston, so I won’t have the luxury of getting in line very early. I have to work the day before.

      Anyone else going to the Houston concert?

  19. Yes Viki, we met. I had on a gray top and black capris and silver jewelry. My friend Jackie had hair very similar to Tommy Joe’s. We spoke with u out in lobby in front of escalators before we went upstairs to wait in line.
    And to those of u who want pics, give me ur email addresses and I will forward pics to u. I still have to download…I can’t wait to see them. I got some really good shots from what I can tell on my camera.

    We r going again in August to the Tower show. Hope to see u there!

    • Hi Stephanie! I was at the Royal Oak, MI show on the 18th. Was about 7 people back from center stage with a regular disposable type camera. My pics did not turn out so well. Everytime I went to take one, ppl in front of me held up signs or put their hands up in the air. Plus, Adam looks much farther away in photos than he did to the naked eye! And as you may have heard, they were very strict about taking pictures at my venue. So there wasn’t even much good video from our concert. But Adam was awesome and I was right up close to the stage, so I really shouldn’t complain!! And I did get to meet Tommy, Monte, Longineau, Allison, and Neil Lambert and got pics and autographs. Went home a very happy camper!! Would really appreciate some of your “good” pictures if you want to send them out. My emai is Thanks a bunch!!! Linda Glamb#629

    • Hi Stephanie, I was about 10 rows back unforetunately there was some tall guys in front of us, and some guy called michael who thinks he looks like Adam hah but only in height. I would die for a picture cd or at least some close up pics. my email is:
      Avril Siligato
      519 Delaware Avenue
      EHT, NJ 08234.


    • Mardella says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      I replied before. Would love to have your pictures from Atlantic City on a disc so that I can print them myself. Will gladly pay you for the disc.
      Address and email:

      Mardella Shindel
      1322 Lafayette Street
      Lebanon, PA 17042

      Hope to hear from you soon.

  20. you ready know i love the show enjoy (love)

  21. bellina says:

    I was there too. Adam was amazing. His voice was incredible. He looked gorgeous. I was in the 3rd row. It was like he was standing in front of me. Got to meet Tommy and Monte later on as they were walking in the Borgata hotel. So cool. WOW what a concert experience.

  22. patricia Pearce says:

    will someone please give all details about plastic bracelets? I missed that. I’m still searching for Penny from Florida and hope someone who has contact with her will let her know that lynne from Chapel Hill, NC. lost all her information when my computer crashed. Will someone pleeeeeze ask her to e-mail me at : I was so thrilled to be invited to drive with her and her friend from Boone NC because I’m terrible with directions despite having a GPS and it will be so much more fun to go with gals who are as insane about Adam as I am. I’m stunned that none of my friends/ neighbors aren’t as crazy about him. Their loss right??

    Lynne Pearce

  23. Musicalgal says:

    Adam is just so talanted. How every concert can get better is beyond belief. This is the World Touring American Idol. Adam won in a big way. Thanks to all for sharing this site to us folks that will never be able to probably attend any concerts. Bless Adam and his wonder voice. Bless you all for sharing your videos. REALLY APPRECIATE IT. THANK YOU>

  24. Stephanie,

    I would love pictures too. If you could just put them on a disc for me I could print them out myself. I was at the AC too but had seats so wasn’t close enough to get really good pics. My address is:

    6907 Leefield Court
    Suffolk. VA 23435

    my e-mail is

    Just let me know how much I owe you for the disc and I’ll send you a check.



  25. All I can say is I agree with everyone and I’m so glad you all see that Adam is the Elvis of our time. Yah! and he was hotter than ever at the Borgata. Wish I were there too.
    “A is for Adam “( I’m making shirts that say that ) Anyone interested?

  26. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    Stephanie — I would also love pictures! If you send me an email I will give you my mailing address. I would be more than happy to pay you for the disk, postage, etc. Thank you!

  27. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    One more thought — Is it just me or does the fourth picture down on this page look so much like Michael Jackson? It’s so reminiscent of some pic I’ve seen of MJ in the past. . . . Although AL is a thousand times better looking!!! Talent wise I think they are just about on a par . . . . Only thing Adam needs is more years to make his name and reputation as known as Michael’s. Albeit without all the rumor and innuendo that haunted MJ.

  28. kat23morg says:

    The picture of him with his back to you in the long jacket and the lighting…amazing…whoever took it needs to send it to his promotional people…would make a fantastic poster. So mystical….Adam is one handsome talented man…OMG

  29. What do you think of the new background picture of Adam riding a bike? To me it looks sort of like Elvis riding a bike. What’s your thoughts on it?

  30. I can’t get over how beautiful he looks in The long Black Coat and his barefeet.
    As a Nia Black Belt teacher I was giving an imaginery Long Black Coat by my masterteacher at my graduation. Then I actually found a beautiful Long Black Coat that screamed my name last year in a thriftshop in Charlotte, NC. The LBC really excudes confidence and regality.
    Adam wears the LBC with such Grace and the barefeet accentuates his groundedness.
    He is The Master of Love, Joy and Passion.

  31. To all of u who requested pics from me…if I send them to you thru Kodakgallery, will that work for u? Let me know and I will send them to all of you that left me email addresses.

  32. Love these videos from the Borgata! I was there Saturday nite and watching these made me feel like I was re-living the moment. It was an awesome show, could watch it over & over! Adam Rocks!

  33. Hey Stephanie,
    I went to the Conn Foxwoods show and it too was awesome. I would love to have some pictures
    You can email me at thanks a bunch!
    One of the things that I loved before the concert was talking to other Glamberts who all feel the same way and the commaradery was great. We were all BFF’s.