Glam Nation-Atlanta, Ga 09/14/2010

Adam and the gang performed last night, September 14, 2010, at the Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta Symphony Hall, in Atlanta Georgia. It seems to me that they are all getting “recharged” as the end of the U.S. tour nears. The energy is just pouring out from every single one of them, can you feel it too?
I know our friends Kym and Lyn were there, and will be again tonight, so I will patiently wait for updates from them!! Hopefully they will have access to a computer to post on here asap!! Until then,


Opening Medley/ suz526

Fever/ suz526

Sleepwalker/ suz526

Soaked/ suz526

WWFM/ suz526

Aftermath/ suz526

Sure Fire Winners/ suz526

Strut/ suz526

Music Again/ suz526

IIHY/ suz526

Encore/ suz526
20th Century Boy



  1. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Thanks Suz, what a difference from Ms to Georgia. I can see the difference in Adam’s voice & face & the preformance that he gave. I think that when Adam is allowed to sing, you are going to get a much better performance.. What a voice!!! What a guy!!! Love, Love that ADAM

  2. Just got a copy of the CD from London brought by a very dear new friend from one of the concerts in PA and am totally blown away by ‘Can’t Let You Go’. It’s totally amazing!!

  3. Holly Glamb #676 says:

    Hey everyone, the US tour is not over until Oct. 26, the second concert in Hawaii. Many folks in Hawaii are very offended to be left out of “the states” – the term “mainland” is used there to distinguish. Others use “continental United States.”

  4. Annita,How can I get the London CD? I love “Can’t Let You Go”. Do i have to know a friend in London?

  5. I ordered the cd with can’t let you go on it online– hope that helps– I have been a Lambert fan ever since.

  6. suz 526, I am ever so grateful to you for posting all of your videos with out them I would never be able to see Adam lambert in concert–it is difficult when you have kids– Once again Thank you

  7. Hey Lorraine: I bought the “London” CD you are referring to on It was only about $13.00 and it not only has “Can’t Let You Go” but also “Down the Rabbit Hole” and “Voodoo.” I got it in no time. I love it. The cover is better because they use the picture of him holding up his fingers adorned in metal in front of his face. It has more bonus tracks.

  8. I got my copy of Adams international CD with Cant let you Go etc. on E bay for 99 cents. Cant let you go is breathtaking and one of my favorite.

  9. Whew, just saw Adam twice in Atlanta! I am blown away! The concerts were amazing, although I feel like the one at “The Tabernacle” was a little bit better. The feel was a more liberal and open audience and a relaxed atmosphere. . Beautiful venue. Standing room only on the main floor, gave everyone a good view. Besides, once he comes out, all you do is stand and sing and dance!!! He is so amazing! Finally got to meet him after the concert by the buses. He is soooo gracious and sweet and patient with the fans. Autographed my arm and my funky Adam t-shirt. Will post soon. Love, Love, Love Him!!!
    Thank you ADAM. You are Fantastic and Amazing!!

  10. Forgot to add that the encore Wed nite ate the tabernacle. Adam, Tommy and Monty came out in dread lock wigs in honor of the drummer because it was his last night and he’s moving on to bigger and better things. Did “Whole Lotta Love” in Reggae style which I thought was amazing. They were so cute and playful, it was AWESOME!!!!

  11. Glambert #575 says:

    O M G ! I think this performance of 20th Century Boy is one of my all time favorite performances of the entire Glam Nation tour! Did anyone else notice something amiss with the middle button of his vest? What was I thinking. Of course no one was looking at the buttons on his vest!!!!!

  12. Thank you , thank you very much Suz526 . You have made the past 4 months so enjoyable for me . Your videos are absolutely amazing and you are so dedicated at what you do. Every day I access the Glam Nation Tour on the internet and you are there with so many videos ; you do it so consistently and tirelessly . Your videos are the next best thing if one is not able to see live the most gifted performer of all time Adam Lambert !

    • I am very curious who this Suz526 is….she has been to most show, how incredibly fabulous for her and for us as she passes those videos on to us like likkidy split! At one point I thought she has to be a friend of Adam becuase she sure manages to always be up front and really who can afford all these show and all this traveling?
      Who is this mystery Suz?

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        I’m so glad you posted this because I thought I was the only one who DIDN’T know who Suz is! In fact, I was just about to post the same question and I thought everyone would think I was dim or something [oh no!]!
        So, this would almost have to be his or her JOB! Can you imagine!? It is the only job I would dream about; outside of Adam’s Sweat Remover.
        p.s. So glad he’s not ‘Wasting the Naughty’ during these final Continental U.S. shows! SMMW and I are feeling so jealous!

        • I’m sure I recently read our wonderful Suz 526 answer a post somewhere online relating to this precise question. Her response was something along the lines of. . . she travels a lot for work, is fortunate to have flexibility for where she goes & when. . .and no, she was not officially documenting Adam’s shows in any capacity. I know her hard work, dedication & months of sharing all of it, has definitely made my Adam experience all the more glorious.
          A shout out from me to Suz 526!

  13. The way everyone went absolutely quiet after the pause in “soaked” was EPIC and so moving!

  14. Regarding the U.K addition , thelambrits . co .uk web site with the ww’s all one word- were ‘gifting’ or purchasing on behalf of others outside of the united kingdom . The same with the single WYWFM to help with record sales needed to get in to the official chart system. There were like collectors additions with different covers and a remix.

  15. I was at the Atlanta concert, and it was totally amazing! Great crowd, great energy, great performance by Adam and company. I am SO glad I went to this and look forward to the next one. He brings people together.

  16. SUZ, U are a great videographer! I have seen ur stuff throughout his tour. Thanks for shooting his face!!!!! I truly enjoy ur work. Sorry u were not in Roanoke. I was at that concert. U have been to most of them haven’t u?

  17. He just keeps getting better and better as the tour moves on…………………..

  18. delibel (Nederland) says:

    I have see all the G.N.T video,s and I still dont have enougth.
    BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go see hem in Cologne in Germany!!!!!!!1 SO HAPPY!!!!!!

    Hug from Holland

  19. 20TH CENTURY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! He let his vocals loose here and just about cracked open any glasses around!! SUPERB!!!!!!

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun…….2 Adam..

  20. Atlanta was Amazing:0) Adam was Incredible Always:0)

  21. Diane Glamb #610 says:

    He is SOOOO hot!!! How does he not spontaneously combust??? I know I feel like I’m going to …

  22. Teri Bartuli says:

    I just found your website and I absolutely love it. I will be a regular. I saw Adam in Atlanta and the show rocked. He was gorgeous, hot, his voice was unbelieble and he was so glammed up. My husband and I are huge Adam fans and we would love for you to check out our You Tube video “Hot Wife Turns Husband Gay for Adam Lambert”. You definitely will be entertained. Just goes to show that straight men love Adam and aren’t afraid of a little guyliner!!!
    Adam forever,

    Teri & Matt